This robot can find Waldo in any 'Where's Waldo' puzzle as little as 5 seconds — here's how it works

One company built a robot that can find Waldo in any "Where's Waldo" puzzle faster than most humans probably could. "There's Waldo" is a robot that uses computer vision and machine learning to spot Waldo. The robot can find Waldo in as little as 4.5 seconds. Here's how "There's Waldo" works: Creative agency redpepper built a camera-mounted robotic arm and connected it to Google's machine learning service AutoML, which analyzes the faces on any given page to find Waldo. If "There's Waldo" c...
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British woman faces jail in Dubai for 'insulting' ex-husband's new wife on Facebook

Laleh Shahravesh was arrested in March and faces up to two years in jail for two posts she made while living in the UKA British woman is facing two years in jail in Dubai for allegedly using disparaging language about her ex-husband’s new wife on Facebook, campaigners have claimed.Laleh Shahravesh, 55, of Richmond, south west London, was arrested together with her teenage daughter at Dubai airport in March and now faces up to two years in jail and a fine of £50,000 for two Facebook posts she mad...
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Nintendo’s Mobile Earnings Grow to $85 Million

According to the data gathered by mobile app analytics experts at Sensor Tower, Nintendo’s mobile game revenue has grown to $85 million in the first quarter of 2019. The top worldwide earners on the App Store and Google Play include Fire Emblem Heroes, Dragalia Lost, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp and Super Mario Run. A rundown […]
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Walmart is beating Amazon in a business worth $35 billion

On a number of fronts in online shopping,’s strategy is clear and brutally effective. It is gunning for more dollars in high-margin categories such as home goods with a growing catalog of private-label items. It’s offering two-hour delivery in some markets, a speedy service few retailers are in position to match. And its popular, […]
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Several Major Browsers to Prevent Disabling of Click-Tracking 'Hyperlink Auditing'

x_t0ken_407 quotes BleepingComputer: A HTML standard called hyperlink auditing that allows sites to track link clicks is enabled by default on Safari, Chrome, Opera, and Microsoft Edge, but will soon have no way to disable it. As it is considered a privacy risk, browsers previously allowed you to disable this feature. Now they are going in the opposite direction. Hyperlink auditing is an HTML standard that allows the creation of special links that ping back to a specified URL when they are click...
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Misogyny at Microsoft, Farscape, and the New Airpods: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

It’s April 2019—and perhaps the month that will later be known as the dawn of the Age of Fungus. A concerning report in the New York Times this weekend detailed how multiple strains of Candida auris, a drug-resistant species of pathogenic fungus, have quietly spread across the globe. The Centers for Disease Control…Read more...
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The team behind Baidu’s first smart speaker is now using AI to make films

The HBO sci-fi blockbuster Westworld has been an inspiring look into what humanlike robots can do for us in the meatspace. While current technologies are not quite advanced enough to make Westworld a reality, startups are attempting to replicate the sort of human-robot interaction it presents in virtual space. Rct studio, which just graduated from Y Combinator and ranked among TechCrunch’s nine favorite picks from the batch, is one of them. The “Westworld” in the TV series, a far-future theme...
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Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor bamboozled by 3D-printed fingerprint

The Samsung Galaxy S10 ultrasonic fingerprint sensor was tricked by a 3D-printed fingerprint. The process utilized a picture of the owner's fingerprint on a wine glass, image editing software, and a very accurate 3D printer. The post Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint sensor bamboozled by 3D-printed fingerprint appeared first on Digital Trends.
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SpaceX Starlink satellite veterans join Amazon’s competing Project Kuiper team

The leadership team for Amazon's newly revealed broadband satellite constellation, code-named Project Kuiper, includes engineers who left SpaceX's Starlink constellation program last year as part of a reorganization, industry sources say. The personnel shift, first reported today by CNBC, illustrates how interconnected and competitive the satellite mega-constellation business is turning out to be. Speaking on condition of anonymity, the sources said the engineers include Rajeev Badyal, w...
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Could AMD's Upcoming EPYC 'Rome' Server Processors Feature Up To 162 PCIe Lanes?

jwhyche (Slashdot reader #6,192) tipped us off to some interesting speculation about AMD's upcoming Zen 2-based EPYC Rome server processors. "The new Epyc processor would be Gen 4 PCIe where Intel is still using Gen 3. Gen 4 PCIe features twice the bandwidth of the older Gen 3 specification." And now Tom's Hardware reports: While AMD has said that a single EPYC Rome processor could deliver up to 128 PCIe lanes, the company hasn't stated how many lanes two processors could deliver in a dual-sock...
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Why Aren't People Abandoning Windows For Linux?

This weekend SlashGear published "Reasons to Abandon Windows For Linux," making their case to "Windows users who are curious about the state of Linux for mainstream computing." It tries to enumerate specific reasons why Linux might be the better choice, arguing among other things that: Updates on Linux are fast and "rarely call for a restart" -- and are also more complete. "Updates are typically downloaded through a 'Software Updater' application that not only checks for operating system patche...
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Britain just laid out plans to end the internet's Wild West days and take a world-leading role in regulating big tech

Britain wants to end the internet's days as the Wild West by taking a world-leading role in regulating the world's biggest tech companies. The UK government said it wants to legislate for a new independent regulator that will oversee "harmful content" on social media, search engines, messaging, and file-sharing platforms. It would be the first time the UK regulates online safety, with the internet conventionally seen as ungovernable. If these platforms fail to keep hate speech and content rela...
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5G cyber-attack: What would be the effect on the UK?

Two cyber-security experts talk through the consequences of a major attack on a future 5G network.
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Huawei: A tour of the firm's 'theme park' R&D campus

Panorama visits Huawei's Europe-inspired research and development base near Shenzhen in China.
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Why Social Media Users Have Trouble Reclaiming Hijacked Accounts

After their Instagram accounts were hijacked, two different users say they contacted Instagram ten times -- and even proved their identity by submitting selfies -- but received no response. And one Silicon Valley newspaper points out that If your account is hijacked at Instagram, Google, Facebook, or Twitter, "there's nobody to call... your options are limited to submitting an automated online form and hoping an actual human being gets back to you." In his book "Zucked: Waking Up to the Faceboo...
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Non Sequiturs: 04.07.19

* Where does Justice Brett Kavanaugh fit along the ideological spectrum at the Supreme Court? Adam Feldman evaluates the evidence thus far. [Empirical SCOTUS] * Speaking of SCOTUS, Frank Pasquale takes Neal Devins and Lawrence Baum's new book, The Company They Keep: How Partisan Divisions Came to the Supreme Court (affiliate link), as a jumping-off point for exploring the political polarization of SCOTUS. [Balkinization] * Texas v. Azar, the Obamacare case now pending before the Fifth Circuit,...
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Apple Makes Yet Another High-Profile Artificial Intelligence Hire

In case you haven't noticed, the Mac maker is taking AI very seriously.
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How to Adjust Your Google Calendar to Start on Monday

If it wasn’t for my Google Calendar I likely would miss every important meeting, deadline, and birthday—and I’m definitely not alone.Read more...
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New Apps Fight Robo-Calls By Pretending To Be Humans

"While lawmakers debate what to do about the roboscourge, engineers have cooked up some clever ways to make bots work for us, not against us," writes the Washington Post, taking a look at apps like the $4-per-month RoboKiller -- which offers malicious "answer bots": They're voicemail messages that try to keep robots and human telemarketers on the line, listening to nonsense. Answer bot options range from Trump impersonators and extended coughing sessions to someone doing vocal exercises. Even be...
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Microsoft Drops 'Safe Removal' of USB Drives As Default In Windows 10 1809

Mark Wilson writes: Since the arrival of USB drives, we have been warned that they need to be 'safely removed' using the correct method in Windows, rather than just being yanked out — but now this changes. With Windows 10 1809, Microsoft is changing the default setting that's applied to USB drives and other removable media. The change means that the default policy applied to removable storage devices is Quick Removal rather than Better Performance — so you can now just pull it out without a seco...
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Google 'avoided paying £1.5bn in tax' that could have paid for 60,000 nurses

EXCLUSIVE: Internet giant are accused of paying 24 times less corporation tax than they should have done — a major hit to public services [Author: Graham Hiscott]
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Woman faces Dubai jail over Facebook 'horse' insult

Londoner Laleh Shahravesh, 55, could be sentenced to two years in prison over two Facebook posts.
Tags: Facebook, Tech, Dubai, Laleh Shahravesh

Voice of the Mirror: It's time to untangle Google's web

It is only right to demand internet giants pay fair when our country takes such a hit to its services [Author: Voice of the Mirror]
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Mac mini 2018 Bluetooth Connectivity Workaround

Suffering Bluetooth connectivity woes on your 2018 Mac mini? Apparently, you’re not alone. a cursory search online will show that are suffering from the same issue. Below is a video from Neil Spencer Bruce where he details his experience and another workaround to this frustrating problem. For me, it was in the form of having frequent disconnects when attempting to pair my wireless AirPods to my Mac mini. While I’m unsure what the specific problem is, I did some research online and discovere...
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To stop copycats, Snapchat shares itself

Evan Spiegel has finally found a way to fight back against Mark Zuckerberg’s army of clones. For 2.5 years, Snapchat foolishly tried to take the high road versus Facebook, with Spiegel claiming “Our values are hard to copy”. That inaction allowed Zuckerberg to accrue over 1 billion daily Stories users across Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook compared to Snapchat’s 186 million total daily users. Meanwhile, the whole tech industry scrambled to build knock-offs of Snap’s vision of an ephemeral, vi...
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Google Helps Government Conduct Warrantless Searches, Alleges EPIC

schwit1 quotes Tom's Hardware: The Electronic Privacy Information Center ("EPIC"), a civil liberties group based in Washington D.C., filed an amicus brief in the United States vs. Wilson case concerning Google scanning billions of users' files for unlawful content and then sending that information to law enforcement agencies. EPIC alleges that law enforcement is using Google, a private entity, to bypass the Fourth Amendment, which requires due process and probable cause before "searching or se...
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Sinemia faces consumer pushback and a class action suit over a battery of complaints

When Sinemia first came across our radar, the company was happily riding the wave of anti-MoviePass publicity. With its chief competition in the midst of what looked to be a historic collapse, Sinemia happily grabbed headlines as a what looked to be more stable alternative for movie ticket subscriptions. Last July, at the height of MoviePass’ meltdown, we asked Sinemia co-founder and CEO Rifat Oguz how he planned to avoid a similar fate. “By not providing unlimited tickets, but providing t...
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How to reset an iPad: Soft reset, force restart, and factory reset

Sometimes your iPad might freeze up or begin to act a little strangely. Luckily, a lot of issues can be solved with a simple reset. We'll show you how to do a soft reset, a force restart, and a factory reset, and explain the difference. The post How to reset an iPad: Soft reset, force restart, and factory reset appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google’s de-indexing issue still not fully resolved

Not fixed yet – but Google is working on it and has been communicating better about the issue. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Barry Schwartz]
Tags: Google, Seo, Barry Schwartz

Google’s de-indexing issue still not fully resolved but Google is working on it

Not fixed yet – but Google is working on it and has been communicating better about the issue. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Barry Schwartz]
Tags: Google, Seo, Barry Schwartz

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