Pinterest IPO Raises $1.4 Billion as It Shuns Social-Media Tag

The outcome Wednesday was that it raised about $1.4 billion in an above-range initial public offering. Pinterest operates in a crowded digital marketing space, where Google and Facebook Inc. get the lion’s share of ad dollars, and a smattering of smaller platforms like Twitter Inc. and Snap Inc. get the rest. The San Francisco-based company, which serves as a sort of digital bulletin board for pictures and ideas for furniture, fashion, weddings, recipes and more, has a direct line to millions ...
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A person with measles visited Google HQ, health officials say

The Santa Clara County, California, health department said a person with measles visited Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley, which is in their county. The adult is a resident of San Mateo County.
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A person with measles visited Google headquarters

The Santa Clara County, California, health department said a person with measles visited Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley, which is in their county. The adult is a resident of San Mateo County.
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Why the Swiss Still Love Cash

gollum123 shares a report from the BBC: Last month, the Swiss unveiled a smart new banknote to stash in their wallets. The purple 1,000 franc bill was the latest in the Swiss National Bank (SNB) series to undergo a revamp. But this revamp comes as other nations are phasing out their high-value notes and as cash usage declines in European nations, albeit at greatly differing rates. In Switzerland, cash remains the dominant payment method. Here, there's an assumption everyone carries cash, even in...
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Consumers get another digital home health offering as Tyto Care and Best Buy launch TytoHome

Best Buy is partnering with the Israeli technology Tyto Care to become the official retailer for the company’s all-in-one digital diagnostics kit through its physical stores in California, the Dakotas, Ohio and Minnesota and through its online store. Tyto previously sold its technology through healthcare plans, making its handheld examination device with attachments that act as a thermometer, a stethoscope, an otoscope and a tongue depressor available to families with insurance that wanted to re...
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Student Used 'USB Killer' Device To Destroy $58,000 Worth of College Computers

A former student of The College of Saint Rose in Albany, New York, has pled guilty to charges that he destroyed tens of thousands of dollars worth of campus computers using a USB device designed to instantly overwhelm and fry their circuitry. The plea was announced today by the Department of Justice, FBI, and Albany Police Department. The Verge reports: Vishwanath Akuthota, the former student, now faces up to 10 years in prison (with up to three years of supervision after release) and a fine tot...
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Pinterest prices IPO at $19 per share, giving it a $10 billion valuation — lower than its $12.3 billion private valuation

Pinterest priced its IPO at $19 a share on Wednesday, giving it a valuation of $10 billion. It's above the range the company originally set for its IPO, though still below its last private funding valuation of $12.3 billion. Pinterest is expected to start trading on Thursday on NYSE under the ticker symbol "PINS." Pinterest, the self-described "visual discovery" platform, priced its IPO at $19 a share on Wednesday, giving it a valuation of $10 billion. The company is expected to start trading...
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Chicago Police Bust Alleged Car2Go Theft Ring, With Up to 100 Vehicles Believed Stolen

Thieves have stolen an astonishing number of Car2Go vehicles in the city of Chicago, Motherboard reported on Wednesday, with up to 100 cars reported missing. According to , the Chicago Police Department said in a statement that 16 people have been detained for questioning.Read more...
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Where to find Chelsea vs. Slavia Prague on US TV and streaming

If you’re trying to find out how you can watch Chelsea vs. Slavia Prague in the Europa League, you’ve come to the right place. Turner and Univision’s coverage of the UEFA club competitions enters another week with their coverage of Chelsea vs. Slavia Prague. FOX Sports no longer has the rights, so if you want to watch the game on TV, Galavision is the only channel broadcasting the match on television. Match: Chelsea vs. Slavia Prague Kickoff: Thursday, 3pm ET Looking to watch Chelse...
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Facebook 'Unintentionally Uploaded' Email Contacts From 1.5M Users

Facebook "unintentionally" harvested the email contacts of about 1.5 million of its users during the past three years. From a report: The activity came to light when a security researcher noticed that Facebook was asking users to enter their email passwords to verify their identities when signing up for an account, according to Business Insider, which previously reported on the practice. Those who did enter their passwords then saw a pop-up message that said it was "importing" their contacts -- ...
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Pinterest's IPO sets company value at $12.7bn amid flurry of tech debuts

The valuation is a sign of strength for the tech IPO market after ride-hailing start-up Lyft’s struggles Pinterest Inc’s initial public offering set the online scrapbook company’s valuation at $12.7bn on Wednesday, above its expectations and a sign of strength for the tech IPO market after Lyft Inc’s struggles.Pinterest, where users save ideas for clothes, décor and recipes, is due to start trading on the New York Stock Exchange on Thursday. Its performance will be a key test of the tech IPO mar...
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GoPro Hero 7 Black Unboxing and First Impressions

In this video, I unbox and review the new GoPro Hero 7 Black. This is a waterproof digital action camera with touch screen 4K HD video, 12MP photos, and live streaming stabilization. It’s all wrapped up a package that can fit inside your pocket. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel
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Pinterest prices public offering at $19 per share

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Pinterest is pricing its shares at $19 for its initial public offering Thursday, putting it on track to raise more than $1.4 billion. The digital scrapbooking and image search site said last week it expected to sell 75 million shares at a price between $15 and $17 each. The company will […]
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Pinterest prices IPO above range

Pinterest priced shares of its stock, “PINS,” above its anticipated range on Wednesday evening, CNBC reports. The company will sell 75 million shares of Class A common stock at $19 apiece in an offering that will attract $1.4 billion in new capital for the visual search engine. The NYSE-listed business had planned to sell its shares at between $15 to $17 and didn’t increase the size of its planned offering prior to Wednesday’s pricing. Valued at $12.3 billion in 2017, the initial public offer...
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How do you pay taxes on bitcoin? Congress demands explanation

Lawmakers seek information from IRS, saying American taxpayers face ‘unacceptable’ ambiguity over cryptocurrencyUS lawmakers asked the the Internal Revenue Service how US residents should pay taxes on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, in a remarkable letter that shows just how unregulated the cryptocurrency space remains.More than a decade after bitcoin was first introduced, the IRS has released just one public notice on how to pay taxes on digital holdings. That lack of guidance is leaving Am...
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Google warns some employees of measles exposure at Silicon Valley headquarters, report says

Health department officials confirmed that a person infected with measles visited the Google campus.            [Author: USA TODAY]
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Google hit by global login outage affecting Gmail and Google Docs

Users report problems signing in to Google products from the US, UK, India, Singapore, Europe to AustraliaGoogle is experiencing a global outage that affects users as they try to log in to the company’s many applications, including Gmail and Google Docs and any site that allows access via a Google account.The company said it was investigating “an issue with OAuth login” and “an issue with Admin console” on Wednesday evening. The problem was first reported at around 11pm BST. Continue reading...
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Video conferencing company Zoom prices IPO at $36 per share, giving it a $9.2 billion valuation — 9 times its last private valuation

Video communication company Zoom priced its IPO at $36 per share on Wednesday, according to a source familiar with the process. This values Zoom at $9.2 billion, up from its last private valuation of $1 billion. The company is expected to start trading Thursday on Nasdaq under the ticker "ZM." The video communication company Zoom priced its IPO at $36 per share on Wednesday, above its expected range,  a source familiar with the process told Business Insider. This values the company at $9.2 bi...
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YouTube's CEO Responds to Its Bad Content Problem, Exposes the Core of Its Platform Problem

Seemingly with each passing week, YouTube faces another content moderation problem. And despite the company’s own efforts at moderating its platform, it can’t seem to get its hands around the problem.Read more...
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Pepsi Drops Plans To Use Artificial Constellation To Promote An Energy Drink

Just days after Pepsi announced that it would advertise its products in space using a Russian startup, the company now says it will no longer pursue the plans, avoiding what likely would have resulted in significant public criticism. Slashdot reader schwit1 shares a report from SpaceNews: The publication Futurism reported April 13 that PepsiCo's Russian subsidiary was working with a startup there called StartRocket to advertise an energy drink called "Adrenaline Rush" using satellites. The compa...
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Here's what Googlers and startups have to say about new Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian's strategy, three months into his reign (GOOG, GOOGL)

Thomas Kurian, who had worked at Oracle for over two decades, has served as Google Cloud's CEO for about three months now. Last week, Google Cloud made announcements at its Next conference signalling a commitment to open source software and a strategy of allowing customers to use multiple clouds. Business Insider spoke with six startup executives, as well as some Googlers, on their thoughts about his strategy. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Before becoming CEO at Google C...
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Co-Star raises $5 million to bring its astrology app to Android

Nothing scales like a horoscope. If you haven’t heard of Co-Star, you might just be in the wrong circles. In some social scenes it’s pretty much ubiquitous. Wherever conversations regularly kick off by comparing astrological charts, it’s useful to have that info at hand. The trend is so notable that the app even got a shout out in a New York Times piece on VCs flocking to astrology startups. This week, the company behind probably the hottest iOS astrology app announced that it has raised a $5.2 ...
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Apple is still interested in self-driving cars as it explores ‘revolutionary’ LIDAR sensor design

Apple's automotive initiative, unofficially dubbed Project Titan, appears to still be alive and kicking. According to a report from Reuters, Apple is currently looking into advanced lidar sensor technology that "would be smaller, cheaper and more easily mass produced than current technology."What's more, the report relays that Apple, in addition to exploring third-party solutions, also has a team of engineers working on developing an Apple-branded lidar sensor.While it remains to be seen...
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Bad Bots Now Make Up 20 Percent of Web Traffic

So-called "bad bots," tasked with performing denial-of-service (DoS) attacks or other malicious activities like automatically publishing fake content or reviews, are estimated to make up roughly 37.9 percent of all internet traffic. "In 2018, one in five website requests -- 20.4 percent -- of traffic was generated by bad bots alone," reports ZDNet, citing Distil Networks' latest bot report, "Bad Bot Report 2019: The Bot Arms Race Continues." From the report: According to Distil Networks' latest ...
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A person with measles visited Google headquarters, health officials say

The Santa Clara County, California, health department said a person with measles visited Google's headquarters in Silicon Valley, which is in their county. The adult is a resident of San Mateo County.
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Qualcomm gains $30 billion in market value after Apple settlement

Qualcomm Inc added $30 billion to its market value after it resolved a legal battle with Apple Inc, a move that secures its leadership in 5G phone chips and could pave the way for a similar settlement with China's Huawei Technologies.
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TED 2019: The online campaign that ended a beard ban

The woman aiming to build "a labour movement for the 21st Century" shares her plan at TED.
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Business Quietly Returns to #SaudiArabia After Khashoggi’s Murder - The New York Times

Business Quietly Returns to Saudi Arabia After Khashoggi’s Murder - The New York Times:Six months after agents from Saudi Arabia murdered and dismembered the writer Jamal Khashoggi, companies are no longer shying away from the Arab kingdom.The movie theater giant AMC says it is moving ahead with ambitious expansion plans for dozens of cinemas there. Hundreds of investors thronged last week to place $100 billion in orders for the first international bond sale tied to Saudi Arabia’s state-backed o...
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Kids on 45th just raised millions in seed funding to sell lightly used kids clothes — sight unseen

A seemingly endless number of startups has attracted funding in recent years to make life easier for people with money to spend. They’re sold sell nice clothes, chic shoes, cool office space, on-demand car services, on-demand laundry services, on-demand cleaning services, anti-aging therapies. It goes on and on. Overlooked in the process is the overwhelmingly majority of Americans. In 2015, the top 1 percent of U.S. made more than 25 times what families in the bottom 99 percent did, a gap that h...
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