Global Attention Span Is Narrowing and Trends Don't Last As Long, Study Reveals

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Guardian: It's just as you suspected; the information age has changed the general attention span. A recently published study from researchers at the Technical University of Denmark suggests the collective global attention span is narrowing due to the amount of information that is presented to the public. Released on Monday in the scientific journal Nature Communications, the study shows people now have more things to focus on -- but often focus on thi...
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Toyota, SoftBank fund, Denso invest $1 billion in Uber

TOKYO (AP) — Japan’s top automaker Toyota, auto parts maker Denso and internet company SoftBank’s investment fund are investing $1 billion in car-sharing Uber’s technology unit. The Japanese companies said Friday that Toyota Motor Corp. and Denso Corp. will together invest $667 million and SoftBank Corp.’s Vision Fund will contribute $333 million in Uber Technologies […]
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Why Juul and Republican Lawmakers Want To Raise the Minimum Vaping Age To 21

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced a new bill today that would block all tobacco and vape purchases for Americans under 21 years old, citing widespread public health risks. Surprisingly, vaping companies don't appear to be too concerned, as Juul's CEO Kevin Burns issued this statement supporting the measure: "JUUL Labs is committed to eliminating combustible cigarettes, the number one cause of preventable death in the world and to accomplish that goal, we must restrict youth usage ...
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5G is going to let even more devices go wireless, but cities are grappling with the roll out

You may not think much about the small elongated cylinders or boxes perched on rooftops or street lights. But those small wireless facilities, dubbed “small cells,” are the building blocks for 5G, an ultra-fast wireless technology that will quicken the things you do on your cellphone and unleash a new generation of devices. A mini cell tower sits atop a pole in the 20600 block of Laguna Canyon Road on April 18, 2019, in Laguna Beach, CA.. (Photo by Jeff Gritchen, Orange County Register/SCNG)...
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Meet the ex-Facebook advisor who pitched Richard Branson while kiteboarding (FB)

Karl Jacob pitched his startup LoanSnap to Richard Bransonduring a kiteboarding trip and walked away with the billionaire's backing for its $8 million Series A in 2018. Jacob was an early advisor to Facebook, and says his experience working in the early days of social networking reinforced his belief in taking bigger risks and bigger failures. According to Jacob, founders and investors need to be more comfortable with failure and more patient with teams trying to unseat massive entrenched indu...
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BlackBerry Messenger will soon be the latest messaging service to die

BBM, formerly known as BlackBerry Messenger, will be shut down on May 31. Emtek, the company that now runs the messaging service, tried to revive it, but said that "users have moved on." BBM users will need to download their photos and files from the service before it shuts down, because they won't be able to access them afterward. Visit for more stories. First AIM. Then Yahoo Messenger. Now BBM. The messaging service that was once was a beloved feature of BlackBerry phone...
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BlackBerry Messenger is shutting down after nearly 14 years (unless you pay)

Before there was WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or WeChat, there was BlackBerry Messenger. Launched in August of 2005, BBM was the first popular mobile chat to pull people away from text messages or desktop clients.  Nearly 14 years later, the service will meet its end – unless you pay up. Since 2016, BBM has been managed by Emtek, which today announced the service would be shuttering on May 31 – at least the consumer version most people use. You can download the enterprise version of the app in ...
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Google is making it easier for Android users in Europe to pick a new browser

We've known for a while now that Google offered Android users in Europe a different experience than international customers, and that's because the European Union really wants Google to behave a lot less like a monopoly than before. Google lost three major anti-trust cases in the region, including one that concerns Android.The European Commission slapped Google with three multi-billion fines in each case, which Google has contested. But the company agreed to make changes to its business ...
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Boston Dynamics debuts the production version of SpotMini

Last year at our TC Sessions: Robotics conference, Boston Dynamics announced that SpotMini will be its first commercially available product. A revamped version of the product would use the company’s decades of quadrupedal robotics learnings as a basis for a robot designed to patrol office spaces. At today’s event, founder and CEO Marc Raibert took to the stage to debut the production version of the electric robot. As noted last year, the company plans to produce around 100 models this year. R...
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Breeze Automation is building soft robots for the Navy and NASA

San Francisco soft robotics startup Breeze Automation made its debut today onstage at TechCrunch’s TC Sessions: Robotics + AI event at UC Berkeley. Co-founder and CEO Gui Cavalcanti joined us onstage at the event to showcase the contract work the company has been doing for organizations like NASA and the U.S. Navy. Cavalcanti last joined TechCrunch onstage in September 2016, decked out in aviator sunglasses and full American flag regalia as a co-founder of fighting robot league MegaBots. Thes...
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Google’s Ivan Poupyrev shows off Jacquard, which connects his Levi’s jacket to the cloud

Ivan Poupyrev, the technical projects lead at Google’s Advanced Technology and Projects division, just gave a TED talk that was simultaneously a presentation and a demo of new technology. Poupyrev was showing off Jacquard, a device that allowed him to use the sleeve of his jacket as a controller for his presentation slides. Google has talked about this work before, and there’s even a $350 Levi’s jacket available for purchase. But today, Poupyrev actually used Jacquard to control his presen...
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Women in AI need better allies. Here’s how we can all help

Lin Classon, Director of Public Cloud Product at managed cloud provider Ensono and former Googler, has spent her entire career attending technology conferences – places where, unlike the public restrooms at most events, women tend to have the toilet all to themselves. The reason? Only about 25 percent of the speakers and audience of the average tech conference are female. That the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics fields have a problem with discrimination, harassment, and inequal...
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First Japan-Built Airliner In 50 Years Takes On Boeing and Airbus

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: More cities in Asia and Europe are seeking to link up with each other and the global air travel network. The Mitsubishi Regional Jet, the first airliner built in Japan since the 1960s, began certification flights last month in Moses Lake, Washington, to satisfy that demand. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.'s new airliner is testing the skies just as rivals are moving to sell off their manufacturing operations for jets with up to 160 seats. Boei...
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IPO mania: Zoom zooms, Pinterest pins down Wall Street

By Barbara Ortutay, The Associated Press There’s some tech jubilance in the air on Wall Street and in Silicon Valley as a pair of newly public companies — Zoom and Pinterest — saw their stocks soar on their first trading day. No one wants talk about a bubble, not to mention its prospects for bursting, but the strong initial performances might reassure investors with jittery nerves following ride-hailing company Lyft’s disappointing start less than a month ago. Zoom Video Communications, which ma...
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Apple Could Be Reusing the iPhone SE Playbook

Apple might breathe new life into a familiar product.
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$9.2 billion Zoom's second most powerful shareholder thinks CEO Eric Yuan is like Steve Jobs, but nicer (ZM)

Zoom started trading publicly on Thursday after pricing its IPO at a $9.2 billion valuation. The IPO was a boon for CEO Eric Yuan, who owns much of the company and holds nearly 20% of the voting power. The second most powerful investor is Emergence Capital Partners, a venture capital firm that once backed Salesforce and Box. We spoke to Emergence partner Santi Subotovsky about what sparked his interest in Zoom, and why Yuan reminds him of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs — only a nicer version. Visi...
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The Source Code For All Infocom Text Adventure Classics Has Been Released

You can now download the source code of every Infocom text adventure game, thanks to archivist Jason Scott who uploaded the code to GitHub. "There are numerous repositories under the name historicalsource, each for a different game," reports Ars Technica. "Titles include, but are not limited to, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Planetfall, Shogun, and several Zork games -- plus some more unusual inclusions like an incomplete version of Hitchhiker's sequel The Restaurant at the End of the Un...
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Netflix to open a production hub in New York and invest up to $100 million in the city

Start spreading the news. Netflix is coming to New York City in a big way. The streaming media service has committed to invest up to $100 million to build a production hub and hire hundreds of new staffers in the Big Apple, according to a statement from Governor Andrew M. Cuomo. Netflix’s new production hub will include an expanded Manhattan office and six sound stages in Brooklyn that could bring in hundreds of executive positions and thousands of production crew jobs to New York within the ...
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Scientists take DNA test, learn they’re cousins who’ve collaborated in science journal

When people submit their DNA to companies such as 23andMe for testing, they’re usually not too surprised to find out they have relatives they haven’t met. But, it’s a bit different when you realize you have a cousin who works in the same field, shares some colleagues and friends, and once collaborated with you on research that appeared in a science journal back in the 1970s. Byron Rubin and Bruce Gaber aren’t your average, run-of-the-mill septuagenarians. Rubin’s a PhD scientist and an incredibl...
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Netflix Will Invest Up To $100 Million In a NYC Production Hub

Netflix is establishing an NYC production hub that will include six sound stages in Brooklyn and an expanded office in Manhattan's Flatiron District. "It should create 'hundreds of jobs' (including 127 executive, marketing and production development roles) over the next five years, and should foster up to $100 million in investments, according to Governor Cuomo," reports Engadget. From the report: The sound stages will also have the capacity for "thousands" of jobs, Cuomo said, although that's l...
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2019 Audi TT RS: This Little Guy (Really) Packs A Punch!

The 2019 Audi TT RS features a powerful 2.5-liter TFSI engine. Styling treatments include 20-inch wheels and red brake calipers. The new TT RS joins the Audi Sport model line and is available now.  Audi is showing off the latest hot rod version of the TT sport coupe, the TT RS. The RS goes a long way to dispel any notions of the TT being all show and no go thanks to a *check notes* – holy smokes! How much power does this little guy have?! Jumpin’ August Horch on a pogo stick, are you kidding? ...
Tags: Apple, Autos, Audi, Android Auto, Audi Sport, TT, Genghis Khan, TFSI, Bang Olufsen, Audi of America Inc, New York International Auto Show, Car News, Tony Borroz, Jumpin August Horch, Kyalami Green

Russian hacked ‘at least one’ Florida county prior to 2016 election

Russian operatives successfully targeted and hacked “at least one” Florida county government in the run up to the 2016 U.S. presidential election, according to new findings by the Special Counsel Robert Mueller. The report, published Thursday by the Justice Department, said the county was targeted by the Russian intelligence service, known as the GRU. The hackers sent spearphishing emails to more than 120 email accounts used by county officials responsible for administering the election, the rep...
Tags: Security, Florida, Technology, Government, Nsa, Tech, Hack, Fbi, Cybercrime, United States, Homeland Security, Gru, Department Of Justice, Phishing, Justice Department, Presidential Election

The Antitrust Case Against Facebook: a turning point in the debate over Big Tech and monopoly

In 2017, a 28-year-old law student named Lina Kahn turned the antitrust world on its ear with her Yale Law Review paper, Amazon's Antitrust Paradox, which showed how Ronald Reagan's antitrust policies, inspired by ideological extremists at the University of Chicago's economics department, had created a space for abusive monopolists who could crush innovation, workers' rights, and competition without ever falling afoul of orthodox antitrust law. Now, Dina Srinivasan, a self-described technol...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, Post, News, Law, Reagan, Competition, Fox, Ronald Reagan, Scholarship, Antitrust, University Of Chicago, News Corp, Srinivasan, Kahn

Facebook security lapse affects millions more Instagram users than first stated

News that the company had insecurely stored passwords came on the same day as the release of Robert Mueller’s long-awaited report Facebook chose one of the busiest news days in American politics this year to admit that millions more Instagram users were affected by a security lapse than it had previously disclosed.At 10 am ET on Thursday, as the attorney general, William Barr, wrapped up his news conference on the release of the report of the special counsel, Robert Mueller, Facebook updated a 2...
Tags: Facebook, Technology, Instagram, US news, Robert Mueller, William Barr, Robert Mueller Facebook

Arizona lawmakers OK ban on cellphone use while driving

PHOENIX (AP) — The small list of states that allow either texting while driving or hand-held cellphone use is shrinking after the Arizona House on Thursday overwhelmingly approved a cellphone use ban and sent it to Republican Gov. Doug Ducey for his expected signature. Arizona, Missouri and Montana had been the only three states that […]
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Ask Slashdot: What's a Good Chair For a Software Developer?

AmiMoJo writes: It's time to buy a new chair so I'm turning to Slashdot for recommendations. The Herman Miller Aeron seems to be the go-to, much like the Model M for keyboards, but I've heard that there are some other good options on the market. I need something that is comfortable and durable -- too many chairs get squeaky and loose because I can't sit still and keep shifting my weight around. Many are difficult to maintain as well, e.g. the screws attacking the back are often under plastic att...
Tags: Tech, Slashdot, Herman Miller Aeron

Musk, SEC get another week to reach deal in contempt case

NEW YORK (AP) — Lawyers for Tesla CEO Elon Musk and U.S. securities regulators are getting another week to negotiate a deal to keep Musk from being found in contempt of court. Both sides say in a letter filed Thursday with a federal court in New York that they talked for over an hour this […]
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Pinterest was one of the most-downloaded apps in the U.S. in the months leading up to its IPO (PINS)

Pinterest officially began trading on the public markets on Thursday with a valuation of $10 billion. Ahead of its IPO, the social platform has emerged in the first quarter of 2019 as one of the 20 most downloaded non-gaming apps in the US, according to mobile data provider Sensor Tower. Pinterest added 32.5 million new mobile users globally in the first quarter, which shows the app is continuing to accelerate its growth since last year. Visit for more stories. Pinterest's...
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‘Child’s Play’ trailer gets a smart home makeover, giving Chucky control over connected devices

Oh golly does the new trailer for “Child’s Play” look good. Not only does it have appearances by Aubrey Plaza, Mark Hamill (as the voice of Chucky) and Bryan Tyree Henry (who’s awesome in Atlanta), but it’s giving Chucky a smart home makeover. The demonically possessed doll now has the power to control networked devices like thermostats, drones, doors and pretty much any gadget in a connected home (from the looks of the trailer). However horrifying the thought may be of a demon-possessed doll...
Tags: TC, Entertainment, Films, Tech, Atlanta, Childs Play, Chucky, Alexa, Bryan Tyree Henry, Aubrey Plaza Mark Hamill

Musk, SEC seek another week to reach deal in contempt case

NEW YORK (AP) — Lawyers for Telsa CEO Elon Musk and the U.S. government are asking for another week to negotiate a deal to keep Musk from being found in contempt of court. Both sides say in a letter filed Thursday with a federal court in New York that they talked for over an hour […]
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