Apple Allegedly 'Plotted' To Hurt Qualcomm Years Before It Sued the Company

Apple allegedly wanted to hurt Qualcomm before it ever filed suit against the company, according to documents obtained by Qualcomm as the two companies prepared to meet in court. CNET reports on what has been made public: In September 2014, a document from Apple titled "QCOM - Future scenarios" detailed ways the company could exert pressure on Qualcomm, including by working with Intel on 4G modems for the iPhone. Apple and its manufacturing partners didn't actually file suit against Qualcomm unt...
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SoftBank invests $125 million in Alphabet venture to put cellphone antennas in the sky

SoftBank's year-old HAPSMobile and Alphabet's Loon, which spun out last July from the research incubator of the Google parent, separately have been trying to fly networking equipment at high altitudes to provide high-speed internet where ground-based towers are unreachable. Despite internet coverage gaps in rural areas or during natural disasters, mobile network operators, governments and other potential customers have yet to demonstrate much enthusiasm for buying skyborne technologies. Also i...
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The $5 billion fine Facebook expects to pay the FTC is a joke — on all of us (FB)

The $3 billion to $5 billion fine Facebook expects to pay to settle a Federal Trade Commission inquiry sounds big, but for the company, it really isn't. As part of its earnings report Wednesday, Facebook announced it was setting aside $3 billion to pay the potential fine, although it noted that a deal with the agency isn't yet done. Facebook has $45 billion in cash and securities on hand and generates $5 billion in cash each quarter, even after investments in property and equipment, so it can ...
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The Feds Are Dropping Child Porn Cases Instead of Revealing Their Surveillance Systems

SonicSpike shares a report from Reason: The Department of Justice has been dismissing child pornography cases in order to not reveal information about the software programs used as the basis for the charges. An array of cases suggest serious problems with the tech tools used by federal authorities. But the private entities who developed these tools won't submit them for independent inspection or hand over hardly any information about how they work, their error rates, or other critical informatio...
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Mixing old and modern...

The yellow vests (“gilets jaunes”) have now been banned from the Champs Elysées since a couple of weeks, but there are still some (actually now rather few) traces - the most spectacular will probably for a while be the famous bar / restaurant “Fouquet’s”. There are also some positive things happening on the Champs Elysées, meaning some new installations. One example is the rather recently opened biggest “Apple” Paris store. We can imagine the financial operations behind...
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Teen Sues Apple for $1 Billion Over Alleged Facial Recognition That Led to Arrest

A teen in New York could be $1 billion richer if everything goes his way in a court case against Apple in which he alleges their facial recognition software led to his wrongful arrest for a series of... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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Scientists Have Developed a Brain Implant That Can Read People's Minds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: The team at the University of California, San Francisco says the technology is "exhilarating." They add that their findings, published in the journal Nature, could help people when disease robs them of their ability to talk. The mind-reading technology works in two stages. First an electrode is implanted in the brain to pick up the electrical signals that maneuver the lips, tongue, voice box and jaw. Then powerful computing is used to simulate ho...
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India Lifts Its Ban on Video App TikTok, Allowing It to Return to Apple and Google App Stores

The Indian government lifted a ban on downloads of the TikTok video app on Wednesday, Reuters cited two lawyers in the case as saying, reversing orders for Apple and Google to remove the app from their stores.Read more...
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UK To Let Huawei Firm Help Build 5G Network

AmiMoJo writes: The UK government has given Chinese telecoms giant Huawei the go-ahead to supply equipment for the UK 5G data network. The company will help build some "non-core" parts such as antennas. But the plans have concerned the home, defense and foreign secretaries. The U.S. also wants its allies in the "Five Eyes" intelligence grouping -- the UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand -- to exclude Huawei. Huawei said it was "pleased that the UK is continuing to take an evidence-based approa...
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Amazon's Alexa Team Can Access Users' Home Addresses

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Bloomberg: An Amazon team auditing Alexa users' commands has access to location data and can, in some cases, easily find a customer's home address, according to five employees familiar with the program. The team, spread across three continents, transcribes, annotates and analyzes a portion of the voice recordings picked up by Alexa. The program, whose existence Bloomberg revealed earlier this month, was set up to help Amazon's digital voice assistant get ...
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SK Hynix Forecasts Recovery After Posting Sharp Profit Decline

Hynix’s forecast is a sign that data-centers customers are working through high inventories of memory chips, while lower prices have sparked demand from smartphone makers and other customers. “Server demand growth will increase significantly in the third quarter after rising slightly in the second quarter,” Sean Kim, vice president and head of DRAM marketing, said in a conference call. Apple cut its sales forecast earlier this year and Texas Instruments Inc. cautioned this week that a rebound ...
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Runaway Saudi sisters call for 'inhuman' woman-monitoring app to be pulled

Maha and Wafa al-Subaie called for Absher, which supports male guardianship system, to be removed by Google and AppleTwo runaway Saudi sisters on Wednesday urged Apple and Google to pull an “inhuman” app allowing men to monitor and control female relatives’ travel as it helped trap girls in abusive families.Maha and Wafa al-Subaie, who are seeking asylum in Georgia after fleeing their family, said Absher – a government e-services app – was bad for women as it supported Saudi Arabia’s strict male...
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ood new, fanbys. Apple spds up n-str McBook latop kyboad rpairs, ccrding t hs leakd mmo

Time for those geniuses to earn that job title Apple is speeding up repairs of defective laptop keyboards that have left MacBook users angry, frustrated, and firing off lawsuits.…
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Government should stay out of social media

We are at a turning point in the history of the Internet. Until now Internet companies have been largely free of government regulation. Now tech CEOs like Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are saying “we need a more active role for governments and regulators.” Specifically he thinks government should regulate the harmful content of online speech. Governments are happy to oblige. The United Kingdom has just proposed ambitious plans “for a new system of accountability and oversight for tech companies, m...
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Elon Musk on taking Tesla private: ‘That ship has sailed’

Elon Musk would prefer if Tesla, which is known for its volatile share price and is among the most heavily shorted stock, were a private company, but acknowledged during an earnings call Wednesday that it wasn’t likely. Musk can dream, can’t he? “Unfortunately that ship had sailed,” Musk said flatly, in response to a question from Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas. Musk said Tesla as a public company was a distraction at times and then added, “I’m not sure what to do about it.” The questio...
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Despite declines for the quarter, Tesla is bullish on its overall energy business

Even as its solar business declined in step with its overall earnings, Tesla is bullish on the prospects for the energy side of its business over the course of the year. The energy business is an unheralded part of Tesla — overshadowed by its headline grabbing (and much larger) auto exploits — that chief executive Elon Musk thinks will generate an increasing share of revenue for the company over time. Tesla reports $702 million loss in first quarter Revenues from its solar power and ...
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23 Top-Rated Amazon Treasures Your Mom Will Cherish

Mother's Day is a wonderful celebration of the fierce women who birthed and reared us; it's also a holiday that annually tests chronic-procrastinators' thoughtful-planning abilities ( hello, it me). To avoid triggering disappointment-flashbacks from those, "I'm sorry I forgot to take the trash out," days, we crafted an Amazon customer-approved gift-list that moms will adore (and we can easily order in a forgetful last-minute scenario).The 20 treasures ahead cover a unique range of categories an...
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Databricks Open-Sources Delta Lake To Make Delta Lakes More Reliable

Databricks, the company founded by the original developers of the Apache Spark big data analytics engine, today announced that it has open-sourced Delta Lake, a storage layer that makes it easier to ensure data integrity as new data flows into an enterprise's data lake by bringing ACID transactions to these vast data repositories. TechCrunch reports: Delta Lake, which has long been a proprietary part of Databrick's offering, is already in production use by companies like Viacom, Edmunds, Riot Ga...
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How to source hard-to-fill programming positions

Zack Burt Contributor Zack Burt is an American computer programmer He founded Code For Cash, the tech recruiting firm. The competition is intense for great tech talent, and it’s even harder to find the most qualified people who are also the right fit for your company This article shares some practical processes that you can add to your human resources function in order to accelerate the programmer pipeline, based on the years I have spent as a hiring focused soft...
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Give Mom Exactly What She Wants With These Beauty Gift Sets

Remember when coming home with an “I Love Mom” drawing and a DIY macaroni necklace was enough of a present for Mother’s Day? Well, those days are long gone. Now, you’re discussing arguing in the siblings group chat and scouring Google to plan a unique gift. After years of birthdays, Christmases, and Mother’s Days, you’re running out of creative juice, and trust us, she doesn’t need another cookbook.But there is something that we're pretty sure the woman in your life could never get enough of,...
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Security Flaw Lets Attackers Recover Private Keys From Qualcomm Chips

Devices using Qualcomm chipsets, and especially smartphones and tablets, are vulnerable to a new security bug that can let attackers retrieve private data and encryption keys that are stored in a secure area of the chipset known as the Qualcomm Secure Execution Environment (QSEE). From a report: Qualcomm has deployed patches for this bug (CVE-2018-11976) earlier this month; however, knowing the sad state of Android OS updates, this will most likely leave many smartphones and tablets vulnerable f...
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The founder of Craigslist and other donors will 'reassess' their support for the Markup following the controversial firing of its editor-in-chief

Craigslist founder Craig Newmark and other donors said they are taking "very seriously" the firing of the editor-in-chief of a new publication called the Markup. Julia Angwin, the editor-and-chief and cofounder of the Markup, was fired Monday over what she characterized as an editorial conflict over the publication's stated mission to investigate tech companies.  Newmark donated $20 million of the publication's $22 million-plus in funding, as of late 2018.  Visit Business Insider's homepage fo...
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Recent readings

AIs have a problem with seeing something for the first time. Facebook says their AI had a problem detecting NZ shooting video because for first time it was from first-person POV. Link. My prediction: Greater than 50% of US consumers (majority) won’t see 5G coverage — defined as 20Gbps and 1 ms latency — until 2023 earliest. Probably 2025. Link. A legendary designer works with AI to design a minimal chair. The teamwork is known as a centaur. Link. The world’s foremost electric car manufacturer is...
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Tesla earnings: company posts surprisingly large losses in delayed report

Firm reveals losses of $2.90 a share after waiting more than an hour after markets closeTesla posted larger-than-expected losses in its first-quarter earnings report, as the company struggles with production rates and was forced to raise prices on a number of its cars.The electric carmaker reported a loss of $2.90 a share in its filing, weaker than the $1.30 loss a share experts were expecting. The company’s stock closed out the day at $258.66 a share and prices fluctuated wildly in after hours ...
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Corsair One Pro i180 review

With a modern 12-core Intel Core i9-9920X processor, Nvidia’s RTX 2080 Ti graphics, and 32GB of RAM, the Corsair One Pro is designed to woo creatives who demand more power from Apple’s Mac Pro. Like the Mac Pro, the best part of this PC is that it won’t take up much space on your desk. The post Corsair One Pro i180 review appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Apple, Gaming, Trends, Computing, Nvidia, Corsair, Workstation, Intel Core, One Pro i180

Tesla plans to launch an insurance product ‘in about a month’

Tesla is developing an insurance product, which could be launched in about a month, CEO Elon Musk said during a call with analysts Wednesday following its first-quarter earnings report. “It will be much more compelling than anything else out there,” he said. Musk didn’t provide further details on what the insurance product might look like, but it will most certainly place value on its Autopilot system, an advanced driver assistance system that is considered one of the most robust and at times, m...
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Scientists pull speech directly from the brain

In a feat that could eventually unlock the possibility of speech for people with severe medical conditions, scientists have successfully recreated the speech of healthy subjects by tapping directly into their brains. The technology is a long, long way from practical application but the science is real and the promise is there. Edward Chang, neurosurgeon at UC San Francisco and co-author of the paper published today in Nature, explained the impact of the team’s work in a press release: “For the f...
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Apply to participate in the Hackathon at Disrupt San Francisco 2019

Great news for all you coders, hackers, developers and creative tech makers — our onsite Hackathon returns to Disrupt San Francisco 2019 on October 2-4. Applications to hack are open now and if you’re selected, you get to flex your mighty coding skills and go head-to-head against some of the world’s best developers to build something amazing. Even better, participating in the Hackathon doesn’t cost a thing, so hop to it and apply right here. The Hackathon is a grueling, exhilarating, sleep-depri...
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The Oscars won’t change their rules to exclude streaming

It looks like movies produced by Netflix and other streaming services will be able to compete for next year’s Academy Awards without any changes to eligibility. After the Netflix Original film “Roma” was nominated for Best Picture at this year’s ceremony and ultimately took home the awards for Best Director, Best Foreign Language Film and Best Cinematography, the Academy’s Board of Directors was mulling possible rule changes. The crux of the debate seems to be Netflix’s theatrical strategy. T...
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Deep learning can help us eradicate suicide – but only if we let it

Humanity’s mental health crisis has reached pandemic proportions. Bluntly put: we don’t seem capable of solving the problem on our own. Cutting edge AI research shows a clear path forward, but society as a whole will have to accept the fact that mental health is real in order for us to take the first steps. Machine learning researchers in academia, government, and industry are all scrambling to adapt and apply modern artificial intelligence techniques – deep learning in particular – to the suici...
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