Smart cities are for refugees

There’s very little difference between smart cities and modern occupied zones. Both postulate ubiquitous sensor coverage, continuous algorithmic vigilance, and the automated use of (ordnance) delivery drones. Neither, for different but obvious reasons, is what we need.The ethical and professional issues involved in urban design for military repression are clear. But the usual civilian applications in rich cities in the Global North (most often tech hubs themselves) are, leaving aside issues of p...
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Far from glitzy tech hubs, Chinese city bets big on VR

NANCHANG, China (AP) — Liu Zixing craned his neck forward for help with fastening the goggles for his first ever taste of virtual reality. He took a break from the mining ore business to travel to a VR theme park in this Chinese provincial capital not known for high technology. “It feels like reality,” Liu […]
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Report: Boeing Insiders Called FAA Hotline to Report Issues With 737 Max Jets

At least four current or former Boeing employees called a Federal Aviation Administration hotline to report issues with the company’s 737 Max line of jets on April 5, the day after Ethiopia’s minister of transportation released a preliminary report on the crash of Ethopian Airlines flight 302 in March 2019 that killed…Read more...
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Should Airlines Weigh Passengers To Help Cut Carbon Emissions?

"The equation is simple: The heavier the plane, the more environmentally unfriendly the trip is," notes one report -- yet airplanes are still relying on estimates for their total weight. "A British tech start-up thinks it has a solution: weighing customers to more accurately calculate fuel costs..." "The capture of passenger weights is not complicated," says Roy Fuscone, Chairman & CEO of Fuel Matrix Limited. "A simple weighing device added to the current equipment will capture the weight and t...
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Is Cyberwarfare War? Insurers Balk At Paying For Some Cyberattacks

From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: In an era of unceasing cyberattacks, including cases of state-sponsored hacking, insurance companies are beginning to re-interpret an old line in their contracts known as the "war exclusion." Stripping away the metaphorical connotation of the term "cyberwarfare," big insurers like Zurich Insurance have decided that state-sponsored attacks are basically just plain warfare. This shift comes as the U.S. government is increasingly attributing state-spons...
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Apple reportedly takes aim at Screen Time competitors on App Store

Apple is said to be taking aim against apps that are competitors to its Screen Time feature, according to the New York Times. Apple claims that the apps are violating certain policies, but some have been downloaded millions of times. The post Apple reportedly takes aim at Screen Time competitors on App Store appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Nintendo opens registrations for Mario Kart Tour closed beta on Android

Mario Kart Tour opened registrations for players who would be interested in joining the game's closed beta. Only Android device owners will be able to sign up for the program and be the first to peek into the long-delayed project. The post Nintendo opens registrations for Mario Kart Tour closed beta on Android appeared first on Digital Trends.
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FCC Clears SpaceX to Launch Nearly 1,600 Internet-Beaming Satellites to a Lower Orbit

The Federal Communications Commission has approved SpaceX’s plans to fly a fleet of internet-transmitting satellites, Starlink, at a “lower orbit than originally planned,” the Verge reported on Saturday.Read more...
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Bad PR ideas, esports, and the Valley’s talent poaching war

Sending severed heads, and even more PR DON’Ts I wrote a “master list” of PR DON’Ts earlier this week, and now that list has nearly doubled as my fellow TechCrunch writers continued to experience even more bad behavior around pitches. So, : DON’T send severed heads of the writer you want to cover your story Heads up! It’s weird to send someone’s cranium to them. This is an odd one, but believe it or not, severed heads seem to roll into our office every couple of months thanks to the advent of ...
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When Digital Textbooks Make College Students Pay to Turn In Their Homework

Slashdot reader jyosim writes: A professor at Arizona State U says he was let go from his teaching job in the economics department because he wouldn't embrace assigning homework software that he says "requires students to pay just to turn in homework." His students rushed to his defense on social media, saying that many of their courses now require them to pay for online systems if they want to submit homework. The university says the professor is spreading misinformation and is the villain. De...
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Uber Admits It Wants To Take Riders Away From Public Transit

"Uber took down the taxi industry and now it wants a piece of public transit," reports CNN, in an article shared by dryriver: For years, as it aggressively entered new markets, Uber has maintained that it is a complement and ally of public transit. But that messaging changed earlier this month, when Uber released its S-1 ahead of its upcoming initial public offering. In the regulatory filing, Uber said its growth depends on better competing with public transportation, which it identifies as a $1...
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Sending severed heads, and even more PR DON’Ts

This week, I published a piece called the “The master list of PR DON’Ts (or how not to piss off the writer covering your startup).” The problem, of course, with writing a “master list” is that as soon as you publish it, everyone takes the opportunity to point out all the (hopefully) long-tail stories that you didn’t include the first time. And wow, startup founders and PR folks find some funky ways to pitch journalists. That original master list had 16 entries, ranging from not using pressure ta...
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Paper Camera

Detailed replica of a camera with detachable lens and flash made of paper. Paper Camera Kit handcrafted by South Korean design studio Dotmot. Also check out: Camera Made of Chocolate
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Designers Release 'Aweigh', An Open Source Alternative to GPS

"A team of student designers and engineers from the RCA and Imperial College have designed an open-source alternative to GPS, called Aweigh, that does not rely on satellites," reports the design magazine Dezeen. It's similar to the sextant, calculating positions by measuring the angular distances between the horizon and the sun. ExRex (Slashdot reader #47,177) shares their report: They said that Aweigh can even work on a cloudy day when the sun is not in view, and unlike devices that use sate...
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Amazon's Algorithm Automatically Fires Inefficient Warehouse Workers

The Verge obtained Amazon documents detailing the firing of hundreds of warehouse workers who failed to live up to "a proprietary productivity metric." Those firings "are far more common than outsiders realize" -- and they're apparently initiated by an algorithm. In a signed letter last year, an attorney representing Amazon said the company fired "hundreds" of employees at a single facility between August of 2017 and September 2018 for failing to meet productivity quotas. A spokesperson for the...
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Space entrepreneurs and dreamers gather in the desert to stargaze and make plans

One hundred miles to the southeast, masses of festival heads were gathering in the desert for Coachella's first April weekend. But this small crew of space scientists, synthetic biologists, investors, entrepreneurs and one partygoer with flamethrower had higher ambitions.
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Technology cuts children off from adults, warns expert

UCL professor says digital world disrupts family life, risking mental health of youngstersOne of the world’s foremost authorities on child mental health today warns that technology is threatening child development by disrupting the crucial learning relationship between adults and children.Peter Fonagy, professor of Contemporary Psychoanalysis and Developmental Science at UCL, who has published more than 500 scientific papers and 19 books, warns that the digital world is reducing contact time bet...
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Marker Wadden, the manmade Dutch archipelago where wild birds reign supreme

A silted-up lake has been transformed into the latest addition to the map of the Netherlands – and an eco-haven teeming with wildlifeIt takes about an hour on the ferry, across often choppy waters, to reach the newest bit of the Netherlands. For those sailing in from the port of Lelystad, the first sign of the Marker Wadden is a long finger of sand dunes designed to protect against flooding.“You see the cormorants, the black birds?” asks the environmentalist Roel Posthoorn, pointing skywards. Co...
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Original Content podcast: ‘Game of Thrones’ delivers one of its best episodes yet

We’re barely more than 24 hours away from what’s widely expected to be the most spectacular and devastating battle that we’ve seen on “Game of Thrones,” but before then, the Original Content podcast revisits last weekend’s episode, “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms.” In the past, we’ve tended to discuss TV shows in a more general way, covering entire seasons in a single segment of the podcast. But given the general obsession over “Game of Thrones” (and we’re certainly among the obsessed), it seeme...
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Chat away with the best walkie-talkie apps for Android and iOS

There are times when sending a text message or phoning someone just isn't worth it. Sometimes an old-fashioned walkie-talkie would be best. Turn your phone into a walkie-talkie with the best walkie-talkie apps. The post Chat away with the best walkie-talkie apps for Android and iOS appeared first on Digital Trends.
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'They're Basically Lying' - Mental Health Apps Caught Secretly Sharing Data

"Free apps marketed to people with depression or who want to quit smoking are hemorrhaging user data to third parties like Facebook and Google -- but often don't admit it in their privacy policies, a new study reports..." writes The Verge. "You don't have to be a user of Facebook's or Google's services for them to have enough breadcrumbs to ID you," warns Slashdot schwit1. From the article: By intercepting the data transmissions, they discovered that 92 percent of the 36 apps shared the data w...
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‘The Division 2’ is the brain-dead, antipolitical, gun-mongering vigilante simulator we deserve

In The Division 2, the answer to every question is a bullet. That’s not unique in the pervasively violent world of gaming, but in an environment drawn from the life and richly decorated with plausible human cost and cruelty, it seems a shame; and in a real world where plentiful assault rifles and government hit squads are the problems, not the solutions, this particular power fantasy feels backwards and cowardly. Ubisoft’s meticulous avoidance of the real world except for physical likeness was m...
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Here’s everything you missed at TC Sessions: Robotics + AI

Last week we held our third annual robotics event at UC Berkeley. It’s my favorite TechCrunch event, and this year’s was our best show to date. We had some amazing conversations with a number of the top names in robotics and artificial intelligent, demoed some incredible robots and broke some exciting news about the future of the category. You can check out a full rundown of all the robots we had onstage: Check out all the demos from TC Sessions: Robotics + AI And here’s a talk Lucas and I...
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Samantha Bee: Canadian, comedian, and defender of the free press

The only job named in and protected by the U.S. constitution is journalism. But when it’s under attack from fake news, misinformation, and the supposed defender-of-the-constitution-in-chief, who looks out for the press? Reporters have an unlikely ally in the late night comedy circuit. Late night television has a steady stream of male comedians ready to cursorily pick apart the news of the day, often mocking the dispatches of the press — typically the government — before they turn to a light hear...
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As measles returns, Indiegogo joins other tech platforms in banning Anti-Vaccine campaigns

The last year has been the worst on record in the US for measles outbreaks since the disease was declared ‘eradicated’ in 2000. Even though vaccination rates across the country are still high, (according to the CDC) there remains some communities where disinformation campaigns which claim that ‘vaccines are dangerous’ (often called ‘anti-vaxx’ campaigns) have led to parents refusing to vaccinate their children. Sadly, this can lead to a deadly outbreak when members of the public are exposed to s...
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Britain kowtows to Huawei – cartoon

The UK government genuflects before the Chinese telecoms giant•You can buy your very own print of this cartoon Continue reading...
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10% of Twitter Users Create 80% of the Tweets

In America, 10% of Twitter's users create 80% of its tweets, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center: The median user in the top 10% by tweet volume creates 138 tweets per month, "favorites" 70 posts per month, follows 456 accounts, and has 387 followers. By comparison, the median user in the bottom 90% of tweeters creates just two tweets per month, "favorites" one post per month, follows 74 accounts, and has 19 followers. And when asked to report how often they use the platform, fu...
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Report: Screen-Time App Developers Say Apple Is Systematically Kicking Them Off App Store

Apple has removed or imposed restrictions on at least 11 out of the 17 most downloaded screen-time and parental control apps on the App Store, the New York Times reported on Saturday, as it implemented its own screen-time tracker in iOS—a move that has threatened the viability of some of the companies involved and may…Read more...
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Xiaomi Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A MIUI 10.3 Stable update starts rolling out

Xiaomi launched the Redmi 6A and Redmi 6 smartphones in India last yera running MIUI 9.5 based on Android 8.1 (Oreo) update, and the stable MIUI 10 OTA update for the phones rolled out soon after. Today the company has rolled out new MIUI 10.3 Stable update for both the phones, after the Redmi 4.  Xiaomi recently dropped plans to offer Android Pie update for the phones, but these phones will continue to get MIUI updates. The Xiaomi Redmi 6 and Redmi 6A MIUI V10.3.2.0.OCGMIXM update are 279...
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Some reassuring data for those worried unicorns are wrecking the Bay Area

Joanna Glasner Contributor More posts by this contributor From lab-grown meat to fermented fungus, here’s what corporate food VCs are serving up A record $2.5B went to US insurance startup deals last year, and big insurers are in all the way The San Francisco Bay Area is a global powerhouse at launching startups that go on to dominate their industries. For locals, this has long been a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, the tech star...
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