Distracted by tech while driving? The answer may be more tech.

Driving while distracted is nothing new, but new distractions for drivers pop up all the time. While carmakers and tech companies have worked to keep drivers from checking their phones, the most effective safety features may be the technology that is laying the foundation for autonomous cars. This advanced driver-assistance technology can automatically bring a […]
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Ask Slashdot: Is the Information Asymmetry Between Producers and Consumers Good?

dryriver asks a philosophical question: The producer of a tech product -- thanks to internet data mining -- may know all sorts of things about me, the buyer of a product. Gender, age, income level, education level, profession, geolocation, what I read online, who my social media friends are, what interests me intellectually, which way I swing politically, and more. For a few dollars spent, I am no "mystery" to the producer of this tech product. But if I were to ask the producer of the product...
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No Junk Mail Please: Traditional Marketing vs Digital

It’s the magic word of the business world: marketing. But with the magic comes mystery, and a wide range of ways you can use it to make – or break – your business. Whether you’re a billion dollar corporation or a small startup, experiencing rapid growth or stuck in a rut, marketing is an essential part of setting your business up for success. But marketing isn’t always easy – especially if you’re working with a tight budget and need to make every campaign count. Should you jump onto the latest ...
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Thunes raises $10M to make financial services more accessible in emerging markets

Cross-border fintech continues to be an area of interest for venture capitalists. The latest deal sees GGV Capital — the U.S-China firm that’s backed Xiaomi, Airbnb, Square and others — lead a $10 million investment in Singapore-based startup Thunes. Other investors in the Series A round are not being disclosed at this point. Thunes — which is slang for money in French and is pronounced ‘tunes’ — is not your typical startup. Its service is a b2b play that provides payment solutions for com...
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FCC Warns About 'One Ring' Robocall Scam Seeking Callbacks To a Toll Number

"Don't return that middle-of-the-night phone call if your cell phone only rang once," warns the New York Daily News: The Federal Communications Commission on Friday alerted consumers about a wave of "One Ring" robocalls after detecting "widespread overnight calling" in both New York and Arizona. The scam calls, also known as "Wangiri" -- which is Japanese for "one ring and drop" -- are an attempt to trick customers into phoning the number back. If you do, it can result in getting billed toll ch...
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Gillmor Gang: Live on Tape

The Gillmor Gang — Doc Searls, Michael Markman, Keith Teare, and Steve Gillmor . Recorded live Thursday April 25, 2019. Streamed live to Twitter, or just slightly after the fact. Luminary and the podcast wars, @jack, and the Democrats in the Age of Bidenomics. Produced and directed by Tina Chase Gillmor @tinagillmor @dsearls, @mickeleh, @kteare, @stevegillmor, @gillmorgang Liner Notes Live chat stream The Gillmor Gang on Facebook
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What is the Mexican food capital of the U.S.?

Cinco de Mayo? Americans love Mexican food all year long. In 2017, Mexican overtook pizza as the second most common restaurant menu lineup. Restaurant popularity According to CHD Expert, a business data company, as of April 2017 there were 59,800 Mexican restaurants in the U.S. and 59,300 pizza restaurants.Google News Lab and design studio Polygraph mapped American food trends by county. The maps below rank cities and counties by their most popular cuisine, based on data from users who have opte...
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Batwoman, Failed Airlines, and Height Enhancement Scams: Best Gizmodo Stories of the Week

It’s been a busy week for our friends at Facebook: Amid showing a bunch of loser far-right trolls and also Louis Farrakhan the door, kicking off an unhinged Twitter spree by the president, the company announced a confusing pivot towards being a privacy-first platform while also announcing other features designed to…Read more...
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Second Firefox Fix Repairs Broken Browser Extensions For More People

An anonymous reader quotes CNET: "Mozilla on Sunday began distributing new Firefox updates to fix a problem that broke extensions for many browser users on Friday," reports CNET: Mozilla had released an update Saturday, but Sunday's fix should help more people who were still affected. "There are some issues we're still working on, but we wanted to get this release out and get your add-ons back up & running before Monday," Mozilla said in a tweet Sunday... "No active steps need to be taken to ma...
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Cool Tech: iPhone X Case inspired by the iconic iMac G3 and more

Cool Tech: iPhone X Case inspired by the iconic iMac G3 and more AoiroStudioMay 05, 2019 The so-long Perfect Office series now turning into Cool Tech Series. A roundup of cool gadgets and tech for your perfect office; not necessarily for designers explicitly but for all of you tech-savvy crowd like myself out there. This is an extensive concept! if you have any suggestions, please let us know! We are kicking it back off with this iPhone X Case inspired by the...
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Recent Readings, 3

Chasing a tornado with a drone is a brilliant move. There will be more attempts like this amazing 4-min video footage. Link. “The ear is like a biological equivalent of a USB port. It is unparalleled not only as a point for “writing” to the brain, but also for “reading” from the brain,” says Crum. Link. Return of the nearly extinct mighty American Chestnut, once the major bulk of eastern forests. Link. Twistronics: superconducting sheets of graphene twisted out of phase. Link. Drowning doesn’t l...
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See the WiFi Passwords For Every Network You've Connected to With this Android App

I tend to change gadgets a lot more than most people, which means when I visit friends with a laptop or tablet in-tow it’s more than likely not the same laptop or tablet I had the last time I was there.Read more...
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Facebook's New 'Secret Crush' Feature Called Creepy, Stupid

This week Facebook announced a new feature that let's you tell the service that you have a "secret crush" on up to nine Facebook friends, reports the Bay Area News Group: Facebook will send you a notification if a person has added you as one of their secret crushes. However, you don't get to know who that person is unless you happened to have put them on your crush list. At that point, Facebook -- because it really does know everything about everything you do at all times -- will then match you ...
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First Reported Case of CBSA Seizure of Legal Files

I’ve previously highlighted the concerns of border officials seizing and reviewing information and documents protected by solicitor-client privilege found on electronic devices. The first publicly reported case of this occurring was released this weekend, involving an lawyer from Toronto returning from Guatemala and Colombia on April 10, “The policy’s outrageous,” said Toronto business lawyer, Nick Wright. “I think that it’s a breach of our constitutional rights.” His thoughts follow a personal ...
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Chinese Sperm Extractors Providing Relief for Stressed Donors

Chinese innovation has led to the creation of a “sperm extractor”, a technological advancement designed to pleasure males and extract their sperm for donation during situations where the donor doesn’t feel comfortable masturbating at a hospital. The bizarre machine comes equipped with a lubricated fleshlight-like receiver used to pleasure males in situations where they are […]
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Interstellar Technologies Becomes First Private Japanese Firm to Reach Space With Momo-3 Launch

Aerospace company Interstellar Technologies Inc. became the first private firm in Japan to launch a rocket into space on Saturday, per the Japan Times, by sending an unmanned, 10-meter, one-ton Momo-3 rocket some 68 miles (110 kilometers) upwards on a brief but milestone hitting journey.Read more...
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Game Devs Allege Extreme 'Crunch' Overtime at 'Mortal Kombat 11' Studio NetherRealm

Days after Mortal Kombat was inducted into the World Videogame Hall of Fame, multiple sources at its creator (Warner Bros Interactive studio NetherRealm) are alleging a toxic workplace with 100-hour workweeks, Variety reports, citing seven current and former full-time employees and contractors: Reports of low pay and the crunch of extreme overtime as workers tried to finish the game on time initially surfaced about NetherRealm Studios on social media earlier in April, but those issues appear to...
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Comment on lazy pizza dough + favorite margherita pizza by Sue Marie

I made my first pizza dough / pizza last week and shared my results with the recipe group I’m in. One member linked me here and swears by your recipe. WOW, so much information. I can’t wait to try it. I do have one observation. You mentioned how measured flour can be different. On, the owner states if you don’t measure it the way she tells us, it will be wrong. I have done her method and my method a few times to compare and end up with the same amount. I then Google’d to see if US...
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DroneBullet is a kamikaze drone missile that knocks enemy UAVs out of the sky

How do you get an enemy drone out of the sky as quickly as possible? According to anti-drone tech company AerialX, the answer is a cross between a missile and a quadcopter. Meet DroneBullet. The post DroneBullet is a kamikaze drone missile that knocks enemy UAVs out of the sky appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Beyond Meat's Shares More than Double After Monumental IPO

"Investors have a big appetite for fake meat," writes the Associated Press. The shares of Beyond Meat, the purveyor of plant-based burgers and sausages, more than doubled Thursday in its Nasdaq debut. It's the first pure-play maker of vegan "meat" to go public, according to Renaissance Capital, which researches and tracks IPOs. Beyond Meat raised about $240 million selling 9.6 million shares at $25 each. Those shares rose 163 percent to close at $65.75. The 10-year-old company has attracted c...
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Global Meat-Eating Is On the Rise, Bringing Surprising Benefits

"As Africans get richer, they will eat more meat and live longer, healthier lives," writes the Economist. PolygamousRanchKid shares their report: In the decade to 2017 global meat consumption rose by an average of 1.9% a year and fresh dairy consumption by 2.1% -- both about twice as fast as population growth. Almost four-fifths of all agricultural land is dedicated to feeding livestock, if you count not just pasture but also cropland used to grow animal feed... It is largely through eating mor...
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Windows 10 Will Now Ask Before Installing Massive Feature Updates

An anonymous reader quotes ZDNet: As Microsoft promised in early April, Windows 10 is gaining a new option that gives users better control over when its twice-yearly major feature updates are installed. That option is called 'Download and install now' and should help Windows 10 users avoid unintentionally accepting a feature update after using Windows Update to check for new patches. While clicking 'Check for updates' could mean checking for monthly or security updates, historically it's also tr...
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Whoops, Game of Thrones Allegedly Leaked Again

Game of Thrones has just three episodes left to air, and clips from one of them are reportedly already circulating online hours before its premiere tonight, according to reports in Deadline and Variety and posts on Reddit’s “Free Folk” board.Read more...
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Inside Facebook's war room: the battle to protect EU elections

The social media firm is deleting billions of fake accounts as it takes on a torrent of fake news, disinformation and hate speechLess than three years ago, the Facebook chief executive, Mark Zuckerberg, the idea that fake news on his platform could have influenced the election of Donald Trump as US president.Today the company admits it is under siege from billions of fake accounts trying to game its systems to win elections, make money or influence people in other ways, and battling a tsunami ...
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Top Cybersecurity Experts Unite to Counter Right-to-Repair FUD

Long-time Slashdot reader chicksdaddy writes: Some of the world's leading cybersecurity experts have come together to counter electronics and technology industry efforts to paint proposed right to repair laws in 20 states as a cyber security risk. The experts have launched, a group that is galvanizing information security industry support for right to repair laws that are being debated in state capitols. Among the experts who are stepping forward is a who's who of the informatio...
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Air Force Says It Has Successfully Shot Down Multiple Missiles Using a Laser Prototype

The U.S. Air Force announced on Friday that it had successfully used a ground-based surrogate for its laser weapons project, the Self-Protect High-Energy Laser Demonstrator (SHiELD), to shoot down multiple air-launched missiles during a test at White Sands Missile Range in New Mexico.Read more...
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Africa’s mobile-based healthcare initiatives need regulatory and community support – not just funding

As a community health worker tasked with tracking infant vaccinations in Kenya, Collince Oluoch was overwhelmed by the burdens of the job. He encountered mothers with no record of their children’s vaccinations, caregivers who could not remember clinic visits and colleagues who fudged figures. “Is there not a better way to track this vital health information?” he wondered. Technological advancements such as mHealth – the use of mobile and wireless technologies including mobile phones to support h...
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A Week In New York, NY, On A $15,000 Income

Welcome to Money Diaries, where we're tackling what might be the last taboo facing modern working women: money. We're asking millennials how they spend their hard-earned money during a seven-day period — and we're tracking every last dollar.Calling all entrepreneurs: We want to hear from you! If you’re a freelancer or self-employed, we’d love to feature your Money Diary. Submit here.Travel Diaries: We're looking to get the inside scoop on when, where, and how our peers are using their vacation ...
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Will The Future Of America's Biodefense Stockpile Include DNA-Based Vaccines?

Dan Drollette calls our attention to America's Strategic National Stockpile for Biodefense, "a little-publicized $7 billion federal agency...key to defending the country from a biological attack." "Its operators have to prepare for the unthinkable, such as what to do if 100,000 cases of some new disease with pandemic potential appears -- what global health officials have sometimes dubbed 'Disease X.'" From the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists: [O]ne of the most surprising features about the ...
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Apple Accused of Vastly Exaggerating iPhone Battery Life

"A new report by Which?, an advocacy group in the United Kingdom, found that Apple and HTC both overstate battery life on smartphones, sometimes 'significantly'..." reports Hot Hardware. "In stark contrast, Nokia, Samsung, and Sony all underestimate or are conservative about battery life with the phones that were tested, based on the organization's methods." "Which? tested nine iPhone models and found that all of them fell short of Apple's battery time claims. In fact, Apple stated that its b...
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