Google: SEO Contests Are Useless and Should Be Ignored by @MattGSouthern

Google's John Mueller sounded off on SEO contests, warning people they're a waste of time and effort.The post Google: SEO Contests Are Useless and Should Be Ignored by @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Amazon Says 'Extensive' Fraud Allowed Cybercriminals to Siphon Cash From Seller Accounts

UK legal documents obtained by Bloomberg show that e-commerce titan Amazon fell prey to “extensive” fraud that allowed cybercriminals to obtain access to around 100 seller accounts and transfer cash into their bank accounts, with the company confirming to the news agency that it had completed an investigation into…Read more...
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Weird Cuts is Google’s new AR experiment that lets you cut out pieces of reality to make collages

In addition to preserving art and historic landmarks around the world, Google’s Arts & Culture division also likes to collaborate with artists to experiment with integrations between technology and art. The latest of these efforts, a new AR app called “Weird Cuts,” was formally introduced this evening at the Google I/O developer conference. The concept for the app was created by artists Zach Lieberman and Molmol Kuo, and was developed with the support of Google Arts & Culture. And it’s definitel...
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Top 8 Best Monitor Calibrators for Designers in 2019

Searching for the best monitor calibrator? Look no further. We’ve rounded up the best monitor calibrators and ranked them, making it easy for you to find the right calibrator for you. And monitor calibration is extremely important as a graphic designer, photographer or creative. The way your images, drawings, and photos look, can either make or break your business. No client would want something that doesn’t look its very best. For many creatives, the best way to ensure that their images are the...
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Google Mobile Friendly Test Not Using Latest Chromium Yet

With the big news around Googlebot now being evergreen and running the latest version of Chromium and thus being able to access 1000+ new features on web pages, you'd think we'd see it. But no, we don't see it yet and no - the mobile-friendly test and probably the other testing tools do not support it yet.
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GoogleBot Runs Latest Chrome - This Is Big News

Probably the biggest news for the SEO industry out of Google I/O yesterday was that Google said Googlebot is now evergreen, meaning it will stay up-to-date with the latest version of Chromium, their popular Chrome browser. This brings thousands of new features to Googlebot for crawling purposes.
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Google Code Lab Supports Structured Data, Single Page Apps & Dynamic Rendering

Martin Splitt from Google announced while at Google I/O yesterday that they have updated the Google Code lab not to just support structured data but also single page apps (SPAs) and dynamic rendering. Code lab is a solution that walks you through step-by-step to create either structured data, SPAs or dynamic rendering that works with Google search.
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Google Search Adds 3D Objects With AR Support

Google demonstrated at I/O yesterday a search feature where you can bring up 3D objects and then place them in your location using AR, augmented reality. I am not too sure about this feature sticking but hey - it is pretty cool to demo on stage - don't you think?
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Do You Have Your Attention?

One of your most valuable assets is your attention. What sights get before our human eyes, and what words get into our human ears, influence us image-bearers of God and bring deep and lasting impact in the world. Including how we spend our money. In a previous generation, the largest companies sold oil and gasoline. Today, the largest companies sell human attention. Facebook and Instagram want your attention, to sell it to advertisers. Google and YouTube want your attention for the same rea...
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Nest's product boss says it's time to rethink what it means to 'own' a tech product: 'We're not going to allow the owner dictate how our products work' (GOOG, GOOGL)

As technology increasingly shifts from the smartphones in our pockets to smart devices all around us, Google foresees privacy protocols will need to evolve as well.  "It's not like you can sign a TOS (Terms Of Service) when you enter someone's house," Nest's VP of Product Rishi Chandra told Business Insider in a recent interview. "So we have to be very upfront about how our products work."  In response, the company released a set of privacy commitments on Tuesday for its smart home devices and...
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Samsung Spilled SmartThings App Source Code, Secret Keys

Mossab Hussein, a security researcher at SpiderSilk, has discovered that a development lab used by Samsung engineers was leaking highly sensitive source code, credentials and secret keys for several internal projects -- including its SmartThings platform. TechCrunch reports: The electronics giant left dozens of internal coding projects on a GitLab instance hosted on a Samsung-owned domain, Vandev Lab. The instance, used by staff to share and contribute code to various Samsung apps, services and ...
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Meng Wanzhou: Huawei CFO seeks halt to extradition after Trump comments

Lawyers fighting executive’s deportation from Canada to US say president’s comments prove case is politically motivatedHuawei’s chief financial officer intends to seek a stay on extradition proceedings, in part based on statements by Donald Trump about the case that her lawyers say disqualifies the United States from pursuing the matter in Canada.Meng Wanzhou, 47, who faces charges related to Iran sanctions violations, was appearing at a Vancouver courthouse on Wednesday to set a timetable for h...
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Apple’s newest Mac Mini gets a $200 price cut, the first deal we’ve seen

The Mac Mini is on sale for up to $200 off. B&H Photo is running a special promo on the price of the Mac Mini that takes between $50 to $200 off the price. If you're buying the Mac Mini, be sure to also pick up a monitor. The post Apple’s newest Mac Mini gets a $200 price cut, the first deal we’ve seen appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google Is Adding Augmented Reality To Search

Augmented reality is coming to Google Search, allowing you to "check out a pair of shoes in the 'real world' while you're shopping online or put an animated shark in your living room," reports The Verge. From the report: At I/O, Google offered a few different examples of how its AR search options might work. If you search for musculature, for instance, you can get a model of human muscles -- which you can either examine as an ordinary 3D object on your screen or overlay on a camera feed, letting...
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If They Want to Change, They Will Pay More

The reason Apple was able to take on the PC was that Apple made beautiful products that were not plagued with the challenges of the PC—and at a higher price point. At the time Apple executed this strategy, you could buy a PC or a laptop for a few hundred bucks, and Apple offered you a MacBook Pro at something close to the highest price available. Apple did not go the market with the pitch, “We are just like a PC but cheaper.” They went to the market with, “We are different, and we are better, an...
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Google Europe boss calls for simpler tax system

Matt Brittin says the tech giant has boosted the economy with free digital skills training
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Google I/O Digital Detox Area Was Empty

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Google finally releases an affordable phone worth buying

The Google Pixel 3a offers flagship features, including the best camera around, slick software, and an OLED screen for half the usual price. Has Google finally cracked hardware? This has the potential be a massive success. The post Google finally releases an affordable phone worth buying appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Denver Becomes First US City To Decriminalize Psychedelic Mushrooms

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reason: In a surprise turn of events, a Denver ballot initiative to effectively decriminalize psychedelic mushrooms, previously thought to have failed, now appears to have narrowly passed after all. This would make the Mile High City the first in the U.S. to decriminalize psilocybin. If the unofficial final tally holds, Denver law enforcement will be directed to treat psychedelic mushrooms owned for personal possession as the lowest enforcement priority. ...
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Google Top Stories To Add News Timelines, Search & Play Podcasts & More

At Google I/O yesterday, Google first announced updates to how they will handle top stories in the search results. Google showed how the top stories has a new top filter bar to let you learn more about a topic, see that stories timeline, and even hear podcasts that you can play about that topic.
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YouTube, Google Music Services Have Just 16M Subscribers [REPORT]

YouTube Music and Google Play Music have a total of just 15-16 million subscribers, according to two new reports; and growth has plateaued. The number includes customers who are on promotional trials. The company added 5 million music subscribers since YouTube introduced the new service last May, sources tell Bloomberg. Compared to the 1.9 billion people who use YouTube monthly or even the 100 million that subscribe to Spotify, 15-16 million paid subscribers must be a disappointment to...
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Royole’s rollable keyboard design is even more flexible than its tablet!

Royole seems to be truly championing the flexible, foldable future. After the Flexpai, arguably the world’s first folding tablet, the California based startup is looking to embrace folding tech… especially with the RoType.The RoType is a neat, rollable keyboard. Unlike those hideous flexible silicone/TPU keyboards that you now find on novelty gadget shops, the RoType is slick, professional, and classy. With a miraculously transparent keyboard that embraces and becomes the surface you place it on...
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What Pixel 3a tells us about the state of the smartphone — and Google

Announced yesterday at Google’s opening I/O keynote, the Pixel 3a arrives at a tenuous time for the smartphone industry. Sales figures have stagnated for most of the major players in the industry — a phenomenon from which Google certainly isn’t immune. CEO Sundar Pichai discussed exactly that on the company’s Q1 earnings call last week. “While the first quarter results reflect pressure in the premium smartphone industry,” he explained, “we are pleased with the ongoing momentum of Assistant-en...
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Google tops 15 million music subscribers as it chases Spotify

Google’s paid music services have eclipsed 15 million subscribers, according to two people familiar with the numbers, a milestone for a company that has struggled to build subscription media businesses. The figure includes subscribers to two services—YouTube Music and Google Play Music, an older service that is being folded into YouTube Music—said the people, who asked not to be identified because the information isn’t public. The number also includes some customers who are still on promotion...
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Google to allow users to pay for Android apps using cash

Today, the Android platform sees more app downloads than iOS, but Apple’s App Store continually dominates in terms of revenue. Now, Google is aiming to narrow the revenue gap by introducing a new way for users in emerging markets to pay for apps: with cash. The company today announced it’s launching “pending transactions,” which offers users different ways to pay that don’t require a credit card or any other traditional form of online payment. Lack of access to credit is one of many reasons why ...
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I'm a skeptical and nitpicky gamer who just tried Google's game streaming service for the first time. Here's why Stadia surprised me. (GOOG, GOOGL)

I finally had a chance to try Google's new game streaming service called "Stadia" at Google I/O. It works surprisingly well, and I'm pretty particular when it comes to playing video games.  There are still a lot questions Google needs answered before deciding whether Stadia is any good or not, like how much the service will cost and how extensive its game library will be.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. I just played a power-hungry AAA video game on a laptop that's absolu...
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Elon says Tesla will field 1M fully autonomous robo-taxis by 2020 – AI experts call BS

Elon Musk, the PT Barnum of tech, is currently getting a ration of ridicule from some of the world’s foremost leading AI experts over his ridiculous claim that Tesla will field a million fully autonomous cars by 2020. If there are a million Tesla robo-taxis functioning on the road in 2020, I will eat them. Perhaps @rodneyabrooks will eat half with me? — Kai-Fu Lee (@kaifulee) May 8, 2019 Musk, as his oddly sycophantic followers are prone to point out every time he’s criti...
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Pearl, the healthcare spinout from LA-based AI startup, GumGum, raises $11 million

GumGum, the Los Angeles-based startup that’s spent the past decade applying machine learning technologies to advertising and sports, has spun out a new healthcare startup focused on the dental industry called Pearl. The company has raised $11 million in financing from undisclosed strategic investors and Craft Ventures, the investment firm set up by former Yammer founder, David Sacks. GumGum’s co-founder, Ophir Tanz, stepped down from the adtech giant to run the new startup last month, whil...
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Google’s Stadia plans to make launch woes a relic of gaming history

Launch problems have sunk numerous recent releases including Bioware's Anthem and Bethesda's Fallout 76. Google Stadia is positioning itself as the solution, but can it convince the world's biggest game developers? The post Google’s Stadia plans to make launch woes a relic of gaming history appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Execs at Mobike, the bike sharing startup, are raising $20M to buy out the European business by end of June

Some big changes are afoot for Mobike, the Chinese bike-sharing company that was acquired by IPO-bound on-demand service startup Meituan-Dianping for $2.7 billion last year. Mobike executives in Europe are raising $20 million from outside investors as part of a plan to spin off the European operation. Under the deal, Mobike would not completely divest from the spun-out division: it would retain a 49 percent share. It had previously been reported that the company is in the process of spinning off...
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