Seattle’s TransformativeMed Carves Out Niche in Medical Specialties

An estimated 99 percent of US hospitals now track patients’ health information using computerized records systems, many of which were installed to replaced paper medical charts. As a result, startups are rushing in, to capitalize on the recent health-records digitization wave. Some of them, like Seattle-based TransformativeMed, are making the case that their add-on software products and services can improve doctors’ satisfaction with the technologies they use to do their jobs.This week, Transfo...
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India’s most popular services are becoming super apps

Truecaller, an app that helps users screen strangers and robocallers, will soon allow users in India, its largest market, to borrow up to a few hundred dollars in the nation. The crediting option will be the fourth feature the nine-year-old app adds to its service in the last two years. So far it has added to the service the ability to text, record phone calls and mobile payment features, some of which are only available to users in India. Of the 140 million daily active users of Truecaller, ...
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'Don't Unionize, Buy Video Games,' Delta Airlines Employees Are Told

dryriver shares a report from the BBC: Delta Airlines is facing significant criticism after posters discouraging its staff from joining a union were widely shared online. "Union dues cost around $700 a year," one of the posters states. "A new video game system with the latest hits sounds like fun. Put your money towards that instead of paying dues to the union," it continued. The posters point to a website featuring Delta branding which encourages workers not to unionize. The International Assoc...
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Equity transcribed: Why Om Malik thinks ‘the VC subsidized life is over’

It’s time for another transcribed edition of Equity. This week for the regularly scheduled episode we had the whole crew pop into the San Francisco studio. Kate Clark, Connie Loizos and Alex Wilhelm were joined by Om Malik, former journalist and current VC at True Ventures. They convened just after Uber priced, so they had a lot to dig into: The low price, would it pop and would the former CEO and co-founder Travis Kalanick be at the ringing of the bell in New York (he wasn’t). But it wasn’t all...
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US Regulators Approve New Silicon Valley Stock Exchange

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: U.S. regulators on Friday approved a new stock exchange that is the brainchild of a Silicon Valley entrepreneur, a move that will give high-growth technology companies more options to list their shares outside of the traditional New York exchanges. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved the creation of the Long-Term Stock Exchange, or LTSE, a Silicon Valley-based national securities exchange promoting what it says is a unique approa...
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Could Algae-Based 'Biocurtains' Make Our Cities Healthier?

In an era defined by problems caused by humans, architects Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto of London-based firm ecoLogicStudio think we should be looking at biological intelligence to develop solutions for our future. One of their projects, called Photo.Synth.Etica, is an urban-scale "biocurtain" that uses microalgae and the process of photosynthesis to capture carbon dioxide from polluted air. "There is untapped value in bringing the bio-intelligence of natural systems into cities, turning b...
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Japanese Railway Company Starts Testing 249mph Bullet Train Speeds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: This week, Japanese railway company JR East showed off its new Alfa-X, a high-speed bullet train that is designed to achieve a top speed of 400kph, or 249mph, which would make it the fastest commercial train in the world. In day-to-day operations, the train would shuttle passengers at 360kph, or roughly 224mph. On Friday, JR East will begin testing the Alfa-X, without passengers, on its railways. According to Bloomberg, the 10-car train will...
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Facebook sues analytics firm Rankwave over data misuse

Facebook might have another Cambridge Analytica on its hands. In a late Friday news dump, Facebook revealed that today it filed a lawsuit alleging South Korean analytics firm Rankwave abused its developer platform, and has refused to cooperate with a mandatory compliance check regarding how it used Facebook data. that alleges that Rankwave misused Facebook data outside of the apps where it was collected, purposefully delayed responding to a cease-and-desist order, claimed it didn’t violate ...
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New Intel Firmware Boot Verification Bypass Enables Low-Level Backdoors

itwbennett writes: At the Hack in the Box conference in Amsterdam this week, researchers Peter Bosch and Trammell Hudson presented a new attack against the Boot Guard feature of Intel's reference UEFI implementation, known as Tianocore. The attack, which can give an attacker full, persistent access, involves replacing a PC's SPI flash chip with one that contains rogue code, reports Lucian Constantin for CSO. "Even though such physical attacks require a targeted approach and will never be a wides...
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Cats Rival Dogs In Many Tests of 'Social Intelligence'

sciencehabit writes: Scientists have been studying the social intelligence of dogs -- how they evolved to communicate and bond with us -- for more than two decades, but they've largely ignored cats. That has started to change. In the past five years, a number of laboratories exploring feline social cognition have popped up around the globe, revealing that cats rival dogs in many tests of social smarts. But cats are hard to work with -- they freak out in the laboratory and often don't cooperate e...
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These companies may smooth startups’ path to the public market — if they don’t kill each other first

This morning, the SEC approved as the U.S.’s 14th stock exchange Long Term Stock Exchange (LTSE), an outfit that was conceived in 2012 by “Lean Startup” author Eric Ries as a place where public market shareholders who hold onto their shares through thick and thin would be rewarded for their loyalty. Ries thinks such rewards are important because he believes in public markets. Among other things, by establishing a common currency, being publicly traded enables companies to more easily acquire oth...
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Party City Closing 43 Stores As Helium Shortage Hurts Sales

The CEO of Party City cited a global helium shortage as he announced on Thursday that the retail chain will close 45 of its 870 stores this year. The shortage has been hitting party supply stores particularly hard for months, CNBC reported last month. Miami Herald reports: Party City CEO James Harrison said in February that the company was already missing its revenue "in large part due to helium supply pressures," according to CNBC, which reports that the company has experimented with "decorativ...
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Facebook's AI Algorithms Accused of Generating Terror Content

wiredmikey shares a report from SecurityWeek: Facebook is unwittingly auto-generating content for terror-linked groups that its artificial intelligence systems do not recognize as extremist, according to a complaint made public on Thursday. Researchers at the National Whistleblowers Center found that the Islamic State group and al-Qaeda were "openly" active on the social network and that Facebook was automatically creating "celebration" and "memories" videos for extremist pages that had amassed ...
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It’s still not too late! You could be an Industrial Design Summer Intern at Apple!

We’re officially at the brink of internship season, and if you’re still looking, you’re in luck! You may have heard of this company called Apple, based in Cupertino, USA. They happen to have a pretty neat internship program and they’re looking for recruits!The company has been such an indomitable force over the past decades that it has arguably created, shattered, and evolved industries, technologies, categories, trends, and even boundaries! The one company that everyone looks to for design insp...
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Equity Shot: Judging Uber’s less-than-grand opening day

Hello and welcome back to Equity, TechCrunch’s venture capital-focused podcast, where we unpack the numbers behind the headlines. We are back, as promised. Kate Clark and Alex Wilhelm re-convened today to discuss the latest from the Uber IPO. Namely that it opened down, and then kept falling. A few questions spring to mind. Why did Uber lose ground? Was it the company’s fault? Was it simply the macro market? Was it something else altogether? What we do know is that Uber’s pricing what we...
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Google Launches Portal, an HTML Tag To Replace Iframe

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: At the I/O 2019 developer conference earlier this week, Google launched a new technology called Portals that aims to provide a new way of loading and navigating through web pages. According to Google, Portals will work with the help of a new HTML tag named . This tag works similarly to classic tags, allowing web developers to embed remote content in their pages. Google says portals allow users to navigate inside the content they are embedding --som...
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Tesla CEO Elon Musk faces trial for ‘pedo’ insult of diver

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Tesla CEO Elon Musk will have to go to trial to defend himself for mocking a British diver as a pedophile in a verbal sparring match that unfolded last summer after the underwater rescue of youth soccer players trapped in a Thailand cave. A federal court judge in Los Angeles set […]
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Algae Raincoats, Mushroom Caskets: New Exhibit Asks Us to Radically Rethink How We Live With Nature

It was a bad week if you’re the type of person who enjoys a habitable planet. A dire report chronicled how human activities could cause 1 million species to go extinct. But that doesn’t have to happen, and a new exhibition at Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum in Manhattan and the Cube design museum in the…Read more...
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Researchers Are Liberating Thousands of Pages of Forgotten Hacking History From the Government

An anonymous reader writes: In 1989, just a few months after the web became a reality, a computer worm infected thousands of computers across the world, including those of NASA. Late last month -- 30 years after the "WANK worm" struck NASA -- the agency released an internal report that the agency wrote at the time, thanks to a journalist and a security researcher who have embarked on a project to use the Freedom of Information Act to get documents on historical hacking incidents. The project is ...
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Brexit To Add to Europe's Woes in AI Race, Sweden's Borg Says

The loss of the U.K.'s financial power and expertise as a result of Brexit is likely to exacerbate the European Union's lag in the global technological arms race, according to Anders Borg, a former Swedish finance minister and senior adviser at artificial intelligence company Ipsoft. From a report: "Brexit entails several layers of problems," Borg said in an interview in Stockholm. "Technological development is being driven by the financial sector and, to a large extent, Europe's financial secto...
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Powerbeats Pro vs Powerbeats3: Which Beats wireless earphones are right for you?

Apple is getting deeper into the wireless headphone business with the new Powerbeats Pro, which come with absolutely no wires attached. But are they better than the popular Powerbeats3? We put them both to the test to find out. The post Powerbeats Pro vs Powerbeats3: Which Beats wireless earphones are right for you? appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Virgin Galactic is ‘coming home’ to Spaceport America in New Mexico

Aspiring space tourism outfit Virgin Galactic has just announced its readiness to shift its operations to New Mexico’s Spaceport America, from which the company’s first commercial flights will take off. “Virgin Galactic is coming home to New Mexico where together we will open space to change the world for good,” said Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson at a press event. The plan isn’t exactly a surprise, since Virgin Galactic and New Mexico collaborated on the creation of the spaceport, which ...
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How the Most Advanced Communications Platforms Help SMEs to Thrive

#sponsored It’s easy for SMEs to look at commercial behemoths like Facebook and Amazon and feel a pang of envy. If you run an SME, how are you supposed to compete with such platforms? The simple answer is that you don’t have to. In fact, they can work surprisingly well in your favor. However, this can admittedly depend on you using each of your chosen platforms carefully and strategically. Here are example ways that big platforms can launch your SME to sustained success. Make selective use of s...
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Elon Musk’s “pedo guy” defamation case is going to trial

A defamation case filed last year against Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk after he repeatedly called a British cave diver “pedo guy” will go to trial on October 22, a U.S. district judge determined Friday. Vernon Unsworth, the British cave diver, filed a defamation lawsuit in September 2018  in the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California after Musk called him a “pedo guy” and made other statements insinuating he was a pedophile in a public attack on Twitter. The Verge was...
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The top 9 Powerbeats Pro tips and tricks for optimizing your wireless earbuds

Apple's new Powerbeats Pro truly wireless earbuds are here, and they're an amazing piece of gear for those with active lifestyles. But to get the most out of them, you need to learn how they can be tweaked and controlled. The post The top 9 Powerbeats Pro tips and tricks for optimizing your wireless earbuds appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Best MacBook Pro cases

The best MacBook Pro cases keep your favorite notebook snug and secure, with a soft interior and a toughened exterior. These are our favorite sleeves and cases to keep your favorite notebook safe and sound. The post Best MacBook Pro cases appeared first on Digital Trends.
Tags: Apple, Trends, Case, Computing, Sleeve, Macbook Pro, Buying Guides, Laptop Case

Tinder is preparing to launch a lightweight version of its dating app called ‘Tinder Lite’

Tinder is preparing to launch a version of its popular dating app aimed at users in emerging markets. The app, which will be called “Tinder Lite,” offers a smaller, more lightweight version of the current flagship app, the company says. Smaller app size is a defining characteristic of most of today’s “Lite” apps, which are specifically focused on addressing the unique needs of users in areas where data usage, bandwidth, and storage space is a concern. Most major tech companies now offer “Lite” a...
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Progressive Seattle lags other tech centers when it comes to startups founded by women

A new report finds that fewer than one in 10 Seattle startups are founded by women, one of the lowest percentages among tech centers worldwide. One possible explanation: a mismatch between investment and ideas.
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Google Creates 'Dedicated Placement' in Search Results For AMP Stories, Starting With Travel Category

Google says it will soon introduce a "dedicated placement" in Google Search for AMP Stories in specific categories, like travel, along with components that let AMP Story creators embed interactive content. From a report: The dedicated placement -- a carousel of visual covers from Stories -- will appear beneath the Search bar on mobile for queries like "Things to do in Tokyo" and "The top 10 places to go in Tokyo." Tapping on any of the covers will launch the corresponding AMP Story, which you'll...
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U.S. Charges 9 'SIM Swapping' Attackers For Stealing $2.5 Million

The U.S. Department of Justice today announced charges against nine individuals, 6 of which are members of a hacking group called "The Community" and other 3 are former employees of mobile phone providers who allegedly helped them steal roughly $2.5 million worth of the cryptocurrency using a method known as "SIM Swapping." According to the 15-count indictment unsealed today, five Americans [Author: [email protected] (Mohit Kumar)]
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