Scientists Help Artificial Intelligence Outsmart Hackers

sciencehabit shares a report from Science Magazine: A hacked message in a streamed song makes Alexa send money to a foreign entity. A self-driving car crashes after a prankster strategically places stickers on a stop sign so the car misinterprets it as a speed limit sign. Fortunately these haven't happened yet, but hacks like this, sometimes called adversarial attacks, could become commonplace -- unless artificial intelligence (AI) finds a way to outsmart them. Now, researchers have found a new ...
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Boeing Jet Sales Have Tanked in the Wake of 737 Max Crashes

After two crashes in the Java Sea near Indonesia and Ethiopia involving Boeing’s 737 Max line of passenger jets killed a total of 346 people, sales of 737 Max models have plummeted, CNN reported on Tuesday.Read more...
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Twitter launches new search features to stop the spread of misinformation about vaccines

As measles outbreaks in the United States and other countries continue to get worse, Twitter is introducing new search tools meant to help users find credible resources about vaccines. It will also stop auto-suggesting search terms that would lead users to misinformation about vaccines. In a blog post, Twitter vice president of trust and safety Del Harvey wrote “at Twitter, we understand the importance of vaccines in preventing illness and disease and recognize the role that Twitter plays in ...
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Fourth-Largest Coal Producer In the US Files For Bankruptcy

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Cloud Peak Energy, the U.S.' fourth-largest coal mining company, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy late last week as the company missed an extension deadline to make a $1.8 million loan payment. In a statement, Cloud Peak said it will continue to operate its three massive coal mines in Wyoming and Montana while it goes through the restructuring process. Colin Marshall, the president and CEO of the company, said that he believed a sale of the c...
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Prioritization: How Productive People Get Things Done

You're reading Prioritization: How Productive People Get Things Done, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. My wife and I recently traveled to Zion National Park where I witnessed a cairn (pictured above) on the trail. Cairns are used as trail markers around the globe to help you realize that you are on the right path. In my life, I have found that the cairn of prioritization has help...
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Huawei is about to unveil an AI-powered rival to Oracle databases that an analyst calls the ‘first salvo in US-Chinese database wars’ (ORCL, MSFT, IBM)

Huawei on Wednesday will introduce a new AI-powered database system powered by ARM chips. An analyst called the move "the first salvo in the US-Chinese database wars." Huawei is at the center of an international drama – the rollout comes two days after Huawei's embattled CFO sent a defiant letter thanking employees for their support as she fights extradition to the US.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. As Huawei finds itself at the center of an international drama, the Chi...
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Getting What You Want In The Music Industry Without Burning Bridges

In an industry as challenging as the music business, your practically guaranteed to find yourself in any number of difficult interpersonal situations when trying to get what you want, and navigating them without torching your network can often be a struggle. ____________________________________ Guest post by Suzanne Paulinski of TuneCore Have you ever felt taken advantage of by your boss, but you struggle to speak up, afraid to bite the hand that feeds you? What about being in a b...
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Lenovo Launches HoloLens Competitor

Lenovo is launching a new AR-and-VR system targeted at businesses. It's called ThinkReality, and from the looks and description of the device and platform, it looks like a competitor for Microsoft's HoloLens. Engadget reports: There are two parts to the new ThinkReality system -- the AR headset and a software platform. The ThinkReality A6 is a comfortable 380-gram headset with two fisheye cameras on the front, as well as depth sensors and a 13-megapixel RGB sensor. There's also microphones onboa...
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Endpoint Security Company CrowdStrike Files Publicly for IPO

CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity company that identified the two Russian government-linked hacker groups that invaded the Democratic National Committee (DNC)’s network during the 2016 presidential campaign, filed publicly for an initial public offering on Tuesday.Sunnyvale, CA-based CrowdStrike sells cloud-based security software and related services by subscription to businesses. Founded in 2011, the company adapted traditional data security safeguards by monitoring not only computers in custome...
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Class-Action Lawsuit Says TurboTax Tricked Taxpayers Into Paying For 'Free' Tax Prep

Less than a week after ProPublica found that TurboTax lied to taxpayers about its free filing program, "a new class action lawsuit against TurboTax maker Intuit claims the tax service breached its agreement with the Internal Revenue Service by intentionally obscuring its free filing service and charging qualifying taxpayers anyway," reports Gizmodo. From the report: The complaint was filed Sunday in a California district court on behalf of plaintiffs from three different states. TurboTax's free ...
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Uber Black launches Quiet Driver Mode

Tired of chatty drivers? Uber is finally giving users its most requested feature: an in-app way to ask for minimal conversation during your ride. The “Quiet Mode” feature is free and will be available to everyone in the US tomorrow, but only on Uber Black and Uber Black SUV premium rides. Users can select “Quiet preferred”, “happy to chat” or leave the setting at “No preference”. The desire for silence might convince more riders to pay for Uber’s more expensive vehicle types so they can work, na...
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A Better Information Diet

PART I: HOW WE THINK To improve and maintain your capacity to get information, you have to understand how it comes to you. ~Andy Grove, 1983 [1] We monitor what we eat and drink, optimizing our diet for health and performance, not just enjoyment--and yet we can be heedless about what we read, watch, and listen to. Our information diet is often the result of accident or happenstance rather than thoughtful planning. Even when we do choose deliberately, the intent behind much of our media ...
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Native American Tribes Across the Country Are Pushing for Better Internet Access

Arizona's Havasupai Tribe has been using new coverage for educational purposes
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Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns Can Be Optimized for In-Store Visits via @MattGSouthern

Google will soon allow retailers to optimize Smart Shopping Campaigns for store visits and display their local inventory information.The post Google’s Smart Shopping Campaigns Can Be Optimized for In-Store Visits via @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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Google Lets Users Shop Directly From Search, Images, and YouTube via @MattGSouthern

Google is expanding its shopping experience, letting users add items to a universal shopping cart from several of its services.The post Google Lets Users Shop Directly From Search, Images, and YouTube via @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
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5G Networks Will Likely Interfere With US Weather Satellites, Navy Warns

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A U.S. Navy memo warns that 5G mobile networks are likely to interfere with weather satellites, and senators are urging the Federal Communications Commission to avoid issuing new spectrum licenses to wireless carriers until changes are made to prevent harms to weather forecasting. The FCC has already begun an auction of 24GHz spectrum that would be used in 5G networks. But Sens. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) today wrote a l...
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How to Optimize Your YouTube Channel in 2019

The digital age has changed the way how we use technology and our behavior while using technology. People browse the Internet to gain access to educational information, entertainment and get professional help. Of course, the objective of browsing the Internet varies across personalities. While surfing the Internet, you use a search term to get the information on a given topic. In this context, YouTube has become a great tool for us all. You Tube is the is the among the best social media channels...
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San Francisco is first US city to ban police use of facial recognition tech

Supervisors vote eight to one to restrict surveillance: ‘We can have security without being a security state’San Francisco supervisors voted to make the city the first in the United States to ban police and other government agencies from using facial recognition technology.Supervisors voted eight to one in favor of the “Stop Secret Surveillance Ordinance”, which will also strengthen existing oversight measures and will require city agencies to disclose current inventories of surveillance technol...
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Walmart Announces Next-Day Delivery, Firing Back At Amazon

Walmart will now offer shoppers the option to have their online orders delivered the next day, following Amazon's recently announced plans to spend $800 million for one-day delivery for all Amazon Prime members. CNBC reports: Walmart said Tuesday it is rolling out next-day delivery in Phoenix, Las Vegas and Southern California over the next few days and will expand it to reach roughly 75% of American consumers by the end of 2019, including 40 of the top 50 major metros. Amazon hasn't yet detaile...
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It's Almost Impossible To Tell If Your iPhone Has Been Hacked

An anonymous reader writes: A recent vulnerability in WhatsApp shows that there's little defenders can do to detect and analyze iPhone hacks. Some iOS security experts say this is yet another incident that shows iOS is so locked down it's hard -- if not impossible -- to figure out if your own iPhone has been hacked. [...] "The simple reality is there are so many 0-day exploits for iOS," said Stefan Esser, a security researcher that specializes in iOS. "And the only reason why just a few attack...
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Save Up To $6 on Google Play Gift Cards at Rite Aid!

Woot! We love gift card deals! This one is super easy! Through 5/18, Rite Aid is offering $3 wellness+BonusCash when you Spend $25 on Google Play Gift Cards. The limit on this offer is 2! Here is your deal at Rite Aid: More Rite Aid Deals You’ll Love: Read more about Save Up To $6 on Google Play Gift Cards at Rite Aid!
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Jeff Bezos personally dumps a truckload of dirt on FedEx’s future

Amazon want to be plenty of things, the most predictable of which is its ambitions to control America’s shipping backbone. The company’s efforts to bring users whatever they desire in 24 hours requires movements by land, air and sea. Today, the company broke ground on expanding its airborne ambitions, breaking ground on a three million square-foot Prime Air airport outside Cincinnati (in Kentucky). In case the optics of three million square feet is lost on you, it’s essentially a parking gara...
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Google $600 million data center project in Becker clears big hurdle

State regulators on Tuesday approved Google's electricity contracts with Xcel Energy, which the tech giant said was 'critical' to the project.
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Trendy luggage brand Away packs on $100M, rolls past $1.4B valuation

Away‘s new lofty valuation proves how far you can get with excellent branding. The direct-to-consumer seller of Instagrammable luggage has collected $100 million in new funding at a $1.4 billion valuation in a round led by Wellington Management, with support from Baillie Gifford, Lone Pine Capital and Global Founders Capital, reports The Wall Street Journal . We’ve reached out to Away for comment. The capital will be used to build additional brick-and-mortar stores, as well as add to Awa...
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Google is bringing new ad formats to its products on mobile devices

Google's core business is advertising, and it's about to make ads a little more prominent. The company announced a few new ad formats for mobile devices, which will show up in Google Discover, on YouTube, and in other Google products. The post Google is bringing new ad formats to its products on mobile devices appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Could facial recognition cut crime?

The Metropolitan Police trialled the tech to identify people wanted by the police or the courts.
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Ad linked bets to sexual success on Tinder

A William Hill advert that appeared on Tinder broke advertising rules, a watchdog rules.
Tags: Tech, William Hill

William Hill advert linked betting to sexual success

A William Hill advert that appeared on Tinder broke advertising rules, a watchdog rules.
Tags: Tech, William Hill

CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity unicorn, files to go public

If you thought Uber’s disastrous initial public offering last week would deter fellow venture-backed technology companies from pursuing the public markets in 2019, you thought wrong. Crowdstrike, yet another multi-billion-dollar Silicon Valley ‘unicorn’ has filed to go public. The cloud-based cybersecurity platform valued at $3.3 billion in 2018 revealed its IPO prospectus Tuesday afternoon. The company plans to trade on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “CRWD.” According to the filing, it inte...
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4K movies get downgraded to regular HD on iTunes — and no one knows why

Harry Potter, The Matrix, and a number of other films that normally stream at 4K resolutions on iTunes are currently playing in 1080p HD only, although there are ways around the glitch if you know where to look. The post 4K movies get downgraded to regular HD on iTunes — and no one knows why appeared first on Digital Trends.
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