Leadership 101: How to build a self-sufficient team?

If your teammates corner you with questions for every little nuisance or issue, then this article is for you. When you are coaching a team in your workplace, you are given the responsibility for their work, performance and learning. However, the “learning” part of this equation is missed more often than not. Even in this technologically advanced world, where 83% of the organisations believe that it is crucial to develop leaders at all levels, only 5% of the organisations have implemented process...
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Google Uses Gmail To Track a History of Things You Buy -- and It's Hard To Delete

CNBC's Todd Haselton has discovered that Google saves years of information on the purchases you've made, even outside Google, and pulls this information from Gmail. An anonymous reader shares the report: A page called "Purchases" shows an accurate list of many -- though not all -- of the things I've bought dating back to at least 2012. I made these purchases using online services or apps such as Amazon, DoorDash or Seamless, or in stores such as Macy's, but never directly through Google. But bec...
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Slack Patches Vulnerability In Windows Client That Could Be Used To Hijack Files

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: On May 17, researchers at Tenable revealed that they had discovered a vulnerability in the Windows version of the desktop application for Slack, the widely used collaboration service. The vulnerability, in Slack Desktop version 3.3.7 for Windows, could have been used to change the destination of a file download from a Slack conversation to a remote file share owned by an attacker. This would allow the attacker to not only steal the files tha...
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Google is using its famously sparse homepage to brag about how much it helps the economy, and it's a telling sign of the tech backlash (GOOG, GOOGL)

On Friday, Google began promoting reports outlining its economic benefits on its famously spare homepage. The reports show stats like how many billions of dollars the tech giant has helped generate and how many hundreds of thousands of businesses have leveraged its ad tools.   Google appears to have created these reports since at least 2009, but it's unclear whether it has ever placed them directly on its homepage until now.  The company's self-promotion comes as President Trump steps up criti...
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Google keeps a running list of the things you buy. You can't turn it off, but here's how to stop Google from using your shopping history. (GOOG, GOOGL)

Google keeps a list of your purchases based on receipts emailed to your Gmail account. Google says the information is used to provide personalized services, and is not used to serve ads. There's no way to turn off the purchase tracking in Google. But you can change your settings to that Google doesn't use the information about your purchases in the services it provides you. Here's how to do it. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The fact that Google keeps track of information...
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This Hotel Lobby Features the Sweet Sounds of Microsoft's Custom Vision API

Sister City, a new hotel in NYC designed by Atelier Ace, is quickly becoming known for their efficiently sized yet lavishly decorated rooms, which feature Italian cherry-wood accents, custom terrazzo vanities, and beloved furnishings like Noguchi lamps. But the sounds that greet visitors when entering the lobby might not sound familiar. Instead of hitting play on an elevator music playlist on Spotify, the hotel instead relinquished the metaphorical aux cord to Microsoft's Custom Vision API. The ...
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Ask Slashdot: Are the Big Players In Tech Even Competing With Each Other?

dryriver writes: For capitalism to work for consumers in a beneficial way, the big players have to compete hard against each other and innovate courageously. What appears to be happening instead, however, is that every year almost everybody is making roughly the same product at roughly the same price point. Most 4K TVs at the same price point have the same features -- there is little to distinguish manufacturer A from manufacturer B. Ditto for smartphones -- nobody suddenly puts a 3D scanning ca...
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How an immigration crackdown is hurting UK startups

The two people who sat down in reception without an appointment would not leave the startup’s office until the end of the day. Two months later, a letter followed informing the company it had been suspended from the United Kingdom’s register of licensed sponsors, the database of companies the government has approved to employee foreign workers. The business had 20 working days from the typed date to make “representations” and submit “evidence” and “supporting documents” to counter the “believed”...
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Google tracks nearly all your online (and some of your offline) purchases — see it for yourself, here

For years Google has been keeping track of nearly every online purchase we’ve made. A CNBC report today reveals that, thanks to purchase receipts sent to personal Gmail accounts, the company has amassed a mountain of purchasing data on each of us, including offline spending, in some cases. Better still, Google has a tool that lets you view your previous purchases in what it calls a “private destination” only seen by you. For me, this purchase history dates back to 2012 — the year I created my cu...
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'Treat Facebook Like Big Tobacco'

Instead of regulating Facebook like a traditional telecom or media company, Bloomberg Opinion columnist Elaine Ou argues "Facebook should be regulated the same way as other vices like tobacco, alcohol and gambling": Facebook achieved outsize market share with an addictive product. A competing platform would need to do an even better job of exploiting psychological vulnerability to topple the incumbent. But the solution to a harmful industry dominated by a monopoly is not to foster equally harmfu...
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Grumpy Cat is dead, but will live on through AI

Grumpy Cat — the angry-looking celebrity feline who launched countless internet memes — died on Tuesday. The beloved cat leaves behind her owner Tabatha Bundesen, a small empire of books and merchandise bearing her unique face, movie and TV appearances, and millions of Google hits.
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Improve Real Estate Leads and Sales with SEO

When you talk about Real Estate and SEO it can be a bit tricky. You need to find the perfect blend of relevant content and be equipped always with local information. Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of acquiring free or organic user traffic for your website from the search results on search engines. Web pages and other content such as videos or local listings are shown and ranked based on what the search engine considers “most relevant” to users. This means that as a business...
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How to navigate the UK’s immigration compliance nightmare

The United Kingdom’s current government has ended up restricting high-skill immigration as part of its larger drive to decrease all immigration. While it pays lip service to being a startup hub, we just published an article examining how one promising high-profile startup, Metail, has been cut off from hiring more key workers over a rather dubious set of accusations by the Home Office. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the regulations themselves, and what founders need to know to avoi...
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Google Is Shutting Down Its Jump VR Video Program

Google will shut down Jump, its cloud-based video stitching service, this summer. The company emailed creators Friday afternoon to tell them that Jump would be shuttered on June 28. In its email, Google justified the closure of Jump with the emergence of new video formats and cameras for VR video. “As these new cameras, formats, […]
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IFC Films Unlimited is Another New Streaming Service, But Can It Last?

Independent distributor IFC Films is poised to launch its own streaming service called IFC Films Unlimited, which will initially be accessible through Amazon Prime Video Channels. The service will include hundreds of movies, including The Babadook, The Trip, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Certified Copy, Gomorrah, and more. But even with its own impressive selection of acclaimed independent movies, will IFC Films Unlimited be able to survive against the ever-growing competition in the streaming arena? Va...
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As Quibi reportedly seeks another $1 billion, Fiction Riot fills the programming slate for its rival service

Even as Quibi, the short form video platform from Jeffrey Katzenberg’s WndrCo, reportedly looks to raise another $1 billion, rival service Fiction Riot continues to steadily build out its pipeline of short form serials. The Los Angeles-based company has already launched a beta version of its streaming service, Ficto, and yesterday announced a host of new shows that will appear on the app later this year. Ficto is bringing to market adaptations of bestselling books and original productions which ...
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The most important inventions of the last 30 years

World-altering inventions like the internet and the iPhone have led to dozens of major technological breakthroughs in the last three decades. Many of these inventions have completely changed the way that we approach the world and people around us. Others have become luxuries that we've learned to take for granted. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The last 30 years have seen some of the most rapid technological advancements in human history, thanks to life-altering creations...
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“The end of digital marketing”

Every marketer these days need to be very much acquainted with all the best practices of digital marketing. We’re living in an era where every marketer needs to handle digital marketing campaigns and optimize them based on the results of campaigns’ analysis. The end of digital marketing is here. During an interview at , Marie Gulin-Merle, chief marketing officer at Calvin Klein and chief digital officer at PVH, said it’s time to shift our mindset. Learn why she believes we’re now in an...
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Google's advertising boss says that it won't sacrifice privacy to boost its slowing ads business (GOOG, GOOGL)

Prabhakar Raghavan, who recently transitioned to his new role as Google's head of advertising and commerce products last October, finds himself in a tricky situation. At a time when consumer concerns over privacy are seemingly at an all-time high, Google's money-minting ads business is showing signs of sluggishness. This week at Google Marketing Live — the company's annual event for advertising partners — Raghavan and his team unveiled several new ad and commerce products that try to stri...
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Minecraft Earth Goes a Step Beyond Pokemon Go To Cover the World In Blocks

Microsoft is working on an ambitious new Minecraft game with an augmented-reality spin that hopes to one up Niantic's wildly popular Pokemon Go mobile game. The Verge's Tom Warren sat down with Microsoft's HoloLens and Kinect creator, Alex Kipman, to take a look Minecraft Earth, a new free-to-play game for iOS and Android that lets players create and share whatever they've made in the game with friends in the real world, away from TV screens and monitors. "We have covered the entire planet in ...
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Alphabet's Wing Drone Deliveries Are Coming To Finland

Google's autonomous drone delivery service is spreading its wings. After starting deliveries last month in Australia's capital city, Canberra, Project Wing is now moving into Finland's capital, Helsinki. TechCrunch reports: Drone deliveries will start next month -- which may just make the "spring" time frame it announced late last year. Like the Australian deliveries, this is considered a "pilot" program, with select goods and limited geography. Specifically, things are being test driven in the ...
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The Google city that has angered Toronto

Canada is not Google's lab rat, say those protesting plans to build a smart city in Toronto.
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Zipline’s new $190 million funding means it’s the newest billion dollar contender in the game of drones

With a valuation of over $1 billion and $190 million in new financing, Zipline has become the latest contender to be the leader in the game of drones. The competition to be a leading vendor of delivery drone services is fierce, but Zipline has already built its billion-dollar business selling its hardware and services as a supplier of medical supplies across emerging markets. It may be among the most tested drone delivery services in the world. Zipline said it will use the new funds to expand...
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The shockingly good Realme X is so cheap, you’ll wonder if it has been stolen

The Realme X has a 48-megapixel camera, an in-display fingerprint sensor, an AMOLED screen, and a Snapdragon 710 processor, yet it costs from $220. We've tried out the phone to see if it's too good to be true. The post The shockingly good Realme X is so cheap, you’ll wonder if it has been stolen appeared first on Digital Trends.
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The Realme X is so cheap and so good that it defies the rules of economics

The Realme X has a 48-megapixel camera, an in-display fingerprint sensor, an AMOLED screen, and a Snapdragon 710 processor, yet it costs from $220. We've tried out the phone to see if it's too good to be true. The post The Realme X is so cheap and so good that it defies the rules of economics appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google has a secret page with a list of all the things you've bought online

Remember that period in March 2013 when you were really into birds and bought that weird book about Madagascar birdlife? Or that "Fifty Shades of Grey" book purchase you made in the middle of the night? No? Well, Google does.The... [Author: [email protected]]
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Spotify is testing a voice-controlled gadget for cars

The announcement suggests Spotify has some interest in creating hardware devices that may compete with Amazon's line of Echos, Google Home and Apple's HomePod.
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Net Neutrality Supporter Sentenced For Death Threats To FCC Chairman Pai

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Reuters: A California man was sentenced to 20 months in prison on Friday after pleading guilty for threatening to kill the family of U.S. Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai over the regulator's successful effort to repeal net neutrality rules. The Justice Department said Markara Man, 33, of Norwalk, California, sent the email threats "in hopes it would cause (Pai) to reverse his position on net neutrality." Led by Pai, the FCC in December...
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Powerbeats Pro are the Bluetooth earbuds to beat

Let’s get the bad out of the way first, shall we? For starters, that charging case is huge. There’s no way around it. It’s something that’s become more and more apparent as the weather is warmer and I no longer have jacket pockets to carry it around in. If you shell out the money for these, you’ll be thinking about this a lot, too. How long you plan to be out versus the added pocket bulk. There’s also the issue of cost. A few years ago, $250 might not have seemed crazy for a pair of wireless ear...
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Clutter has picked up Omni’s storage business; Omni to focus on rentals

On the heels of Clutter announcing a large growth round of $200 million earlier this year, the storage startup is cleaning up the competitive field. TechCrunch has learned and confirmed that Clutter has purchased the storage business of erstwhile rival Omni. Omni will remain an independent company, which will now instead focus on rentals of personal items. That business was originally built around renting out items that you had stored with Omni itself. In recent months, however, the company h...
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