Pokémon GO will soon use sleep data to “reward good sleep habits”

Well, here’s a bit of surprise news this evening: at some point in the future, Pokémon GO is going to wrap the player’s sleep habits into the gameplay. It’ll come as part of a wider initiative by The Pokémon Company to — as CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara put it in a press conference this evening — “turn sleep into entertainment”. Which… well, we’ll see how that goes. Niantic CEO John Hanke took the stage at the press conference for a moment, but didn’t really offer much in the way of details. Said Ha...
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Google Forces Microsoft Edge Preview Users To Use Chrome For Modern YouTube Experience

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Thurrott: Microsoft started testing a new Microsoft Edge browser based on Chromium a little while ago. The company has been releasing new canary and dev builds for the browser over the last few weeks, and the preview is actually really great. But if you watch YouTube quite a lot, you will face a new problem on the new Edge. It turns out, Google has randomly disabled the modern YouTube experience for users of the new Microsoft Edge. Users are now redirecte...
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Go chat yourself with Facebook’s new Portal companion app

Ignoring calls that it’s creepy, Facebook is forging onward with its Portal smart display. Today Facebook quietly launched iOS and Android Portal apps that let owners show off photos on the screen without sharing them to the social network, and video call their home while they’re out. The app isn’t likely to move the needle for Portal whose potential users fall into two camps: those so alarmed by Facebook’s privacy practices that they couldn’t imagine putting its camera and microphone in the...
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Dre BeatsX - Battery Replacement

If you're already a soldering super-star or not afraid to try, this video will teach you the steps required to open up your BeatsX and replace the battery! What was my inspiration? My BeatsX died after not using them for a year. Apple told me repair would be almost as much as a replacement pair of h...By: Stephen_AContinue Reading » [Author: Stephen_A]
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Flipboard hacks prompt password resets for millions of users

Social sharing site and news aggregator Flipboard has reset millions of user passwords after hackers gained access to its systems several times over a nine-month period The company confirmed in a notice Tuesday that the hacks took place between June 2, 2018 and March 23, 2019 and a second time on April 21-22, 2019, but the intrusions were only detected a day later on April 23. Hackers stole usernames, email addresses, passwords and account tokens for third-party services. According to the not...
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How to Schedule File Backups to Google Drive on Ubuntu

In this article, we will learn how to schedule backups to Google Drive in Ubuntu OS. We will use the Déjà Dup backup tool that comes pre-installed with Ubuntu OS.
Tags: Google, Linux, DEJA Dup

IEET’s Steven Umbrello Publishes New Paper on Nanotechnology and Value Sensitive Design

Although continued investments in nanotechnology are made, atomically precise manufacturing (APM) to date is still regarded as speculative technology. APM, also known as molecular manufacturing, is a token example of a converging technology, has great potential to impact and be affected by other emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence, biotechnology, and ICT. The development of APM thus can have drastic global impacts depending on how it is designed and used. This article argues t...
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New Quake II RTX a Vibrant Upgrade

Bethesda and id Software will be collaborating with graphics card producer NVIDIA to bring a new version of classic 1997 FPS Quake II to fans, with this so called “Quake II RTX” utilizing new ray-traced visuals. NVIDIA has extensively overviewed all of the new features of the enhanced game on its official website: Now, we […]
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New Zealand police called in after mass hacking attempt on 'wellbeing' budget

Treasury says systems deliberately hacked, with more than 2,000 attempts since SundayNew Zealand police have been asked to investigate after the Treasury office said its systems were hacked in an attempt to reach documents on the forthcoming budget, in the biggest cyber security scandal to hit parliament.Billed as the world’s first “wellbeing budget” – putting wellbeing of New Zealanders at the forefront of fiscal spending – the document was scheduled to be officially released on Thursday. Conti...
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Google financial result: tech giant posts another $1m loss

Google has reported another million dollar loss for its New Zealand business. The local subsidiary reported a loss of 1.037 million for the year, which was on par with the figure reported a year earlier. The company's revenue... [Author: [email protected]]
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DOCOMO, AGC and Ericsson Achieve World’s First 5G Communication Using Glass Antenna for 28 GHz

– Thin, compact antenna enables 5G communication under difficult conditions –   TOKYO, May 29, 2019 – (JCN Newswire) – NTT DOCOMO, INC., AGC Inc. and Ericsson have achieved what is believed to be the world’s first 5G mobile telecommunications Read more… The post DOCOMO, AGC and Ericsson Achieve World’s First 5G Communication Using Glass Antenna for 28 GHz appeared first on Guest Post, Telecom Media & Technology News, Trends, PR |
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Last day to enter DIA Award. Winners receive up to $145,000 cash.

Design awards are often a mechanism to discover good design. A panel of judges help identify designs with potential, and reward them for being a good concept, or having a good execution. China’s premiere awards program, the Design Intelligence Award (DIA) operates on a slightly different path. It doesn’t just discover good design. It develops it. Working in part like an award program and in part like a product accelerator, the DIA Awards have a long, arduous, meticulous process. They identify go...
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Dell and Alienware unveil a cornucopia of updates at Computex 2019

Dell today announced a slew of refreshes for its Inspiron, XPS, and Alienware laptop lineups at Computex 2019 in Singapore. It also unveiled new gaming headsets, a delivery and installation service, and a new EyeSafe display. The latest refreshes to some of the world’s most popular laptops are nothing to sniff at. Leading off with the excellent XPS 13, this summer’s version goes 2-in-1 and will be the first of Dell‘s offerings to feature a 10th generation Intel Core processsor. Overall, Dell say...
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New Zealand's New Visa Program Requires Positive Energy and a Business Plan

pacopico writes: Two years ago, New Zealand started what might be the most radical visa program ever invented. It's called the Global Impact Visa. As Bloomberg Businessweek writes, "You can live in New Zealand or not, do business in New Zealand or not, and stay in New Zealand at the end of the visa term or not. The main requirements are that you're an interesting person with good intentions and good ideas and that you know lots of other interesting people with good intentions and good ideas." To...
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Samsung's New Chips Support 100W USB-C Fast Charging

Samsung on Tuesday announced the launch of two new chips that it says will support secure, fast-charging USB-C power delivery controllers. "One of them, the SE8A, is what the company calls the industry's first solution that combines a power delivery controller and Secure Element in a single chip, offering new protections like security key storage," reports BGR. "Another result of the development of these new power delivery controllers is that Samsung's power chargers will now be able to support ...
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Google Revives Controversial Cold-Fusion Experiments

According to a peer-reviewed paper revealed this week, Google is continuing its experiments into the controversial science of cold fusion -- the theory that nuclear fusion, the process that powers the Sun, can produce energy in a table-top experiment at room temperature. While Google's recent project found no evidence that cold fusion is possible, it did make some advances in measurement and materials-science techniques that the researchers say could benefit energy research. "The team also hopes...
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‘We’re not kidding’: Deadlines loom for broker technology upgrades

May's gauntlet of conferences brought into focus the issues that will dominate the industry for the rest of the year. The tech conversations have intensified to a fever pitch. A few developments that might fly under your radar are at the core of progress. Here’s what you should know.
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Go stylish with your stylus with the Logitech Crayon for iPad, now $50 on Amazon

The Logitech Crayon arose from a collaborative effort with Apple to create an affordable alternative to its Pencil stylus. The Crayon took off among iPad users of all ages, and it's now available on Amazon at its lowest price ever of just $50. The post Go stylish with your stylus with the Logitech Crayon for iPad, now $50 on Amazon appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google’s $10 Million Cold-fusion Team Made the Best Calorimeters and Open Science Investigation

Google's $10 Million Cold-fusion Team Made the Best Calorimeters and Open Science Investigation [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Tags: Google, Innovation

Holograms Are Open For Business

In February 2017 I met Shawn Frayne, one of the founders of Looking Glass Factory, a Brooklyn-based company with ambitions to make holographic interfaces a reality. Their team was scrappy and had sold an impressive variety of volumetric display kits to fuel their R&D efforts, and since our human-computer interface investment theme is one of my favorites, we led their Series A round. Last summer they launched their flagship product, a dev kit called the Looking Glass. It was the first desktop ...
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Study: Popular iOS apps use 'background app refresh' to send your location and IP address

You're browsing a news app on your phone in bed, alone, late at night. Did you know your physical location and IP address are being shared with the app maker? A new study reveals that many iOS apps, including the Washington Post's own very popular news app, use “background app refresh” to transmit highly sensitive information like user location and IP address. Here's one of many examples of first-party tracking from Washington Post reporter Geoffrey Fowler's privacy experiment, detailed in...
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Huawei's Ace In the Hole: Undersea Cables

While the United States is banning the use of Huawei equipment from its fifth-generation infrastructure, the Chinese telecommunications company is working to expand its share in the undersea cable market, which is dominated by the U.S., Europe and Japan. Nikkei Asian Review reports: About a decade ago, Huawei entered the business by setting up a joint venture with British company Global Marine Systems. It expanded its presence by laying short links in regions like Southeast Asia and the Russian ...
Tags: Europe, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, Tech, Atlantic, United States, Cameroon, Brazil, Huawei, U S Europe and Japan Nikkei Asian Review, Global Marine Systems

Subdirectories vs. Subdomains for 2019 and Beyond

The one topic I’ve seen Google and SEOs disagree on the most is where the best place to host content is. SEOs say subdomains aren’t optimal, and Google says it doesn’t matter because they can read and understand your content wherever it is. Google even put out a video to try to clarify the matter, but no one was satisfied with their answer. So what’s the disconnect? While it’s true Google has no problem understanding content on subdomains, SEOs say that content doesn’t perform as well in Google’...
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Apple Sued By iTunes Customers Over Alleged Data Misuse

Three iTunes customers have filed a lawsuit against Apple accusing the company of sending personal user data to third parties to boost its revenues. "It is alleged that Apple is selling, renting or disclosing full names, addresses, genres of music and specific titles of songs purchased on the iTunes Store app on iPhones without consent or notification," reports CNET. From the report: According to documents filed with the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on Fri...
Tags: Apple, Tech, Bloomberg, Michigan, Rhode Island, Cnet, Northern District of California, United States District Court, Trevor Paul, Leigh Wheaton, Jill Paul

Apple wins patent for a foldable display

Apple received a patent to create a foldable smartphone, which has become popular with other phone makers.
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Google and Microsoft Shouldn't Worry About Losing Huawei's Business

The Chinese tech giant doesn't generate that much revenue for either company.
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The ZenBook Pro Duo is a more practical take on dual-screen laptops

If you thought Apple's Touch Bar was a bit too cramped to be a truly useful productivity tool, Asus' Touch Bar-like ScreenPad Plus secondary display comes with 4K resolution on its new ZenBook Pro Duo. The post The ZenBook Pro Duo is a more practical take on dual-screen laptops appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Google Lens’ new dining and translation features are now rolling out

Google announced a series of new features for Lens at Google I/O 2019, and now some of the coolest of those features are finally rolling out. Notably, Google Lens is gaining the ability to recognize menu items at a restaurant. The post Google Lens’ new dining and translation features are now rolling out appeared first on Digital Trends.
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Inside the Apple Team That Decides Which Apps Get on iPhones

Phillip Shoemaker, who ran app reviews from 2009 to 2016, made the comments in the latest episode of Bloomberg’s Decrypted podcast ahead of Apple’s annual developers conference in early June. Before a developer can sell an app on the App Store, it must be approved by Apple’s app review team.
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The 14-inch Lenovo S330 Chromebook laptop gets a $159 price cut

Chromebooks are gaining a lot of ground in the changing landscape of laptop computers. If you're thinking of trying one out, then the 14-inch Lenovo S330 Chromebook is now on sale for just $159 -- almost 50% off its normal price. The post The 14-inch Lenovo S330 Chromebook laptop gets a $159 price cut appeared first on Digital Trends.
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