Ingenic: Content created in the same media that it is consumed in. As an example, if one uses VR tools within VR to create a VR world, that content is ingenic. That is, the world has been generated within the framework of its consumption. If one created a VR world using standard PCs and 2D tools outside of VR, then that content is non-ingenic, or exgenic. Most of the VR content made today is constructed using tools on screens that are not 3D. It’s made with pens on a flat plane, or images displa...
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This a helpful summary of 5 lessons from history. Link. With remarkable accuracy this AI neural net from MIT can guess what a person looks like based on a short clip of their voice. It’s interesting research, but not clear what the use case is. Link. No need to freak out about rare earth elements. They aren’t rare. It’s just a matter of money. Link. From a relationship tip by Julie Rice, during an interview by Tim Ferriss, suggested by a couple’s therapist, in a magazine by Oprah, on how to list...
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Software review: TextAloud text to speech tool

Important disclaimer: I received a free review copy of TextAloud for the purpose of writing this review, but the links to purchase TextAloud are not affiliate links and I do not receive any commission from TextAloud. How is text-to-speech useful? After reading the post I wrote about text-to-speech proofreading, the folks at NextUp, the makers of the TextAloud text to speech software, approached me about reviewing their tool.Brief overview for those who aren’t familiar with text-to-speech. If you...
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5 Alternatives to Google AdWords and Facebook | Internet Marketing Company GTA

It comes as no shock that Google and Facebook are the most popular advertising platforms in the digital marketing world. In a set of statistics published in 2018, it was revealed that over 3 million businesses invest in advertising on Facebook and 1.5 million businesses use Google AdWords to advertise their goods and services. But just because these two internet advertising giants are the most popular, does not necessarily mean that you should not take advantage of other ad networks. There are p...
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