7 Hot Accessory Deals to Pair with Your Hot New Phone

We’ve finally reached that phase in smartphone technology where the majority of people who want a spectacular smartphone already own one. Apple and Samsung have both seen sales plateau over the past year, and now the smartphone spotlight has shifted to another direction:accessories. Accessories are booming these days, and not just from the leading smartphone producers. Now more than ever, you can outfit your phone with the latest and greatest to get the most of out of your technology.And if yo...
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Does Influencer Marketing Pay Off?

In recent years the amount that brands will spend paying social media “influencers” to market for them on their respective social platforms, has skyrocketed. But are brands spending their money in the wrong places? The surge in marketing activity with influencers is hardly surprising. Over the past decade, we have seen social media and its influencers come into their own as a way to both bring people together and/or galvanize them to political action. For brands like Nike and Apple, us...
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Google’s Empire: The Science Fiction of Power

“For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to make a film about libraries,” explains Ben Lewis, the director of Google and the World Brain (2013). About libraries, he says, “they are my favourite places to be. Serene, beautiful repositories of the best thoughts that men and women have ever had”. Political economy, […]
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Podcast Ep. 146: Are You On a Slip ‘n Slide With Your Boundaries?

Have I ever mentioned how much I love talking about boundaries? In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I delve into how and why we find ourselves on a slippery slope with our boundaries. We turn a blind eye to or straight-up don’t notice something, and if we don’t get grounded or halt at some point, we ride that slope to somewhere that we don’t want to go. Subscribe on Apple Podcasts | Soundcloud | Android Some nuggets from the episode: The boundaries you do ...
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