Playlist placement is not a marketing strategy

Last Friday (19th July 2019) an independent artist’s debut single was placed at the top of Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist and Apple Music’s Best of the Week playlist in the UK. Not only that but at the time of writing this, 5 days later the song is in a total of 54 Spotify editorial playlists around the world and around 12 large Apple editorial playlists globally. The song is “Unspoken” by Aaron Smith and it’s currently sitting on 379k Spotify streams after just 5 days. This is unpreced...
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Let's talk about that thing with Chrome Incognito Mode and Metered Paywalls

As you have probably heard, Google will update Chrome and fix a bug that allowed websites to detect when people were in incognito mode. And ... well, many people in the media are quite upset about it because it also eliminates the ability for newspapers to stop people from circumventing their metered paywalls.Some have even gone so far as to say that this is the end of metered paywalls (it is not).Before, in Google Chrome, you could use a loophole to detect whether people were in incognito mode,...
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US Justice Department opens antitrust investigations on Big Tech

The U.S. Justice Department is questioning tech companies over privacy and competitive practices. But existing antitrust laws don't obviously apply to companies like Amazon, Facebook, and Google, which offer inexpensive goods or free online services.
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Learn Uyghur | Ultimate Guide to Available Resources

Do you have an interested to learn Uyghur? While the resources are sparse, they do exist. In this comprehensive guide to learning Uyghur, I’d like to share with you the type of resources available and the best ways to learn the Uyghur language both inside and outside of China. Before I lay out the types of Uyghur language resources that are available to you as you consider learning the language, I’d like to start by telling you a bit of my story. Because, as you know, it’s not like...
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"Apple unveils disability-themed emojis in push for greater diversity"

From CNN.COM, 7/17/19 Apple will introduce disability-themed emojis in a move designed to "bring even more diversity to the keyboard." The emojis, which were unveiled to coincide with World Emoji Day, will include a guide dog, an ear with a hearing aid, wheelchairs, a prosthetic arm and a prosthetic leg. They will be available to use later this year. "Celebrating diversity in all its many forms is integral to Apple's values and these new options help fill a significant gap in the emoji keyboard...
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