Hanging Out is Essential To Our Health

My whole life, no matter where I’ve lived, what my job was, or what I was preoccupied with, one consistent source of comfort and peace has been idly hanging around with other people at the end of the day. I’ve always appreciated the calming effect of slow evening hangouts with friends or family. But recently I’ve come to think of it as something essential to our health. The location doesn’t matter really. A back porch. A coffee place. A front step. A bench facing some kind of water. Yo...
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8 Voice Content Trends for 2020

Voice is the new interface that will soon surround us in many places and in many ways. Voice content for Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Samsung devices is being developed by brands large and small. We’re building voice-activated content strategies for our clients here at Convince & Convert — helping them take advantage of this fast-growing consumer interaction opportunity (for more on what we do in voice content, see Why The Time is Now for Voice-Activated Content). I recently attend Voice Summi...
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5 ways tech can streamline supply chain logistics

From fledgling startups to global enterprises, there’s no doubt that technology has dramatically impacted the way every business operates. This is especially true in supply chain logistics, which is the practice of getting products and services to customers as quickly and efficiently as possible. These processes are often labor-intensive and analog, but technological innovations from the past few years can now be deployed even in small-scale operations. From high-tech automated machinery to clou...
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Publishers need to think about link-jacking too

Ever since the internet was first invented, we have known that it's not a very structured place. In fact, the internet is designed to exist without any real structure, so that the way we interact is free from the boundaries and limitations of the world we used to have.Now you can get information from anywhere, and from anyone, but not only that, the way you get and interact with information can also take any number of different paths.In many ways, this is also what has made the internet so amazi...
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In their own write

Photo by StemT4L on unsplash Many teachers by now will be familiar with blogging for education projects that encourage children to write. If you haven't heard of any, then take a look at David Mitchell's Quadblogging project which encourages schools to team up to create audiences for students' blogs. Or, checkout Julia Skinner's 100 Word Challenge, which similarly creates global audiences for children's writing online.These represent successful, proven attempts to harness the power and ...
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How to Download your Google Slides Presentation as a Video File

With Microsoft Powerpoint, you can easily convert your presentation decks into high-resolution video files for uploading to YouTube and other video sites. The exported video files can also include all the voice narrations and background audio that you may have included in the presentation. Google Slides doesn’t offer an option to save presentations as videos but there’s a new add-on in town – Creator Studio – that brings new export capabilities to your Google Slides. With Creator Studio, you’ll ...
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