SEO 101 Episode 360: Google’s Robots.txt Notices, More Google My Business Issues and Questions from Listeners

Summary of SEO 101 Episode 360 This episode is guest co-hosted by Scott Van Achte, Senior SEO for StepForth. Ross and Scott discuss Google’s notices to site owners to remove noindex directives from their Robots.txt. They also discuss some more Google My Business issues such as the continuing bug in short names, a spotted new addition to editing a profile called “people also search for”, and more. Lastly, they answer some great questions from the show’s valued listeners. Important Links fro...
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Gen Mobile Review: Low Cost Mobile Plans For Premium Phones

If you're looking for a premium phone, with premium service, without a premium price, Gen Mobile should be near the top of your list. The post Gen Mobile Review: Low Cost Mobile Plans For Premium Phones appeared first on Bible Money Matters and was written by Peter Anderson. Copyright © Bible Money Matters - please visit for more great content.
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PKM in action. Part 2

In PKM in Action Part 1 I gave a few examples of how people practice personal knowledge mastery. A good way of looking at PKM is as a method to improve serendipity, or fortuitous chance encounters. Anne Adrian shared her journey of going online to seek, make sense, and to share knowledge. “Yet, the most important development of being online and placing myself in unlikely circles is where I have gained the most value … Hearing diversity in thought can give clarity. Listening and conversing with p...
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6 Changes Coming to Google Ads That You Need To Know About

In an era of ever evolving technology, it seems very “far off” to assume that Google Ads’ ever-changing ecosystem will remain intact. 2019 is far from over, but in this year’s edition of Google Marketing Live, a massive marketing-focused conference hosted by the search giants, Google announced nearly every update coming to the Google Ads […] The post appeared first on Pilot.
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Don’t You Realize Selling Doesn’t Cause Buying?

Until relatively recently, the United States Post Office (USPO) was a universal communication hub. It delivered birthday greetings and Dear John letters (For you youngsters, those were break-up notes – like you use text these days, only nicer.). It transported legal letters, work agendas, and Christmas gifts. It was how we moved information and communication between people and places. Now we use the internet and social media for most of our communication. And the USPO? It became a relic of a tim...
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AI's Relationship to Team Collaboration

Artificial intelligence, or AI, is all the rage in business. Owners hoping for more efficient operations and better team collaboration are eager to take advantage of smart machines, but where should you start? First described by Stanford computer scientist John McCarthy in 1956, artificial intelligence refers to computer simulation of human intelligence. Let's explore the categories of AI most businesses are implementing today, as well as the things to keep in mind when considering AI-based ...
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