Guiding Your Team Through Evolving Work Structures

Whether you’ve been with the same organization or moved around, if you’ve been a manager for a while, you have probably experienced a lot of changes regarding how, where, and when people work. The boundaries for what’s acceptable and what isn’t have shifted dramatically over the last 10 years, and many agree that the waters are growing even murkier. As we approach 2020, every organization is different with respect to policies on flexwork, technology-facilitated collaboration, virtual teaming, co...
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The Commonwealth of Self Interest and customer engagement – Interview with Paul Greenberg

Today’s interview is with Paul Greenberg, best-selling author and founder & Managing Principal of The 56 Group, LLC, an advisory firm, focused on customer-facing strategic services. He is often called the “Godfather of CRM” and joins us today to talk about his new book: The Commonwealth of Self Interest: Business Success Through Customer Engagement, what engagement really is, the challenge and what we should be doing to improve how we serve our customers. This interview follows on from my recent...
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Big tech workers follow their ethics, ditch privilege

Concerned about the societal impact of their work, employees at some of the world's largest firms persist at reforming big tech from the inside out.
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Digital trends: The holy grail of a successful marketing campaign

Keeping up with the latest digital marketing trends is like keeping up with the Joneses –  it’s exhausting. Staying on top of new developments like voice search, AI and chatbots is not easy. Regardless, professional marketers have no choice. They must stay up-to-date with the latest digital marketing trends if they want to make a mark in the noisy digital space. Think about Apple – arguably its dominative and influential brand offers its audience exactly what it wants: simple, on-demand mar...
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Flying Cars & Urban Air Mobility

It’s tempting to forge a synonymous connection between flying cars and urban air mobility (UAM). That would be unfair because, for a number of reasons, the latter has a viable future where entrepreneurs have unsuccessfully been developing, promoting, and trying to sell the former for more than 70 years. Many of them have appeared and disappeared from aviation’s grand stage in Oshkosh over the past half century. Certainly, each new iteration of flying car promised improvements over those that pr...
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David Byrne Launches New Online Magazine, Reasons to Be Cheerful

In his Long Now talk earlier this summer, David Byrne announced that he would soon launch a new website called Reasons to Be Cheerful. The premise, Byrne said, was to document stories and projects that give cause for optimism in troubles times. He was after solutions-oriented efforts that provided tangible lessons that could be broadly utilized in different parts of the world. “I didn’t want something that would only be applied to one culture,” Byrne said. Reasons to Be Cheerful has ...
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How to Hold Your Phone Camera

How you hold your camera is so important, yet so many of us take our camera grip for granted, assuming that we will naturally hold it in the most stable way available.  For some, it does come naturally, but for… Read more → The post How to Hold Your Phone Camera appeared first on CanonBlogger.
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Recent Readings, 12

An emerging alternative theory for chronic diseases such as Alzheimer’s and diabetes (among others) is that the underlying cause is bacterial. If true, this is huge. Link. Great TED talk on the 7 principles of building a livable city by Peter Calthorpe. Based on his experience doing urban planning in California and China. Link. The superiority of knobs. The US navy is reverting back to physical throttles after sailors reject touch screen controls because they were too complex. Link. Further step...
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