Your Business Model Sculpts Your Character

As I come upon 15 years of blogging – Oct 1st is the anniversary of when I started – I’ve been thinking about how the actions I’ve taken and the business models I’ve explored over the years have sculpted my character and personality.I feel especially grateful that I didn’t over-invest in some early income streams. In my first few years, most of my income came from advertising revenue. Now none of it does. I shut down that particular source of income in 2008 because it didn’t feel aligned, even t...
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Mobile, Millennials, and…Moms? (Thinks Out Loud Episode 256)

Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. Mobile, Millennials, and…Moms? (Thinks Out Loud Episode 256) – Headlines and Show Notes I've talked before about the "end of Millennials" and how we need to think about the world's largest demographic cohort not as "Millennials," but as "adults under 40." Well, research from Pew highlights exactly how why that's even more important than you may have realized…and got me thinking about what mobile, millennial mom...
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10 Entry Level Work That You Can Do From Home

Does the thought of rolling out of bed, brushing your teeth (maybe) and working at a schedule of your choosing and at your own convenience work for you? If you have basic computer skills, then there are plenty of entry-level work from home jobs that may be perfect for you . Based on our research, the 5 most popular entry-level work from home jobs are Virtual Assistant, Content Writer, Graphic Designer, Customer Service Representative, and Book Keeper. In this article, you’ll learn what skil...
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Space for exploration

Photo from RosanBosch website I like the idea of schools without classrooms. Classrooms tend to restrict and contain, and they are a remnant of the Industrial Age. Watching the 2018 documentary Bauhaus Spirit on Sky Arts this week brought this idea back to life. The documentary, directed by German film makers Niels Bolbrinker and Thomas Tielsch, traces the history of the Bauhaus Art movement and its current impact on the built environment and contemporary culture. It's a must watch for an...
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The Vineyard Gazette on Revive & Restore’s Heath Hen De-extinction Efforts

 The world’s last heath hen went extinct in Martha’s Vineyard in 01932. The Revive & Restore team recently paid a visit there to discuss their efforts to bring the species back. Members of the Revive & Restore team next to a statue of Booming Ben, the last heath hen. From the Vineyard Gazette: Buried deep within the woods of the Manuel Correllus State Forest is a statue of Booming Ben, the world’s final heath hen. Once common all along the eastern seaboard, the species was hu...
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Get More Patients: Healthcare Marketing Strategies That Work

Working in the competitive healthcare industry is already difficult on its own. But for medical professionals who have businesses to run and staff to lead, it could be doubly challenging. Managing your private practice requires not only years (or decades) of medical experience, but business acumen as well. There’s a lot more work involved in running a healthcare business than it used to be. It’s no longer enough to rely on word-of-mouth referrals from patients and colleagues to keep the bus...
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