Serendipitous Travel

How often do we find ourselves in an unfamiliar destination with no room booked, no one to meet us, and very little prior knowledge about the place where we’ve just landed? These days, “not often” is the most common answer. I’m starting to feel more and more that traveling without much of a plan is becoming a rarified thing; that we are planning and researching ourselves into a blinkered experience every time we strike out to explore a new place.   It takes a concerted effort to travel without ...
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With more flagship device upgrades, have we reached ‘peak smartphone’?

My latest Techspotting segment for KITV, where Lindsey Fukano and I discuss the latest flagship smartphone releases from Samsung and Apple. How much better can they get? Will the new tariffs on Chinese goods affect pricing? And how does Disney’s upcoming streaming platform compare with giants Netflix and Hulu? Q: Apple is expected to unveil its next iPhone next week, but how much more advanced can it be? Have we reached ‘peak smartphone’? A: We’re definitely in an era of the smartphone as...
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How to Prepare for Leadership Disruption

As a futurist and the host of the Workforce 2030 podcast, I’m frequently asked the most important trait leaders need to develop to effectively govern 21st century workforces. The answer is easy: agility. The business world’s only certainty is that the environment WILL change quickly, and the fastest way to organizational obscurity and failure is to deny that major disruptions are bound to occur and that regular strategy pivots will be essential.  These questions will help leaders navigate a clim...
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How we work: designing tech company logos

As an inbound marketing agency, we know that having a comprehensive branding strategy is the only way to see real growth these days, especially in the competitive tech industry. To make your message clear for your customers, your branding and marketing efforts have to run parallel with one another. Quirky copy and a corporate logo? You might as well have dressed your website in a suit jacket and pyjama pants. Congratulations: you’ve confused people. [Author: [email protected]
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top tools 2019

Since 2007 Jane Hart has asked working professionals for their top tools for learning — TopTools4Learning — and creates three lists from thousands of responses. Top 100 Tools for Personal & Professional Learning Top 100 Tools for Workplace Learning Top 100 Tools for Education Work is learning, and learning is the work, so here are my  top 10 tools for work & learning. 10. DeepL Translator: With an international clientele and blog audience, I often get references in other languages. I find...
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Apple iPhone 11 preview: Everything we know so far

UPDATED: Benchmark testing shows a potential power (and RAM) bump
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