App update: Windows!

Yesterday I managed to get the Windows version of SlideMagic 2.0 running, generated by a script that eats the same code as the Mac version, but now saving a .EXE file instead of a .app. This means that I can soon open a limited beta testing program across all platforms.The next challenge is to get certified as a reliable developer, Apple in particular puts up all kind of barriers to installation of apps that have not been vetted.
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Is innovation a sprint, a marathon – or both?

We often use the phrase ‘it’s a marathon, not a sprint’ to encourage long-term commitment and endurance. But sprints are increasingly key to winning the long game. We’re not referring to simple bursts of speed, however; we mean a succession of rapid, customer-driven learning cycles that cumulatively build long-term advantage. So, what exactly is a sprint?  Sprints are short, time-boxed iterations of a continuous development cycle. The term sprint originated in software development ...
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Debunking blockchain, currency’s new frontier

A blockchain is a kind of database shared across a network of computers. While its first widespread use was for Bitcoin, the technology can be used for much more.
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3 SEO tools your digital strategy cannot live without

For many communicators and marketers, just the mere mention of “SEO” can send them down a rabbit hole of worry and confusion – the intimidation factor is real . Of course every organization wants their website to rank as high as possible on Google’s search results, but only tech geniuses can achieve that, right? While having a SEO expert never hurts, conquering Google is still possible – but you have to have the right software on your side. Keep reading to find out which SEO tools will hel...
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43″ TCL Roku Smart LED TV Giveaway

Congrats to William Bielecki for winning our last TCL Television giveaway on 9/2/19 – Jaden We’re giving away a 43″ television…this is the same TV that I have in my bedroom. -Jaden  TCL 43S425 43 Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart Roku LED TV (2018) Sold on Dimensions (w x H x D): TV without stand: 38.2 x 22.4 x3 inches, TV with stand: 38.2 inches x 24.5 inches x 7.6 inches Smart Functionality delivers all your favorite content with over 500, 000 movies and TV episodes, accessible thro...
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The Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide to Content Strategy

This post was originally written by Ian Lurie in 2016. It was recently edited by Portent content strategist Travis McKnight, to include new information and more current data. This content marketing guide is enormous. There is no TL;DR version because creating a content strategy has a lot of steps. And they’re all necessary. If you’re a writer and know your way around a computer or a marketing geek who knows how to write, after reading the guide, you should be well-prepared for the endeavors ahea...
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Marketing in the Faster World

A few weeks back, Jac and I took a week’s vacation in the woods, with no access to our devices or the Internet. There was electricity and water and a small fridge, but there was also the basic requirement that if you wanted a meal, you had to start a campfire and cook over open flame. Imagine having to coax wood to burn, get some coals going, prep the food, and cook it slowly every time you felt like a meal. Compare that to our regular fast world. We eat when we want. We get it delivere...
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How to be successful in SEO + a SEO tool to make it easy

To be successful in SEO you need to: • Understand what your customers are searching for. • Optimize your website for your target keywords. • Ensure your website is accessible to search engines. • Encourage other websites to link to your site by creating content of value. • Have a tracking tool that measures your SEO results. After all – If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it. In this article, not only do we list the SEO Essentials every business owner should understand, but the best soft...
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Er du fattig, lander dine børn i klikproletariatet

Disclaimer: Jeg begyndte denne tekst med en intention om at skrive et debatindlæg til en avis om det fantastiske og luxuriøse i at have ægte mennesker i sit liv. men pludselig overtog mine vrede fede fingre og det blev et “rant” om hjernedød digitalisering af skolen i stedet. Derfor landede den her på bloggen og ikke i en seriøs avis. Nu er du advaret. ”Vi valgte altså den skole fra, da de havde en håbløst gammeldags indstilling til IT.” Sådan lød ordene, da jeg jeg talte skolevalg med ...
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