Apple Puts The Promise Of Health Innovation In The Hands Of Consumers . . . Pun Intended

“Today’s announcement carries our commitment to health even further by engaging with participants on a larger scale than ever before.” — Jeff Williams, Apple’s chief operating officer At Apple’s special September event earlier this week, the tech titan announced key research initiatives designed to help improve population health. The research builds from data shared by […]
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Ireland Travel: Weather Information

Weather Information for Those Considering Travel to Ireland As we shared with you just a few days ago, Carol and I are headed to Ireland in May of 2020 to enjoy a small-group land journey with our friends at Luxury Gold. And, you’re invited to come along with us.  For more information, CLICK HERE. Now, after folks determine that their calendar and wallets match this particular journey, then the next question that comes to their minds is, “what’s the weather in Ireland like?” Good question, righ...
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Google siphoning personal data to advertisers, new evidence suggests

Google is using a “surreptitious mechanism” to leak personal data to advertisers, according to new evidence presented to the Irish Data Protection Commission as part of an ongoing investigation. The evidence, sourced by Brave, a competing web browser to Google’s Chrome, “gives the Irish DPC concrete proof that Google’s ad system did broadcast personal data” belonging to Johnny Ryan, the chief policy officer at Brave. Google is accused of using hidden web pages that scrape personal data, which is...
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Short film of Comet 67P made from 400,000 Rosetta images is released

On August 6, 02014, the European Space Agency’s Rosetta probe successfully reached Comet 67P. In addition to studying the comet, Rosetta was able to place one of Long Now’s Rosetta Disks on its surface via its Philae lander. In 02017, ESA released over 400,000 images from the Rosetta mission. Now, motion designer Christian Stangl has made a short film out of the images. The Comet offers a remarkable, beautiful, and haunting look at this alien body from the Kuiper belt. Watch it below: ...
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Heidi Roizen on meaningful work & relationships

“The true path to happiness is to have meaningful work and meaningful relationships,” Heidi Rozen says. She brings these two elements together as a VC working with entrepreneurs who are changing the world for the better. Her humane take on being a “mentor capitalist” is deeply Give First.  Heidi Roizen has called herself a recovering entrepreneur. Wendy Lea has called Heidi “the epitome of Give First.” Both of these are true, and go a long way toward describing the deeply humane perspe...
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Why You Need Negative Keywords for Amazon Advertising

Amazon has continued its dominance, moving up to the third-largest advertising platform behind Google and Bing. In 2018, Amazon reported $10 billion in revenue in advertising. This puts them right behind Google and Facebook in terms of advertising dollars spent. If you are new to Amazon Advertising, it’s great to know the basics first, before showing you how to optimize your spending more efficiently. After understanding the fundamentals of Amazon Advertising, it is crucial to know how to spend ...
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Education: Have we nuked the fridge?

Photo by Erich Ferdinand on Flickr 'Nuking the fridge' is a strange phrase, and you may never have heard of it - but in the popular culture context it means something. Here's the etymology of the phrase from the Know Your Meme website:"Nuking the Fridge is an idiomatic phrase used by movie fans to describe the declining point of a film franchise as a result of its heavy reliance on special effects. The phrase stems from a scene in the 2008 action-adventure film Indiana Jones and The Kingd...
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Can I still use my Chromebook now it is no longer supported?

Bill’s Acer Chromebook C720 will not receive further updates. It works well so can he still use it?I have recently got the message that my Acer Chromebook C720 will not be receiving any further updates as Google no longer supports Chromebooks older than six years. I use mine for surfing the internet, email and creating documents, which I send as email attachments. The machine still works as well as when I first bought it, and I’m reluctant to dump it for a new one.I understand that I can install...
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