SEO-Optimized Infographics: A Blogger’s Best Friend

SEO-optimized infographics are a blog post powerhouse. They drive massive traffic to your site, get tons of engagement, build your brand, get lots of backlinks and more. Most of all, they help your blog content land on Google’s first page consistently. Not by luck, not once in a while, but intentionally and frequently. Why does that matter? Because the average traffic share of Google’s first page is 91.5 percent (basically everybody). And if you’re the first result? You get 32.5 percent of that...
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Was Emily Dickinson the first Instapoet?

Click here to read a piece I wrote for the Penguin Books website about Emily Dickinson, and how the real one compares to the one Apple TV is portraying in the trailer for its new series about her…
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Facebook to name first oversight panel members

Facebook announced the formation of a quasi-independent oversight board to rule on hate speech and ads on its platforms that violate company policy.
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What We're Reading ~ 9/18/19

Super Pumped: The Battle for Uber [Mike Isaac]Inside the rise and fall of MoviePass [Business Insider] Interview with Shopify's COO [Barrons]Talking types of moats with Pat Dorsey [Outlook Business]Profile of UiPath's Daniel Dines: the bot billionaire [Forbes]Value investing's heady days aren't coming back [Institutional Investor]A look at Berkshire Hathaway [Morningstar]The economics of meal delivery [The Economist] On Amazon's balance between reinvestment and harvesting [Stratechery] Less than...
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How To Track Page Scroll Depth with Google Tag Manager

Mostly likely, you’ve used Google Tag Manager to implement your basic tags, but it allows you to implement a wide variety of useful tools to help you make better marketing decisions. This post assumes you have some basic working knowledge of GTM and already have your account set-up. If not, this Beginner’s Guide will help you get started. Why You Should Track Scroll Depth We recently implemented page scroll depth calculators for two of our clients for two very different reasons. For one, we ...
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The Best Gadgets to Track Your Fleet Vehicles

Many people think that tracking fleet vehicles is all about knowing their location at any one time. While this is the main idea, there is more to tracking. As a fleet manager or owner, it is important to know what else is involved and the gadgets used for the process. Below are the popular gadgets… Read More » The Best Gadgets to Track Your Fleet Vehicles The post The Best Gadgets to Track Your Fleet Vehicles appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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Hate Speech and Ethics: A 3-Dimensional Issue

Each September, PRSA celebrates Ethics Month, featuring programs presented by the PRSA Board of Ethics and Professional Standards (BEPS). This year’s theme is “Ethics Every Day.” Please join the discussion via #PRethics, and follow along with our ethics-related blog posts, webinars and Twitter Chats throughout the month. It’s not uncommon to see and hear the term “hate speech” in 2019. The fact that it exists cannot be argued, but the larger question is, what exactly constitutes hate speech?...
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IT Firm Manager Arrested in the Biggest Data Breach Case of Ecuador’s History

Ecuador officials have arrested the general manager of IT consulting firm Novaestrat after the personal details of almost the entire population of the Republic of Ecuador left exposed online in what seems to be the most significant data breach in the country's history. Personal records of more than 20 million adults and children, both dead and alive, were found publicly exposed on an unsecured [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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Apple corporate support difficult

At times you have to call Apple to get details on something they don’t have documented at their website. They are terrible at getting answers. For example, I have a client who wants to use SNMP on the mac to monitor their devices. For the most part it works. Even though there is no guidance […]
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BMW starts using RadioDNS technology in new cars

BMW is the latest automotive manufacturer to announce that it has integrated the RadioDNS open standards into its vehicles. Nick Piggott, Project Director explains: “They’re using our SPI (Service and Programme Information) standard to gather station logos directly from radio stations to keep their dashboards updated. For FM services, those logos are updated over IP, and for DAB services, it’s the same standard, but updated over DAB EPG. “If you’re a radio station, you just have to publish yo...
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How to Find the Time to Start a Business

How to Find the Time to Start a Business is a post originally published on: Everything Finance - Everything Finance - Its all about Money!Thinking of jumping on a business idea that you’ve had for a while? The most common reasons why most ideas never turn into a business are due to the fact that people feel they lack the money and time to get started.Even if you can find funding, save up, or launch a business with low start-up costs, you still need to find the time to run a side business and wor...
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Fairphone 3 review: the most ethical and repairable phone you can buy

Dutch firm asks £200 above the norm for a smartphone that might help change the industryWhat if you could buy a phone that will last five years, can be easily repaired and is made as ethically as possible? That’s the aim of the latest Fairphone 3 – and on many counts it succeeds.Ethically creating a phone is a lot harder than it may sound, but you have to start somewhere. Amsterdam-based Fairphone turned from an awareness campaign about conflict minerals into a phone company in 2013, and aims to...
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