Pay with Ibotta: My experience and lessons learned

I haven't gone full-bore into paying with my phone, but I did use Pay with Ibotta on a recent trip to Olive Garden. I'll share what I did wrong so you're not stressed out the same way I was … Apps that allow you to pay with your smartphone have matured. Think Venmo, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. I'm a bit behind the curve when it comes to mobile phone payments. (I understand that checks are fuddy-duddy now and that cash has its limits, too, but … credit cards? Are those on the way...
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How to Delete Apps on the Apple Watch Running watchOS 6

You can finally delete some stock apps on the Apple Watch.
Tags: Tech, Blogging, Apple Watch

Why Can’t Music Streaming Services Give Good Recommendations for Classical Music?

Would it be difficult to develop algorithms to recommend classical music more effectively?
Tags: Music, Tech, Blogging, Classical Music, Streaming Music, Apple Music

Stress-testing monitors

A critical feature of any presentation app is the management of screens when presenting for a live audience. The presentation needs to show up on the big screen, and if possible, the presenter windows with the slide count, next slide preview, and timer needs to pop up on the secondary monitor.Messing with monitors under the stressful time pressure of standing in front of a waiting audience requires serious stress testing. I am now doing this for SlideMagic 2.0. Pulling out monitor cords mid-pres...
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What’s New in iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

There are lots of interesting new features in iOS 13 and iPad OS 13.
Tags: Ios, Tech, Blogging

How to Practice Long-term Thinking in a Distracted World

WIRED’s Editor-in-Chief Nicholas Thompson recently interviewed Bina Venkataraman about her new book, The Optimist’s Telescope: Thinking Ahead in a Reckless Age. Venkataraman’s book focuses on the need for more long-term thinking in the world, and explores issues that have long been a focus for us at Long Now, including the nuclear waste storage problem (discussed in the interview). Nicholas Thompson: So what I want to do in this conversation with Bina is start out with some personal stu...
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