Katerra To Make Ultra-Strong Wood Panels at New Factory in WA

[Updated 9/23/19, 6:29 pm. See below.]  Construction tech firm Katerra, a 4-year-old Bay area startup with a big fundraising total, a big backer, and big ambitions, officially opened a big factory today in eastern Washington state.Katerra’s activities in the construction field range from project management software and design to the manufacture of pre-fabricated structural materials—all resources that contribute to the buildings Katerra constructs itself. With the goal of transforming the const...
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Free Google Tools for Your Non-Profit

The post Free Google Tools for Your Non-Profit appeared first on Ian's Messy Desk. Did you know that Google offers a suite of tools to qualified non-profits? These are premium, licensed Google products , but at no cost. These products can help your organization reach new donors and volunteers, work more efficiently, and tell your non-profit’s story. They are cloud-based tools, managed by Google, which may help reduce your … Continue reading Free Google Tools for Your Non-Profit → You ...
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The Evolution of Recruiting from 2009-2019

In 2008, I published a book with ATD Press called Success for Hire. Since then, I’ve followed the field closely and for this article, wanted to consider some of the major recruiting changes that have taken place over the last decade. The “Black Hole of HR” is No More When I entered this field, I advised candidates never to blindly submit a resume to a job board or an applicant tracking system (ATS). At the time, doing so was often a guarantee that no human eyes would ever rest on your materials....
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Kobi writes that he has known the Hebrew word plonter – פלונטר since he was born: Morfix, which is a Hebrew – English online dictionary, says it’s (slang) entanglement, knot; (slang) imbroglio. I find it in the Urban Dictionary but not in the OED (I have v4.0). Google translate finds it in Russian [Google search]. It isn’t an original Hebrew word for sure. I wonder where it comes from. Any ideas?
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YouTube Video Remarketing Tutorial

Check out this YouTube Video Remarketing Tutorial by Corey Frankosky, owner of and learn how YouTube Remarketing Lists and Remarketing Ads work. Corey shows you how to Link your YouTube Channel to your Google Ads account first by using the Linked Accounts page. Once you link your YouTube and your Google Ads account, you can start building YouTube Video Remarketing Lists with ease, which you can then use for your campaign. He shows you how to actually create a campaign and...
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Stormlikes Contact Us – Buy Instagram Likes or Followers

When you are taking a step in a practical field. You should do some other struggle to get popularity for your business. Whenever you are staring at the market, you want to aid it in the entire world. For that purpose, you will advertise your business in eye-catching views. Another hand, the most responsible or… Read More » Stormlikes Contact Us – Buy Instagram Likes or Followers The post Stormlikes Contact Us – Buy Instagram Likes or Followers appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #461

Facebook reveals how Oversight Board will work Facebook has released a charter explaining how its (theoretically) independent Oversight Board will work. The board will review appeals to Facebook’s policy decisions, like content takedowns, and make recommendations for changes. Its decision will be final, even if those at Facebook aren’t happy about it. But many are skeptical, particularly as Facebook itself will choose the board’s initial members. For a rundown of how the board came about, how it...
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Huawei Mate 30 Pro vs Apple iPhone 11 Pro: The weigh-in

Can the latest Mate top Apple's new-and-improved iPhone?
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10 Biggest PPC Changes in My (almost) Decade In The Industry

As I was trying to force myself to say “Microsoft Advertising” instead of “Bing Ads” on client calls recently, I got to thinking about all of the changes that have happened in this industry since I got started in 2010. There have been quite a few, but some stick out in my memory, either because of how large of an impact a change had or because of some small irritation I felt about a change. Here are the top 10 changes that have stood out to me since in my, almost, decade working in the PPC ind...
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Review: 1010 Blackbox, sampling workstation hardware in a little square

This cute little box promises to let you manipulate sound and play live with samples without a computer. Andreas Roman returns to CDM with another in-depth, hands-on hardware review. This time, it’s the US$599 1010 Music Blackbox, a compact, boutique sampler and sample manipulation workstation. (See Andreas’ previous review of Elektron’s Model :Samples – with a similar take on how limitations can make for a focused device.) Meet the Blackbox I’ve mostly stayed away from modular, so I...
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How to Start a Blog – Step by Step

Starting a blog is one of the best ways to put yourself out in front and drive traffic. Here’s how to start a blog in 10 simple steps: 1. Decide on a blogging topics What are you going to blog about? Decide on a blogging topic. It can be any of the following: About your hobbiesAbout your passion About your life experiencesAbout your professional skillsAbout entertainment 2. Free or Paid Blog Free Blog or Paid (Self-hosted) Blog – Decide! Famous Free blogging platform...
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7 Things Gutenberg Block Editor Does Better Than The Classic Editor

New things are often frowned upon since a sudden and drastic change can disrupt routine and many other comforts we used to enjoy. WordPress’ Gutenberg update is one of those things; it scrapped the WYSIWIG editor (Classic) for a shinier Gutenberg Block Editor. It’s new, sleek, and it also caused a lot of chaos among writers who preferred the good ole reliable WYSIWIG. However, it’s not all that bad. The Gutenberg Block Editor can seem unwieldy at times but put in a little patience and y...
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Apple Watch Meyer Lemon Leather Loop Band Review

Yes, it is a bit ridiculous to review a watch band, but I know some people will have questions about this.
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Meet Kent CamEye: A Feature Packed Dash Camera for Cars

Kent RO, the pioneer in the water purifier industry recently forayed into automotive security with the launch of CamEye. The Kent CamEye is one of a kind car camera that packs next-generation security features to ensure the safety of the passengers and the vehicle it’s mounted on. This security device is miles ahead of cheap Chinese dashcams that simply capture the front video footage and save it on a memory card. Unlike regular dash cam for cars, CamEye houses multiple features in a single uni...
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What’s Missing In Your B2B Marketing Strategy? 5 Key Elements You Don’t Want to Overlook

A car engine without a water pump. A baseball team without a shortstop. A guitar without a D string. All it takes is one missing piece to prevent something from working as it should. Your B2B marketing strategy might excel in certain areas, but a single overlooked element can cause results to stall out.  I’m not talking about tactics here, because those can vary on a case-by-case basis. But there are specific considerations and focal points that ought to exist in pretty much every marke...
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How a smart IVR can improve agent efficiency

This is a guest post from Nogol Tardugno, Director of Customer Success at Plum Voice. We’ve heard a lot recently about the latest customer service channels like web and mobile – but is that focus leading us contact center professionals away from some of our market? After all, the research continues to reinforce the importance of the phone channel: Microsoft’s 2018 Global State of Customer Service Report found that 39 percent of customers globally, and 44 percent in the U.S., still prefer the voi...
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Beta yourself: iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

As Apple’s mobile OS hits its teens, we give you 13 tips that showcase its finest moments
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How to See Battery Percentage on iPhone 11, 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max Battery On iPhone 8 and earlier, you can choose to show the battery percentage in the status bar of your iPhone. To see the remaining battery, you need to go to Settings > Battery and turn on “Battery Percentage” toggle. However, the same isn’t possible on newer iPhones including iPhone X, XR, XS, XS Max, and iPhone 11 series. That’s because the new iPhones feature a wide notch or cutout at the top and hence there isn’t enough space to display the battery percentage icon. Che...
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Swiping left or right – politically: Chips with Everything podcast

Jordan Erica Webber looks into the rise of identity politics in online dating. In this episode we hear from the journalist Rainesford Stauffer, dating expert Dr Jess Carbino and Tinder’s election bot creator, Yara Rodrigues Fowler Continue reading...
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