What do online educators need?

Photo by Steinar Engeland on unsplash In yesterday's post I wrote about how teachers are beginning to use online forms of education to enhance and extend the reach of schools.Distance education in all its forms has been used for more than a century in education, leveraging the potential of each new technology as it emerges. Correspondence course, radio, television, video, the Web, computers and smart phones - each in turn has been harnessed to reach students for education that are traditi...
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About Bans on Face Recognition Technology

This year, Oakland and San Francisco, California, and Somerville, Massachusetts, all banned the government’s use of facial recognition technology and others are ‘pausing’ its use. This decision is being talked about a lot and it’s easy to see why. The technology has been growing in popularity in recent years and San Francisco was the first major US city to block its use. Silicon Valley tends to be an enthusiastic adopter of new technology, so the move surprised some, but face recognition technol...
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Something to lose

I am currently involved in a couple of financial disputes. This isn’t normal for me and I’ve lost sleep over it. Several thousand pounds are at stake, most likely. Perhaps sneaking into five-figures. That sounds a lot of money – it is a lot of money – but I asked myself this morning why exactly is it bothering me so much? Is it the money – or is it something else? I can afford to lose the claims. It would represent a small hit to my net worth. I say that not to boast (many readers could brag ...
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Mobile Is Not a Device; Mobile is a Situation (Thinks Out Loud Episode 259)

Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. Mobile Is Not a Device; Mobile is a Situation (Thinks Out Loud Episode 259) — Headlines and Show Notes This shouldn't be news, but mobile is way bigger than you think. No, really. Much, much bigger. And the reason is because mobile is not a device; mobile is a situation. And it's a situation that major players like Apple, Google, and now Amazon are positioning themselves to take advantage of. The question is whether...
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5 Ways VR/AR Technology Integrates Into Your Daily Life

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality aren’t ‘new’ technologies. Both were used in military applications since the 1980s and were later co-opted by the gaming industry. AR and VR have more to offer humanity, especially now that wearable technology like headsets, data gloves, and other feedback devices continue to improve and go down in price. Additionally, the infrastructure needed to support this immersive technology is slowly finding its place in cities around the world. As of this writing, th...
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Should You Use More Than One Analytics Platform?

Most folks have Google Analytics (GA) installed on their websites these days. It’s easy to set up, user-friendly, and free! But as businesses grow (and run into some of the data sampling limitations of GA), it’s natural to start questioning some things: Is the data in GA trustworthy? Is GA’s channel attribution accurate? Am I missing events that occur on my website/app? Are my GA traffic numbers inflated by spam? That’s when you start exploring alternatives to Google Analytics, and there are ple...
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What to Do When Another Google Algorithm Change Happens?

We are always worried about what a new Google Algorithm change will bring. We are worried that it might have a huge shift on our rankings and the traffic we have might actually end up disappearing on us. However, I’m here to tell you that you can prepare yourself by making a few adjustments to your campaign and the way you approach your content writing. For example, we often feel the effects of an algorithm tweak because we are simply not preparing for it and are doing things that Google might N...
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Can a new space race connect the world to the internet?

Private companies are competing to get satellites into space to provide internet access to the more than 3 billion people living without it.
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Google wins EU decision to limit 'right to be forgotten' rule

The 28-nation bloc must defer to this new benchmark when dealing with issues of data privacy on the borderless internet.
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How to back up your iPhone and iPad before you install iOS 13 and iPadOS 13

Apple’s new mobile OS is here. Back-up your devices prior to upgrading, in case of disaste
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Russian APT Map Reveals 22,000 Connections Between 2000 Malware Samples

Though Russia still has an undiversified and stagnant economy, it was one of the early countries in the world to realize the value of remotely conducted cyber intrusions. In recent years, many Russia hacking groups have emerged as one of the most sophisticated nation-state actors in cyberspace, producing highly specialized hacking techniques and toolkits for cyber espionage. Over the past [Author: [email protected] (Wang Wei)]
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Updates to HOPCOMS API

HOPCOMS Daily rate page moved to a new location last month. It’s not visible on Google search and hence I couldn’t find. But a good soul at HOPCOMS whom I got in touch with sent me this new link. It’s not just change of url. They have changed the structure of the data published and they have also changed the Item Code1. This brings me a new problem as in my HOPCOMS API I publish rates against item code. So there is a new item code list here which is valid for any data published from 20190923...
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5 Unexpected Content Marketing Benefits of B2B Podcasting

We all know by now that podcasting is a fantastic content marketing tactic , right?  To review:  Over 81 million people listen to podcasts (Edison Research) 80% finish the majority of every episode on their favorite podcasts (Edison Research) Most people who listen to one podcast are likely to pick up more (Edison Research) In other words, there’s an enormous audience out there, ready to spend multiple hours with your quality content. And now they can get your episodes ri...
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Adjusting Your Business Mindset for the AI Economy

Artificial Intelligence is taking the world by storm, influencing the transition from the traditional economy to the AI economy. Although the storm is coming quickly, it’s still in its initial phases. Within the next decade, artificial intelligence can potentially bring $13 trillion to the economy. Saying this, if business owners act now in sharpening their learning inclination, there could be endless possibilities of success to reap from by the time the AI economy takes off. Mass AI Adoption I...
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Cynet 360: The Next Generation of EDR

Many organizations regard Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) as their main protection against breaches. EDR, as a category, emerged in 2012 and was rapidly acknowledged as the best answer to the numerous threats that legacy AV unsuccessfully struggled to overcome – exploits, zero-day malware and fileless attacks are prominent examples. While there is no dispute on EDR's efficiency against a [Author: [email protected] (The Hacker News)]
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The Difference Between Branded and Nobody #personalBranding

Almost two years ago I hung my shingle out and looked for a full-time job. I had JibberJobber at a point where it didn’t need (or want) my full attention, Pluralsight wasn’t ready for anymore of my courses… and I had time. I also needed a change of scenery. And heck, if I had time, why not look for something where I could get paid, and create one more income stream? So I did what I had been talking about others doing for years and I became a job seeker. It wasn’t as fun as it sounds, but it was ...
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A Quick Review on Optimizing Breadcrumbs for SEO

If you are one of the webmasters who have received a slew of emails from Google Search Console telling you to fix the breadcrumbs markup of your site, then I am writing this for you. Recently, Google Search Console has launched a new feature for the Breadcrumbs report which has alerted webmasters left and right. The Search Console’s new report will come in handy, especially if you want to stay competitive in the SERPs. Let me be clear about one thing: structured data markups are not a generi...
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Schools and online education

Photo by Sergey Zolkin on unsplash Many educators are now investigating how online technologies can improve, extend or enrich teaching and learning experiences. Some schools have begun to experiment, and a few are well down the road to adopting and using online education as a viable supplement, or even replacement for face to face teaching. We now need to think about learning environments rather than simply 'classrooms'. We now need to consider that geographical distance need no longer be...
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Target REDcard 5% Off + $50 off $100, $10 GC w/ $100+, 1% Off Via Circle

Target has been coming out with a variety of offers and announcements that should interest regular shoppers: New Target REDcard applicants (credit or debit) will get a coupon for $50 off $100+ future purchase. Restrictions listed below. Apply online or in-store by 9/28. REDcard gets you 5% off at Target & (Target gift cards excluded, in-store Starbucks included) and free 2-day shipping on qualifying items. Existing REDcard holders get a additional 5% off coupon for a single in-s...
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Microsoft Releases Emergency Patches for IE 0-Day and Windows Defender Flaw

It's not a Patch Tuesday, but Microsoft is rolling out emergency out-of-band security patches for two new vulnerabilities, one of which is a critical Internet Explorer zero-day that cyber criminals are actively exploiting in the wild. Discovered by Clément Lecigne of Google's Threat Analysis Group and tracked as CVE-2019-1367, the IE zero-day is a remote code execution vulnerability in the [Author: [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal)]
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How To Solve iOS 13 Update Problems

Apple’s iOS 13 updates are rolling out and the company has already started receiving complaints. Some of the devices were getting stuck during the update, some of them have lost the performance while a few of them have started to overheat during use. These post-update problems are common usually, maybe the development team doesn’t go… Read More » How To Solve iOS 13 Update Problems The post How To Solve iOS 13 Update Problems appeared first on Gadget Advisor.
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