11 Foolproof Hacks to Drive Traffic to Your Blog in 2019

Does checking your Google Analytics dashboard make you feel depressed? You’re not alone, low blog traffic stats can be an instant downer for even the most experienced bloggers. Creating a great post involves monitoring trends, researching, writing, rewriting, and a ton of editing. You manage to get through all this and then realize that no one is reading your carefully crafted post.  There is absolutely no reason to resign yourself to this fate. You can fix it and we’ll tell you exactly...
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How can we engage online learners?

Photo by Filip Mroz on unsplash In my first post in this blog series I outlined the changes taking place in schools due to the adoption of online forms of education. I promised I would pose at least 3 key questions around this context. In my follow-up post, I posed a key question for teachers to answer if they wished to become successful online educators. Below is the second question I promised:Several years ago, when it first became clear that online education was becoming more prevalent...
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Identify Search Intent To Fuel The Growth Of Your Business

The foundation of an effective marketing plan is to map out your keyword strategy. This has taken on a new meaning with the latest development of Google’s search engines in terms of how they assess and rank your website. Search intent is the major element behind the development of your inbound marketing strategy. Choosing a specific keyword and repeating it in your content is no longer required to optimize your pages. Search engines read your entire site to assess the value it provides as a res...
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Report: IPO Activity Picking Back Up Following Quiet, Volatile Q3

While the headlines may be dominated by news of WeWork putting its IPO on hold after reports about its questionable corporate governance, the overall initial public offering market is doing just fine. So far, 127 US companies went public in the first nine months of the year and the amount they raised already topped three of the past four years.Collectively these businesses raised about $44 billion in their debuts, topping the $34 billion, $21 billion, and $40 billion raised in 2015, 2016, and 2...
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Smoke Free Wood Burner

Innovative fire pit designed to burn wood logs and charcoal without smoke. BioLite FirePit features patented airflow technology that provides the smell, warmth, crackle, and feel of wood campfire without any of the smoke. You can even control the size of flames with free Bluetooth phone app.  Also check out: R2-D2 Wood Burne
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How Your Business Can Use Scarcity Marketing To Increase Sales

We all want what we can’t have. And we flaunt when we have something others don’t. That’s why zealous Apple fans camp overnight at Apple stores around the world before major iPhone launches. It’s also why certain fashion brands charge tens of thousands of dollars for women’s purses that should cost significantly less. The “fear of missing out” (FOMO) causes consumers to behave in irrational, unpredictable ways. And it doesn’t hurt that scarcity typically creates lots of buzz around a product. I...
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Top Medical Marketing and Media Strategies for Healthcare Providers

Medical marketing has changed along with the policy and technological improvements in healthcare. Pro-modern healthcare legislative measures were implemented to meet the growing demands for healthcare. And thanks to technology, people now have better access to treatment and safer patient care. Given these changes, it’s a must for healthcare providers to adapt to be able to serve target groups and communicate with a wider audience. Medical professionals not only need to use new tools and met...
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Top Patent, Trademark, and IP Stories from Last Week (9/16-9/22/19)

Every week, we will be highlighting the top patent, copyright, trademark, intellectual property, etc. stories of the previous week in our “In Case You Missed It” segment. The list itself is in no particular order and includes a wide range of stories from the patent world that are informative, noteworthy, or just plain bizarre. The […] The post Top Patent, Trademark, and IP Stories from Last Week (9/16-9/22/19) appeared first on Vincent LoTempio | Registered Patent Attorney, Trademark, and Copyri...
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The Future of Marketing in 2020 and Beyond – by Neil Patel

Watch this 38-minute video by Neil Patel where he explains the future of marketing in 2020 and beyond: The post The Future of Marketing in 2020 and Beyond – by Neil Patel appeared first on Dubai, UAE | Digital Marketing Courses by SEO International, a Google Partner firm.
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Honda makes largest renewable energy purchase of any automaker

Multinational auto manufacturer Honda Motor Company, headquartered in Tokyo, recently made the largest renewable clean energy purchase by any car maker. The electricity will be utilized to offset emissions from its United States factories, thus enabling Honda to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 60 percent in its North American manufacturing plants. With widespread public debate and mounting regulatory pressures, automakers have no choice but to shift their business models to address the ca...
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FIR 187: It may be a Car but it Sounds like a Starship

With this September 2019 episode of The Hobson and Holtz Report or FIR 187, Shel and I discuss a handful of notable, even memorable, topics and include a segment we recorded two weeks beforehand in Winchester when we were together during Shel’s UK trip. Automotive is a star feature of our discussion with a detailed exchange of views and thoughts on news out of the US about regulatory developments regarding electric cars, specifically on the sound they make. Which is a thing that conce...
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[Video] Trello – Organize Your Business Like a Pro

Trello is a great tool to replace your team’s use of email and chat for task-based communication. You can learn all you need to get a job done. Trello lets you work more collaboratively and get more done. Trello’s boards, lists, and cards enable you to organize and prioritize your projects in a fun, flexible, and rewarding way. Infinitely flexible. Incredibly easy to use. Great mobile apps. It’s free. Trello keeps track of everything, from the big picture to the minute details. Signup f...
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Apple iPad Giveaway

Four month old Duke has a brand new Apple iPad to give away. He wants to bite and chew up the iPad, but he promised only to sniff sniff sniff.  Enter below for a chance to win a brand new, dog-sniffed-but-no-chew Apple iPad! Apple iPad Giveaway Apple iPad (6th Generation) Wi-fi 32GB Model MR7GLL/A. Canadian winners will receive an Amazon Canada or Apple gift card for the amount of $330CAD) The post Apple iPad Giveaway appeared first on Steamy Kitchen Recipes.
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Top 10 Reasons Why Your Ads Aren’t Showing in Google

Is your ad not showing? Check out the top 10 reasons why your ads may not be showing in Google. Start working your way down the list! Read more at
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barrettSF Creates Back-To-School Brand Campaign for Course Hero

Full-service advertising agency, , reveals the “Get Unstuck” back-to-school brand campaign for Course Hero, the online learning platform where students can access over 30 million course-specific resources to help them study.The creative campaign includes two unique video concepts: “Coffee Shop” and "Dorm.” Each scenario presents a relatable and humorous exchange between an antagonistic computer cursor and a student who is finding it challenging to study—underscoring Course Hero’s ability to emp...
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BBC Radio 1 renews The Gemma Collins Podcast

BBC Radio 1 has decided to renew The Gemma Collins Podcast for a further eight episodes. Gemma’s debut podcast launched on BBC Sounds back in August. It was initially commissioned as an eight-episode series, but Radio 1 bosses decided to extend the current run to 16 episodes in total. The podcast is a Wisebuddah production for Radio 1 and BBC Sounds, commissioned for BBC Sounds by Radio 1’s Commissioning Executive for Podcasts, Louise Kattenhorn. The Gemma Collins Podcast reached No 1 in Appl...
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This video makes it easy to mod KORG’s ultra-cheap monotron for analog CV

Punk, inexpensive analog, anyone? The KORG monotron is an easy choice for modding for your synthesis needs – and now this video makes the process easier. There’s still nothing quite as cheap in analog synthesis than the instrument that (arguably) started the trend – the KORG monotron and its variants. You can pick one of these up for about $50 or less even new – and you might even rescue one from a friend’s collection. But while the monotrons are fun to play with, they’re a bit limited a...
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Apple and TuneIn Join Forces to Bring 100,000+ Radio Stations to Apple Devices

Internet radio comes to Apple Music and provides Siri support.
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Best Sex Positions for People With Disabilities

The sex-positivity movement is one based on inclusivity. That means that sex should be enjoyed by all colors, genders, and physical abilities, period. However, media and porn outlets often sell this fantasy that only able-bodied, fit people are out there enjoying sex. Well, we hate to break to anyone who might be shocked by the news we are about to drop – not many people fit into that narrow box. Gasp! Ok, ok – but for real, this is truly a major bummer for most of us out there. This also means ...
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The Lowdown on Getting Around California

No car? No problem! Here are alternative ways of traveling around California. In the United States, most people drive a car. This is especially true outside the big cities, as locations tend to be more spread out and public transport is less accessible. It’s even more true in huge, sprawling states like California, where people are used to driving everywhere, every day. But then, what about people who can’t drive and want to visit the Golden State? Is there any way for SoCal home buyers a...
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How to Avoid the Common Mistakes E-commerce Businesses Make

Statistics say that about nine out of every ten startups fail in the first year alone, and it’s only an uphill climb from there for the survivors. Therefore, if you’re going to successfully start and run your e-commerce business, you need to be prepared to take all the challenges in stride. You also need to be able to side-step all the dangers and potential pitfalls. This post contains some of the most common mistakes that new e-commerce businesses make and how you can avoid them. These mista...
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TigerGraph Raises $32M to Extend Graph Database Use to Businesses

TigerGraph, one of the companies advancing the use of graph databases for faster analysis of the connections among people and things, announced today it raised $32 million in Series B funding round led by private equity investor SIG. The new capital brings TigerGraph’s fundraising total to $65 million.Redwood City, CA-based TigerGraph says it’s now offering its cloud-based technology, TigerGraphCloud, as a subscription service for businesses. Customers won’t need to be computer scientists to us...
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35+ Very Best Portfolio WordPress Themes for 2019

Your portfolio website should be the best possible representation of your work, how you present yourself and your work to potential clients, existing customers, and strangers alike. Choosing the right WordPress portfolio theme is incredibly important, but it can be difficult to find the right theme and know you’re making the right choice. There are good and bad WordPress portfolio themes, so it’s important to pay attention to code quality, long-term support and updates, ease-of-use and customiz...
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