Wombats, IIGS keyboards and ADB mice (oh my!)

There is something oddly satisfying about the idea of using a vintage keyboard with a modern computer. I’m no stranger to that, as my previous blog post will attest. This time around, I’m repurposing my venerable Apple IIgs keyboard for daily use with my 2014 era MacBook Pro. I’m typing this very post with aforementioned keyboard; it’s blissful to type on. And, dare I say, even better than the Apple Extended Keyboard II – thanks to the IIGS keyboard’s Alps salmon switches. I rather enjoy my cli...
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How podcasts went from unlistenable to unmissable

Podcasting has come of age, with today's increasingly slick productions attracting big advertising money.
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What is the Daily Email Sending Limit for Gmail Mail Merge

With Mail Merge for Gmail, you can send emails to anywhere between 300 to 1500 email recipients per day and your daily sending limit will depend on the type of your Google account.  How to Check your Email Sending Limit You can use the Mail Merge program to quickly check your email sending limit in Gmail. Here’s how:Install the Mail Merge program.Inside your Google Sheets, go to Addons menu, choose Mail Merge with Attachments and then click the Show Email Quota menu.It will show your current...
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Perfect Caramel Apples Recipe

Caramel apples are an iconic fall treat! Drench apples in homemade caramel and decorate them with cookie crumbs, chocolate, nuts, or more caramel. Learn the step-by-step tips to make them from scratch and have them come out perfect every time with this caramel apple recipe. Caramel apples can be tricky. Sometimes, the caramel can be jaw-breakingly hard (like candy apples).Read the full article here
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Native Instruments is struggling to provide customer support following changes

Changes this year to customer support channels have left some customers frustrated, according to sources familiar with the matter and user complaints. Despite promises from NI management that the direction of the company would “improve the experience for all users of our products,” users may see constrained support options and increased service backlogs. Native Instruments did not mention cuts to customer support in its statements to me earlier this month. NI cut an estimated 30% of its wo...
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Outlook for Web Bans 38 More File Extensions in Email Attachments

Malware or computer virus can infect your computer in several different ways, but one of the most common methods of its delivery is through malicious file attachments over emails that execute the malware when you open them. Therefore, to protect its users from malicious scripts and executable, Microsoft is planning to blacklist 38 additional file extensions by adding them to its list of file [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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Text is the New Marketing

Most small business owners stink at marketing. They only do it when they have low sales but as soon as they get revenue (as a results of their marketing), they inexplicably stop. This keeps their prospect pipeline empty. Technology comes to the rescue for small businesses that want to easily automate their marketing and keep that pipeline full. While few people may read your email, customers still reliably check their mobile texts. According to an Asurion study, people look at their phones an av...
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Quantum Supremacy

By now you've probably heard the rumors of Google achieving quantum supremacy. I don't have inside information outside of Scott's blog post but it looks like the news should be embargoed until the release of a Science or Nature paper. These things usually happen on a Tuesday and you'd think they would avoid the news of the Nobel Prize announcements October 7-14. Since for now the Google paper doesn't officially exist, we live in an era of Classical Dominance. Any problem that can be solved on a ...
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2 for 1 Offer | Register 2 Participants and Pay for Only 1 | 3-Day Digital Marketing Course @ Address Hotel, Dubai Marina

Course Schedule You can participate in any of the following upcoming batches: Weekdays Program : Oct 22 – 24, 2019 Weekend Program : Nov 2, 9 & 16, 2019 Weekdays Program : Nov 19 – 21, 2019 Weekdays Program : Dec 10 – 12, 2019 Course Venue Address Hotel, Dubai Marina Course Topics Digital Marketing SEO Google Ads Google Analytics Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Details: Course Fee Pay only AED4,200 to register 2 participants (instead of 1) Offer Validity T...
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Why Your Sponsored Product Ads are “Ineligible”

Having trouble advertising your products because Amazon is marking them as “not eligible”? If you’ve ever dabbled in PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, you’ll know that your ads may sometimes get disapproved by Google/Bing due to some policy violation. Amazon has a similar set of guidelines for Sponsored Product Ads. Should you not abide by these guidelines, your ads are at risk of being labeled as ineligible. There are several reasons why this might be happening. In this post, I’ll go through tho...
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Robots meta changes for Google

Sometimes Google does announcements about new features and we go “huh, why did they do that?” This week we had one of those. Google introduced a new set of robots meta controls, that allows sites to limit the display of their snippets in the search results. There is a reason for that, but they buried that reason far, far away. With their newly introduced robots meta controls, you can “say” things like: I don’t want you to show more than 200 characters from my site! Or: I don’t want you to sho...
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6 Things You Can Do Now to Boost Your Holiday E-Commerce Sales

By Brandon Bauer For digital marketers, the holiday e-commerce season is never far from mind. But now that the calendar has turned from summer to fall, it’s time to shift fully into planning mode. After all, the biggest shopping season of the year only lasts six weeks, so we had better make the most of it. As you begin mapping out your holiday strategy, keep these three things in mind: 1. Be mindful of past data If you’ve run holiday campaigns in the past, you already have a wealth of informat...
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Spiced Apple Cider Doughnuts

These apple cider donuts have the same consistency as fried donuts and are jam-packed with fall’s flavors – just like the ones sold at apple orchards alongside caramel apples. They are baked rather than fried and can be made as standard donuts, donut holes, or apple cider donut muffins! My aunt says that these baked donuts might be the best dessert she’s ever had. I don’t really play favorites, but this is a winner for sure. They smell SO good coming out of the oven!Read the full article here ...
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B2B Marketing Spotlight: Ty Heath on Optimizing ABM & Social Sales with LinkedIn #mpb2b

Ty Heath is one of those people whose reputation precedes them. I had heard of Ty as a marketing industry speaker and force for change working at LinkedIn before finally meeting her in person. The IRL Ty experience did not disappoint. Each time I meet with Ty, ideas pop like popcorn - who needs coffee with such inspiration around what's possible? Currently Ty is Global Lead of The B2B Institute at LinkedIn where she is responsible for scaling education on LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions produc...
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iOS 13 Bug Lets 3rd-Party Keyboards Gain 'Full Access' — Even When You Deny

Following the release of iOS 13 and iPadOS earlier this week, Apple has issued an advisory warning iPhone and iPad users of an unpatched security bug impacting third-party keyboard apps. On iOS, third-party keyboard extensions can run entirely standalone without access to external services and thus, are forbidden from storing what you type unless you grant "full access" permissions to enable [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
Tags: Apple, Tech, Hacking News, Vulnerability, Keyboard, Keyboard App, Keylogger, Apple iOS, Ios 13, iPadOS, 3rd Party Keyboards Gain Full Access

How Managers Can Bridge The Instant Messaging Generation Gap

Managers have to help their older workers keep up with changes in communication Image Credit: Markus Koller How the members of your team communicate with each other is changing. There is a new wave of instant messaging applications that is in the process of changing how the members of your team communicate with each other. This change may be causing the older members of your team to scramble in order to keep up. As a manager, you are going to have to take steps to use your manager skills to...
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Thoughts on Amazon’s New Echo Speakers

Amazon announced a few new speakers yesterday, including one that should offer much better audio quality.
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Why You Should Use Association Websites in Your Job Search

--> The focus of my career has been researching jobs from employer career pages, job sites, association sites and consolidating these jobs in one place. Through the course of this work I have learned how to track down jobs that few people know about and where applicants are likely to have a good chance of getting hired when they apply. One of the best places to track down jobs which (1) few people know about and (2) you stand good odds of getting an interview if you apply, is association website...
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[Unpatched] Critical 0-Day RCE Exploit for vBulletin Forum Disclosed Publicly

An anonymous hacker today publicly revealed details and proof-of-concept exploit code for an unpatched, critical zero-day remote code execution vulnerability in vBulletin—one of the widely used internet forum software, The Hacker News has learned. One of the reasons why the vulnerability should be viewed as a severe issue is not just because it is remotely exploitable, but also doesn't [Author: [email protected] (Wang Wei)]
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Best true wireless earbuds 2019: AirPods, Samsung, Jabra, Beats and Anker compared and ranked

Our updated list of great bluetooth truly wireless earbuds – at the best prices right now It wasn’t long ago that true wireless earbuds, those that don’t need any wires even between the earphones, weren’t very good. Solid connectivity was a challenge, dropouts were infuriatingly common and battery life was woeful.But they all offered that taste of freedom from wires that is like a ratchet – once you’ve experienced tangle-free listening, you’ll never go back. Continue reading...
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Google Releases September 2019 Core Update

Google releases numerous algorithm updates every year, but with the trend they’re setting, only the big updates warrant an announcement from them. The most recent example is their announcement of the June 2019 Broad Core algorithm update . They’re now releasing a new core update which could result to either good or bad results for us SEOs.  September 2019 Core Update A few days ago, Google tweeted that they’ll be rolling out the September 2019 core update the same day. Here’s the...
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