More SIM Cards Vulnerable to Simjacker Attack Than Previously Disclosed

Remember the Simjacker vulnerability? Earlier this month, we reported about a critical unpatched weakness in a wide range of SIM cards, which an unnamed surveillance company has actively been exploiting in the wild to remotely compromise targeted mobile phones just by sending a specially crafted SMS to their phone numbers. If you can recall, the Simjacker vulnerability resides in a dynamic [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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Review: iPhone 11, the iPhone for everyone

Not everyone needs a "pro" iPhone. In fact, the iPhone 11 "amateur" is ideal for most people.
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Apple Watch Series 5 Review: incremental changes for a solid device

The Apple Watch Series 5 isn't a big update, if you already have a Series 4, but it's a solid device, and great if you have an older model.
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The spirit of Synthi is back, in the new Erica SYNTRX

It’s the Latvian Synthi that never was – an all-new instrument, not a clone, built around the signature analog matrix. England’s EMS Synthi AKS is simply one of the greatest-ever standalone designs for experimentation. The 1972 instrument inspired Jean Michel Jarre and Pink Floyd. But it’s not a modular – all that sonic possibility is designed into a single unit – and it doesn’t use patch cords. The patch matrix, that grid you see in the center, is where you create different sound routings....
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Businesses can now opt out of Google’s online food ordering

Here’s how restaurants can opt out of “order online.” Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Joy Hawkins]
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Can AR goggles make swimming more fun?

BBC Click's Chris Fox tries augmented reality goggles that help swimmers track their exercise
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In response to Google change, Yoast SEO will opt users into all snippet features by default

The change comes with versions 12.2, coming October 1. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: George Nguyen]
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7 Killer Ways to Higher Average Time on Page

Your website is your second home. One of its benefits is that you can accept as many guests as you want without worrying that it will fill up.  But what if your guests leave as soon as they cross the threshold? There’re bouncing like crazy rabbits chased by a scary wolf? I’ll tell you a top-secret now… You are that wolf. Your site is repelling the visitors. In Google Analytics this association is called the “Bounce rate”. While you want to improve the rest of your stats you don’t wan...
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At Venture Summit, 3 Takeaways For Entrepreneurs From VC Phil Black

No one would argue that San Diego is overflowing with venture capitalists in the way, say, the San Francisco Bay Area is. In fact, the region’s relative dearth of investors is often bemoaned by local entrepreneurs. But, at least once yearly, that changes, and the community gets to hear insights from prominent outside VCs firsthand.Venture Summit—an annual gathering of local founders seeking financing and venture investors, primarily from outside San Diego, on the hunt for companies to back—was ...
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10 Questions From Young Entrepreneurs About Startups

Who says you can’t start a business when you’re young? These days, more and more young entrepreneurs who are full of great ideas, passion, and drive are launching their own companies—any many are finding success. I recently had the pleasure of serving as a mentor to a number of young entrepreneurs as part of the innovative U.C. Berkeley-Hass Entrepreneurship Program, which is under the outstanding leadership of Rhonda Shrader and Adeeba Fazil. The program offers undergraduates, graduates, and al...
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How to Improve Your Hiring Process Using Recruitment Software 

Special programs can significantly improve the hiring process. Their use has already been proven effective according to some surveys. Find out how to choose a program and why it is so convenient to use.  Image source: Recruiting staff for a company can be a really big problem. The current requirements for the candidate go far beyond professional requirements. An ideal candidate should not only have a certain set of skills but also fit into the culture o...
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Google and NASA campuses sit on a hazardous waste site with contaminated soil. It's part of a toxic legacy across Silicon Valley.

NASA and Google complexes in Silicon Valley are located on Superfund sites where manufacturing plants once leaked a chemical called trichloroethylene.
Tags: Google, Science, Nasa, Silicon Valley

4 Ways to Bring Your Non-Viral Content Back from the Dead

Our previous post, “Is Non-Viral Content Dead on Arrival,” uncovered the sometimes-harsh realities that can block even strong content from reaching the viral status marketers hope for (and stakeholders often demand). Good news: there are ways in which even non-viral content can be useful on your site and for your business goals. Better yet, there are strategic ways you can use such content to make it more valuable. In this follow-up post we’ll explore four ways you can get value from y...
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7 Ways to Increase the Credibility of Your Blog Content

Would you believe I’ve written thousands of articles over the past decade? Each time I write a new article, I have to find a way to make the subject fresh again. I want to ensure that my readers find what I write useful and informative, so I use the following strategies to build credibility with my content. Feel free to use these tips for your own content and see if you attract more blog visitors! 1. Find statistics to back your content I wanted to find a statistic about using statistics in yo...
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Hacker Releases 'Unpatchable' Jailbreak For All iOS Devices, iPhone 4s to iPhone X

An iOS hacker and cybersecurity researcher today publicly released what he claimed to be a "permanent unpatchable bootrom exploit," in other words, an epic jailbreak that works on all iOS devices ranging from iPhone 4s (A5 chip) to iPhone 8 and iPhone X (A11 chip). Dubbed Checkm8, the exploit leverages unpatchable security weaknesses in Apple's Bootrom (SecureROM), the first significant code [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
Tags: Apple, Jailbreak, Tech, Hacking News, Vulnerability, Iphone Jailbreak, Cydia jailbreak, iOS jailbreak tool, iOS Jailbreaking, iPhone Vulnerability

Google Sept. 2019 Core Update ‘weaker’ than June core update

A detailed look at the early impact from the latest Google core update. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Barry Schwartz]
Tags: Google, Seo, Barry Schwartz

3 Simple Ways Your Website Can Help You Earn Consumer Trust

Trust is something that’s required in order for a brand to generate a loyal following. It’s also something that has to be genuinely cultivated. In other words, trust can’t be purchased or faked. And in a world where online interactions often characterize brand-consumer relationships, a company’s website is one of its greatest resources. Establishing trust online Trust has and always will be an integral part of any relationship. Whether it’s a romantic partnership, a platonic friendship, or an ...
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Microsoft Warns of a New Rare Fileless Malware Hijacking Windows Computers

Watch out Windows users! There's a new strain of malware making rounds on the Internet that has already infected thousands of computers worldwide and most likely, your antivirus program would not be able to detect it. Why? That's because, first, it's an advanced fileless malware and second, it leverages only legitimate built-in system utilities and third-party tools to extend its [Author: [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal)]
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systems thinking and training

Boeing 737 MAX I read an article in New Republic entitled Crash Course by Maureen Tkacic, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, which describes how “Boeing’s managerial revolution created the 737 MAX disaster” — resulting in plane crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia. In the now infamous debacle of the Boeing 737 MAX, the company produced a plane outfitted with a half-assed bit of software programmed to override all pilot input and nosedive when a little vane on the side of the fuselage told it t...
Tags: Asia, Europe, Technology, Learning, Indonesia, China, Beijing, New York Times, Ethiopia, North America, Boeing, Wall Street Journal, eLearning, Tianjin, New Republic, Guangzhou

Podcast Ep. 153: Are They Being Unfair and Unreasonable? Am I?

In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I get into a topic that so many of us stress over: working out what’s unfair and reasonable. Is what they’re asking fair and reasonable? Are their expectations of us fair and reasonable? Is it just our imagination or is the way they’re approaching things unreasonable? When people ask or expect something of us and we, often deep down, know that we don’t want to do it or that we don’t have the bandwidth, we feel unfair and unreasonable. W...
Tags: Apple, Communication, Dating, Boundaries, Podcast: The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, Conflict and Criticism, Conflict Avoidant, Harassment And Discrimination At Work

Digital Marketing News: Google Brings Multiple Thumbnails to Video Results, Facebook’s AR Ads Plan, Twitter Adds Multiple List Feature, & More

The post Digital Marketing News: Google Brings Multiple Thumbnails to Video Results, Facebook’s AR Ads Plan, Twitter Adds Multiple List Feature, & More appeared first on Online Marketing Blog - TopRank®.
Tags: Google, Seo, Online Marketing News, Digital Marketing News

Using Multi-Factor Authentication Blocks 99.9% of Account Takeover Attacks

It was big news in late August when Microsoft said that users who enable multi-factor authentication (MFA) for their accounts will end up blocking 99.9% of automated attacks. This doesn’t apply just to Microsoft accounts. It applies to any other account on any website or online service. Today, virtually all service providers support multi-factor authentication, and in most cases, there is no charge. It can be something as simple as SMS-based one-time passwords or advanced biometrics solutions. “...
Tags: Google, Microsoft, Law, Legal Technology, MFA, ATO, Weinert, Microsoft Weinert

How to Find Long-Tail Keywords that Drive Massive Search Traffic

As a digital marketer or a business owner interested in making it big through online marketing, you surely should understand the dynamics of using your website to get more business. You also should know how SEO is essential to your digital marketing strategy as it attracts more traffic to your website. The key to having a solid SEO strategy is optimizing your keywords to get the most traffic as you can. So, how can you find long-tail keywords for your SEO strategy? If you aren't using long-...
Tags: Google, London, Advertising, Public Answer the Public, Dan Bolton, Kurt Walker, YouTube Wikipedia Amazon, Edu Birdie

DoorDash Breach Exposes 4.9 Million Users' Personal Data

Do you use DoorDash frequently to order your food online? If yes, you are highly recommended to change your account password right now immediately. DoorDash—the popular on-demand food-delivery service—today confirmed a massive data breach that affects almost 5 million people using its platform, including its customers, delivery workers, and merchants as well. DoorDash is a San [Author: [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal)]
Tags: Tech, Cyber Security, Data Breach, Password Hacking, Doordash, Swati Khandelwal, Password Security, Order Food Online

The Art of World-Building in Science Fiction

The process of world-building in science fiction isn’t just about coming to grips with the consequences of your narrative arc and making it believable. It’s also about imagining a better world. Stanford anthropologist James Holland Jones spoke about “The Science of Climate Fiction: Can Stories Lead to Social Action?” in 02019 at The Interval. Watch his talk in full here.
Tags: Science Fiction, Video, Stanford, Future, The Interval, James Holland Jones

The Apple Watch Series 5 and Battery Life

Battery life of the Apple Watch Series 5 seems to be worse than on the Series 4.
Tags: Tech, Blogging, Apple Watch

The PhotoActive Podcast, Episode 52: iPhones 11 and Semantic Rendering

Kirk and Jeff both bought the latest models of Apple’s digital camera - sorry, we mean the iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro. Does adding a third camera make a difference? Is the ultra-wide camera just a gimmick? And what is “semantic rendering” anyway? We explain why nothing is really real, and yet these might be the best-looking photos people create.
Tags: Apple, Podcast, Blogging, Photo, Jeff, Kirk

Weekend reading: Just the links, ma’am

What caught my eye this week. M orning! I am racing about today so I’m going early with our compilation of the latest money and investing articles to have caught my attention. If you spot something I’ve not listed – particularly from the weekend personal finance pages – then please do add it with a summary in the comments below. I will be popping onto my mobile every few hours as usual to moderate the comments, and I’m sure your fellow readers would appreciate the heads-up. Otherwise, thanks a...
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First sessions announced for Radio TechCon 2019

Radio TechCon’s topics for this year’s event have been announced ahead of the event on Monday 25th November at IET London: Savoy. Tickets are now on sale, with discounts offered for members of The Radio Academy, the IET, Community Media Association, Student Radio Association, Audio UK, Sound Women Network, the Institute of Acoustics, the AES and delegates who attended Radio TechCon’s Radio Technology Masterclass 2019. Tickets include entry to all the talks, the trade fair, lunch and cake. A ...
Tags: Technology, London, Top, Events, Bbc, Radio, IET, Radio Techcon, The South of England, TBC Media Ltd, Savoy Tickets

Online assessment: the student voice

Photo by Jason Roswell on unsplash Online learning is becoming increasingly popular and widespread, and is now reaching into compulsory education. Teachers in schools are considering the extent to which common pedagogical methods can be adapted into online environments, or whether they need to be completely revised and reconceptualised.Assessment is the measurement of learning; One definition suggests that assessment is 'the wide variety of methods or tools that educators use to evaluat...
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