How to Rank for Local Search on Google – The Ultimate Guide

This article was contributed byRavi Sharma. Countless hours have gone in to the study of search algorithms by experts. It is an ever-evolving process that requires diligent training and practice. The best developers have built up a list of resources and techniques that have shown to work efficiently. Although, will the introduction of AI and machine learning, we may never know the true process used by Google to rank search results. We are starting to reach a point where the search engines will c...
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SEO 101 Episode 365: Google’s September Core Update, Search Console Becomes Fresher and Questions from Listeners

Summary of SEO 101 Episode 365 The hosts discuss the latest large core update to Google’s algorithms that was recently announced, massive improvements in Google Search Console’s freshness, the effect of nofollows, and additional search snippet controls. Last but not least, Ross covers some insight into the Local SEO world, and the hosts answer an interesting question. Notes from SEO 101 Episode 365 September Core Update Tuesday Sept 24th: Google Releases September 2019 Core Update On Sep...
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Chocolate Cupcakes (From a Doctored Cake Mix!)

For super moist chocolate cake, try this doctored cake mix recipe that makes THE BEST chocolate cupcakes around!  If you’re looking for how to improve a box cake mix, I have the #1 post on Google with all the best tips for how to make a box cake better – it really does have all... Read On → The post Chocolate Cupcakes (From a Doctored Cake Mix!) appeared first on All Things Mamma.
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Land Rover Developing Remote Driving for Defender

Jaguar Land Rover is reportedly working a system for the new Defender that would allow for low-speed maneuvers with all occupants outside the car. While it sounds like a good way to guarantee the safety of friends and family when traversing a cliff face that might be a bit too narrow, recent hiccups with Tesla’s […] The post Land Rover Developing Remote Driving for Defender appeared first on The Truth About Cars.
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New gel could fireproof forests for weeks at a time

Proof-of-concept cellulose-based application might cut wildfires by 70%. Barry Keily reports.
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ASUS Rolls Out Very Interesting ROG Crosshair VIII Impact Motherboard

ASUS this past week rolled out their flagship socket AM4 motherboard for small form factor builds, the ROG Crosshair VIII Impact. This board is based on the AMD X570 chipset and supports the latest 3rd generation Ryzen processors. The post ASUS Rolls Out Very Interesting ROG Crosshair VIII Impact Motherboard appeared first on
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Police department says it’s really sorry for running recruitment ad on antigay alt-right website

Everybody makes mistakes. The Los Angeles Police Department says it’s really, really sorry about running a recruitment ad on Breitbart News, the alt-right website known for targeting LGBTQ people among other marginalized communities. The ad was first noticed by Noah Shachtman from the Daily Beast, who tweeted about it on Friday. AdBridg.cmd.push(function() { AdBridg.display("div-gpt-ad-inarticle1"); }); Uhhhh why is the LAPD running recruitment ads on Breitbart?!
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How to Avoid a Negative Climate Future for the World’s Oceans

On September 25th, the UN-led Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a landmark report on the impact of climate change on the world’s oceans. Over 100 authors from 36 countries analyzed the latest scientific findings on the cryosphere in a changing climate. The picture the report paints is dire, writes Robinson Meyer in The Atlantic: While the report covers how climate change is reshaping the oceans and ice sheets, its deeper focus is how water, in all its forms, is cl...
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Cleaning A WordPress Malware Infection For Dummies

If it can happen to your computer occasionally, then it will certainly happen to your WordPress website, perhaps more often. Malware or other viruses and infections or cyber-attacks are a huge mess. Cleaning them us is often tedious too and disheartening. Still, we’re here to help you clean a WordPress malware infection in the simplest way possible. It may not be as simple as say, cleaning a malware on your computer, but it has to be done– urgently. If left unchecked, a WordPress malwar...
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New Critical Exim Flaw Exposes Email Servers to Remote Attacks — Patch Released

A critical security vulnerability has been discovered and fixed in the popular open-source Exim email server software, which could allow a remote attacker to simply crash or potentially execute malicious code on targeted servers. Exim maintainers today released an urgent security update—Exim version 4.92.3—after publishing an early warning two days ago, giving system administrators an early [Author: [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal)]
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How objectivity about new technology is key to delivering a leading customer experience

At the beginning of May NICE inContact released its second annual, global research study that investigated the changing attitudes of contact center leaders and customers regarding customer experience. The report called the 2019 NICE inContact Customer Experience (CX) Transformation Benchmark, surveyed more than 900 contact center decision makers in the US, UK, and Australia. Like many other studies that have gone before it, the NICE inContact study highlighted the existence of a perception gap b...
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We Are Social’s Monday Mashup #462

Facebook announces Horizon, a new VR social network At its Oculus Connect event last week, Facebook announced the upcoming launch of its own social Oculus-based VR platform, called Horizon. Positioned as an ‘interactive world’, people will be able to create their own VR avatars and hang out with other players, play games and even build their own virtual environments. To help ensure that Horizon remains a welcoming environment, Facebook is also establishing new safety tools and providing human gu...
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Digital Marketing Tips For Bloggers In 2020

Bloggers are overwhelmingly competing to gain higher ranks in Google search results and increasing the size of their audience. Especially, with no physical barriers to entry, new competitors are entering the market place. Having said that, the industry is dominated by influencers and newcomers have to work hard, breaking their backs, in order to reach the top of the pyramid. Here’s what you can do as a newbie in the blogging world to quickly gain higher ranks and traffic organically. Social Plat...
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Razer Launches Seiren Emote Microphone

Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, today introduced the Seiren Emote, the world's first professional-grade streaming microphone featuring an emoticon display. The post Razer Launches Seiren Emote Microphone appeared first on
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Full-fibre broadband: What is it and how does it work?

Boris Johnson says everyone in the UK should have fast full-fibre broadband, but what is it?
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AMD’s “Raise the Game” Bundle Includes Borderlands 3, Ghost Recon Breakpoint & More!

AMD has just announced the 2019 edition of their "Raise the Game" game-bundle offer which includes purchases of its Ryzen Desktop processors and Radeon RX graphics cards. The post AMD’s “Raise the Game” Bundle Includes Borderlands 3, Ghost Recon Breakpoint & More! appeared first on
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The Japanese Fairy Tale Series: The Illustrated Books That Introduced Western Readers to Japanese Tales (1885-1922)

Everyone in Japan knows the story of Momotaro, the boy born from a peach who goes on to defeat the marauding ogres known as oni. The oldest known written versions of Momotaro's adventures date back to the 17th century, but even then the tale almost certainly had a long history of passage through oral tradition. And though Momotaro may well be the best-known Japanese folk hero, his story is just one in a body of folklore vast enough that few, even among avid enthusiasts, can claim to have master...
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Google Ads enables reporting across accounts in Report Editor

Unfortunately it’s currently limited to Manager accounts with no more than 10 accounts. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Ginny Marvin]
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Our digital future 9: Omni-choice learning

Photo by Loewe Technologies on unsplash There's plenty of hype about artificial intelligence (AI) and its potential, future impact on society. In many areas, such as manufacturing, defence, transport and health, AI is already impacting significantly. In the tech industry, it's already seen as a notorious element in targeted advertising, surveillance and propaganda (for example in recent elections). That's where the money is, so it's where the most frenetic development work is focused. But...
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How to be a successful Social Media Marketing Manager?

PostPlanner is one of my favorite social media marketing tools. It helps me find the best content out there on social media that is already viral and thousands and thousands of people are already being engaged with that. Watch the following 4 videos (and they will not take more than 25 minutes of your time) to become a successful social media marketing manager: How to become a successful social media marketing manager? How to Find Great Content to Share on Twitter...
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Reckoning Reflections

The post I wrote yesterday generated a lot of discussion. I followed it on Twitter and engaged with much of it there. One of the best things about writing is all of the feedback you get. It helps to sharpen your arguments and also makes you rethink them too. Here are some of the takeaways: Some readers interpreted the post as arguing for only investing in high gross margin businesses. I don’t believe that is the right takeaway. The better takeaway is that high margin businesses are of...
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Pay What You Wish — 9 Hacking Certification Training Courses in 1 Bundle

The greatest threat facing most nations is no longer a standing army. It's a hacker with a computer who can launch a crippling cyber attack from thousands of miles away—potentially taking down everything from server farms to entire power grids with a few lines of code. So it should come as no surprise that virtually every major company in both the public and private sector—as well as national [Author: [email protected] (The Hacker News)]
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How a psychiatry pioneer helped me understand my mother

Editor’s note: To help families dealing with addiction, Google has given over $1 million worth of contributions to Partnership for Drug-Free Kids (PDFK) this year and worked with PDFK to show up for people who are seeking support. When someone searches for relevant queries such as "teen drug addiction" on Google or YouTube, they get the number to call an experienced parent coach who works with caregivers to develop individualized plans for helping loved ones with substance use. You can also find...
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A German City of Industry Gets a Modern Makeover

The German company Siemens is launching an ambitious adaptive reuse project to revitalize its historic corporate campus, with a modern data-collecting twist. BERLIN—Right now, it’s hard to imagine what Siemensstadt will eventually look like. Surrounded by old brick factory buildings and shuttered offices, the area sits at the intersection of two large roads in a neglected northern outskirts of Berlin. Cars speed by faster than they should; every now and then, a solitary traveler emerges f...
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Q3 Wrap-Up: What’s Changed For B2B Marketers & What’s Ahead in 2020?

We've now reached the end of the third quarter of 2019, one filled with many significant B2B marketing changes and several surprising twists and turns that will combine to affect how the industry moves forward as we enter Q4 and push forward to 2020. Q3 saw numerous exciting shifts in new directions, and a few seemingly slight changes in course that are nonetheless poised to make big impacts in 2020. We're always working to bring you the most relevant B2B marketing news, including over 180 w...
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Robert Johnson Finally Gets an Obituary in The New York Times 81 Years After His Death

Whether you see it as a good faith effort to correct past mistakes or a bid to distract from more recent fumbles—the New York Times' “Overlooked” obituary series has done its readers a service by recovering the bios of “remarkable people whose deaths… went unreported in The Times.” Most of the profiles are of people who were public figures at the time of their death. Some had achieved international recognition, like Alan Turing, and others were royalty, like Rani, queen of the kingdom of Jhansi...
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60-Minute Masterclass: Google Ads Automation Best Practices

Join Hanapin Marketing and DialogTech for a live webinar to learn how advertisers can use Google Ads automation to drive more of the right conversions. Read more at
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Uber – a Silicon Valley drama: Chips with Everything podcast

Jordan Erica Webber chats to New York Times reporter Mike Isaac about Super Pumped, his new book on the rise and fall of Travis Kalanick Continue reading...
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New hardware from Amazon, maps from Facebook, and games from Apple

My latest Techspotting segment for KITV, where Maleko McDonnell and I recap Amazon’s hardware announcements (including Echo Frames and Echo Smart Ring), Facebook’s augmented reality news (Oculus Live Maps), and the launch of Apple Arcade and Google Play Pass, both for $5 a month. Q: Amazon announced a ton of new hardware, and it looks like they want their Alexa intelligent assistant to be everywhere, right? A: Right. They’re putting their voice activated tech into everything from ear bud...
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Two weeks with Apple Arcade – Revert to Saved

Expert opinion on the value of Apple Arcade.
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