Young Startups Are Exploring New Team Building Activities

Team building is a term that has a bad reputation in workplaces. Whenever a supervisor says ‘We’re going to do some team building activities today,’ you can see the resentment on the faces of the employees. Even though it has a bad reputation, team building is one of the most important investments you can make for your people. It doesn’t matter if you have a great product or the most innovating idea. If your employees aren’t behind it, it would not be able to produce expected results. One shoul...
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How Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are Enriching Mobile App Development?

  Artificial Intelligence is growing rapidly and emerging out as one of the most popular technologies across the software industry. Artificial intelligence is widely used in mobile app development to help the user complete day-to-day tasks easily and efficiently. AI Read more… The post How Artificial Intelligence and Chatbots are Enriching Mobile App Development? appeared first on Guest Post, Telecom Media, Tech, Guest Blogging, SEO Tips.
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Nuance Spinout Cerence Vies With Tech Giants in Voice-AI for Auto

A new mobility company, Cerence, is making its public-market debut Wednesday, and its first CEO, Sanjay Dhawan, says he’s been meeting with more than 50 investors in recent weeks to talk up its prospects.Cerence is a spinout from pioneering speech recognition company Nuance Communications (NASDAQ: NUAN), and it will carry on the work of Nuance’s former automotive division—a longtime player in the hotly competitive drive to equip vehicles to take full advantage of voice interactivity, artificial...
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Deep Fakes, Quantum Computing and more on Mornings with Ken and Matt On WGAN

Hey, Good Morning, everybody, I had a conversation with Ken and map this morning. They are on WGAN, the morning drive show there in Maine. How do you explain quantum computing? And I thought I could probably explain them pretty well. And Matt wanted to do a follow up on this whole quantum supremacy thing. And so I took a stab at it, explained it, and I have heard some half decent explanations before but unless you really get into the physics of it, it can be hard to explain. Anyhow, let me know ...
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The fashion that lets you feel music

Clothing fitted with haptic sensors enable Hermon and Heroda, who are deaf, to feel dance music.
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Folding Circle Skateboard

Shape-shifting folding skateboard transforms into a circle for easy storage in any backpack. Innovative mini cruiser skateboard concept designed by Chia-Wei Chen. Also check out: Stair Rover Skateboard
Tags: Design, Tech, Chia Wei Chen

A new Google tool will tell you if your passwords have been hacked

Google on Wednesday announced new tools meant to enhance user privacy across its products, such as Google Maps incognito mode, YouTube history deletion, and privacy management via Google Assistant. But Google also announced a feature that should enhance your security online by telling you which passwords may have been compromised during security breaches targeting various sites, and advising immediate action.The feature is hardly new, and Google Chrome isn't the only browser that can help yo...
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Here's that hippie, pro-privacy, pro-freedom Apple y'all so love: Hong Kong protest safety app banned from iOS store

Trying to avoid cops, live rounds, tear gas? Oh no, you don't, say Cook & Co Apple has banned an app that allows people in Hong Kong to keep track of protests and police activity in the city state, claiming such information is illegal.…
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[New report] Free Excerpt: Retail Today

So many professionals in the retail industry never studied it. Even the people behind brands like Tesco and Apple didn’t. But success in retail isn’t determined by a formal education—it comes from something else.  After 15 years of research in the retail arena, PSFK has distilled an answer to the question of what drives success: Understanding the Customer Experience Journey. Innovators who are aware of this path to purchase and how to leverage it are the ones who secure sales and excel in a cro...
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What are all the synths hiding in Mutable’s modules (and their free VCV ports?)

Mutable Instruments packed a lot of different sound models into a single module with Braids and “spiritual successor” Plaits. Learn what they do in these videos. Émilie’s work in modular is some of the most innovative of recent instrument designs. Braids and the later Plaits are so deep, in fact, that they can seem a bit like cheating – like the sound design work is already done for you in that engine. But that’s before you begin to appreciate the simplicity of the interface, on one hand, and...
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Judge Orders Removal of Online Posts Alleging Sexual Harassment by Subodh Gupta

A Delhi judge has ordered Facebook and Google to remove posts related to allegations of sexual harassment against artist Subodh Gupta, Art News reports. Judge Rajiv Sahai Endlaw called the posts “defamatory,” and ruled they “cannot be permitted to be made in public domain.” Read more at Art Newspaper  
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Bullhorn acquires staffing software platform Erecruit

Bullhorn has acquired Erecruit, a staffing software platform. No financial terms were disclosed. District Capital Partners and Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP advised Bullhorn on the transaction while Paul Hastings advised Erecruit. Boston-based Erecruit was backed by North Bridge. PRESS RELEASE BOSTON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Bullhorn®, the cloud computing company that helps staffing and recruiting organizations transform their businesses, today announced that it has acquired Erecruit, a provider of applic...
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Millions of medical devices using old code are open to attack, FDA says

In July, the security firm Armis Security discovered network protocol bugs in a software component that supports many medical devices operating today.Now, the FDA and security researchers say that these vulnerabilities extend to more devices than initially thought.Fortunately, a large-scale attack seems impossible. None The Food and Drug Administration is warning hospitals and healthcare providers about decades-old cybersecurity vulnerabilities that could mean millions of medical devices are,...
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New solution to weighty issue

Researchers employ drones to learn more about the ecology and health of large cetaceans.
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Microsoft launches Surface Pro X and previews folding phone

Product bonanza includes bigger Surface Laptop 3, Surface Earbuds and updated Surface Pro 7Microsoft has launched the Surface Pro X, a redesigned thin and light two-in-one Windows 10 PC running on custom ARM chips rather than traditional Intel processors, plus the Surface Pro 7 and Surface Laptop 3, and previewed a folding phone and dual-screen tablet.The products were unveiled at an event in New York on Wednesday, where Microsoft sought to grab attention from rivals including Apple and Samsung....
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Building community and making connections at Grace Hopper

I’ve spent most of my career in roles where it becomes less diverse as you go up the ranks. Oftentimes, I’ve been the only Black woman in the room, so I’ve had to create a community where one didn’t exist, and now in my role at Google, it's a big part of my job to create community for underrepresented groups.  Kicking off Grace Hopper 2019 This week I’m at the 16th Annual Grace Hopper Conference in Orlando, Florida. Every year, 20,000 people—including nearly 5,000 students from more t...
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A Look Into Continuous Efforts By Chinese Hackers to Target Foreign Governments

Phishing is still one of the widely used strategies by cybercriminals and espionage groups to gain an initial foothold on the targeted systems. Though hacking someone with phishing attacks was easy a decade ago, the evolution of threat detection technologies and cyber awareness among people has slowed down the success of phishing and social engineering attacks over the years. Since phishing [Author: [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal)]
Tags: China, Tech, Cyber Espionage, Hacking Tool, Chinese Hackers, Cyber Attack, Swati Khandelwal

Action Blocks: one tap to make technology more accessible

Think about the last time you did something seemingly simple on your phone, like booking a rideshare. To do this, you had to unlock your phone, find the right app, and type in your pickup location. The process required you to read and write, remember your selections, and focus for several minutes at a time. For the 630 million people in the world with some form of cognitive disability, it’s not that easy. So we’ve been experimenting with how the Assistant and Android can work together to reduce ...
Tags: Google, Android, Accessibility, Giovanni, Google Assistant, Lorenzo Caggioni

AMD and Microsoft Announce New 15 Inch Thin and Light Microsoft Surface Laptop 3

Today, AMD and Microsoft announced the first-ever 15-inch Microsoft Surface Laptop powered by new AMD Ryzen Microsoft Surface Edition processors. The post AMD and Microsoft Announce New 15 Inch Thin and Light Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 appeared first on
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Thumbs up: can you text 38 words a minute?

According to a new study, two-thumb texters are almost as fast as keyboard users. We take to the streets to see if the public are up to speed The human thumb, being opposable, is a blessed thing: we can hold a pen, send a text or play thumb war as the mood takes us. Today’s digital natives will have learned to type before they crawl, and are capable of bashing out a “Hey, you up?” text faster than the brain can process that it is a bad decision. But not everyone is as lightning-fast: all of us k...
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Man sues Apple after he claims his iPhone made him gay

A Russian man identified only as D. Razumilov has just filed lawsuit for “moral suffering and harm to mental health” after he claims his iPhone tricked him into downloading an app that made him gay. Really. Razmuliov claims he received a payment of 69 GayCoins (a form of cryptocurrency) on his iPhone in 2017. According to The Moscow Times, the payment from an unknown sender also came with the message “don’t judge without trying.” “I thought, indeed, how can I judge something without trying it?”...
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How the head of Google Ad Grants fights for the underdog

Michelle Hurtado was raised on the notion that hard work can get you through anything. As the daughter of a Hispanic immigrant, she was born with the drive to create a better life for those around her, always surrounding herself with strong communities and an appreciation for faith, family and traditions. These values came from her grandmother, who fled Colombia during especially violent years—with Michelle’s father in tow. Michelle says her grandmother’s bravery and dedication to her family wil...
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Google Ads’ switch to standard delivery starts Oct. 7 for Search, Shopping campaigns, shared budgets

An updated list of error codes for API clients and scripts is also available. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Ginny Marvin]
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Apple Praline Snickerdoodles

Apple Praline Snickerdoodles: Powdered freeze dried apples, toffee, and pecans take the classic Snickerdoodle to a whole new level for your fall baking. The post Apple Praline Snickerdoodles appeared first on Sweet ReciPEAs.
Tags: Apple, Food, Pecans, Fruit, Cookies, Baking, Baked Goods, Cookie, Toffee, Praline, Your Tummy Will Love Me Your Jeans Will Hate Me, Snickerdoodle

ReliaQuest to buy VC-backed Threatcare

ReliaQuest has agreed to acquire Austin-based Threatcare, a provider of cyber defense solutions. No financial terms were disclosed. Threatcare’s backers included Moonshots Capital, Flyover Capital and Firebrand Ventures. PRESS RELEASE TAMPA, Fla., Oct. 2, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — ReliaQuest, the leader in enterprise cybersecurity, today announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Austin-based Threatcare, the leader in proactive cyber defense. The acquisition will increase protection fo...
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How to Avoid Waste With Your Internet Marketing

This post is contributed by Jason Dirkham. There’s no getting around the fact that there is waste when you’re running a company. It’s impossible to hit 100 hundred percent in everything, and, as such, there’ll be plenty of wasted time, money, resources, and materials. But that’s not all. We can also find that there’s wastage when it comes to things like our digital marketing. This happens in various ways. Our strategies may not be effective, we may invest in ads and other types of marketing that...
Tags: Google, Business, Marketing, Sales, Internet Marketing, Jason Dirkham

£3bn Google sueball over Safari Workaround bounces through UK Court of Appeal

Warning shot at big tech firms, says one-time Which? director Google has lost its attempt to squash a High Court lawsuit that could see the firm stung for £3bn over its exploitation of a loophole in Apple's Safari browser.…
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How to Delete Apps on an iPhone or iPad With iOS 13

Apple changed the way your iPhone and iPad’s home screen works in iOS 13. Now, when you long-press an app’s icon, you’ll first see a contextual menu rather than the usual jiggling icons with “x” buttons. This is all because Apple is getting rid of 3D Touch. Rather than pressing the screen extra hard to open that contextual menu, you just have to long-press an icon, and the menu will appear. There’s now an extra step before those app icons start shaking around. Delete Apps From the Home Screen ...
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Tech giants court fossil fuel firms, with some employee protests

Does cutting-edge cloud computing help oil companies clean up their businesses or just pollute more? Big tech companies grapple with best practices.
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A philosopher is running for president

Jerome Segal is a philosopher and social activist from Maryland who's just joined the 2020 presidential race as a third-party candidate.He doesn't hope to win, necessarily, but instead to ignite a political renaissance in the country.Philosophers have a good idea of what a utopian society should look like, but should we elect one as president? None Jerome Segal, a philosopher and social activist from Maryland, is running for president in 2020.Segal, 75, will be running as a third-party candid...
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