Customizing WordPress with Branda by WPMU DEV

Why settle for the WordPress default login page when you have the option to customize it? If you’re running a blog that allows users to register or it’s a WordPress membership site, or you have an e-commerce blog, you can leverage the benefits that a customized login page can give.  With a custom login page, you can use your brand logo and design to maintain consistency throughout. It gives an assurance that your portal is legit, which will draw in more visitors, and it reduces login sp...
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Ditching Platinum For the Ocean Could Make Hydrogen Cheap

Shotgun shares a report from Popular Mechanics: [S]cientists at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) have found a pairing of minerals that surpasses other precious metal materials when it comes to producing hydrogen. Testing a molybdenum-phosphide (MoP) catalyst with wastewater in a small reactor called a microbial electrolysis cell (MEC), scientists found that the MoP worked better than platinum. The most frequently used method of producing hydrogen is known as electrolysis. Bringin...
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Here are the five Startup Battlefield finalists at Disrupt SF 2019

Over the past two days, 20 startups have taken the stage at Disrupt SF, laying out their visions, demonstrating their technology and answering questions from our expert judges. The startups came from all across the world, and they’re tackling industries ranging from cholera detection to orbital refueling. Now we’ve taken the judges’ feedback and chosen five finalists — who will be presenting tomorrow, October 4, for a new group of judges. The ultimate winner will take home $100,000, equity-free,...
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EFF Wins Access To License Plate Reader Data To Study Law Enforcement Use

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the Electronic Frontier Foundation: Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) and the American Civil Liberties Union Foundation of Southern California (ACLU SoCal) have reached an agreement with Los Angeles law enforcement agencies under which the police and sheriff's departments will turn over license plate data they indiscriminately collected on millions of law-abiding drivers in Southern California. The data, which has been deidentified to protect drivers' ...
Tags: Los Angeles, Tech, Aclu, California Supreme Court, Electronic Frontier Foundation, Electronic Frontier Foundation EFF, Los Angeles Police, Jennifer Lynch

Apple To Release 'iPhone SE 2' In Q1 2020 With iPhone 8 Design, A13 Processor

According to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple is expected to launch the next version of the iPhone SE 2 in the first quarter of 2020. "The new phone will be more affordable than the rest of the Apple iPhone lineup and feature newer internals, like an A13 processor with 3GB RAM, in a familiar iPhone 8 chassis," reports 9to5Mac. From the report: Kuo says that most of the new iPhone SE's hardware specification will mirror the iPhone 8. The analyst predicts Apple will sell 30-40 million units acros...
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StrattyX lets you buy and sell shares using automated rules

StrattyX is a trading interface that lets you set up sophisticated “if-this-then-that” rules and execute orders on the stock market. The startup is participating in the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. There are plenty of brokers that let you buy and sell shares using a mobile app and a web interface. But if you want to access more sophisticated tools and automate strategies, there’s not much you can do. StrattyX wants to open up automated trading software to anyone, from non-profes...
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Greyparrot uses computer vision to improve waste management

Meet Greyparrot, a London-based startup that wants to improve waste management. The company uses computer vision to make sorting more efficient at different stages of the waste chain. And Greyparrot has been selected as a wildcard for the Startup Battlefield at TechCrunch Disrupt SF. The company has been using machine learning with images of different types of waste to train a model that detects glass, paper, cardboard, newspapers, cans and different types of plastics (black trays, PET, HDPE). ...
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Startups ‘are staying private way too long’ says Salesforce founder Marc Benioff

“What public markets do is indeed the great reckoning. But it cleanses [a] company of all of the bad stuff that they have.” That’s Salesforce founder and chief executive officer Marc Benioff talking about the benefits of public markets. It’s something that private companies seem to be ignoring in the go-go days of the current venture capital boom cycle and something that’s led to a lot of the erosion in investor value, says Benioff. “I think in a lot of private companies these days, we’re see...
Tags: Startups, TC, Facebook, Tech, Salesforce, Marc Benioff, Milton Friedman, Benioff, Disrupt SF 2019

LifeCouple wants to improve your romantic relationship

Good relationships require ongoing commitment and work. LifeCouple, launching today in public beta at TechCrunch Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield, wants to help make that work a bit easier for you and your partner. Through its app, LifeCouple enables couples to address and monitor any challenges in their relationship. The startup does this by serving up content designed to encourage people to look more closely at their relationship across four key areas: trust, communication, conflict and intim...
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Google Contractors Reportedly Targeted Homeless People For Pixel 4 Facial Recognition

From a report: In July, Google admitted it has employees pounding the pavement in a variety of US cities, looking for people willing to sell their facial data for a $5 gift certificate to help improve the Pixel 4's face unlock system. But the New York Daily News reports that a Google contractor may be using some questionable methods to get those facial scans, including targeting groups of homeless people and tricking college students who didn't know they were being recorded. According to several...
Tags: Google, US, Tech, Atlanta, Facial Recognition, New York Daily News, Randstad, Daily News Read

Typing Speeds On Mobiles Rival Keyboard Users, Says Report

People can now type nearly as fast on a screen as they can on a keyboard. "Researchers made the discovery during a study of typing skills in which more than 37,000 volunteers from 160 countries took a speed and accuracy test on their mobile phones," reports The Guardian. From the report: People who tapped out messages with a single finger managed on average only 29 words per minute (wpm), but those who mastered the two-thumb technique hit a blistering 38wpm, only 25% slower than an average typer...
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Avalow wants to be your gardening coach

What’s the opposite of a green thumb? Whatever it is, I have that. My house and yard are full of succulents not because they’re trendy, but because anything else I try to plant dies within a month. When I turn to Google to figure out why my zucchini plant randomly turned white and fell over (did I over water it? Under water it? Plant it on the wrong side of my house? Look at it the wrong way too many times?), I fall into a rabbit hole of forum posts with a million different answers, get overwhel...
Tags: Google, Startups, TC, Gardening, Tech, UC Berkeley, Battlefield, Disrupt SF 2019, TechCrunch Disrupt SF Startup Battlefield, Avalow

NASA’s first all-electric experimental X-plane is ready for testing

NASA will fly a crewed X-plane, one of the experimental aircraft it creates to test various technologies, for the first time in two decades in the near future. This X-plane, the X-57 Maxwell to be exact, is significant for another reason, too: It’s the first fully electric experimental plane that NASA will fly. The delivery of the X-57 Maxwell to NASA’s Armstrong Flight Research Center in California means that they can begin ground testing, which will then be followed by flight testing once t...
Tags: TC, California, Tech, Nasa, Vehicles, Aircraft, Maxwell, Aviation, Airplane, Aerospace, GreenTech, Armstrong Flight Research Center, Electric Aircraft

GV is weighing the sale of its stake in Uber at the end of its lockup period next month

Today at TC’s Disrupt show in San Francisco, we took the stage with David Krane, a longtime veteran of Google who took the reins as the CEO of its venture arm, GV,  three years ago but hasn’t spoken publicly since. We asked him why he’s been in hiding before diving into some questions about Uber — one of GV’s most lucrative bets to date — and trying to understand better how GV is organized under his leadership. Krane, who earlier in his career was Google’s global head of PR, is accustomed ...
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Google Shopping Updated With New Design, Price Tracking, Local Inventory, More via @MattGSouthern

Google Shopping has been updated with a redesign and new features that make it easier for users to find products.The post Google Shopping Updated With New Design, Price Tracking, Local Inventory, More via @MattGSouthern appeared first on Search Engine Journal.
Tags: Google, News, Mobile Search, Seo, Google Shopping

New Cars' Pedestrian-Safety Features Fail In Deadliest Situations, Study Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The Wall Street Journal: New safety features being rolled out by auto makers to keep drivers from hitting pedestrians don't work at times in some of the most dangerous situations and frequently fail at night, according to a new study by AAA. Testing performed by the association found that pedestrian-detection technology offered in four different models performed inconsistently and didn't activate properly after dark, when many roadway deaths occur. The un...
Tags: Tech, AAA, Greg Brannon, Brannon, AAA Testing, Chevrolet Malibu Honda

The thing about the EU copyright law and Google refusing to pay

As you may have heard, after the European publishers successfully managed to get the EU to introduce a copyright law forcing Google to pay for snippets, Google responded by removing the snippets altogether, so that they didn't have to.This caused quite a commotion within the European media landscape, because they apparently thought they had won.So, I was asked for my views on this, and below is my answer (initially posted on Twitter).First of all, this may sound condescending, but "I told you so...
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Boeing Rejected 737 MAX Safety Upgrades Before Fatal Crashes, Whistleblower Says

The Seattle Times: Seven weeks after the second fatal crash of a 737 MAX in March, a Boeing engineer submitted a scathing internal ethics complaint alleging that management -- determined to keep down costs for airline customers -- had blocked significant safety improvements during the jet's development. The ethics charge, filed by 33-year-old engineer Curtis Ewbank, whose job involved studying past crashes and using that information to make new planes safer, describes how around 2014 his group p...
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Zola, the $650M wedding portal, taps the travel market with an expansion into honeymoons

The wedding industry is estimated to be worth some $100 billion in the U.S. alone, and now one of the fastest-growing companies in that space — the wedding planning site Zola — is making a move to augment its position with a sidestep into travel. Today at Disrupt (our conference in San Francisco), the company is announcing Honeymoons, which will let couples plan, book and raise money for their post-nuptial travels at the same time that they plan the main event. The beta invite is open for those ...
Tags: Startups, TC, Ecommerce, San Francisco, Tech, E-commerce, Weddings, Ma, Zola, TC Disrupt, Shan Lyn Ma, Disrupt SF 2019

Dutch Police Take Down Hornets' Nest of DDoS Botnets

Dutch police have taken down this week a bulletproof hosting provider that has sheltered tens of IoT botnets that have been responsible for hundreds of thousands of DDoS attacks around the world, ZDNet reports. From the report: Servers were seized, and two men were arrested yesterday at the offices of KV Solutions BV (KV hereinafter), a so-called bulletproof hosting provider, a term used to describe web hosting providers that ignore abuse reports and allow cybercrime operations to operate on the...
Tags: Tech, Zdnet, KV Solutions BV

US, UK and Australia urge Facebook to create backdoor access to encrypted messages

Facebook says it opposes calls for backdoors that would ‘undermine the privacy and security of people everywhere’The United States, United Kingdom and Australia plan to pressure Facebook to create a backdoor into its encrypted messaging apps that would allow governments to access the content of private communications, according to an open letter from top government officials to Mark Zuckerberg obtained by the Guardian.The open letter, dated 4 October, is jointly signed by the UK home secretary, ...
Tags: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, UK, Technology, Australia, US, UK News, Australia news, US news, Surveillance, Encryption, Peter Dutton, US UK, United States United Kingdom, Priti Patel, Trump Administration

Facebook encryption threatens public safety, say ministers

Priti Patel says extra security in messages will hamper attempts to fight terrorism and child abuse.
Tags: Facebook, Tech, Priti Patel

Smart glove treats osteoarthritis and other news

BBC Click's Paul Carter looks at the week's best technology stories.
Tags: Tech, Bbc, Paul Carter

The lack of cybersecurity talent is ‘a national security threat,’ says DHS official

One of the most senior officials tasked with protecting U.S. critical infrastructure says that the lack of security professionals in the U.S. is one of the leading threats to national cybersecurity. Speaking at TechCrunch Disrupt SF, Jeanette Manfra, the assistant director for cybersecurity for the Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), said that the agency was making training for new cybersecurity professionals a priority. “It’s a national security risk tha...
Tags: Security, Talent Gap, Government, San Francisco, Tech, Dhs, Cybersecurity, United States, Homeland Security, Department Of Homeland Security, Cyberwarfare, Federal Government, Computer Security, Manfra, Jeanette Manfra, Disrupt SF 2019

Naspers CEO Bob van Dijk on SoftBank comparisons: ‘They’re broad, we’re focused; we invest in what we know’

Naspers, a South African internet company that has become a major investor in a wide range of digital commerce companies, has in recent years drawn comparisons to the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank. For one thing, Naspers, like SoftBank, is very global in nature, with investments in more than 90 countries. Naspers, like SoftBank, doesn’t shy from writing big checks, as happened a few years ago when it plugged $100 million into LetGo, a New York-based company whose app aims to make it as easy to ...
Tags: TC, Europe, New York, India, Softbank, Tech, Alibaba, Venture Capital, Tencent, Food Delivery, Flipkart, Naspers, Letgo, Masa, Van Dijk, Dijk

With ‘Seal Now,’ AI Company Expands Into Pre-Execution Contract Review

Using the AI and analytics capabilities of Seal’s contract analytics platform, Seal Now analyzes contract drafts and delivers a 'scorecard' grading.
Tags: Technology, Law

Silver Lake to buy TEG

Silver Lake has agreed to acquire TEG, an Australian live entertainment and ticketing company. The sellers included Affinity Equity Partners. No financial terms were disclosed. Goldman Sachs and King & Wood Mallesons advised TEG on the deal while Latham & Watkins and Corrs Chambers Westgarth advised Silver Lake. PRESS RELEASE SYDNEY, Oct. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — TEG, Asia Pacific’s leading live entertainment and ticketing company, and Silver Lake, the global leader in technology investing, today ...
Tags: US, Trends, Tech, Intel, Asia Pacific, Sydney, Hugh Jackman, Brazil, Goldman Sachs, Silver Lake, Geoff, Stephen Evans, Sydney Australia, S, Latham Watkins, Silicon Valley New York London

Facebook is being leaned on by US, UK, Australia to ditch its end-to-end encryption expansion plan

Here we go again. Western governments are once again dialing up their attack on end-to-end encryption — calling for either no e2e encryption or backdoored e2e encryption so platforms can be commanded to serve state agents with messaging data in “a readable and usable format.” U.S. Attorney General William Barr, acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan, U.K. Home Secretary Priti Patel and Australia’s minister for home affairs, Peter Dutton, have co-signed an open letter to Faceboo...
Tags: Apple, Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Buzzfeed, Australia, Tech, Fbi, Edward Snowden, Peter Dutton, Zuckerberg, U S Homeland Security, Priti Patel, US UK Australia, Kevin McAleenan, William Barr

Zuckerberg says Facebook will sue to stop EU’s global content takedowns

Facebook plans to challenge Europe’s top court, which today ruled that EU countries can order Facebook to globally remove content that violates local laws. Facebook currently complies with proper legal requests to remove content that breaks a nation’s laws, but can leave it up for global viewers if the post doesn’t violate its Community Standards. But today during a livestreamed Q&A with Facebook employees, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that “This is something I expect us and other companies will ...
Tags: Social, TC, Mobile, Facebook, Apps, Mark Zuckerberg, Europe, Australia, Government, Elizabeth Warren, US, Tech, Eu, Encryption, Policy, Bernie Sanders

Google contractors were reportedly told to target the homeless for facial scans

Google is set to release the Pixel 4 in the near future, however, Google contractors have reportedly been training the tech using some questionable methods.
Tags: Apple, Google, Mobile, Trends, Facial Recognition, Pixel 4

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