((First posted in October2014))Last year for Halloween I blogged about various New England legends andfolklore, some of which posts I may repost this year. But tonight I was lookingfor a new spooky legend and found a poem about a distant cousin written byanother equally distant cousin.I am a descendant of 10x great grandfather John Moulton and his wife Anne. One of their other descendants  is my second cousin 9x removed Jonathan Moulton.  William Richard Cutter says this about him:(IV) General J...
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How Reddit's CEO/Co-Founder Plans To 'Clean Up' Reddit

An anonymous reader quotes the Financial Times: After what the company acknowledges as its "wild" early days, the 35-year-old co-founder is now trying to clean up the edgy website known for provocative discussions and fringe groups, while revamping its advertising offering in a bid to woo big brands and move toward profitability.... [T]empering extreme conversation while also maintaining Reddit's reputation as a radical bastion of free speech is a delicate balance, especially as many among its ...
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Amazon sellers say online retail giant is trying to help itself, not consumers

Regulators are investigating the online retail giant for potential violations of antitrust law and abusing marketplace power.
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Did a Poker Pro Use RFID Tags To Cheat?

CNBC reports that a popular Twitch poker star has been accused of cheating: Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento, California says it will not livestream poker games pending an investigation into cheating allegations made against one of the game's players, Mike Postle... The original accusations were made by Veronica Brill, another poker player who has played with Postle on "Stones Live." Since then, others have come forward with similar complaints. Brill has no specific accusation of what Postle ...
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Aliens May Have Bugged Co-Orbital Space Rocks To Spy On Earth, Scientist Says

dryriver shared this article from NBC News' science blog Mach: Picture this: A hundred million years ago, an advanced civilization detects strange signatures of life on a blue-green planet not so far away from their home in the Milky Way. They try sending signals, but whatever's marching around on that unknown world isn't responding. So, the curious galactic explorers try something different. They send a robotic probe to a small, quiet space rock orbiting near the life-rich planet, just to keep...
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NASA shares 3D Moon data for CG artists and creators

If you want to set your movie or game on the Moon, it’s not hard to find imagery of our photogenic satellite. But NASA has just released a useful and beautiful new set of data just for creators that includes not just imagery but depth data, making it simple to build an incredibly detailed 3D map of the Moon. The CGI Moon Kit comes from NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, where science visualization expert Ernie Wright found that data he had assembled for other purposes was proving popular with 3...
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Microsoft Might Bring Its Edge Browser To Linux

Microsoft appears to be porting its Edge browser to Linux, reports ZDNet: "We on the MS Edge Dev team are fleshing out requirements to bring Edge to Linux, and we need your help with some assumptions," wrote Sean Larkin, a member of Microsoft's Edge team.... Chrome, of course, is already available for Linux, so Microsoft should be able to deliver Chromium-based Edge to Linux distributions with minimal fuss.... [I]n June Microsoft Edge developers said there are "no technical blockers to keep u...
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HTC stopped innovating on smartphones, new CEO admits

Several months back, we invited HTC cofounder and CEO Cher Wang to appear on stage at TechCrunch Disrupt. Sometimes, however, life happens. Two weeks ago, the company announced that Wang would be stepping down from the role, which would immediately be filled by longtime telecom vet, Yves Maitres. Thankfully, the former Orange exec also agreed to appear on stage at this week’s event. Maitres took the stage immediately following a one on one with OnePlus cofounder, Carl Pei. The contrast of the ...
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Halo Light

Giant circular-shaped halo lamp suspended in the air illuminates and provides imaginary super-natural sensation of clarity, light, and extended space. “Halo” – immersive light art installation created by Karolina Halatek. Also check out: Cloud Made of Light Bulbs
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Fake News Posters In Singapore Will Face Fines, Prison Sentences Under New Law

dryriver quotes CNN: Singapore's sweeping anti-fake news law, which critics warn could be used to suppress free speech in the already tightly controlled Asian city state, came into force Wednesday. Under the Protection from Online Falsehoods and Manipulation Bill, it is now illegal to spread "false statements of fact" under circumstances in which that information is deemed "prejudicial" to Singapore's security, public safety, "public tranquility," or to the "friendly relations of Singapore with...
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Purported Leaked Pixel 4 Demos Show Off Improved Google Assistant

As the self-appointed “friend who looks everything up,” I’m open to any app or update that might make my constant fact-checking less of a production. With the “new Google Assistant” on the Pixel 4, issuing a command or query may become as simple as raising your phone and asking away.Read more...
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Research Paper: “Sex Robots Should Be Able to Consent!”

A supposed research paper has tried to reason that granting sex robots with the ability to consent will prove beneficial to mankind by instilling evil cis white males with “virtue ethics” whilst also avoiding the “normalization of non-consensual sex”. Feminists and outrage cultivators have continued to demand human rights for inanimate objects as a supposed […]
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Researchers Repurpose Failed Cancer Drug Into Printable Semiconductor

Long-time Slashdot reader sandbagger shared this news from the University of Illinois at Urbana, where researchers have made a surprising new discovery in a well-studied bioactive molecule: The molecule, which inserts itself into DNA to prevent replication, was once explored as a potential anti-cancer agent... "While examining these pharmaceutical molecules, we noticed that their molecular structures looked much like the organic semiconductors..." said chemical and biomolecular engineering prof...
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Libertarian Accused of Faking 1.5M Net Neutrality Comments Using Data-Breached Addresses

BuzzFeed says they've identified two firms which "misappropriated names and personal information as part of a bid to submit more than 1.5 million statements" pretending to oppose net neutrality regulations: The anti-net neutrality comments harvested on behalf of Broadband for America, the industry group that represented telecommunications giants including AT&T, Cox, and Comcast, were uploaded to the FCC website by Media Bridge founder Shane Cory, a former executive director of both the Libertar...
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Attackers Exploit New 0-day Vulnerability Giving Full Control of Android Phones

"Attackers are exploiting a zero-day vulnerability in Google's Android mobile operating system that can give them full control of at least 18 different phone models," reports Ars Technica, "including four different Pixel models, a member of Google's Project Zero research group said on Thursday night." The post also says there's evidence the vulnerability is being actively exploited. An anonymous reader quotes Ars Technica: Exploits require little or no customization to fully root vulnerable ph...
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Report: Alabama hospitals pay hackers in ransomware attack

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (AP) — An Alabama hospital system that quit accepting new patients after a ransomware attack says it has gotten a key to unlock its computer systems. DCH Health Systems announced Saturday it is bringing systems back online. A statement didn’t say how the three-hospital system got the key to unlock its data. But […]
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The best iPhone apps available right now (October 2019)

The iPhone is the most popular smartphone in the world, and we want to bring out the best in yours. Behold our comprehensive list of the best iPhone apps, from time-saving productivity tools to fun apps you won’t be able to put down.
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Google Finds Hundreds Of Data-Race Conditions In The Linux Kernel

Google has been testing the Linux kernel with its "sanitizer" testing software that hunts for memory corruption bugs and undefined behaviors. Now Phoronix reports on Google's newest sanitizer: Kernel Concurrency Sanitizer (KCSAN) is focused on discovering data-race issues within the kernel code. This dynamic data-race detector is an alternative to the Kernel Thread Sanitizer. In their testing just last month, in two days they found over 300 unique data race conditions within the mainline kernel...
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Chrome Promises 'No More Mixed Messages About HTTPS '

"Today we're announcing that Chrome will gradually start ensuring that https:// pages can only load secure https:// subresources," promises an announcement on the Chromium blog. It notes that Chrome users already make HTTPS connections for more than 90% of their browsing time, and "we're now turning our attention to making sure that HTTPS configurations across the web are secure and up-to-date." In a series of steps outlined below, we'll start blocking mixed content (insecure http:// subresou...
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Crusading tech mogul Marc Benioff of Salesforce aims to prove CEOs can be activists too

In a forthcoming book, "Trailblazer," due out Oct. 15, Benioff calls on activist CEOs to lead a revolution that puts the welfare of people and the planet ahead of profits.
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NASA Will Soon Start Testing Its First All-Electric X-Plane

The first all electric X-plane, the X-57 Mod II, has arrived at NASA's Armstrong Flight Research Center in California and is now ready to undergo some rigorous testing. Engadget reports: X-planes are the aircraft the agency uses to test and evaluate new technologies -- NASA plans to put this plane's electric propulsion system through testing, with the intention of sharing "valuable lessons learned along the way" in order "to inform the growing electric aircraft market." NASA will begin by conduc...
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How I use Google in my classroom—and other advice for teachers

Editor’s note: Happy World Teachers' Day! Today's post comes from Rachel Dunne, a London-based educator who shares her advice for fellow teachers. Teachers like Rachel inspire our product, programs and philanthropy in support of educators every day. I felt overwhelmed when I first started teaching. Although I studied Primary Education in university, no amount of preparation could have fully equipped me to teach my Year Six classroom (or 6th grade, for those of you not in the UK).Six years lat...
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New Universal Basic Income Experiment Finds 40% of Money Spent On Food

"The first data from an experiment in a California city where needy people get $500 a month from the government shows they spend most of it on things such as food, clothing and utility bills," reports the Associated Press: The 18-month, privately funded program started in February and involves 125 people in Stockton.... But critics say the experiment likely won't provide useful information from a social science perspective given its limited size and duration. Matt Zwolinski, director of the Cen...
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Apple opens free repair program for select iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models facing ‘No Power’ issue globally

Apple launched iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones back in 2016. Some units of iPhone 6s faced unexpected shutdown issue and Apple opened a repair program for the same. Similarly, now Apple has opened a free repair program for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus models with 'No Power' issue. Some units of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus are facing 'No Power' issue and this occurs due to a "component that may fail.". iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners facing the issue wherein their smartphones a...
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Cars All But Banned On One of Manhattan's Busiest Streets

An anonymous reader shares a report from The New York Times: On Thursday, New York City transformed one of its most congested streets into a "busway" that delighted long frustrated bus riders and transit advocates but left many drivers and local businesses fuming that the city had gone too far. Passenger cars, including taxis and Ubers, were all but banned from 14th Street, a major crosstown route for 21,000 vehicles a day that links the East and West Sides of Manhattan. It was New York's most a...
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iPhone 6s not turning on? Apple may fix power issue for free

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus owners who are experiencing no power issues with their devices may be able to get free repairs.
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Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Talking to dogs, flawless sound, architecture-inspired pleasure toys and the changing face of fashion New Technology Enhances Dog-Human Communication From Maria Goodavage’s brand new book Doctor Dogs, an excerpt in Wired probes the FIDO program at Georgia Institute of Technology’s Animal-Computer Interaction Lab. The epicenter of dog-human communication studies in the US, FIDO’s researchers have developed several prototype talking vest for dogs. They employ tabs and pulleys …
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Asus ROG Phone 2 review: The power to change your game

Asus is on a roll in 2019. Its new ROG Phone 2 is a gaming phone with plenty of power to make even casual gamers pause to stare. Hold on to your butt. This thing is fast.
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iPadOS tips and tricks that make your iPad a whole lot more useful

Apple's iPadOS is aimed at differentiating the iPad's operating system from the iPhone's -- and as such, there are a number of great features in it that you won't get on the iPhone.
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6 apps that help you handle your team effectively

Source   We live in an age when virtual teams, remote work, and flexible work hours are fast becoming a norm, particularly in tech-related businesses and startups. Today, the importance of effective team management has reached an all-time high, as Read more… The post 6 apps that help you handle your team effectively appeared first on Guest Post, Telecom Media, Tech, Guest Blogging, SEO Tips.
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