5 Most Affordable Mirrorless Camera for Photography Enthusiastic

If you are a photography lover or a photography enthusiast and you are looking for another ca If you are a photography lover or a photography enthusiast and you are looking for another camera, the publicity existing apart from everything else is the purported mirrorless camera. In any case, would it be a good idea for you to get one? In this article, we will talk about 6 things you should think about mirrorless cameras. Have a perused and afterward choose if mirrorless is the best a...
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Some Corals Grow After 'Fatal' Warming

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: For the first time ever, scientists have found corals that were thought to have been killed by heat stress have recovered, a glimmer of hope for the world's climate change-threatened reefs. The chance discovery, made by Diego K. Kersting from the Freie University of Berlin and the University of Barcelona during diving expeditions in the Spanish Mediterranean, was reported in the journal Science Advances on Wednesday. Kersting and co-author Cri...
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Chrome will now use AI to describe images to visually challenged users

Google has announced a new feature for its Chrome browser which will make use of machine learning and AI to recognise the images displayed on the screen and describe them verbally for visually challenged users. Users will get to hear the closest auto generated description of the image displayed on the screen even if the website does not use alt-texts on the images. This new feature is now available to users with Braille output devices or screen readers and can be activated from the accessibility...
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SAP’s Bill McDermott on stepping down as CEO

SAP’s CEO Bill McDermott today announced that he wouldn’t seek to renew his contract for the next year and step down immediately after nine years at the helm of the German enterprise giant. Shortly after the announcement, I talked to McDermott, as well as SAP’s new co-CEOs Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein. During the call, McDermott stressed that his decision to step down was very much a personal one, and that while he’s not ready to retire just yet, he simply believes that now is the r...
Tags: Enterprise, Tech, Ceo, Christian, Sap, Founder, Morgan, McDermott, Hasso Plattner, Plattner, Jen, Jennifer, Klein, Christian Klein, Bill McDermott, Jennifer Morgan

Few convinced by Apple's case for Hong Kong app removal

Apple's removal of an app used to track Hong Kong police leads to claims it was bowing to Beijing pressure.
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The Most Detailed Map of Auto Emissions In America

The New York Times published findings from an analysis of new data released through Boston University's Database of Road Transportation Emissions. The map embedded in the report shows a year's worth of CO2 from passenger and freight traffic on every road in the United States. From the report: The database provides the most detailed estimates available of local on-road CO2 over the past three decades. Even as the United States has reduced carbon dioxide emissions from its electric grid, largely b...
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Upgrade, the newest company by Renaud Laplanche, has a new credit card that it swears is good for you

Three years ago, the founder of LendingClub, Renaud Laplanche, took the wraps off his second act, a consumer lending venture called Upgrade that now employs 350 people, has lent roughly $2 billion to 200,000 people, and has raised $142 million from outside investors. At the time, it was jumping into a crowded market that has only become more frenzied, with a growing number of fintech startups that market themselves as more thoughtful alternatives to established banks and traditional credit card ...
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Fury as Apple pulls US news app Quartz from China 'over Hong Kong coverage'

Apple has blocked a US news app from its Chinese service as the iPhone maker is accused of bowing to pressure from state censors over pro-democracy protests in Hong Kong. Quartz, a US news site covering the Hong Kong protests, said its app was blocked from its App Store in China with a note from Apple saying it “includes content that is illegal in China”. The ban on installing the app on iPhones or iPads prompted a furious reaction from the publisher and Quartz journalists. “We abhor this kind o...
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Udacity will offer 100,000 free programming classes as part of the “Pledge to America’s Workers”

Udacity, the online education company founded by Sebastian Thrun, is launching a new scholarship initiative as part of the Pledge to America’s Workers job training initiative undertaken by the administration of President Donald Trump.  Under the leadership of newly minted chief executive Gabe Dalporto, Udacity is committing to giving away free introductory technology training classes to 20,000 applicants every year. The program is focused on teaching front-end web development, mobile app ...
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Rwanda Releases First Smartphone Made Entirely In Africa

Rwanda's Mara Group just released two smartphones, earning the company the title of the first smartphone manufacturer in Africa. Their grand ambitions are to help turn Rwanda into a regional tech hub. Fast Company reports: Rwanda President Paul Kagame has announced Africa's "first high tech smartphone factory," CNN reported. While smartphones are assembled in other African nations (Egypt, Algeria, and South Africa all have assembly plants), according to Reuters, those companies all import the co...
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Kirsten Dunst Replaces Elisabeth Moss in Jane Campion Adaptation of ‘The Power of the Dog’

Kirsten Dunst has already become a god in Central Florida, so why not a local widow in the new Netflix Western drama The Power of the Dog? The year of the Dunst-issance continues as the On Becoming a God in Central Florida star has been tapped to replace Elisabeth Moss in Jane Campion‘s adaptation of the 1967 Thomas Savage novel about two wealthy brothers with opposite personalities played by Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Dano. Variety broke the news that Dunst is joining The Power of the Do...
Tags: Google, Florida, Movies, Benedict Cumberbatch, Drama, Casting, Montana, Netflix, Showtime, Adaptation, Cumberbatch, Kirsten-Dunst, Elisabeth Moss, Paul Dano, George, Phil

Oscar-winning director Alfonso Cuaron inks exclusive deal with Apple TV+

Add two-time Oscar winner Alfonso Cuarón to the list. The filmmaker has signed a multiyear deal with Apple to develop television shows for Apple TV+, making Cuarón yet another big name locked down for Apple's upcoming streaming service.
Tags: Apple, Trends, Apple TV, Alfonso Cuarón, Oscar, Home Theater, Streaming Services, Cuaron, Movies & TV, Apple TV Plus

Original Content podcast: Malka Older on reviving the clones of ‘Orphan Black’ for Serial Box

“Orphan Black” ended its five-season run back in 2017, but Serial Box is currently continuing the story with “Orphan Black: The Next Chapter,” a weekly series of e-books and audiobooks. While spinoff novels and licensed fiction are nothing new, I was particularly interested in this revival because Serial Box is a venture-backed startup bringing back the tradition of serialized fiction. Plus, ‘The Next Chapter” feels particularly official because the audio version is narrated by Tatiana Maslan...
Tags: Apple, Media, Podcasts, Entertainment, Tech, Tatiana Maslany, Orphan Black, Malka, Serial Box, Malka Older, Original Content Podcast

Bill McDermott steps down as SAP’s CEO

SAP today announced that Bill McDermott, its CEO for the last nine years, is stepping down immediately. The company says he decided not to renew his contract. SAP Executive Board members Jennifer Morgan and Christian Klein have been appointed co-CEOs. McDermott, who started his business career as a deli owner in Amityville, Long Island and recently spoke at our TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise event, joined SAP in 2002 as the head of SAP North America. He became co-CEO, together with SAP co-fo...
Tags: TC, Tech, Ceo, Companies, Christian, Bill, Driver, Sap, Head, Executive, McDermott, Hasso Plattner, Plattner, Jennifer, Christian Klein, Google Cloud

NASA administrator explains Twitter spat with SpaceX

HAWTHORNE, Calif. (AP) — NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine said Thursday that a recent Twitter statement critical of SpaceX was a signal to all the space agency’s contractors about realistic development timelines. Bridenstine addressed the issue during a press conference with SpaceX founder Elon Musk after touring the company’s headquarters in Hawthorne, California. Bridenstine said NASA […]
Tags: Business, Spacex, Elon Musk, Science, Technology, News, Ap, Nasa, Nation, Hawthorne Calif, Jim Bridenstine, Bridenstine, Hawthorne California Bridenstine

Quantum Computing May Be Closer Than Expected With 'Game Changer' Discovery

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Inverse: Researchers from the Johns Hopkins University describe a superconducting material, B-Bi2Pd, that naturally exists in a quantum state without the additional influence of magnetic fields usually needed for such an effect. The authors write that the low-maintenance, stability of this material makes it a perfect candidate for designing quantum systems. The research will be published Friday in the journal Science by physicists from Johns Hopkins Unive...
Tags: Tech, Johns Hopkins University, Yufan Li

Amazon Music now has an app for Apple TV. Here’s how to use it

Users get access to all of the same content as on their phones, including the scrolling lyrics function. Could this be a sign that Amazon Music is heading to Apple's HomePod?
Tags: Apple, Music, News, Trends, Apple TV, Home Theater, Amazon Music, Streaming Music Services, Streaming Subscriptions

Tim Cook Explains Why Apple Sold Out Hong Kong Protestors, Doubles Down

Apple CEO Tim Cook has explained why his company decided to succumb to China’s pressure and remove an app that was being used by Honk Kong pro-democracy protestors. Read more...
Tags: Apple, Hong Kong, Science, China, Tim Cook, Hong Kong protests, Honk Kong

AI is hitting the streets!

AI is rapidly integrating itself into our home-life; from smart speakers through to smart ovens, and its dramatically changing how we go about our lives. However, the Human Integration Support Robot takes this a step further, as it brings the technology out of the home and into the streets! Designed to provide assistance to lost commuters, this futuristic concept gives us a glimpse into the future of our cities. It isn’t just another big lump of metal either, the bold exterior carries a welcomin...
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NASA Administrator “very confident” SpaceX crew launch could happen in early 2020

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine was at SpaceX HQ in Hawthorne, California on Thursday, delivering an address alongside NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley, who will launch aboard SpaceX’s commercial Crew Dragon capsule, and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk. Bridenstine kicked off  with some brief remarks about the importance and priority of the crew launch mission, which he said both he and Musk are in agreement that the commercial launch of American astronauts is “the highest priority” of ...
Tags: TC, Space, Spacex, Tech, Nasa, Aerospace, Musk, Mark, Crew Dragon, Hawthorne California, Starship, Commercial Space, Jim Bridenstine, Bob Behnken, Bridenstine, SpaceX HQ

Tim Cook defends Apple’s removal of a Hong Kong protest app from the App Store

A Chinese state-owned newspaper has taken aim at Apple, alleging the technology giant has taken the side of rioters by allowing the controversial app on its App Store.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, Apps, Hong Kong, News, Trends, Protests, Tim Cook, ATF1019

Elon Musk says that NASA is free to share all SpaceX IP with “anyone it wants”

SpaceX CEO joined NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine at SpaceX HQ in Hawthorne today to provide an update on the commercial crew launch program that the company is working on with the agency. During the remarks, which detailed the current state of the program and next steps, Musk reiterated twice that the intellectual property it’s developing in working with the agency is free for NASA to share with whoever it should wish. Early on in the Q+A portion of the event, Musk said that the learnings...
Tags: TC, Space, Spacex, Elon Musk, Science, Tech, Ceo, Nasa, Earth, Information Technology, Dragon, Falcon 9, Spaceflight, Aerospace, Hyperloop, Spacecraft

Google banned a game about the Hong Kong protests

Tech companies’ involvement with the Hong Kong protests just keeps getting more and more tangled. Now Google has banned a game about the protests, joining Apple and Blizzard in allegedly suppressing anything that might offend the Chinese government. The game is called The Revolution of Our Times and it apparently was a game documenting the life of a Hong Kong resident as they become more involved in the events leading up to the protests as they exist today. It also had microtransactions of $0.99...
Tags: Apple, Google, Startups, Asia, Hong Kong, Wall Street Journal

Tim Cook Defends Decision To Remove Hong Kong Maps App In Memo

On Thursday, Apple CEO Tim Cook defended the company's decision to remove a mapping app in Hong Kong, saying that the company received "credible information" from authorities indicating the software was being used "maliciously" to attack police. Bloomberg reports: Apple pulled from its App Store on Wednesday after flip-flopping between rejecting it and approving it earlier this month. Apple made the decision after consulting with local authorities, because it could endanger law enforc...
Tags: Apple, Hong Kong, Cook, Tech, Bloomberg, Tim Cook, Chinese communist party, Bloomberg News

Watch this AI cop car fight an AI Jeep

A machine learning developer named Sebastian Schuchmann recently developed a pair of neural networks. At first, they were like siblings, learning their way in a strange new world together with only one another for company. Then he forced them to fight for the amusement of his YouTube subscribers. The networks, represented as a police cruiser and a green Jeep in a video game world, were created in Unity3D. Shuchmann, in a response to the video on his YouTube page, said: The Unity guys have a Mach...
Tags: Startups, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Unity, Distract, Sebastian Schuchmann

vLex Partners With LexBlog To Add 400,000 Blog Posts To Global Research Collection

These blogs will become part of a new category that vLex launched in July.
Tags: Technology, Law, Global Research Collection

Why venture capital firms need culture experts

When Susan Fowler’s 2017 blog post shined a light on Uber’s raucous culture, outlining rampant harassment and sexism, a debate erupted. What role do the deep-pocketed investors behind the company, those who allowed it to scale to monstrous proportions, have in developing and nurturing its culture? Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists themselves wondered aloud, how involved should a venture fund be in early-stage recruiting processes and ensuring a safe environment for employees? If a culture...
Tags: San Francisco, Tech, True Ventures, Susan Fowler, Kolbe, Madeline Kolbe

In a touching show of solidarity with the NBA and Blizzard, Apple completely caves to China on HKmap app

That's the way the Cook, he crumbles: Hong Kong protest app banned again Apple has once again taken down an iOS app aimed at helping Hong Kong protesters avoid police actions in the troubled city.…
Tags: Apple, Hong Kong, Cook, China, Software, Nba, Blizzard Apple

‘Lisey’s Story’ Cast Adds Clive Owen Alongside Julianne Moore, Giving Us the ‘Children of Men’ Reunion We’ve All Been Waiting For

The Apple TV+ miniseries adaptation of Stephen King‘s Lisey’s Story has added a new cast member. Clive Owen will appear alongside Julianne Moore, whom he appeared alongside in Children of Men. Owen’s role is likely to be a bit limited since his character is dead by the time the story starts (that’s not a spoiler, I promise). King’s novel follows a novelist’s widow who discovers secrets about her dead husband. As the Stephen King adaptation craze continues, Apple TV+ is getting in on that swe...
Tags: Apple, Movies, Julianne Moore, Horror, Stephen-King, Apple TV, Adaptation, Cbs, King, Deadline, Boone, John Cusack, Scott, Moore, Owen, Clive-Owen

Apple is getting slammed by both Republicans and Democrats for pulling an app used by Hong Kong protesters to monitor police activity (AAPL)

Both Democrats and Republicans in Congress slammed Apple on Thursday for the company's decision to pull a Hong Kong protest app from the App Store. The app,, allowed protesters to share the location of police activity. Apple pulled the app, saying the app was "used in ways that endanger law enforcement and residents in Hong Kong." "An authoritarian regime is violently suppressing its own citizens who are fighting for democracy," one senator tweeted. "Apple just sided with them." Vis...
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