Check out the new features Redmi Note 8 Pro brings to the Redmi Note series

Xiaomi's Redmi Note lineup made its debut in India back in 2014 with the first generation Redmi Note (3G and 4G), and soon emerged as the most popular smartphone lineup in the country. In these 5 years, Redmi Note series has gone through 8 iterations with a total of 13 different devices, and as a result, we now have Redmi Note 8 series launched in India. [gallery link="file" columns="2" size="medium" ids="177982,209479,243477,269142,280917,295572"] Xiaomi has been adding new features to the ...
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Google Nest Mini vs. Google Home Mini: Smart speaker showdown

Google's new smart speaker, the Nest Mini, is an update of the original Google Home Mini, packing smarter features, more colors, and a new design. We'll help you decide which is right for you.
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Call of Duty Will Have a Battle Pass Instead of Loot Boxes

Activision and Infinity Ward are doubling down on their commitment to not have loot boxes in the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare with the announcement that it will instead feature a battle pass. The new system is almost identical to other battle pass systems found in games like Fortnite. IGN reports: In a newly published blog post, Activision announced that is "introducing a new Battle Pass system, not a loot box system," to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The news comes after Infinity Ward ...
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Why wouldn’t you clad your precious iPhone in this Midnight Green Suede case??

I’ll be honest, I don’t like cases but they’re an absolute necessity. I take really good care of my phone, but even I’m not a stranger to an accidental drop only to find that my new phone has a slight scratch or dent in it. It’s annoying to cover your beautiful phone in an ugly case, but it’s heartbreaking to actually damage your phone because you’re a “no case” kind of person… so here’s a best-of-both-worlds sort of case. Made from premium suede, this iPhone 11 Pro case gives your phone protect...
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New Bill Promises an End To Our Privacy Nightmare, Jail Time To CEOs Who Lie

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Motherboard: Oregon Senator Ron Wyden has unveiled updated privacy legislation he says will finally bring accountability to corporations that play fast and loose with your private data. Dubbed the Mind Your Own Business Act, the bill promises consumers the ability to opt out of data collection and sale with a single click. It also demands that corporations be transparent as to how consumer data is collected, used, and who it's sold to, while imposing hars...
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Pixel 4’s ‘Face Unlock’ works even if you’re asleep or dead — and that’s a problem

Google’s new Pixel 4 smartphone doesn’t have a fingerprint sensor. Instead it relies on “Face Unlock,” a proprietary facial scanning system similar to the one found in Apple’s Face ID. Early reports show a system that works well, perhaps too well, in fact, according to some security experts. To unlock a Pixel, the operator must hold it up to their face while onboard cameras and sensors go to work scanning their mug for defining characteristics — the distance between your eyes, for example. Once ...
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Pandora Adds Spanish Language Support For Google Home & Nest, Amazon Alexa Users In U.S.

Pandora has just announced Spanish language support for Google Home & Nest and Amazon Alexa smart devices. Here’s how to enable Spanish language support for Pandora:  On the Google Home mobile app: Tap Account icon on the bottom right of the screen Under “Google Assistant,” tap “More settings” Tap “Assistant” > “Languages” > “Add a language” Scroll down the list and select “Español (Estados Unidos)” On the Alexa mobile app: Tap “Devices” on the bottom right of your s...
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Why Astronauts Have Unisex Spacesuits (and Why Unisex Body Armor Doesn't Work)

As we learned here, when female soldiers in the U.S. military are given body armor designed for men, their job is made more dangerous; the ill-fitting armor has been shown to encumber women's range of movement, which affected everything from their aim with a firearm to their ability to quickly get in and out of a vehicle. Even worse, the bad fit creates gaps that an enemy can grab onto during hand-to-hand combat.Sheathing the relatively barrel-like shape of the average male torso is a relatively...
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Google To Begin Linking Searches To Key Video Moments

Google is set to unveil a new feature which could alter how many video searches take place. The search engine will now now take its users directly to key points within a YouTube video based on their query. As with so many changes, this could be good and bad for video creators. _____________________________ Guest post by Bobby Owsinski of Music 3.0 Here’s a new feature that’s being rolled out by Google that could change a lot of video searches. The search engine will now link users to...
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Inside TurboTax's 20-Year Fight to Stop Americans From Filing Their Taxes for Free (slashdot)

This year, nearly 40% of U.S. taxpayers filed online and some 40 million of them did so with TurboTax, far more than with any other product. But the success of TurboTax rests on a shaky foundation, one that could collapse overnight if the U.S. government did what most wealthy countries did long ago and made tax filing simple and free for most citizens. From a report: For more than 20 years, Intuit -- the developer of TurboTax, has waged a sophisticated, sometimes covert war to prevent the govern...
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Video giant Twitch pushes Trump rallies and mass violence into the live-stream age

Tens of millions of viewers have watched video streamed on Twitch this year. But the site’s exploding fan base has attracted those seeking to sow discord and spotlight mass violence.
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That New Viral Face App Sucks, But It Got One Thing Right

All those celebrity look-alikes you’ve been seeing on your timeline Thursday come courtesy of the internet’s latest collective obsession: Gradient, a barely week-old photo editing app that went viral after a few choice influences promoted this new feature on Instagram. According to the Google Play store, it already…Read more...
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Attribution is hard: the incredible skullduggery used to try to blame the 2018 Olympic cyberattack on North Korea

Wired has published another long excerpt from Sandworm, reporter Andy Greenberg's (previously) forthcoming book on the advanced Russian hacking team who took the US-Israeli Stuxnet program to the next level, attacking Ukrainian power infrastructure, literally blowing up key components of the country's power grid by attacking the embedded code in their microcontrollers. Earlier installments focused on the escaped Notpetya worm, which jumped from its Ukrainian targets and shut down major part...
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How Astronauts Get Their Spacesuits On (and Other Fun Facts)

While researching the story of NASA's new spacesuit prototypes, I could not confirm the one-size-fits-all claim made by news outlets. But I did learn the following fun facts while I was looking:- According to NASA: During spacewalks, which can last for many hours, astronauts all wear "a diaper-like garment…that is a combination of commercial products stitched together for maximum absorption." Astronauts "generally prefer not to use it."- Amy Ross, NASA's lead spacesuit engineer, describes her jo...
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Board Question #92701: Does Siri still randomly turn on and listen/record things if ...

Q: Dear 100 Hour Board,Does Siri still randomly turn on and listen/record things if Siri is turned off on your phone? I hear that Apple has recordings of private conversations, people sleeping together, and other such things because phones are designed to randomly turn on and record for "quality control."Thanks,suspicious A: Dear wary werf, I assume you’re talking about this report from July, which describes Apple’s quality control program for Siri. According to the article, Apple used to samp...
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Senators Propose Near-Total Ban On Worker Noncompete Agreements

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: A bipartisan pair of senators has introduced legislation to drastically limit the use of noncompete agreements across the U.S. economy. "Noncompete agreements stifle wage growth, career advancement, innovation, and business creation," argued Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) in a Thursday press release. He said that the legislation, co-sponsored with Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), would "empower our workers and entrepreneurs so they can freely apply th...
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Google Clips AI-Powered Camera Has Been Discontinued

In addition to Daydream, Google is discontinuing its AI-powered Google Clips, a small camera designed to leverage modern technology in order to automatically capture and preserve life's most memorable moments. "The product page for the device is still featured on the Google Store website, but it now redirects users to other available devices," reports SlashGear. From the report: Put simply, Google Clips was a small square camera designed to automatically record memorable moments during your day....
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School Field Trips: Amazon Warehouses Are the New Smithsonian

theodp writes: On Thursday evening, Amazon is hosting a national field trip of sorts, inviting kids and teachers to take part in a Twitch livestream tour inside an Amazon robotics fulfillment center with the goal of inspiring students to learn about robotics and to "illustrate the importance of a computer science education." From the press release: "On the tour, students will see first-hand how teams of associates work alongside robotic technologies to fulfill customer orders. They will see wher...
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Swarm gets green light from FCC for its 150-satellite constellation

Swarm Technologies aims to connect smart devices around the world with a low-bandwidth but ever-present network provided by satellites — and it just got approval from the FCC to do so. Apparently the agency is no longer worried that Swarm’s sandwich-sized satellites are too small to be tracked. The company’s SpaceBEE satellites are tiny things that will provide a connection to devices that might otherwise be a pain to get online. Think soil monitors in the middle of corn fields, or buoys in t...
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Every state but Alaska has reported vape lung victims, now numbering 1,479 nationwide

A lung condition apparently caused by vaping has been reported in every state but Alaska, the CDC has announced. The total number of suspected and confirmed cases has risen to 1,479, and at least 33 people have died as a result of the affliction. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) updates these numbers regularly and provides news on its progress in characterizing the condition, in which the only reliable shared factor is using vaping devices. More victims report using THC produ...
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‘The Sky Is Everywhere’ Adaptation Will Be Apple’s Second Collaboration with A24

To help support its upcoming streaming service, Apple has gotten into the film production game by striking a deal to co-produce movies with the arthouse indie studio A24. They’re already in production on their first film, On the Rocks, directed by Sofia Coppola and starring Bill Murray and Rashida Jones, but now they’ve lined up their second film as part of their multi-year agreement. The Sky Is Everywhere, the young adult novel by Jandy Nelson, is being turned into a feature film with Madeline...
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Germany's Cybersecurity Agency Recommends Firefox As Most Secure Browser

An anonymous reader quotes a report from ZDNet: Firefox is the only browser that received top marks in a recent audit carried out by Germany's cyber-security agency -- the German Federal Office for Information Security (or the Bundesamt fur Sicherheit in der Informationstechnik -- BSI). The BSI tested Mozilla Firefox 68 (ESR), Google Chrome 76, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11, and Microsoft Edge 44. The tests did not include other browsers like Safari, Brave, Opera, or Vivaldi. The audit was carr...
Tags: Firefox, Microsoft, Germany, Tech, Vivaldi, Mozilla Firefox, German Federal Office for Information Security, Cybersecurity Agency Recommends Firefox, ESR Google Chrome, Safari Brave Opera

DoNotPay App Waits On Hold For You

DoNotPay, a free chatbot that offers AI-powered legal counsel, is launching a new feature that will call you when it's your turn in a customer service phone queue. TechCrunch reports: The app today is launching "Skip Waiting On Hold." Just type in the company you need to talk to, and DoNotPay calls for you using tricks to get a human on the line quickly. Then it calls you back and connects you to the agent so you never have to listen to that annoying hold music. And in case the company tries to ...
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Austin is seeing a startup boom. Meet Austin's top VCs, giving Silicon Valley investors a run for the money.

Austin, Texas, has long been a hub for sales and customer service outposts for some of Silicon Valley's largest tech companies.  In recent years, the city has seen a revival of entrepreneurship, and with it, venture capital. The city's ecosystem was long dominated by Austin Ventures, a major venture capital firm with significant influence over Silicon Valley's traditional VC firms.  Several Austin Ventures alumni left to start their own firms, which has helped breed healthy competition among i...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Hong Kong, Texas, London, NFL, San Francisco, Trends, Austin, Silicon Valley, West Coast, Barry, Rackspace, Ball, Sand Hill Road, Bay Area

Banning out-of-hours email 'could harm employee wellbeing'

Stopping staff accessing email outside the office could leave some feeling stressed, research suggests.
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Nintendo Switch hits another sales milestone

Nintendo’s North American Switch unit sales have already surpassed the lifetime worldwide unit sales of the Wii U. The company announced Thursday that they had sold 15 million units of the popular handheld console in North America, further noting that the Switch had been the most popular console in the U.S. for 10 months in a row, according to the NPD Group. This number brings NA-specific sales well past the 13.56 million units sold of the company’s previous-generation console, the Wii U. Whi...
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Getting press for your startup: the true role of communications

Tim Hsia & Neil Devani Contributor Share on Twitter Tim Hsia is the CEO of Media Mobilize and a Venture Partner at Digital Garage. Neil Devani is an angel investor and venture capitalist focused on companies solving hard problems. More posts by this contributor ‘The Operators’: Experts from Airbnb and Carta on building and managing your company’s customer support ‘The Operators’: Experts from WeWork and Brex...
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Apple Sets Overall Deal With Monica Beletsky

Monica Beletsky is the latest of a small group of content creators to set an overall deal with Apple and their streaming platform, Apple TV Plus. Under the multi-year deal, Beletsky will develop and produce television series exclusively for the streamer. This is the first overall of Beletsky’s career. Her previous credits include “Fargo,” “Friday […]
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Reddit-Born Engineering Group Buys Leftovers of Failed Hyperloop Startup Arrivo

Reddit-born hyperloop and engineering collective rLoop has bought the intellectual property of Arrivo, a fellow hyperloop startup that went out of business last December, The Verge has learned. rLoop co-founder Brent Lessard confirmed the sale, but he would not disclose how much the group paid. From the report: Lessard said rLoop might try to revive some of the deals that Arrivo had been working on, like a test track outside of Denver, Colorado, and that it may hire back some of Arrivo's former ...
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Airbnb’s WeWork problem

Airbnb may be another overvalued “unicorn,” but it’s no WeWork. The Information this morning reported new Airbnb financials — indicating a massive increase in operating losses — that immediately call Airbnb’s future into question. Precisely, Airbnb lost $306 million on operations on $839 million in revenue, namely as a result of marketing spend, in the first quarter of 2019. In total, Airbnb invested $367 million in sales and marketing, representing a 58% increase year-over-year, in Q1. The c...
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