Comcast Argues 'We've Never Sold Customers' Data'

An anonymous reader quotes MediaPost: Faced with a new controversy related to online privacy, Comcast said this week that it doesn't draw on information about the sites broadband users visit for advertising or targeting. The company said Thursday that it deletes information every 24 hours about the domain names people navigate to online. "Millions of Comcast customers look up billions of addresses online every day," Chief Privacy Officer Christin McMeley wrote on the company's blog. "We've neve...
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Thanking all first responders

Growing up, my next door neighbor was a Boston firefighter. Like many kids, I was inspired by heroic portrayals of firefighters battling flames and carrying people to safety. What affected me most, however, was watching my neighbor leave his house every morning, prepared to help those in need. This dedication to helping others stuck with me.It’s been twenty years since I first joined the fire department, and I’ve served as an on-call firefighter ever since. I’ve worked alongside EMTs, police off...
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Top 10 Career Books to Help You Do Purpose-Driven, Passion-fueled Work

You're reading Top 10 Career Books to Help You Do Purpose-Driven, Passion-fueled Work, originally posted on Pick the Brain | Motivation and Self Improvement. If you're enjoying this, please visit our site for more inspirational articles. Whether you're new to the job market, or happen to be looking for a new path professionally, the following 10 career books will help you make that happen. These are the books you need to read in order to find and do work you love or take your career to the next...
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United States: RTBF Stops At The Border: CJEU Sides With Google On The Scope Of De-Referencing - Cleary Gottlieb Steen & Hamilton LLP

On September 24, 2019[1], the Court of Justice of the European Union (the "CJEU") handed down its much anticipated follow-on judgment
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Blackhole routes audio between Mac apps, even on Catalina, as ideal Soundflower alternative

Need to record audio from an app, or route sound from one tool to another? Blackhole is an easy, free way to do that on the Mac, right through the latest macOS Catalina. The utility Soundflower got some brand recognition among music and audio nerds after its introduction way back in 2004, and it does still have people working on support. Its original code base was based on now-deprecated Mac tools, which could mean more complexity supporting newer OS releases; I’m investigating what its com...
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The Price of Bitcoin Spiked 40% Friday Night

"The price of Bitcoin skyrocketed overnight, rising by nearly 40 percent from a recent low," reports Newsweek: The sharp turn came as Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke highly of the decentralized technology on which the digital currency is founded, telling members of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee that the country should "seize the opportunity" of blockchain... China banned cryptocurrency exchanges in 2017, and Xi's comments are believed to be among his first to embrace blockchai...
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SEO For Photographers, Corey Potter’s Effective Approach

Corey Potter is on a mission to teach photographers all about SEO. His website, Fuel Your Photos, has gradually become the place to visit for the latest news about site analytics, keyword use, using YouTube, writing blog posts and so much more. Now, he has just launched a course dedicated to SEO, or search engine optimization, for photographers. That's where you come in, if you are carefully watching your Google analytics and you aren't moving the needle but want to in terms of attracting the...
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RIPE NIC: 'In Five Weeks We'll Run Out of IPv4 Internet Addresses'

An anonymous reader quotes ISP Review: The RIPE Network Coordination Centre (RIPE NCC), which manages regional distribution of internet addresses for the UK, Europe, Middle East and parts of Central Asia, has confirmed that their final reserve pool of Internet Protocol v4 (IPv4) addresses will completely run out in November 2019. Strictly speaking the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) started running out of address space in 2012 and began rationing the little they had left. Fast forward a few ye...
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Gartner Predictions Reveal How AI Will Change Our World

Gartner research has announced 10 "strategic technology trends that will drive significant disruption and opportunity over the next 5 to 10 years." And the trends include "hyperautomation" -- applying advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to tasks "that once required humans," combining robotic process automation with intelligent business management software to provide "real-time, continuous intelligence about the organization...with a goal of increasingly AI-driven decision making."...
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New in Java 13: Text Blocks

The October issue of Oracle's Java magazine includes an article reminding us that Java 13 includes a long-awaited new features: text blocks. With text blocks, Java 13 is making it easier for you to work with multiline string literals. You no longer need to escape the special characters in string literals or use concatenation operators for values that span multiple lines. You can also control how to format your strings. Text blocks -- Java's term for multiline strings -- immensely improve the re...
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Apple AirPods Pro rumored to come in different colors; charging case image leaks

The AirPods Pro may come in as many as eight colors, including white, black, and midnight green, according to a Chinese report.
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New AI Tool Knows Whether You're Nervous Or Confused

Long-time Slashdot reader Ammalgam shares a blog post from about a new and more accurate facial recognition technology developed by Fujitsu Laboratories: Fujitsu wanted a way to better track emotions, even as other companies are already using emotion tool to recognize facial expressions. Microsoft, for example, is one such company, but its AI tool is limited to eight core states — anger, contempt, fear, disgust, happiness, sadness, surprise, or neutral. [And obtains an accuracy...
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Facebook Takes Down a False Political Ad -- from a PAC

An anonymous reader quotes Reuters: Facebook Inc said on Saturday that it had removed an ad which falsely claimed that U.S. Republican Senator Lindsey Graham supported the Green New Deal, demonstrating that it will fact-check ads from political groups but not politicians. The ad, which ran on Friday, was put up as a stunt by a left-leaning Political Action Committee, or PAC, called The Really Online Lefty League, to test Facebook's political ad policies... Facebook spokesman Tom Channick told...
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The World's First Banner Ad Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary

An anonymous reader shares a web site remembering October 27, 1994 as "the day that Wired Magazine flipped the switch on its first website,, starting a revolution in web content and advertising that still reverberates today." This site is dedicated to showing off one of the ads that ran on that site. No, it wasn't the "first" as there were a handful of other ads that ran on various sections of This site is also here to tell the story of how that ad came to be, how it ...
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Meet Utah’s next unicorn

Weave, a developer of patient communications software focused on the dental and optometry market, was the first Utah-headquartered company to graduate from Y Combinator in 2014. Now, it’s poised to enter a small but growing class startups in the ‘Silicon Slopes’ to garner ‘unicorn’ status. The business announced a $70 million Series D last week at a valuation of $970 million. Tiger Global Management led the round, with participation from existing backers Catalyst Investors, Bessemer Ventur...
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90% of Business Owners Say Monitoring Employee Communications is OK

With the risk of losing valuable company secrets and productivity quotas, more employers believe it is OK to monitor employee communications. According to a survey by GetApp some 90% of employers across America now feel it is okay to monitor their employee’s communications. Not surprisingly protecting company secrets is a big concern and 38% of employers say they monitor communications for this specific reason. But there is an equal number at 25.4% who want the option to monitor their employees...
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Fossil Gen 5 review: Style overcomes the flaws of Wear OS

Google’s Wear OS watches have a hard time distinguishing themselves. That's a disadvantage Fossil's Gen 5 struggles, and ultimately succeeds, in overcoming.
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We have the tools and technology to work less and live better

In 1930, a year into the Great Depression, John Maynard Keynes sat down to write about the economic possibilities of his grandchildren. Despite widespread gloom as the global economic order fell to its knees, the British economist remained upbeat, saying that the 'prevailing world depression … blind[s] us to what is going on under the surface'. In his essay, he predicted that in 100 years' time, ie 2030, society would have advanced so far that we would barely need to work. The main problem confr...
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Nasty PHP7 Remote Code Execution Bug Exploited in the Wild on NGINX Servers

nickwinlund77 shares this story from ZDNet: A recently patched security flaw in modern versions of the PHP programming language is being exploited in the wild to take over servers, ZDNet has learned from threat intelligence firm Bad Packets. The vulnerability is a remote code execution (RCE) in PHP 7, the newer branch of PHP, the most common programming language used to build websites. The issue, tracked as CVE-2019-11043, lets attackers run commands on servers just by accessing a specially-cra...
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Indigenous elder on Sidewalk Labs's Toronto consultation: "like being given blankets and gun powder and whisky to trade for our participation"

Sidewalk Labs (previously) is a "smart city" company that was spun out of Google, though it remains owned by Alphabet, Google's parent company; Sidewalk Labs's first major outing is a planned "experimental city" on Toronto's lakeshore, and it's been a disaster, from the bullying it used to get the project's initial approval to being outed for sneaking a massive expansion into the agreement and then lying about it, to mass resignations by its privacy advisors, who denounced the project as a corp...
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Samsung Satellite Crashes Into Family's Backyard

"A Michigan family was shocked to find a space satellite in their yard Saturday morning," reports a local TV station: Nancy Mumby-Welke shared the video on Facebook, walking up to a satellite lying on its side. "You never know what's going to happen," Welke says in the video. "This baby fell out of the sky and landed in our yard," she went on to say. According to the Gratiot County Herald, Welke heard the crash around 8:45 a.m. just before they were going to let their horses out. "Thank God no...
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Pando Editor Sells Site, Quits Journalism, Citing Sexual Harassment and Threats in Silicon Valley

Former TechCrunch writer Sarah Lacy started PandoDaily in 2012. But now she's "selling the company, quitting journalism, and ditching Silicon Valley after 20 years," reports Business Insider, citing Lacy's blog. She says her decision comes from years of sexual harassment and threats in her two decades covering Silicon Valley. "I have absorbed so many more stories than I have reported, more than I can ever report, about the dark side of Silicon Valley," she said in the blog post... "It's a pla...
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Lawmaker Kills Repair Bill Because 'Cellphones Are Throwaways' (slashdot)

The New Hampshire State House rejected the Digital Fair Repair Act earlier this week in part thanks to a representative who seems to think that cell phones are literally garbage that no one should bother repairing. From a report: The bill would have forced manufacturers such as Apple to share repair manuals and parts with independent repair stores. House members didn't kill the bill, but sent it back to committee for a year of interim study, citing security concerns and, in the words of Rep. Joh...
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Android devices. Built in e-reader vs. e-reader app. Your preferences?

I haven't had an Android e-reader before. I guess some of them get the hiccups when you install and use your favorite Android e-reader app, like Moon+ Reader, Cool Reader, FBreader). So, if you own an Android e-reader, do you use the built in app, or an app from Google Play?
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Facebook AI Can Now Alter Videos to 'Hide' People From Facial Recognition

Facebook AI Research created a system for the de-identification of individuals in videos, reports VentureBeat: It maps a slightly distorted version on a person's face in order to make it difficult for facial recognition technology to identify a person... Like faceswap deepfake software, the AI uses an encoder-decoder architecture to generate both a mask and an image. During training, the person's face is distorted then fed into the network. Then the system generates distorted and undistorted im...
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iPhone Users Are Accidentally Deleting Their Emails Thanks to Apple's Boneheaded UI Update (gizmodo)

It’s honestly impressive how much a small change can derail our routine, especially when we’re used to muscle memory taking the wheel for those million and one itty bitty tasks each day no one has time to think about.Read more... [Author: Alyse Stanley]
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Week in Review: You break it, you buy it

Hey everyone. Thank you for welcoming me into you inbox yet again. Last week, I talked about Zuckerberg’s quest to tell us that Facebook has governing principles when he’s really just building the stairs one step at a time. If you’re reading this on the TechCrunch site, you can get this in your inbox here, and follow my tweets here. The big story Plenty of ink has been spilled on WeWork and SoftBank and WeWork’s Adam Neumann, and yet it still feels like not nearly enough people are talking...
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5 Things You Should Know Before Starting a Tech-Based Company by Gaurav Bhattacharya

Nowadays, starting a tech-based company sounds lucrative. However, making it successful is no mean feat. There are several problems associated with starting a technology business that you will need to deal with. Though you will be able to tackle many issues right away, others may take substantial time and effort to resolve. As a tech-based entrepreneur, I had to face a lot of challenges and failures in the beginning, but I learned from them and used them to grow. I believe the only way to gro...
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How are implicit biases holding us back?

Girls and women who are talented in STEM subjects are often invisible, notes Allison Stanger, who shares an example from her own life. A female may be equally good at mathematics and verbal skills, yet they are only praised and encouraged on the merits of their humanities aptitude.Encouraging women in STEM from an early age is increasingly important within fields like artificial intelligence, where we are seeing that if you pursue a purely scientific or engineering solution, the technology can g...
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How the 2018 Olympic Cyberattack Was Traced To Russian Hackers

Sparrowvsrevolution writes: In a lengthy article, Wired tells a newly detailed narrative of the cyberattack on the 2018 Winter Olympic games, which hit the Olympics network during the opening ceremony. The piece details how the malware used in that attack was designed to incorporate multiple sophisticated false flags, and how forensic analysts overcame those red herrings to eventually trace the attack to a specific unit of Russia's GRU military intelligence agency. It's a good read. Wired call...
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