Multiple Dash Cameras and Mounting Options

If one camera is good, are two better?  How about three?  Four!In this article we consider the need/value of having a second or even more cameras – yes, there is a sensible limit on how many you really truly need.We also consider the related issue of how/where to mount the camera (or cameras). Read more in our series on Dash Cams Introduction – All About Choosing and Using a Dash CamThe Main Dashcam CameraMultiple Dash Cams and Mounting OptionsDashcam Audio, Power, and Memory Choices...
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Car Dash Cams – The Main Forward Facing Camera

In this article we consider the various things that make a dash cam’s camera better or worse than others.If the camera is no good, nothing else really matters.  So we consider this point first and in careful detail, before progressing on to other aspects of choosing a dash cam. Read more in our series on Dash Cams Introduction – All About Choosing and Using a Dash CamThe Main Dashcam CameraMultiple Dash Cams and Mounting OptionsDashcam Audio, Power, and Memory ChoicesOther Dash Cam C...
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Parallel Lines by Zarir Marfatia

26-year old Zarir Marfatia has always been driven by both creative and analytical interests. Struggling to choose between the two, he finally decided to pursue a parallel career path doing both. Qualified as a lawyer, working at a FinTech startup (FinTech is a portmanteau of two of the hottest industries currently, Finance and Technology) – Zarir’s latest foray has been into the world of music composition. Two months ago, Zarir released his first original single, Parallel Lines, which is availa...
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Car Dash Cams – All You Ever Wanted to Know

This is the first article and an introduction to our series about Dash Cams – links to the other articles are in the box immediately adjacent.With ever-lower prices and better quality, considering adding a dash cam to your vehicle is a timely and sensible concept.Over the course of these articles, you’ll learn all you need to know (and some more besides) about what dash cams are and do, and how to decide which features you need. Read more in our series on Dash Cams Introduction – All...
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The Curious Case of Keiko Yamada

The evening of August 31 began like most Saturday nights at the start of the fall semester. I was reviewing course plans and readings for the upcoming week, while I casually scrolled through my email. It was late, and I had long since lost whatever drive had propelled me earlier when I received an email from David Biedenbender, a friend and colleague at Blue Dot Collective, with the subject line “Larry Clark.” Curious, I clicked on the message and was presented with a top-line that read, “This i...
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#TwistedTropes 11. Sod's unlucky law

Photo by Marcin Wichary on Flickr Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.This is Murphy's law but in a major plot twist, it's now also known as Sod's law - named after the poor unlucky sod who always seems to be the victim of fate (this is a British invention - Editor). If you believe in Sod's law, you end up either very philosophical about life, or very paranoid. It probably makes no difference, because you'll be just as unlucky either way. Let me set the scene:You oversleep, which ...
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Sam’s Club 1-Day Sale, Saturday 11/9 : Gift Cards 30% Off Face Value

Back for 2019. Sam’s Club is having a one-day sale on Saturday, November 9th. There are the usual discounts on huge TVs and the latest Apple products, but what caught my eye was that all of the “Extreme Value” gift cards that are usually $40 for $50 face value or $80 for $100 face value will be discounted to $35 for a $50 face value or $70 for $100 face value gift cards. These are mostly food gift cards that vary by geography, but I see 186 gift cards options online. Some examples include...
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Could You Save ~$100,000 by Age 18? She did!

I often read a lot of financial articles and think, “I should write about this.” About 10% of the time, I actually do. The rest of the time… well that’s how I earn my nickname.One of those stories that I always meant to write about was the story of this 18-year old young woman who had saved $85,000.It’s the perfect personal finance headline and story. Everyone wants an easy recipe to wealth and it’s tempting to think, “ I’ll have what she’s having. I’ll do what she’s doing. If she can save s...
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This sustainable luxury smartwatch monitors climate change

Just in time for your conscious holiday shopping, Veldt, Inc. is unveiling its newest luxury smartwatch, the LUXTURE AARDE, designed with sustainability and wellness in mind. Possibly its most interesting feature, the Climate Action Reminder is a tool that shows how global warming has quickly increased temperatures compared to just 10 years ago along with other climate-related notifications. Aimed at giving the user the ideal level of alerts at the appropriate times, this luxury watch is not de...
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WordPress robots.txt: Best-practice example for SEO

Your robots.txt file is a powerful tool when you’re working on a website’s SEO – but it should be handled with care. It allows you to deny search engines access to different files and folders, but often that’s not the best way to optimize your site. Here, we’ll explain how we think webmasters should use their robots.txt file, and propose a ‘best practice’ approach suitable for most websites. You’ll find a robots.txt example that works for the vast majority of WordPress websites further down t...
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Amazon’s Festive Singing Boxes Bring People Together for Christmas

Amazon has launched a heart-warming new multi-channel brand campaign which sees the return of its iconic singing boxes, embracing a touch of festive magic to deliver smiles as well as gifts this Christmas.Amazon’s hotly anticipated Christmas campaign will be launching with a hero 90 second TV advert airing on 4th November during Coronation Street, and the boxes’ song of choice this year is Solomon Burke’s classic track, “Everybody Needs Somebody to Love”.The TV spots, created by Lucky Generals, ...
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AI Can Unlock Health Data’s Potential, But Access Is Still Difficult

When Mark Bakken formed the healthcare technology investment firm HealthX Ventures nearly five years ago, he says hospitals, insurers, and other potential buyers of digital health products were less open to conversations with the kinds of early-stage healthtech startups Bakken’s firm wanted to back.At the time, healthcare organizations’ top priority was installing electronic medical records systems and getting the most out of the technology, Bakken says. That’s still important to them today, bu...
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Law Society Is Right About Virtual Commissioning

I want to start this column by reiterating how damaging the Law Society of Ontario web linking agreement is. It’s part of the terms of use of the Law Society’s website and it prohibits links to the entire website (except to without the Law Society’s prior written consent. Google this legal notice because I am not linking to it. (By the way, did Google get LSO’s written consent before indexing its website?) I am not even going to post a screenshot here because of restrictions t...
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Gartner Says the Future of Network Security Lies with SASE

Cloud services and networking are driving the concept of digital businesses, yet traditional networking and cybersecurity architectures are far from meeting the demands of the digital business. Gartner's "The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud" report spells out the potential for the transformation of networking and security in the cloud, built upon a new networking and security model [Author: [email protected] (The Hacker News)]
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One Reason Superhuman Is So Much More Effective For Me Than Gmail

I’ve been a Superhuman email fan for a while. I decided a week ago to go try Gmail and see if I still liked Superhuman so much better. After about two hours, I went back to Superhuman. Several days later, I tried Gmail again, deciding that I was just grumpy for some reason. I bounced back to Superhuman within an hour. This time I sat and thought about why I liked Superhuman so much better. It took a little while for it to come to me, but when it did it was painfully obvious. When I’m...
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Rogue TrendMicro Employee Sold Customer Data to Tech Support Scammers

Do you always uncomfortable trusting companies with your data? If so, you're not alone. While companies do much to protect themselves from external threats, insiders always pose the highest risk to a company's data. Unfortunately, when we say companies can't eliminate insider threat completely, cybersecurity firms, who are meant to protect others, are not an exception. Cybersecurity firm [Author: [email protected] (Wang Wei)]
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Joining a New Online Casino

Joining another online club sounds overwhelming, however it can really be a great deal of fun. The online gambling club Canada circuit is overflowing with probably the best puts down to wager on the planet, a locale with access to the best virtual entryways out there. The main genuine issue you will have… particularly when you’re at an asset like this one, one that guides you to the best choices, will choose which accommodates your inclinations, desires, and objectives. Why Someone Might Join Th...
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Which reasonably priced smartphone could replace my old Nokia Lumia?

Jim doesn’t need a high-end mobile, but would like something he can rely on at a decent priceMy Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone is approaching obsolescence after six years’ use. Apart from that, I used a second-hand iPhone for a week before it failed, but I have never used an Android phone. I am clearly not someone who places a premium on having the latest phone, but I would like something I can rely on. I don’t use phones for music on the go – I still use iPods – and I very rarely watch videos on th...
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