Top Patent, Trademark, and IP Stories from Last Week (11/04-11/10/19)

Every week, we will be highlighting the top patent, copyright, trademark, intellectual property, etc. stories of the previous week in our “In Case You Missed It” segment. The list itself is in no particular order and includes a wide range of stories from the patent world that are informative, noteworthy, or just plain bizarre. The […] The post Top Patent, Trademark, and IP Stories from Last Week (11/04-11/10/19) appeared first on Vincent LoTempio | Registered Patent Attorney, Trademark, and Copy...
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John Cleese’s Eulogy for Monty Python’s Graham Chapman: ‘Good Riddance, the Free-Loading Bastard, I Hope He Fries’

The British comedian Graham Chapman delighted in offending people. As a writer and actor with the legendary Monty Python troupe, he pushed against the boundaries of propriety and good taste. When his writing partner John Cleese proposed doing a sketch on a disgruntled man returning a defective toaster to a shop, Chapman thought: Broken toaster? Why not a dead parrot? And in one particularly outrageous sketch written by Chapman and Cleese in 1970,  Chapman plays an undertaker and Cleese p...
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Election 2019: Young voters react to Facebook political ads from parties

Here's what they thought of paid-for adverts from the Conservatives, Labour and Liberal Democrats.
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A Brief History of Chess: An Animated Introduction to the 1,500-Year-Old Game

I have come to the personal conclusion that while all artists are not chess players, all chess players are artists.  –Marcel Duchamp "Over the roughly one and half millennia of its existence, chess has been known as a tool of military strategy, a metaphor for human affairs, and a benchmark of genius,” points out the TED-Ed animated history of the game by Alex Gendler, above. The first records of chess date to the 7th century, but it may have originated even a century earlier, in India, w...
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Star Wars idea comes to life

3D imaging starts to catch up with science fiction.
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Complete with keyboard and actual, literal, 'physical' escape key: Apple emits new 16" $2.4k+ MacBook Pro

Make a notebook, fanbois A 16-inch MacBook Pro – with a freshly designed keyboard that isn't trashed by dust and includes a "physical" escape key – has landed, but it won't come cheap, costing the same as a modest family holiday or a second hand car.…
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Machine learning meets African agriculture

In 2016, a crop-destroying caterpillar, Fall Armyworm (FAW) was first detected in Africa. The crop pest has since devastated agriculture by infecting millions of corn fields, which threatens food security on the continent. Farmers who rely on harvests for food need to combat the pest, which has now spread to India and China.That’s where Nazirini Siraji comes in. She is one of several developers working to provide farmers with new tools to fight FAW. After codelabs hosted by a Google developer gr...
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Why is the music industry bad at digital marketing?

In the early days of the Internet, it could be argued that the music industry was one of the best at digital. One of the first online open communities was Iron Maiden’s early site. MySpace was a massive success in no small part due to the musical presence there, launching careers like OneRepublic and eventually selling to Justin Timberlake. Of course, MySpace is now a footnote to Facebook’s history. So what happened? Let’s start by looking at a couple of not so random musical websites. ...
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Speak easy while traveling with Google Maps

Google Maps has made travel easier than ever before. You can scout out a neighborhood before booking a hotel, get directions on the go and even see what nearby restaurants the locals recommend thanks to auto-translated reviews.But when you're in a foreign country where you don't speak or read the language, getting around can still be difficult -- especially when you need to speak with someone. Think about that anxiety-inducing time you tried to talk to a taxi driver, or that moment you tried to ...
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New ZombieLoad v2 Attack Affects Intel's Latest Cascade Lake CPUs

Zombieload is back. This time a new variant (v2) of the data-leaking side-channel vulnerability also affects the most recent Intel CPUs, including the latest Cascade Lake, which are otherwise resistant against attacks like Meltdown, Foreshadow and other MDS variants (RIDL and Fallout). Initially discovered in May this year, ZombieLoad is one of the three novel types of microarchitectural data [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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Researchers Discover TPM-Fail Vulnerabilities Affecting Billions of Devices

A team of cybersecurity researchers today disclosed details of two new potentially serious CPU vulnerabilities that could allow attackers to retrieve cryptographic keys protected inside TPM chips manufactured by STMicroelectronics or firmware-based Intel TPMs. Trusted Platform Module (TPM) is a specialized hardware or firmware-based security solution that has been designed to store and protect [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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Spectrum Equity invests in Spreedly

Spectrum Equity has invested $75 million in Spreedly. Headquartered in Durham, North Carolina, Spreedly is a provider of software for businesses to optimize their online and mobile payments operations through a single API connection. PRESS RELEASE DURHAM, N.C. (PRWEB) NOVEMBER 13, 2019 Spreedly, the leading provider of software that enables high growth and global businesses to optimize their online and mobile payments operations through a single API connection, announced a $75 million growth inv...
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Google Classroom accessibility empowers inclusive learning

Grace is a 5th grader at Village Elementary School near San Diego, CA. As a student who is blind, she’s used to using multiple pieces of equipment or having an aide support her. But when she started using Google Classroom with a screen reader, “it opened up a whole world for her,” according to Grace’s mom. She is now able to participate confidently alongside her sighted peers. Many tools in G Suite have accessibility features built in, including screen readers, voice typing, and braille displays...
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UK's first full-size 'driverless' bus tested in Glasgow

The UK's first full-size 'driverless' bus is tested in Glasgow.
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Apollo to buy Tech Data for about $5.4 bln

Apollo Global Management Inc has agreed to acquire Tech Data for $130 per share or about $5.4 billion. Bank of America Securities is serving as financial adviser to Tech Data while Citi is serving as lead financial adviser to Apollo, with J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo also serving as financial advisers. Based in Clearwater, Florida, Tech Data specializes in IT products and services. PRESS RELEASE CLEARWATER, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tech Data (Nasdaq: TECD) today announced it has entered into a defini...
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Watch the Serpentine Dance, Created by the Pioneering Dancer Loie Fuller, Performed in an 1897 Film by the Lumière Brothers

Whatever their views on copyright, artists and inventors of all kinds can agree on one thing: all dread having their ideas stolen without so much as a footnote of credit. Such thefts have led to tanked careers, lifelong resentments, homicidal rivalries, and lawsuits to fill libraries. They have allowed many a thief to prosper and many an injured party to surrender. But not legendary modern dance pioneer Loie Fuller. “Short, plump, and thirty years old,” the dancer from Illinois arrived i...
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Long Now Partners with GitHub on its Long-term Archive Program for Open Source Code

Long Now is pleased to announce that we have partnered with GitHub on its new archive program to preserve open source software for future generations.  The archive represents a significant step in averting a potential future digital dark age, when much of the software that powers modern civilization could be lost to bit rot. Taking its lessons from past examples when crucial cultural knowledge was lost, such as the Great Library of Alexandria (which was burned multiple times between 48 B...
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Samsung Uses New Fortnite Skin in New Anti-Cyberbullying Campaign

in Brazil has just launched a new initiative in partnership with Fortnite to fight a new kind of cyberbullying, where kids without skins (a graphic asset that changes the appearance of characters in video-games without interfering in players abilities or impact) are treated poorly by other gamers because they don’t have the means to acquire such skins. The players without skins even have a “nickname”: The Defaults.Cheil Brazil used the new skin launched globally by Samsung and Fortnite to help...
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Google starts new Search Console training series on YouTube

Daniel Waisberg from Google has started a new video series to help you learn how to get the most out of Search Console. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Barry Schwartz]
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CallJoy, Google’s virtual phone agent for SMBs, gets an upgrade

The service is Google’s first real foray into SaaS for SMBs. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Greg Sterling]
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Google Merchant Center Disapproval: A GTIN Story

I am not a feed manager. I have access to my client’s merchant center, but we work with a separate company for feed management and optimizations. That said, I am heavily affected by our feed as I do manage our shopping campaigns in Google Ads. If you manage shopping campaigns, you’ve likely been impacted by […] Read more at
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5 B2B Brands Innovating with AR & AI Marketing

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence aren’t just for B2C marketers anymore, and as we move into 2020 we’re likely to see a new decade of B2B that keeps moving farther away from “Boring-To-Boring” and towards more to B2C-like experiences. AR and AI are a key part of what consumers increasingly expect to find in those experiences. The swiftly rising number of mixed-reality consumer app installations is expected to jump from 3 billion to 10 billion by 2024, with associated ad spending f...
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Dopamine Fasting Probably Doesn’t Work, Try This Instead

A behavioral brain fad called “dopamine fasting” (#dopaminefasting) has been floating around the internet for the past year. The idea is that by restricting most of your pleasurable daily activities — from social media, to watching videos, gaming, talking, or even eating — you can “reset” your brain. The idea also plays into people’s simplistic beliefs about how the brain works. Can you have conscious control over discrete dopamine levels in your brain? Let’s delve into the science behind one of...
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Information, innovation and meaning

Photo by Steve Wheeler - Entrance to the Hotel Salomon de Rothschild Last week you would have discovered me in the cellar of a French palace - the stylish Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, not a stone's throw from the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. The grand old building was transformed into a hi-tech conference venue for European Innovation Day. In a stark contrast spanning three centuries, technologically futuristic images and large screen technologies were projected onto, and embedded within, ...
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The Importance of HTTPS and Website Security with the Newest Updates In Google Chrome

On October 03, Google posted a notification about an important upcoming update to Google Chrome. In their Google Security Blog, they announced a security update that will impact websites that have not correctly converted their sites to HTTPS. Google and the rest of the web have been moving toward this change for years. Google first recommended that sites switch to HTTPS back in 2014. The transition began with a few major e-commerce pages. But over the past five years, Google has created incentiv...
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Game Boy music classic Nanoloop is coming to two dedicated mobile gadgets

Nanoloop, the ingeniously simple pocket music-making tool, is being reborn. Two new dedicated pocket hardware devices promise to do what once required Nintendo’s Game Boy. Nanoloop began its life as a home-brewed cartridge for the Nintendo Game Boy. The software shipped in the same physical format as classic games like Legend of Zelda – on a cartridge. That allowed the title to take advantage of the distinctive chip synth in the mainstream gaming hardware. And Nanoloop was an instant hit,...
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Fears about overtourism have prompted the new holiday rental website to ban properties owned by businesses and donate 50% of commission to community projectsEthical holiday rental website has launched its reservations system offering travellers a chance to book in at city apartments that support community projects. The site aims to be a marketplace for “authentic, fair and conscious tourism” and promises to donate 50% of its commission to social projects selected by local residents....
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Is Facebook Secretly Accessing Your iPhone's Camera? Some Users Claimed

It appears that Facebook at the center of yet another issue involving privacy. Reportedly, multiple iPhone users have come forward on social media complaining that the Facebook app secretly activates their smartphone's camera in the background while they scroll through their Facebook feeds or looking at the photos on the social network. As shown in the Twitter videos below, when users click [Author: [email protected] (Wang Wei)]
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Leadership Development with Paul Alexander – Episode 119 | The Unstuck Church Podcast

“It doesn’t happen in a classroom, seminar or Bible college, it happens in every day life.” If you enjoy this episode, subscribe on your device for more:iTunes   RSS   Google Play  Stitcher   Spotify How do we develop great leaders? This seems to be the golden question of church leaders today.  No organization can thrive without great leadership. And it’s not likely that you’ll stumble upon enough great leaders to maintain the health and growth of your ministry.  ...
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