Most Americans Think They're Being Constantly Tracked, Study Finds

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: More than 60% of Americans think it's impossible to go through daily life without being tracked by companies or the government, according to a new Pew Research study. It's not just that Americans (correctly) think companies are collecting their data. They don't like it. About 69% of Americans are skeptical that companies will use their private information in a way they're comfortable with, while 79% don't believe that companies will...
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(The Future of SEO) Basic SEO for Mobile Website

Image Source – Pixaby According to the latest statistics revealed from Google, 63% of current searches come from Mobile (even more than Desktop). As the number of smartphone users continues to grow, Therefore, it is not surprising that the number Read more… The post (The Future of SEO) Basic SEO for Mobile Website appeared first on Guest Post, Telecom Media, Tech, Guest Blogging, SEO Tips.
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Web Summit Cancels Next Year's Rise, One of Asia's Largest Tech Conferences, Over Tension in Hong Kong

The ongoing tension in Hong Kong between the government and pro-democracy protesters continues to spill into the tech domain. From a report: Rise, which is among the largest tech conferences in Asia, will not run next year as planned due to "the ongoing situation in Hong Kong," according to Web Summit, the Ireland-based company that organizes the show. The organizer said it is postponing the sixth edition of its annual conference, which is held in Hong Kong, to March 2021 from March 2020. Web Su...
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Fuel Cell Drone Makes An Epic Ocean Crossing

Earlier this week, a hydrogen-powered delivery drone managed to make a one-hour, 43-minute ocean crossing. New Atlas reports: The exercise was the result of a collaboration between Texas-based drone development company Guinn Partners, Georgia-based Skyfire Consulting, the U.S. Department of Health, and drone manufacturer Doosan Mobility Innovation -- the latter supplied the aircraft, a hydrogen fuel cell-powered DS30 octocopter. Utilizing its temperature-controlled payload system, the drone was ...
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Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators at Best Buy

If you’re shopping for a new refrigerator, check out the new line of Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators available at Best Buy! The reviewer has been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card and/or received the product. Bosch Counter-Depth Refrigerators at Best Buy If you’re in the market for a new refrigerator, check out some of the amazing options at Best Buy! Bosch has new counter-depth refrigerators that offer innovative technological options that help keep your food fr...
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Ghost Ships, Crop Circles, and Soft Gold: A GPS Mystery in Shanghai

An anonymous reader shares a report: One night last summer, a ship called the MV Manukai arrived at the port of Shanghai. It would be the American container ship's last stop in China before making its long homeward journey to Long Beach, California. As the crew carefully maneuvered the 700-foot ship through the world's busiest port, its captain watched his navigation screens closely. They showed another ship steaming up the same channel at about seven knots (eight miles per hour). Suddenly, it d...
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Dell-owned Pivotal is preparing for as many as 150 layoffs ahead of its $2.7 billion acquisition by VMware, and employees are openly protesting management over it (VMW, PVTL)

Employees at Dell-owned Pivotal learned earlier this week that the company will face significant staff cuts of up to 150 amid its $2.7 billion acquisition by VMware. These cuts will include the workplace operations, or WorkOps, team, which is responsible for managing the office and maintaining Pivotal's corporate culture for its 3,000-plus employees worldwide. Employees are circulating an open letter asking VMware and Pivotal leadership to retain the workplace operations team. A person familia...
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US Workers Show Little Improvement In 21st Century Skills

A new government agency report found that U.S. workers are failing to improve the skills needed to succeed in an increasingly global economy. Bloomberg reports: The National Center for Education Statistics asked 3,300 respondents ages 16-to-65 to read simple passages and solve basic math problems. What the researchers found is that literacy, numeracy and digital problem-solving ability in the U.S. have stagnated over the past few years. Some 19% of the test-takers ranked at the lowest of three l...
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US Exported More Oil Than it Imported For the First Time in Over 70 Years

Based on preliminary data and model estimates, EIA (US Energy Information Agency) estimates that the United States exported 140,000 b/d more total crude oil and petroleum products in September than... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
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The best Black Friday Apple Watch deals in 2019

There are a lot of different Black Friday deals going on this year, but some of the most popular savings of 2019 are on Apple Watches. We've rounded up the best Apple Watch deals we could find.
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2020 Toyota Corolla Hybrid Review: We Skipped The Gas Station

In This Review: The 2020 Corolla Hybrid is an absolute winner in terms of affordability and fuel economy. While the interior quality isn't the best we've seen, buyers might be able to overlook that given the gas mileage. Exterior Styling 78 Interior Layout 80 Driving Dynamics 92 Safety & Tech Features 88 Everyday Functionality 85 Reader Rating 0 Votes 0 Pros Fuel Economy Standard Safety Features Cons Only One Trim Level Does N...
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The House and Senate finally agree on something: Robocalls

In these times of political strife, it’s nice that despite our differences we can still band together as a nation in the face of a catastrophe that affects us all equally. I speak, of course, of robocalls, and it seems that the House and Senate have put their differences aside for the present in order to collaborate on a law combating this scourge. Despite a great deal of FCC bluster, a few high-profile fines and some talk from telecoms about their plans to implement new anti-robocall standards,...
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Laid-off Juul employees are following Uber's lead and using a Google spreadsheet to help affected coworkers land new jobs

Some of Juul's employees are banding together to help employees that were laid off this week. Juul employees are circulating a called "Juul Connection" containing around 40 names, job opportunities, and job-meetup events. In August, a similar spreadsheet listing laid-off Uber employees went viral after layoffs at the ride-hailing company. Click here for more BI Prime stories. The e-cigarette company Juul confirmed that it is laying off 650 workers earlier this week and plans to cut costs by...
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WPP just announced a big shake-up at its giant ad-buying network, GroupM

WPP has restructured its most valuable property, the media-buying network GroupM, as the holding company giant fights industry headwinds. GroupM global CEO Christian Juhl laid out the changes in an internal memo sent on November 15. The ad-tech division mPlatform will merge with 2Sixty, which was part of Juhl's former agency Essence. Juhl also promoted several allies to global leadership roles. A source at GroupM said parent company WPP was reshaping GroupM in the image of Essence, Google's lo...
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Germany Forces Apple To Let Other Mobile Wallet Services Use iPhone's NFC Chip

A new German law passed yesterday requires Apple to allow other mobile payments services access to the iPhone's NFC chip for payments to allow them to fully compete with Apple Pay. 9to5Mac reports: Apple initially completely locked down the NFC chip so that it could be used only by Apple Pay. It later allowed some third-party apps to use the chip but has always refused to do so for other mobile payment apps. Reuters reports that the law doesn't name Apple specifically, but would apply to the tec...
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Google Cancels Weekly All-Hands Meetings Amid Growing Workplace Tensions

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: Google is getting rid of one of its best-known workplace features: TGIF, its weekly all-hands meeting. The company confirmed to CNBC that it will instead hold monthly all-hands meetings that will be focused on business and strategy while holding separate town halls for "workplace issues." An email announcing the change was previously reported by The Verge. Founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin started TGIFs in 1999 as a forum where employees could r...
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SEO Strategies For Your Real Estate Business

As digital technology and home buying experience progress, so too must your marketing plan. Specifically, you need to start thinking and go digital. But let’s be real—the probability of a homebuyer stumbling across your company or your listings and creating a lifelong relationship are slim. If you want to generate qualified leads and sell more properties, your real estate business needs to be present in front of a homebuyer’s face at the moment they’re searching for properties. It’s doable with ...
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White House Unveils Rules Requiring Online Disclosure of Hospital Prices

schwit1 shares a report from The Hill: The Trump administration on Friday unveiled new rules to require increased disclosure of health care prices, in a move officials said would drive down costs by increasing competition. One regulation would require hospitals to provide a consumer-friendly online page where prices are listed for 300 common procedures like X-rays and lab tests. A second regulation would require insurers to provide an online tool where people could compare their out-of-pocket co...
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Gary Oldman Will Lead Apple Spy Series ‘Slow Horses’

Remember Apple TV+? It launched a few weeks ago and then immediately got left in the dust by Disney+. But the Apple streaming service is still kicking, and not ready to instantly throw in the towel. Instead, they’re looking for new material – and they’ve found it. Slow Horses will star Gary Oldman as a leader of a team of British spies, which sure sounds a lot like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy. That’s not a complaint. Slow Horses “follows a team of British intelligence agents who serve in a ...
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The 5 C’s of Personal Branding: Content

Apple, Google, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook. According to Forbes, these are the 5 most valuable brands in the world. I’m guessing that you can probably describe the logo for each of them, right? Creating a consistent and recognizable brand takes work. And while none of us have the resources of, say, Apple or Amazon, we can learn from their stellar examples as we seek to build our own brands. We are in a 5-part blog series covering the 5 C’s of creating your personal brand: clarity, content, conne...
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Those crappy pre-installed Android apps can be full of security holes

If you’ve ever bought an Android phone, there’s a good chance you booted it up to find it pre-loaded with junk you definitely didn’t ask for. These pre-installed apps can be clunky, annoying to remove, rarely updated… and, it turns out, full of security holes. Security firm Kryptowire built a tool to automatically scan a large number of Android devices for signs of security shortcomings and, in a study funded by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, ran it on phones from 29 different vend...
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Facebook’s Libra code chugs along ignoring regulatory deadlock

“5 months and growing strong” the Libra Association announced today in a post about its technical infrastructure that completely omits the fierce regulatory backlash to its cryptocurrency. Forty wallets, tools and block explorers plus 1,700 GitHub commits have how now been built on its blockchain testnet that’s seen 51,000 mock transactions in the past two months. Libra nodes that process transactions are now being run by Coinbase, Uber, BisonTrails, Iliad, Xapo, Anchorage and Facebook’s Calibr...
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Supreme Court Will Hear Long-Running Google and Oracle Copyright Lawsuit

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNBC: The Supreme Court said on Friday that it will hear a dispute between tech giants Oracle and Google in a blockbuster case that could lead to billions of dollars in fines and shape copyright law in the internet era. The case concerns 11,500 lines of code that Google was accused of copying from Oracle's Java programming language. Google deployed the code in Android, now the most popular mobile operating system in the world. Oracle sued Google in 2010 a...
Tags: Google, Tech, Oracle, Cnbc, Sun Microsystems, The Supreme Court, U S Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, Oracle Oracle, Supreme Court Will Hear Long Running Google

Google's Had It Up to Here With the Leaks, Leaked Email Shows

Google has announced an effort to batten the hatches and dam the leaks in a company-wide email, which has also been leaked to the Verge .Read more...
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The best stylus for note-takers and artists

The stylus is currently undergoing a resurgence, namely due to the popularity of tablets. Here are some of the best stylus models for doodlers and note-takers alike, from the Adonit Pixel to the Apple Pencil.
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Magic Leap's CFO is stepping down after it was 'mutually decided' it was time for someone new. Read the email Magic Leap's CEO just sent to employees.

Magic Leap Chief Financial Officer Scott Henry is stepping down, Business Insider has learned. He will help on-board a new chief financial officer and act as an adviser to the company moving forward, according to an internal email obtained by Business Insider sent by Magic Leap's CEO to employees on Friday. "I want to let you know that Scott Henry and I have mutually decided that it is time for us to part ways," Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz wrote in the email. "Scott's leadership and his expert...
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Wilted curb appeal? Try Tilly’s online landscape design services

Tilly is an online landscape design company that offers real estate agents and sellers an array of exterior staging services.
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MacBook Pro Teardown Confirms the New Keyboard Is Basically Just the Old, Good Keyboard

iFixit's teardown of the new 16-inch MacBook Pro confirms that the keyboard uses the more reliable scissor-style switches that Apple first introduced in its Magic Keyboards in 2015. The Verge reports: The switches on the 16-inch MacBook Pro are so similar to the standalone keyboard, in fact, that iFixit's report says that keys are interchangeable between the two products. The change comes after a long, multiyear debate between Apple and customers over the butterfly switches, causing Apple to rev...
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How to sync Notes from an iPhone to a Mac through iCloud, so your notes are always up-to-date

You can sync your Notes from an iPhone to your Mac using an iCloud account. The option to turn this feature on is found in the settings on both devices. Syncing your Notes is helpful for accessing them on multiple devices, so the Notes you write while on your iPhone will automatically appear on your Mac when you get home. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Notes are a great way to organize lists, ideas, and things to do — and thanks to iCloud, you can sync these notes across ...
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Pro-Trump Goof Dodges Questions on Trump Impeachment Tweets by Taking Obviously Fake Phone Call

GOP Representative John Ratcliffe tried to dodge reporters outside impeachment hearings against Donald Trump by pretending to take an urgent call, even though the home screen of his phone was clearly visible and it was obvious he was rambling into the void, Politico reported on Friday.Read more...
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