Facebook's Zuckerberg rare interview inside home

The Facebook CEO, alongside his wife Priscilla, also stressed the company should not be broken up.
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Avast and AVG Browser Extensions Spying On Chrome and Firefox Users

If your Firefox or Chrome browser has any of the below-listed four extensions offered by Avast and its subsidiary AVG installed, you should disable or remove them as soon as possible. Avast Online Security AVG Online Security Avast SafePrice AVG SafePrice Why? Because these four widely installed browser extensions have been caught collecting a lot more data on its millions of users than [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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November 2019: Travel Summary and Statistics

Namaste from India! My friends, I finally got on the plane. I finally made it to my dream travel destination after years of planning and half a dozen cancelled trips.  Was it worth the wait? You bet it was! I’m absolutely in love with India and can’t believe it took me so long to get here.  But let’s start at the beginning of the month. I kicked off November doing much the same as I did last month: bouldering my heart out! It turns out that I am well and truly obsessed with climbing, and I’m s...
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Learn To Love Using Video For Recruiting & Job Descriptions

  Ready for Your Close-up? I know what you’re thinking: “I didn’t become a recruiter to put my face on film.” Or maybe you are one of those that love it.  Fair, but at this exact moment in time, we’re all about a minute away from appearing on video, whether that means TikTok or closed-circuit […]
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Top 5 Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Predictions for 2020

We distilled 30 independent reports dedicated to cybersecurity and cybercrime predictions for 2020 and compiled the top 5 most interesting findings and projections in this post. Compliance fatigue will spread among security professionals Being a source of ongoing controversy and debate, the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was finalized on 11th January 1, 2019. Driven by laudable [Author: [email protected] (The Hacker News)]
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Questions To Ask Before You Jump on the Tech Bandwagon

Rapidly advancing technology offers a terrific opportunity to take your business to the next level and infuse your company's culture with an innovative spirit. Every year unveils new software and apps with the potential to simplify processes, streamline workflow, improve communication and increase employee and partner productivity and efficiency. However, just because a solution is new and shiny, doesn't mean that it's right for your organization and culture—at this point in time or ...
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Supporting Entrepreneurs Wherever They Are, Including Prison

Defy Colorado is a nonprofit organization that helps individuals with criminal histories — who they call Entrepreneurs in Training — create legal business ventures outside of prison. Within a growing network of three Colorado prisons, Defy runs a rigorous eight-month program focusing on reentry planning, employment readiness, entrepreneurship and character development, culminating in a Shark Tank-style pitch competition. Operating in concert with the Department of Corrections, Defy is demons...
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The Biggest Risk to Your Business? Becoming a "Hidden Intermediary" (Thinks Out Loud 267)

Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. The Biggest Risk to Your Business? Becoming a “Hidden Intermediary” (Thinks Out Loud Episode 267) — Headlines and Show Notes In business, there are suppliers and intermediaries. And both face serious competition over the next few years. Google, Facebook, Amazon and others continue to create competitive pressures even in industries where they're not a primary player. But the biggest risk your company faces is if these po...
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Stuff I Want to Understand: Pedro Anderson Explains Blockchain's Place in Travel

( = || []).push({}); There are some things in the world that I just don’t understand, and one of those things is blockchain. I mean, I get it technically, but I find myself stuck on figuring out how it actually fits into the world of air travel in a meaningful way. Even though I … ( = || []).push({});
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10 Innovative On-Page SEO Tactics to Increase Ranking on Google

Search engine optimization tactics are often grouped into on-page and off-page. On-page SEO tips and tactics cover all the processes that go into optimizing your site pages to make sure they rank higher on Google. While the most important of all on-page SEO techniques seems to be keyword optimization, and people can often pay undue attention to it at the expense of others, there are other innovative strategies, too. There is no single factor responsible for a site’s position on Google. A combina...
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How to Use an iPhone as a Remote Control for Plex

This guide will show you how to use your iPhone or iPad as a remote to control the Plex media server. The Plex app for iOS itself can actually act as a remote control for other instances of Plex (eg. Plex running on a computer, gaming console, Apple TV etc). The process isn’t as intuitive as perhaps it should be, so here’s a step by step guide that explains how to use the Plex for iOS app in “remote control mode”. If you haven’t already, download and install the Plex App for iOS. Note: if ...
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7 Great Travel Gifts Under $25

 Travelers can be difficult to shop for since they usually have specific, pricier, items in mind they want for themselves. Getting a gift for someone who knows exactly what they want can be tricky since you might not know if that preference has changed, they bought the thing already, or maybe it’s over your budget. There are however a lot of very practical, clever items you can get a wide range of traveler from frequent to business, all under $25. 1. Multi-Charging Cable ($14.99) Anyone wh...
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How to Use Docker to run Workflows in Digdag

There is a good chance that you want to allow multiple developers to run their dags/tasks on your Digdag server. It’s painful to maintain the packages/dependencies they need to run their tasks. It specially becomes difficult if they conflict with each other. One way to solve it, is by having some kind of independent virtual environments for each task to run. Even then you need to manage those on the server. How to Use Docker to run Workflows in Digdag Another important thing is to isolate th...
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Unpatched Strandhogg Android Vulnerability Actively Exploited in the Wild

Cybersecurity researchers have discovered a new unpatched vulnerability in the Android operating system that dozens of malicious mobile apps are already exploiting in the wild to steal users' banking and other login credentials and spy on their activities. Dubbed Strandhogg, the vulnerability resides in the multitasking feature of Android that can be exploited by a malicious app installed on a [Author: [email protected] (Swati Khandelwal)]
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SEO 101 Episode 369: Bedlam Continues in Local SEO Results

Summary of SEO 101 Episode 369 Ross and guest co-host Scott Van Achte discuss the latest global search market share statistics, Christmas ads, when to act on bad links, Google Maps user profile SPAM reporting, and a lot about the significant havoc within Google’s local SEO results in November. Lastly, they answer a few questions from listeners that were posted on the SEO 101 Podcast Facebook group.   Notes from SEO 101 Episode 369 Search Market Share ( October 2019 ...
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