A Guide to Storytelling for Designers & Business Owners

This article was contributed by Diana Adjadj. If you’re reading this, you’ve already done your homework and know very well that storytelling has a great potential to improve customer engagement.  So let’s cut to the chase: not only storytelling is nice to have in your digital marketing strategy. It’s becoming a must for online businesses.  With so much content published these days, brands need to make personal and emotional connections with their intended audiences. This is a great wa...
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The Bangalore Diaries

Started writing this in Bangalore when I was there a few days ago. Edited and published it on 05 Dec 19, from Mumbai. So as I write this, I am at a Blue Tokai Coffee Shop at Indira Nagar, which to me will be among the top 5 places. Not Blue Tokai. I mean Blue Tokai is also nice. But Indira Nagar is dope. One of the top 5 localities to live in, in India.Indira Nagar has everything that you may want. Wide roads, lined with trees on both sides, a mix of international and local businesses, offering ...
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Why We Haven’t Fixed Our Diversity Problems

I’ll be the first to say I don’t have all the answers when it comes to diversity and inclusion. I don’t think anyone does, but least of all me. The closest I’ve come to discrimination is being told I had to be three times as smart, competent, and amusing as male speakers because I was a small, young-looking woman. And, sometimes people ask “odd” questions about my religion (Judaism). But just because we don’t have all the answers doesn’t mean we shouldn’t keep asking the questions. The question ...
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Six Sure Fire Ways To Grow Your Twitter Profile

No one can argue with the importance of social media, especially, popular networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. I have decided to create three new lengthier posts which will focus on growing your social profile. Knowing how to grow these profiles will help you promote your content to the right type of people who will engage with it going forward. Many times we all setup social accounts which add no value to our marketing efforts, so our time could have been utilized better some where else...
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Launched New Podcast About Professional Speakers and Storytelling

In addition to running Convince & Convert, I am a professional speaker and give many presentations each year on marketing and customer experience. I’m even in the professional speaking Hall of Fame (alas, no bronze bust included). As a speaker, I have discovered that one of the elements that differentiate a good on-stage performance from a great one is the stories: how relevant are they to that audience and how richly are they told. Why are some stories better than others, and why are some stor...
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New Google Search Console report checks site speed

Google is rapidly expanding the capabilities of Search Console — its must-have tool for site owners/managers. Not too long ago it was a couple of new structured data reports and today we’re talking about an enhancement report dedicated to site speed. It’s important to have a fast site and Google’s new tool helps you monitor […] The post New Google Search Console report checks site speed appeared first on Yoast.
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For a Long Winter’s Nap: A Manor House and a Schoolhouse in the German Countryside, Available for Stays

I was in an old bookshop in Dublin, of all places, escaping the cold and leafing through a book called The Foraged Home, when I stopped on a spread of an old schoolhouse in Germany and was instantly entranced. I hurried back to my hotel room to do some Google reconnaissance and discovered more to the story: Tucked in the Mecklenburg countryside, near the rural village of Rensow, the Schoolhouse and a nearby Manor House are the project of Danish/German couple Christina and Knut. The couple was li...
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5 Marketing Podcasts To Strengthen Your B2B Efforts

Podcasts are a fantastic way to find new takes and tactics for your B2B marketing. They’re also great for picking up new marketing ideas and getting fresh perspectives you might not otherwise find. We’ve put together a list of five podcasts that offer marketing insight from a wide array of industry innovators — who share their own stories along with tactics and advice to take your marketing efforts to the next level. From exploring the B2B content marketing trends that will grow in 2020 to f...
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What is Youtube TV and Can It Replace Your Cable Box?

These days, it’s possible to create the home entertainment situation you want, without paying the cost of cable. Table of Contents What is YouTube TV? How to Watch YouTube TV How Much Does YouTube TV Cost? Can YouTube TV Really Replace Cable? Bottom Line: Putting Together Your Entertainment Package O ne of the first things we often try to cut when looking for places to save is the cable. After all, cable can be expensive, it comes with specialized equipment and you can’t always access it...
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Critical Flaw in GoAhead Web Server Could Affect Wide Range of IoT Devices

Cybersecurity researchers today uncovered details of two new vulnerabilities in the GoAhead web server software, a tiny application widely embedded in hundreds of millions of Internet-connected smart devices. One of the two vulnerabilities, assigned as CVE-2019-5096, is a critical code execution flaw that can be exploited by attackers to execute malicious code on vulnerable devices and take [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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How hip hop and diplomacy made an unlikely partnership

Google “hip hop” and “diplomacy” and what images come up? Black men wearing gold chains and baggy clothes, holding microphones. White men in suits shaking hands, flanked by flags. The contrast is stark: informal/formal, loud/quiet, the resistance/the establishment, black/white. These images reflect common perceptions but also misconceptions about diplomacy and hip hop. Both are, in fact, more complex and diverse than most people realize.But that’s not why I juxtapose these seemingly opposed term...
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7 Misconceptions about HTTPS and SSL Certificates

With the rapid increase in cybercrime, website owners must consistently adopt suitable security measures to keep customer data safe from hackers. So, one must explore security measures that are easy to implement and can safeguard against most forms of cyber-attacks. One such potent action is to install an SSL certificate, which can make your website… Read More » 7 Misconceptions about HTTPS and SSL Certificates The post 7 Misconceptions about HTTPS and SSL Certificates appeared first on Gadget ...
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The role of 80-million year-old rocks in American slavery — Lewis Dartnell at The Interval

When cretaceous-age rocks in the Southern US eroded over millions of years, they produced a uniquely rich, fertile soil that landowners realized was ideal for growing cash crops such as cotton. It was the soil from these rocks that slaves toiled over in the era of American slavery—and the same ground that ultimately became the epicenter of the Civil Rights Movement. From Lewis Dartnell’s talk at The Interval, “ORIGINS: How Earth’s history shaped human history.” About the talk From th...
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Europol Shuts Down Over 30,500 Piracy Websites in Global Operation

In a coordinated global law enforcement operation, Europol has taken down more than 30,500 websites for distributing counterfeit and pirated items over the Internet and arrested three suspects. Among other things, the seized domains reportedly offered various counterfeit goods and pirated products and services, including pirated movies, illegal television streaming, music, electronics, [Author: [email protected] (Wang Wei)]
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