Retail And Consumer Goods: The Next AI Frontier

When was the last time you walked into a store and they were out of what you needed? It happens less and less these days as the supply chain becomes increasingly managed by computer algorithms known as artificial intelligence. AI has all the data on sales patterns and supplier speed. It can order things before they run out without having to invest in costly excess merchandise that didn’t need to be ordered just yet. This not only helps stores make sales, but it also helps to keep prices low for ...
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SEO 101 Episode 370: Discussing Google’s November Algorithm

Summary of SEO 101 Episode 370 Google’s Nov 2019 Local Search Update is official and the source of much discussion in the industry. Ross and guest co-host Scott Van Achte discuss what is known along with other findings from the Local Search Forum. They also discuss a Mueller file, an improvement to Google’s Search Console, and a question from a listener.   Notes from SEO 101 Episode 370 Local SEO News Segment Google confirms Nov. 2019 Local Search Update – Search Engine Land Google...
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How To Make A Quick $500

Who doesn’t want to get a quick $500? We all need it at some point in our life or maybe every month. It could be to pay some bills or have extra money for shopping or travel.  But how do you make a quick $500? Well, you can either sell your stuff or offer services. Sell your collection of CDs or Legos, do paid tasks for people, be a driver, rent your car or be a tutor! There’s a lot of ways for you to earn a quick $500. We have listed some free ways for you to earn you $500. Just a disclaim...
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Bad News: 10 Ways a Bad Review Can Impact Your Business

by Robert Clough Gone are the days when customers had to go through a long process to launch a complaint whenever they were not satisfied with a service or product. Thanks to the digital world, customers can now easily go online and complain about a certain company, product, or service.  Worst of all, they can write a very bad review for other customers to see. It is a pity some small business owners still don't know how a bad review can negatively affect their business. How can one bad r...
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StorONE’s Storage Software Platform Earns Microsoft Certification After Successfully Completing Windows Compatibility Testing

Results prove S1’s ability to deliver complete interoperability for Microsoft Windows Server 2016 and 2019 without any changes to its software platform.    NEW YORK – December 10, 2019 –StorONE,today announced that it has proved interoperability with Microsoft Windows after Read more… The post StorONE’s Storage Software Platform Earns Microsoft Certification After Successfully Completing Windows Compatibility Testing appeared first on Guest Post, Telecom Media, Tech, Guest Blogging, SEO Tips.
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3 Simple Changes That Will Make Your Weekend Routine Easier

  Working full-time can be very stressful and most people prefer to take the weekends off. Many people end up washing clothes and engaging in other routine chores on the weekend, but it’s important to take some time to enjoy you. If you work hard all week, then you should have time to go to a bar or restaurant. Some people don’t take a little bit of time to relax end up feeling crippled by stress. We have a lot of tools and technology available to make our lives easier, and people should utili...
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Spotify's Most-Played Lists Might Make You Question Your Taste - Here's How to Find Yours

Spotify's annual year-in-music feature is back with another round of personalized playlists, and this time it's expanding to allow people to look at their most-played songs, artists, and genres of the past decade. Earlier this week, the app released its A Decade Wrapped list, which named the most-streamed artists and songs from 2010 to 2019, but now users are weighing in with what's on their own "Wrapped" playlists, and let's just say that many of us are feeling pretty . . . exposed. Many user...
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BERT is rolling out to Google search in over 70 languages

The algorithm was first introduced to search in October. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: George Nguyen]
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The Bunny Identity

3D model printed using data stored inside itself. 
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Are You Trying to Rank or Help People?

Check the intent behind your blogging actions. What are your drivers? Some bloggers desperately want to rank, to place articles on page 1 of Google, to drive sweet, passive search engine traffic. Good luck with that. Nobody succeeds ranking until you give virtually all of your attention and energy to helping people with your blogging […] The post Are You Trying to Rank or Help People? appeared first on Blogging Tips.
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AS HEARD ON NH Today with Jack Heath WGIR-AM 610: Warnings on Smart TVs and Facial Recognition and more

Good morning, everybody.  The Christmas Holiday season is underway and it comes with a couple of warnings.  Today I discussed a couple of them with Alicia Preston, who filled in for Jack Heath and Justin McIssac.  Here we go.   I will be doing some Facebook Lives during the holiday season, so keep an eye out. These and more tech tips, news, and updates visit – —  Related articles: The Convenience of Facial Recognition is not All It’s Cracked up to be Smart TVs, Security, and th...
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Photography Business – How to Get Found Locally

Want to grow your photography business? In this video, I share five strategies you can take to get found locally and grow a photography business. Before you get started you need to understand your target market. Know who they are, and where they spend their time the most. Subscribe Transcription was done by’s automated transcription service which means it’s an AI-generated transcript. The transcript may contain spelling, grammar , and other errors, and is not a substitute for wa...
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NHS data is a goldmine. It must be saved from big tech | James Meadway

Health datasets play a vital role in medical research. If the US has its way, the UK could lose a valuable public resourceAs a society, we are finally acquiring a healthy scepticism about the use and abuse of our personal information. New polling conducted by YouGov for the Institute for Public Policy Research shows that 80% of the public want to see tighter rules applied to how the likes of Facebook and Amazon use their data. Over the weekend, it was revealed that US pharmaceutical companies ha...
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054: Pre-Silicon Valley

Digging into the idea that the smartphone was invented in 1953. The back story is even more impressive: it nicely demonstrates that you don’t need a college education to have Uncommon Sense (11 minutes) Podcast/transcript. Show Page:
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Deepfakes, Brand Reputation, & Peloton Remind Us How NOT to Handle a PR Problem

Google has had its share of controversies over the past few years, but one of the biggest has been over its perceived ability to make or break the reputation of individuals and brands. Equifax, anyone? As a result, the European Union has pursued “ right to be forgotten ” legislation to enable forcing Google to remove reputation-damaging results from search. Brands that focus only on what shows up on the first page of Google for their name miss the bigger picture. Online reputation is really abo...
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Time for B2B to bet big on wearable communications tech

The first time you see a kid running around a playground with a real-time location tracker clipped to his belt, you realize the world of wearable technology has dramatically changed. (Also, I’m considering whether to invest.) Wearable tech has evolved to the point where it’s pretty much possible to find anyone, anywhere, any time. So far, it’s been most visible in consumer-facing smartwatches, whose sales leapt 61% in 2018. Thanks to its near-unlimited budget, Amazon is taking its voice exper...
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2020 Best Practices in Workforce Management

The global workforce today is anything but static. Both HR professionals and individual managers must continuously adjust employment configurations in response to evolving business conditions and increase their applied technology skills – meaning they understand how to leverage available software to manage their workforces more efficiently. At the same time, 21st century business developments have mandated a focus on a more sophisticated employee experience that provides meaningful interaction f...
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6 Myths About Millennials and Finance

Are millennials really doing financially worse than past generations? It turns out many of the myths aren’t true. We’ve separated the facts from the fiction. N o matter which generation you’re a part of, you’ve likely heard the common refrains against millennials. After all, this young generation is notorious for more than avocado toast and selfies: they’re poor savers, carry around tons of debt, and think that the world owes them something. As we are learning, though, these claims may not be ...
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Is Mars the Solution for Earth’s Problems?

Geologist Marcia Bjornerud and Long Now’s Executive Director Alexander Rose debate about whether going to Mars is a viable long-term sustainability plan for human survival. From Marcia Bjornerud’s Long Now talk, “Timefulness.” About the Talk We need a poly-temporal worldview to embrace the overlapping rates of change that our world runs on, especially the huge, powerful changes that are mostly invisible to us. Geologist Marcia Bjornerud teaches that kind of time literacy. With it,...
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As a Facebook moderator I saw the worst of humanity. We need to be valued | Chris Gray

Murder, torture, child abuse: each day we see things that keep us awake at night. Yet Mark Zuckerberg calls us ‘overdramatic’You may have shrugged when you heard that some Facebook staff are suing the company over working conditions. But welcome to my world – content moderation – where we deal with the worst of humanity so you don’t have to. Naked migrants are being tortured with molten metal in Libya; Facebook’s quality assurance (QA) department is challenging whether that baby in Myanmar is de...
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AirPods Pro review: a touch of Apple magic

Good sound, solid battery life and effective noise cancelling wrapped up in a tiny, potent packageApple’s true wireless earbuds have gone “pro” and in doing so deliver on the promise of the 2017 originals. The new AirPods Pro are worth the wait.Apple managed two pieces of magic in 2017 with the original £159 AirPods. They just worked without the skips, blips or audio delay, and came in a tiny battery case that kept them charged and safe – a combination that competitors still find hard to match. ...
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Grieving in the digital era: Chips with Everything podcast

Jordan Erica Webber looks at how Twitter’s plans to deactivate unused accounts raised a broader conversation around the intersection of technology and death Continue reading...
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