Mid-market, enterprise retailers had different Google Ads holiday weekend strategies, data indicates

Daily text ad CPCs were significantly lower among mid-market retailers this year as they focused spend on Shopping ads, Sidecar found. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Ginny Marvin]
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Researchers Report Breakthrough In 'Distributed Deep Learning'

Using a divide-and-conquer approach that leverages the power of compressed sensing, computer scientists from Rice University and Amazon have shown they can slash the amount of time and computational resources it takes to train computers for product search and similar "extreme classification problems" like speech translation and answering general questions. Tech Xplore reports: In tests on an Amazon search dataset that included some 70 million queries and more than 49 million products, Shrivastav...
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How to Improve Website Performance the Right Way

No matter what your website is about, it has to be fast. An aesthetically pleasing website means nothing if visitors can’t accomplish what they need to right away – like reading a blog post or making a purchase. DoubleClick by Google discovered that sites that load in 5 seconds had 70% longer sessions and 35% lower bounce rates. That said, load time impacts the user experience. But while you’re trying to achieve your digital marketing goals, you could be unintentionally adding features and elem...
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Record Player Tape Dispenser

Creative tape dispenser looks like miniature turntable player for your office. Scotch Tape Dispenser – refillable record player shaped tape dispenser with weighted base for easy dispensing. Also check out: Easy to Find End Tape
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Plants Emit High-Pitched Sounds When They Get Cut, or Stressed by Drought, a New Study Shows

Image via Wikimedia Commons Are plants sentient? We know they sense their environments to a significant degree; like animals, they can "see" light, as a New Scientist feature explains. They “live in a very tactile world,” have a sense of smell, respond to sound, and use taste to “sense danger and drought and even to recognize relatives.” We’ve previously highlighted research here on how trees talk to each other with chemical signals and form social bonds and families. The idea sets the imaginat...
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Say hello to Google’s new Publisher Center

The interface is now the central hub for publishers to manage content across Google. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: George Nguyen]
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82 Vintage Cookbooks, Free to Download, Offer a Fascinating Illustrated Look at Culinary and Cultural History

With the holidays fast approaching, two interns at the Sallie Bingham Center for Women's History and Culture at Duke University's Rubenstein Library turned to the center’s collection of vintage advertising cookbooks for inspiration. Their labors, and the fruits thereof—a queasy-looking Crown Jewel Dessert and a savory fish-shaped “salad” as per the   cookbook—are showcased above. While the library has yet to digitize that particular early-60’s gem, there are plenty of other options f...
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How Netflix Metaflow Framework Is Different Than Other Python Frameworks

Python is one of the fastest-growing programming languages in the world today. It is already being used by 8 million developers across the world. It’s hard to say that when Guido Van Rossum first laid the foundation of Python in the 1990s, he would have imagined the extent to which people would adore the programming language. But, the fact is, organizations from all across the world love to implement Python in their business processes. In the data science industry, for example, Python is being u...
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How To Create an Impactful Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Before I first started wearing my Fitbit, I had no idea how many steps I took in a day, or what times of day I was most active. Introducing a Fitbit into my life allowed me to quantify my activity levels, and it was always gratifying to achieve the “10,000 steps!” buzz and light show on my wrist. But it wasn’t until I looked at my Fitbit app dashboard that I had real, genuine insight into the step trends of my daily life, and could make actionable changes. Tracking steps, coupled with an in-app ...
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Apple AirPods with Charging Case Giveaway

Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model) My AirPods are quickly becoming my favorite phone accessory! They automatically play and pause and they are so easy to take calls on when you are running errands. The charging case charges them so quickly too, so you are never without them! They make for a great gift! – Jaden Automatically on, automatically connected Easy setup for all your Apple devices Quick access to Siri by saying “Hey Siri” Double-tap to play or skip forwar...
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Adobe Releases Patches for 'Likely Exploitable' Critical Vulnerabilities

The last Patch Tuesday of 2019 is finally here. Adobe today released updates for four of its widely used software—including Adobe Acrobat and Reader, Photoshop CC, ColdFusion, and Brackets—to patch a total of 25 new security vulnerabilities. Seventeen of these flaws have been rated as critical in severity, with most of them carrying high priority patches, indicating that the vulnerabilities [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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Download: The 2020 Cybersecurity Salary Survey Results

The 2020 Cybersecurity Salary Survey was an online survey published in The Hacker News and created to provide insight into the details related to cybersecurity compensation. There were over 1,500 security professionals who completed the survey. Today you can access the aggregated and analyzed 2020 Cybersecurity Salary Survey Results and gain insight to the main ranges and factors of current [Author: [email protected] (The Hacker News)]
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Copy the chiton for flexi-protection

Marine mollusc may inspire better body armour for humans.
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Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid in 2020 to Increase Your PPC ROI

  Pay-Per-Click or PPC Advertising is one of the most efficient methods of Digital Marketing, which greatly helps brands in gaining traffic as well as a strong presence online. PPC, as opposed to SEO, focuses on achieving search engine rankings by incurring costs rather than on an organic basis. However, PPC can prove to be costly as well which means if your PPC campaign is not effective, then your money is going down the drain. Since we are receiving new updates every other day, there are some...
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Google Ad Script to Manage Campaign Budgets

This script manages your budget at the campaign level by the hour via a google sheet, so you can scale. Read more at
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Pro Tip: Why you should stop using last-click attribution in Google Ads

The Model Comparison Tool report in Google Analytics evaluates non-last click models to help you better measure success. Please visit Search Engine Land for the full article. [Author: Justine Rabideau]
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10 Reasons to Have a Library Card

For those of us who pay attention to personal finance, the public library should be near the top of our list of money-saving resources. It’s true that we have access to a lot of free information and services today, but there are still some expenses that can be significantly reduced if we take the time to use the library’s resources. Here are ten advantages you can enjoy for free if you join the two-thirds of Americans who have library cards (as long as you return things on time, of course!): ...
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Here’s how to add proper dark themes for Ableton Live, SoundCloud, embrace darkness

Dark themes are all the rage these days, from phones to desktop OSes. Now it’s time for stuff you use every day to go properly to black, too – hello Ableton Live and SoundCloud. Ultra Dark. And you can grok what I’m listening to on SoundCloud, as well. Yes, I go and then buy stuff from Bandcamp et al. Okay, dark themes actually have inspired some controversy when it comes to usability and even eye fatigue. But it’s pretty understandable why they’re using in music. Let’s face it – we’re...
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How to Use Any Device as a Web Streaming Motion Sensing Security Camera

Using nothing more than a web browser, you can turn any internet connected device with a camera into a motion sensing, web streaming security camera – for free! Do you have an old iPhone or iPod Touch? An Android phone or tablet you don’t use anymore? How about an old laptop with a webcam? If so, you’ve got all you need to create a streaming security camera you can view from any web browser in the world. It can even take screenshots when it detects motion. Here’s how via Viyo describes their...
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How Martin Scorsese Directs a Movie: The Techniques Behind Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and More

How does Martin Scorsese direct a movie? Younger filmmakers have been studying at his feet trying to figure that out for more than four decades. Now in his late 70s and boasting a name that has long since become a byword for the American auteur, Scorsese continues to direct a major feature (alongside almost equally numerous documentaries and shorts) at a much younger filmmaker's pace. This year saw the release of The Irishman, the latest chapter in Scorsese's collaboration with Robert De...
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7 Ranking factors for Google Place

If you want to rank higher on Google Maps, there are a number of different factors you are going to need to take into consideration. Location is more important than… Read more » The post 7 Ranking factors for Google Place appeared first on
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Snatch Ransomware Reboots Windows in Safe Mode to Bypass Antivirus

Cybersecurity researchers have spotted a new variant of the Snatch ransomware that first reboots infected Windows computers into Safe Mode and only then encrypts victims' files to avoid antivirus detection. Unlike traditional malware, the new Snatch ransomware chooses to run in Safe Mode because in the diagnostic mode Windows operating system starts with a minimal set of drivers and services [Author: [email protected] (Unknown)]
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It’s tempting to believe you can nurture the first sparks of activity into a thriving community. Any sparks will do…right? Wrong! Any activity won’t do. If newcomers visit a site filled with low-quality, repetitive, beginner-level content they won’t come back. You don’t just need any activity, you need good activity to get started. High-quality contributions trumps high-quantity contributions. And if you don’t get the former, the latter won’t happen anyhow. But you can’t expect anyone to create ...
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Amazon Fire HD 10 review: still a top budget tablet

Faster processor, updated software and good screen make Amazon’s 10in hard to beat for £150Amazon’s cheap-but-good-enough media tablet gets a much-needed speed boost and updated software for 2019, doing just enough to make the Fire HD 10 still the budget tablet to buy for bigger-screen video watching.Now in their ninth-generation, Amazon’s Fire tablets follow a tried and trusted formula: undercut the competition on price with a good enough screen, good enough performance and Amazon’s version of ...
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How to Create Captions for Live Presentations

I present at a lot of conferences and workshops. I’ve always thought about having captions during the live presentations. They come in handy for the person who can’t hear and needs them. And they potentially add value for the person who can’t quite hear everything: maybe the room is disruptive or the speaker talks too fast. Or perhaps, English isn’t the first language and hearing and processing is a little slower. In either case, having a transcript in real time is valuable. Here are a couple o...
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6 Marketing Myths That Can Trap Banks & Credit Unions

Google's Media Lab experts and others zero in on misconceptions about video, metrics, humans versus tech, content, retargeting, and Facebook. The post 6 Marketing Myths That Can Trap Banks & Credit Unions appeared first on The Financial Brand.
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