Ask Slashdot: At What Age Should Toddlers Get Screen Time?

Slashdot reader ne0phyte73 writes: I got my first computer (a Commodore 64) when I was 13. My daughter got hers (One Laptop Per Child) when she was 5. What are the current trends? I see new AI-powered edutainment products coming to the market, targeted at toddlers. Would you give something like this to your 18 months old? (Kidshealth claims that there should be no screen time at all until 18 months, with the exception of "video chatting with grandparents or other family friends, which is co...
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DNS Over HTTPS: Not As Private As Some Think?

Long-time Slashdot reader UnderAttack writes: DNS over HTTPS has been hailed as part of a "poor mans VPN". Its use of HTTPS to send DNS queries makes it much more difficult to detect and block the use of the protocol. But there are some kinks in the armor. Current clients, and most current DoH services, do not implement the optional passing option, which is necessary to obscure the length of the requested hostname. The length of the hostname can also be used to restrict which site a user may h...
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10 Ways Python Can Boost Your Technical SEO

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence, machine learning, voice search, NLP as the new trends emerging in the marketing technology space. Python is the programming language that gained huge popularity recently in the technology industry. Now, the SEO community is also loving and accepting the language to automate their work and made life easier. It’s not necessary to be a data scientist or any tech geek to understand this programming language. The simple syntax and huge library make ...
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His Dark Materials: How we animated Iorek Byrnison

Click talks to Russell Dodgson, senior visual effects supervisor for the BBC programme.
Tags: Tech, Bbc, Russell Dodgson

How Cold War rivalry helped launch the Chinese computer

It was the summer of 1959, and the United States needed a Cold War to win. In 1957, the Soviet bloc scored a major technological victory with Sputnik 1. The next year, China’s Communist leadership launched the sweeping, and ultimately devastating, Great Leap Forward. In the spring of 1959 in Cuba, Fidel Castro’s guerrillas forced president Fulgencio Batista into exile. The US needed to recapture the momentum and demonstrate that it was still at the helm of world affairs. The plan: president Dwig...
Tags: Startups, China, US, Tech, United States, Sputnik, Cuba, Fidel Castro, Fulgencio Batista, Dwight D Eisenhower, Syndication

Just putting it out there: Ban Wi-Fi on airplanes

In this column, “Just putting this out there…,” we write about the odd ways we engage with tech and the unpopular opinions we form about it. You can read the rest of the articles in this series here. I truly don’t want to be able to go online during flights — no matter how long the flight is. This might be a controversial opinion, but hear me out before you denounce me as a backwards luddite.  First of all, I’ll admit that part of the reason is a sliver of nostalgia. I find it appealing that the...
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Best Video Editing Software for YouTube [Phones, Tablets, & Computers]

Shooting great quality videos is no longer a challenge. From filming with an iPhone to DSLRs to mirrorless cameras, there’s an option for every budget level. However, once the camera stops you’re going to want to edit the pile of footage shot down to something engaging and watchable before you upload it to YouTube. In this post I’ll cover a variety of the best editing apps for both mobile devices and computers. Editing Apps for Smart Phones and Tablets Adobe Premiere Rush ...
Tags: Apple, Hollywood, Movies, Adobe, Mac, Youtube, Software, Editing, Rush, Adobe Premiere, Blackmagic, FCPX, Post-Production, iMovie, DaVinci Resolve, LumaFusion

Humans should get the credit for AI-made art

In December 1964, over a single evening session in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, John Coltrane, and his quartet recorded the entirety of A Love Supreme. This jazz album is considered Coltrane’s masterpiece – the culmination of his spiritual awakening – and sold a million copies. What it represents is all too human: a climb out of addiction, a devotional quest, a paean to God. Five decades later and 50 miles downstate, over 12 hours this April and fuelled by Monster energy drinks in a spare bedro...
Tags: Startups, Tech, John Coltrane, Coltrane, Princeton New Jersey, Syndication, Ji Sung Kim

'We Tested Ring's Security. It's Awful'

"Ring lacks basic security features, making it easy for hackers to turn the company's cameras against its customers," reports Motherboard: Ring is not offering basic security precautions, such as double-checking whether someone logging in from an unknown IP address is the legitimate user, or providing a way to see how many users are currently logged in -- entirely common security measures across a wealth of online services... Ring doesn't appear to check a user's chosen password against known ...
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iPhone 12 rumored to replace optical image stabilization with sensor-shift tech

Apple is rumored to be replacing optical image stabilization with sensor-shift technology in its high-end 2020 iPhones.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Optical Image Stabilization, iPhone 11, Iphone 12, Sensor-shift Image Stabilization

How Much Are Cars Spying On Their Owners?

"We're at a turning point for driving surveillance," reports the Washington Post (in an article shared by long-time Slashdot reader davidwr ). "In the 2020 model year, most new cars sold in the United States will come with built-in Internet connections, including 100 percent of Fords, GMs and BMWs and all but one model Toyota and Volkswagen." Often included for free (or sold as an add-on), these connections mean "Cars are becoming smartphones on wheels," collecting and sending data "pretty muc...
Tags: Google, Post, Washington Post, Tech, General Motors, United States, Gm, Toyota, Volkswagen, GAO, U S Government Accountability Office, David Caldwell

Nose Warmers

Animal inspired nose warmers designed to protect your face during the winter. Nose Warmers handmade by Aunt Marty look like crocheted frogs, birds, spiders, bears, and other cute animals. No one likes a cold nose! Also check out: Hand Warmer Mug
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Vox Media Fires Hundreds of Freelance Writers, Blaming California's 'Gig Economy' Law

Since 2003 Vox Media has been covering California's sports on its SB Nation blogs largely with independent contractors. But they're making big changes to comply with a new California law targetting companies in the gig economy, according to the Los Angeles Times: Vox Media will end contracts with about 200 people, including non-California freelancers who cover teams based in the state, and replace them with 20 new part-time and full-time staffers, according to a source familiar with the decisio...
Tags: California, Tech, Los Angeles Times, Vox Media, AB, Ness, SB Nation

Apple reportedly working on satellites that will beam data to mobile devices

Apple has reportedly hired a secret team of engineers to work with satellite technology, which will be used to beam data to the company's devices.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Satellites

The U.S. Navy Bans TikTok from Government-Issued Mobile Devices

An anonymous reader quotes Reuters: Earlier this week the United States Navy banned the social media app TikTok from government-issued mobile devices, saying the popular short video app represented a "cybersecurity threat." A bulletin issued by the Navy on Tuesday showed up on a Facebook page serving military members, saying users of government issued mobile devices who had TikTok and did not remove the app would be blocked from the Navy Marine Corps Intranet. The Navy would not describe in...
Tags: Navy, Tech, Pentagon, Reuters, U S Navy, United States Navy, Chuck Schumer, Navy Marine Corps, Beijing ByteDance Technology Co, U S social media app Musical ly Reuters, Uriah Orland

Boeing’s Starliner crew spacecraft will attempt a landing on Sunday

Boeing launched its Starliner CST-100 commercial crew spacecraft to the International Space Station (ISS) for the first time on Friday morning in an uncrewed test, and while an error with the onboard mission clock meant that the Starliner didn’t reach its target orbit as intended and subsequently didn’t have enough fuel on board to actually meet up and dock with the ISS, it’s still doing as much testing as it can to complete other mission objectives. One of those objectives is landing the Starli...
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The Source Canada Boxing Day & Boxing Week 2019 Flyer & Deals

The Source Canada has released their Boxing Day 2019 flyer deals! The Boxing Day sale will start online at 12:01 am EST on December 25, 2019, until January 1, 2020, while supplies last. The flyer includes great deals such as: Boxing Week Door Crashers! Valid December 25, 2019, to December 27, 2019, Only: Save $200 on Beats Studio 3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones (Was $399.99, Now $199.99) INTRO OFFER! Save $120 on Acer Aspire A315-22-604B 15.6inch Laptop (Was $499.99, Now $379.99) Save 50% on Go...
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Pixelbook 2: Everything we know so far about Google’s next laptop

It’s been more than two years since the Pixelbook went on sale, however, rumors and speculation have been spreading regards to the true successor, the Pixelbook 2 can look like. Here's everything we know so far.
Tags: Google, Android, News, Trends, Chromebook, Computing, Best Of, Pixelbook, Pixelbook 2, Pixelbook Go, Tier 4

Many Security-Critical Military Systems Are Now Using Linux

b-dayyy shared this article from Linux Security: The United States government's respect for and acceptance of open-source development has steadily grown stronger over the past decade, and the U.S. government is increasingly using open-source software as a way to roll out advanced, highly secure technology in an economical manner. On August 8, 2016, the White House CIO released a Federal Source Code Policy that calls for new software to be built, shared, and adapted using open-source methods to c...
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YouTube's Top Earner For 2019? An 8-Year-Old Who Made $26M

"An eight-year-old boy who reviews toys on YouTube has been named by Forbes as the platform's highest earner in 2019," reports CNN: Ryan Kaji, whose channel Ryan's World has 22.9 million subscribers, earned $26 million in 2019 -- up $4 million from his earnings in 2018, when he also gained the highest-earning YouTuber spot... Another child, Anastasia Radzinskaya, five, came in third place with earnings of $18 million. Radzinskaya, who was born in southern Russia and has cerebral palsy, appears ...
Tags: Google, Youtube, Russia, Tech, Cnn, Forbes, Ryan, Ryan Kaji, Anastasia Radzinskaya

10 Productivity Tools That Entrepreneurs Can’t Live Without

We’ve all got our own favorite productivity tools, tips, and tricks that help us organize our task lists, assign projects, and manage deliverables. Today, there are more project management and productivity apps and software programs geared toward business owners than ever. Here, 10 entrepreneurs share the productivity tools they use to stay on top of everything. 1. Streamline communication channels Aalap Shah, founder of 1o8 , an e-comm-focused digital agency based in Chic...
Tags: Google, Productivity, UK, Evernote, Toronto, Sales, San Francisco, Teamwork, Chicago, Roy, Seattle, Brittain, Cto, Expensify, Trello, School Of Rock

Radiohead Puts Every Official Album on YouTube, Making Them All Free to Stream

There are those who say that Radiohead was the last of the great rock bands before the internet crushed the record industry and popular music fragmented into a proliferation of microgenres. Maybe it's fair to say some of those people have been humming Radiohead songs since the band’s debut, Pablo Honey, in 1992. And maybe rock isn't a thing of the past, it's just evolved, thanks in no small part to Radiohead, who also helped usher in the very streaming and downloading revolution that kil...
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Good News For Climate Change: India Gets Out of Coal and Into Renewable Energy

"India has been aggressively pivoting away from coal-fired power plants and towards electricity generated by solar, wind, and hydroelectric power," writes the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Lasrick shared their report: The reasons for this change are complex and interlocking, but one aspect in particular seems to stand out: The price for solar electricity has been in freefall, to levels so low they were once thought impossible. For example, since 2017, one solar energy company has been ge...
Tags: India, Narendra Modi, Tech, United States, Paris, Rajasthan

2020 = 303 + 808 + 909, literally

As many have observed (even before Roland themselves caught on), the year 2020 is the sum of 303 + 808 + 909. So 2020 means some serious techno (and acid techno), and auspicious dates to celebrate March 3, August 8, and September 9. Mark those techno calendars. If you want to consider the zodiac, you may need a different year. Japan’s Juunishi is derived from the Chinese zodiac, and 2020 (which starts toward the end of January) is the Year of the Rat. Then again, it is associated with wea...
Tags: Math, Music, Japan, Tech, History, Gear, Techno, Music Tech, Roland, TR-909, Alexandre Dulaunoy, Juunishi

Luminance and Omnius are bringing AI to legacy industries

Artificial intelligence is a powerful tool, but it’s not a magic wand. Applying the technology requires thought and dedication, especially with legacy industries like law and insurance, which are being taken on in this way by Luminance and Omnius respectively. The companies’ founders, Emily Foges and Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss, spoke with great insight on this on stage at Disrupt Berlin. Luminance uses AI and natural language processing to help law firms process documents more quickly, not r...
Tags: Startups, TC, Europe, UK, US, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Emily, APAC, Sofie, Sofie Quidenus-Wahlforss, Emily Foges, Emily Foges Luminance, Omnius, Sofie Quidenus Wahlforss Omnius, Lemonade WeFox Coya

7 Innovative Products from Capital Factory’s Holiday Gift Guide

Yes, it’s almost that time of the year again. You’re probably wondering, “How did the holidays get here so quickly?” If you’re having trouble finding the right gifts for friends, family members, or even your significant other— let us save you some late-night searching. Capital Factory’s official Holiday Gift Guide is hot off the press. We have the inside scoop on products from our talented Accelerator companies, which includes stylish travel gear from Hook and Albert, useful health kits from C...
Tags: Startups, Holidays, Tech, Luggage, Albert, Capital Factory, Gift-guide, Austin Startups, Austin Tech Live, Dallas Tech Live, Consumer-goods, Brobe, FenSens, IO Choose Health, Brobe Shop, FenSens Smart Solar Powered Wireless Backup Camera

Earth's Magnetic North Pole Changes Time Zones, Just Keeps Drifting

pgmrdlm tipped us off to an unprecedented scientific phenomenon. Forbes writes: Earth's magnetic north pole has been moving East at an unusually fast pace, heading from the Canadian Arctic toward Russia. The rapid change of the magnetic poles has caused concern over navigation, GPS systems, military operations, etc. The northern magnetic pole has been drifting toward Russia at a speed of 34 miles per year (55 kilometers per year) but has slowed recently to 25 miles per year (40 kilometers per y...
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Get a free plug-in version of the 1176 Peak Limiter

The pre-Christmas week is turning out to be a great time to load up your plug-in folder. Next – an IK Multimedia rendition of a landmark dynamics processor. After two versatile and essential reverbs for free this week, now you get one of the most effective dynamics processors of all time, too. Broke producers, Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to us! Through Christmas, you can get IK’s Black 76 Limiting Amplifier via Audio Plugin Deals. You’ll need to fill out a form, but you can opt o...
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What is Thunderbolt 3? Here’s everything you need to know

What's Thunderbolt 3? Here's what you need to know, including how to distinguish it from normal USB-C and everything it can do.
Tags: Apple, Trends, Intel, Computing, Laptops, Thunderbolt 3, Thunderbolt

Disney+: Everything you need to know about the new streaming service

Disney+ is finally here and the studio brings the weight of its massive content library to compete with Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Apple TV+. How does Disney+ compare to the crowd? Here's what you need to know.
Tags: Apple, Star Wars, News, Marvel, Disney, Trends, Streaming Services, Movies & TV, Netflix Amazon Prime Video, Disney Plus

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