The 20 most popular sci-tech stories of 2019 (ars technica)

Enlarge (credit: Aurich Lawson / Getty) 2019—we're glad to put the year in our rear-view mirror, but there were still plenty of tech stories to remember. What stood out this time around was the sheer diversity of our most popular stories. Sure, readers always love listening to what Ron Amadeo has to say about Google's strategic direction or following Eric Berger's scoops about what's going on inside NASA, but the return of the Razr? A man with an "eye of Sauron" around his iris? The "church of...
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Microsoft might separate shell experience from Windows CoreOS to deliver faster updates (OSNews)

Now, Walking Cat has uncovered a change in the latest Fast Ring build that indicates a shift in the way new features are delivered to the users. Microsoft recently published a new app on the Microsoft Store called the “Windows Feature Experience Pack”. The app looks like a dummy at the moment but it does coincide with a small change made to the About section of the Settings app. The About section now shows Windows Feature Experience Pack under Windows Specifications. The version number is entire...
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Pentagon Wants Open-Source 5G Plan in Campaign Against Huawei

The Pentagon is urging US telecoms equipment makers to join forces on 5G technology in a drive to offer a homegrown alternative to China's Huawei. From a report: Lisa Porter, who oversees research and development at the defence department, has asked US companies to develop open-source 5G software -- in effect opening up their technology to potential rivals -- warning they risk becoming obsolete if they do not. Making 5G tech open-source could threaten American companies such as Cisco or Oracle, ...
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'Fox News Is Now a Threat to National Security'

The network's furthering of lies from foreign adversaries and flagrant disregard for the truth have gotten downright dangerous. Garrett M. Graff, writing for Wired earlier this month: Monday's split-screen drama, as the House Judiciary Committee weighed impeachment charges against President Trump and as the Justice Department's inspector general released a 476-page report on the FBI's handling of its 2016 investigation into Trump's campaign, made one truth of the modern world inescapable: The li...
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Iran Curbs Internet Before Possible New Protests

Iran's authorities have restricted mobile internet access in several provinces, an Iranian news agency reported on Wednesday, a day before new protests were expected to kick off following calls for demonstrations on social media. Reuters: Social media posts, along with some relatives of people killed in unrest last month, have called for renewed protests and for ceremonies to commemorate the dead to be held on Thursday. State media, meanwhile, said intelligence ministry agents had seized a cache...
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Why your cat is lousy at chess yet way smarter than even the most advanced AI

If you share your home with a dog or a cat, look at it carefully and you will get a good overview of everything we don’t know how to do in artificial intelligence. “But my cat does nothing all day except sleep, eat and wash herself,” you may think. And yet your cat knows how to walk, run, jump (and land on her feet), hear, see, watch, learn, play, hide, be happy, be sad, be afraid, dream, hunt, eat, fight, flee, reproduce, educate her kittens – and the list is still very long. Each of these acti...
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‘See’ Director Francis Lawrence on World-Building and Making Television Shows for Apple [Interview]

One of Apple TV’s first major shows, See, couldn’t have been more in director and executive producer Francis Lawrence‘s wheelhouse. The director behind The Hunger Games sequels, I Am Legend, and Constantine is no stranger to expansive fantastical worlds. Created by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders), See presents a future where sight is a thing of the past. No one can see, which presents the visual challenges Lawrence relishes as a director. It’s not the first time Lawrence has defined the aestheti...
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'The Rise of Skywalker' Is a Preview of Our DRM-Fueled Dystopian Future

This post contains spoilers for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. Jason Koebler, writing for Motherboard: Emperor Palpatine is back with a fleet of planet-killing Star Destroyers, the masses are scared to fight the Final Order, and the last glimmer of hope for the rebellion is nearly stamped out by ... overbearing DRM? The Rise of Skywalker is an allegory for the dystopian nightmare we are quickly hurtling toward, one in which we don't own our droids (or any of our other stuff), their utility h...
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Amazon Likely To Offer Consumers a Standalone Alternative to UPS and FedEx

Two of the most innovative companies in the world are Google and Amazon. They’re impressive in similar ways. They’ve built capabilities, scaled them, and used their new internal capacity to compete aggressively in adjacent industries. No one can touch what Google has done in artificial intelligence at scale. They built and effectively managed large scale data storage, and branched out to manage web services for other companies (Google Cloud). They used the data storage and search capability to o...
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Seventeen Christmases of Blogs And RSS

This Christmas marks seventeen Christmases of blogs and RSS for me. Blogs represented the democratization of publishing for me in 2003. RSS was the radio signal that enabled bloggers to “broadcast” and have their signal received on a RSS reader on other’s computers. A personal publishing press on your computer for which your copy was distributed for free. Another way to look at it, a personal radio station broadcast to radios, worldwide, again all at no cost. Powerful stuff, when you pause to ...
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Colleges Are Turning Students' Phones Into Surveillance Machines, Tracking the Locations of Hundreds of Thousands

Colleges are tracking students' location to enforce attendance, analyze their behavior and assess their mental health. One company calculates a student's "risk score" based on factors such as whether she is going to the library enough. Washington Post reports: When Syracuse University freshmen walk into professor Jeff Rubin's Introduction to Information Technologies class, seven small Bluetooth beacons hidden around the Grant Auditorium lecture hall connect with an app on their smartphones and b...
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Behind Samsung's $116 Billion Bid for Chip Supremacy

Technology giants are increasingly designing their own semiconductors to optimize everything from artificial intelligence tasks to server performance and mobile battery life. Google has the Tensor Processing Unit, Apple has the A13 Bionic and has the Graviton2. What the titans all lack, however, is a factory to build the new chips they are dreaming up. Enter Samsung Electronics, which is planning a decade-long, $116 billion push for their business. From a report: The South Korean comp...
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The Man Who Made Wolfenstein

theodp writes: Over at Polygon, games journalist Colin Campbell remembers the late Silas Warner in The Man Who Made Wolfenstein. Before Doom, there was Warner's Castle Wolfenstein (1981) and Beyond Castle Wolfenstein (1984), which counted id Software's legendary John Carmack and John Romero as fans. After completing his degree in Physics at Indiana University, Warner found work at IU installing a new system called PLATO, which he used to fork John Daleske's Empire (1973), which is sometimes cred...
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Hear Neil Gaiman Read A Christmas Carol Just as Dickens Read It

Image by New York Public Library Last Christmas, we featured Charles Dickens' hand-edited copy of his beloved 1843 novella A Christmas Carol. He did that hand editing for the purposes of giving public readings, a practice that, in his time, "was considered a desecration of one’s art and a lowering of one’s dignity." That time, however, has gone, and many of the most prestigious writers alive today take the reading aloud of their own work to the level of art, or at least high entertainment, tha...
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Uniqlo's Tokyo Warehouse is 90% Robotic

Japanese fashion retailer Uniqlo has managed to automate 90 percent of its flagship Tokyo warehouse, the Financial Times reports, adding that the facility includes a two-armed robot that can fold and box T-shirts, a job previously reserved for human staff. From a report: The industrial T-shirt folders come from Japanese robotics startup, Mujin. Uniqlo's parent company, Fast Retailing, partnered with Mujin to equip its flagship Tokyo warehouse with the robots, reducing its reliance on human labor...
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Bob Ross’ Christmas Special: Celebrate, Relax, Nod Off

I don’t know if you got everything you wanted on Christmas, but we here at Open Culture have what you need. And that’s a very special Bob Ross Christmas Special. No special guests, no musical numbers. Just Bob, his palette filled with phthalo blue, Van dyke Brown, and other favorite paints, and a solid black canvas which Bob turns into a Christmas Eve snow scene. (In 2018, Ross' official YouTube Channel posted all 31 seasons of The Joy of Painting online, a total of 403 episodes.) While ...
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The Snail-Mail Card is Taking on More Significance in the Age of Social Media

In the age of social media, the snail-mail holiday photo card is taking on more significance. Permanent, physical photos stand out, and families are realizing they can be used to convey important life changes -- without having to put them into words. People are using the images on cards to signal major transitions, including divorce, illness and adoption. From a report: "The holiday card gives you a chance to put out the one version that you feel good about. It gives you editorial control," says...
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Chinese Apps Are Losing Their Hold on India

An anonymous reader shares a report: Apps from Chinese developers have been gaining popularity on Indian app stores for sometime. Last year, as many as 44 of the top 100 Android apps in India were developed by Chinese firms. But things have changed this year as local developers put on a fight. According to app analytics and marketing firm AppsFlyer, Indian apps as a whole have recaptured their original standing. 41% of top 200 apps in Indian editions of Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store ...
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The French Cities Trying To Ban Public Adverts

For decades France has had one of the most well-organized anti-advertising movements in the world, ranging from guerrilla protests with spray-cans to high-profile court cases. But now the boom in what is artfully called "digital-out-of-home advertising" -- eye-catching video screens dotted across urban areas, from train platforms to shopping centres -- has sparked a new spate of French protests, civil disobedience and petitions. From a report: High tech video billboards are multiplying in city s...
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How Organizations Can Defend Against Advanced Persistent Threats

Advanced persistent threats (APTs) have emerged to be legitimate concerns for all organizations. APTs are threat actors that breach networks and infrastructures and stealthily lurk within them over extended spans of time. They typically perform complex hacks that allow them to steal or destroy data and resources. According to Accenture, APTs have been organizing themselves into groups that [Author: [email protected] (The Hacker News)]
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Reese Specialty Foods iPad Giveaway

Enter for your chance to win an Apple 10.2-inch #iPad Wi-Fi 32GB – Space Gray from Reese Specialty Foods. Click Here to Enter Official Rules: US, 18+. December 2, 2019 – January 6,... Click to read more...
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AirPods Pro Offer 'Close to Seamless' Audio Experience Thanks to Improved Bluetooth Latency (mac rumors)

Software developer and composer Stephen Coyle published a new article on his blog recently, intent on measuring the Bluetooth latency of Apple's new AirPods Pro and comparing their performance to previous-generation AirPods. As Coyle pointed out, Bluetooth audio latency in wireless earphones can cheapen the user experience of these devices, and can particularly cause major issues for certain accessibility features reliant upon audio accuracy. Coyle measured latency by testing how much time ...
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THE STATE OF STARTUPS: An extensive survey of founders and their employees reveals how to run a company and recruit the best people in 2020

First Round Capital, a prominent early-stage venture firm in Silicon Valley, released its fifth annual State of Startups report, which outlined predictions from startup founders and employees on trends for 2020. A key theme in the report was how crucial company culture and employee satisfaction was to the success of all early stage startups. The report found that employees were three times as likely to leave a startup that wasn't prioritizing diversity and inclusion as those that did. Similarl...
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Wall Street's year in the public cloud: we tracked which big banks are starting to embrace using the tech

Wall Street made big strides in 2019 towards increased usage of the public cloud.  From budgets and multi-cloud approaches to exchanges' use of the public cloud and others' hesitancy to dive in, we pulled together all our big stories on the topic. Click here for more BI Prime stories. Wall Street's relationship with the public cloud took a big step in 2019. Other industries have already fully embraced the idea of moving their data and tools off physical servers and to servers managed by the l...
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The Source Canada Boxing Day Sale *Live*: Save up to 50% on Top-Brand Tech

The Source Canada has a great Boxing Day Sale on now! Save up to 50% on top-brand tech. Boxing Week Door Crashers! Valid December 25, 2019, to December 27, 2019, Only: Save $200 on Beats Studio 3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Matte Black (Was $399.99, Now $199.99) Save $200 on Beats Studio 3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – White (Was $399.99, Now $199.99) Save $200 on Beats Studio 3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Blue (Was $399.99, Now $199.99) INTRO OFFER! Save $120 on Acer Aspire A315-22-604...
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Why Opt For Flutter Than React Native For Developing A Mobile App

Do you know there are 5.1 billion mobile users worldwide? In today’s digital spectrum, the usage of mobile devices is increasing day by day. Hence, companies are in dire need to develop a mobile application, which is a great way to promote a business. But, most of the time they do not choose the right platform to develop a mobile application. From native to hybrid, there are multiple platforms available in the market. Depending on your requirements, you should choose the right one for yo...
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Google's John Mueller Doing Webmaster Support On Christmas Again

Every single Christmas since John Mueller joined Google, he has been helping webmasters with issues on Christmas eve and Christmas day. He sets aside time from his family on this super important holiday to see if anyone is in distress about their Google ranking issues to offer some sound advice and encouragement on the holiday.
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How to use split screen mode on your iPhone or iPad

With iOS 13 and iPadOS 13, you can use sophisticated multitasking features to work with two apps at the same time, to watch a movie, check your email, glance at the news, and other tasks. We show you how to get it done.
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Human art evades understanding so how will we ever ‘get’ machinic art?

Assuming that the emergence of consciousness in artificial minds is possible, those minds will feel the urge to create art. But will we be able to understand it? To answer this question, we need to consider two subquestions: when does the machine become an author of an artwork? And how can we form an understanding of the art that it makes? Empathy, we argue, is the force behind our capacity to understand works of art. Think of what happens when you are confronted with an artwork. We maintain tha...
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If You Bought a Real Christmas Tree, You Paid 15 Cents To the Christmas Tree Promotion Board

An anonymous reader shares a report: Christmas season is in full swing, and if the newly-formed Christmas Tree Promotion Board is doing its job right, you'll want to buy a real tree. You'll crave the sweet aroma of sap and the soft lustre of real pine needles. You'll accept nothing less. The board is a government-backed marketing program that's devoted to protecting Christmas tree farmers against the threat posed by artificial trees, the industry's arch nemesis. The uber-seasonal industry group,...
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