Huawei's Revenue Hits Record $122B in 2019 Despite U.S. Sanctions

Huawei reported resilient revenue for 2019 on Tuesday as the embattled Chinese technology group continues to grow despite prolonged American campaign against its business, but cautioned that growth next year could prove more challenging. From a report: Eric Xu, Huawei's rotating chairman, wrote in a New Year's message to employees that the company's revenue has topped 850 billion Chinese yuan ($122 billion) this year, a new record high for the Chinese group and an 18% increase over the previous ...
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Uber and Postmates claim gig worker bill AB-5 is unconstitutional in new lawsuit

Postmates and Uber have filed a complaint in California federal district court, alleging that a bill limiting how companies can label workers as independent contractors is unconstitutional. The complaint, which includes two gig workers as co-plaintiffs, was filed in U.S. District Court on Monday, days before Assembly Bill 5 (AB-5) is due to go into effect on Jan. 1. It asks for a preliminary injunction against AB-5 while the lawsuit is under consideration. The complaint argues that AB-5 vi...
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Biden to Coal Miners: Learn to Code

Democratic presidential contender and Joe Biden has some advice for the recently disrupted: learn to program.Read more...
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Microsoft Takes Down 50 Domains Operated by North Korean Hackers

Microsoft announced today that it successfully took down 50 web domains previously used by a North Korean government-backed hacking group. From a report: The OS maker said the 50 domains were used to launch cyberattacks by a group the company has been tracking as Thallium (also known as APT37). Microsoft said the Digital Crimes Unit (DCU) and the Microsoft Threat Intelligence Center (MSTIC) teams have been monitoring Thallium for months, tracking the group's activities, and mapping its infrastru...
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Huawei’s revenue hits record $122B this year despite US sanctions, forecasts ‘difficult’ 2020

Huawei on Tuesday reported resilient revenue for 2019 as the embattled Chinese technology group continues to grow despite a prolonged American campaign against its business, but cautioned that growth next year could prove more challenging. Eric Xu, Huawei’s rotating chairman, wrote in a New Year’s message to employees that the company’s revenue topped 850 billion Chinese yuan ($122 billion) this year, a new record high for the Chinese group and an 18% increase over the previous year. Xu said ...
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Huawei says 'survival is our first priority' in 2020 as western boycott bites

Chairman Eric Xu warns that hit from US sanctions means telecoms firm must ‘go all out’ to maintain salesThe embattled Chinese telecommunications company Huawei says “survival” is its first priority after announcing sales were hit hard by a boycott from western countries. Eric Xu, the company’s chairman, said estimated sales revenue would reach 850bn yuan for 2019 (US$121bn) - up roughly 18% from the previous year, but much lower than initially expected. Continue reading...
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California takes lead on laws affecting gig economy, privacy

By DON THOMPSON SACRAMENTO — California’s long tradition of advancing nation-leading legislation continues into the new year, with laws reining in the gig economy, boosting online privacy and discouraging shootings by police, among other potential trend-setters. The laws have sent businesses including Uber, Lyft and Google scrambling, not to mention President Donald Trump. The state dominated by Democrats has delighted in tweaking the Republican president on immigration and other issues, though ...
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CNBC Reports Open Source Software Has Essentially 'Taken Over the World' (slashdot)

Slashdot reader DevNull127 writes: CNBC Explores released a 14-minute documentary this month called "The Rise Of Open-Source Software." It's already racked up 558,802 views on YouTube, arguing that open-source software "has essentially taken over the world. Companies in every industry, from Walmart to Exxon Mobile to Verizon, have open-sourced their projects. Microsoft has completely changed its point of view, and is now seen as a leader in the space. And in 2016 the U.S. government even promise...
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Tech 2019: Our biggest technology stories

Social media scandals dominate the list of the most-read news stories by the Tech desk this year.
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Board Question #92814: Dear friends, Growing up, how did your family do Christmas ...

Q: Dear friends,Growing up, how did your family do Christmas presents? For example, Santa filled each of our stockings and the whole couch cushion behind it with unwrapped presents. We all filed downstairs youngest-to-oldest at 7:00 a.m. while Mom recorded us, and then it was free-for-all with our Santa gifts. Then an hour or two later, we all sat around the tree and took turns opening the gifts we'd gotten and wrapped for each other.Bonus question: what's the best stocking stuffer you ever got?...
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The five biggest rounds in tech in 2019 and what they mean

Funding for tech startups has been on an inevitable upswing for years, a result of a virtuous circle where wildly successful tech companies on the public markets whet the appetites of investors and investors’ backers to find more diamonds, a push met by a pull from the rush of talent with entrepreneurial aspirations out to put that money to work. 2019 has felt a bumper year in that longer trend, with 9-figure rounds ($100 million or more) and “unicorn” statuses so prevalent that the numbers hav...
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Best cheap Apple Watch deals for January 2020

The Apple Watch has surged to prominence in recent years. If you're in the market for an iOS wearable, we've sniffed out the best Apple Watch deals available right now.
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The best tablet deals for January 2020: Apple iPad, Samsung Galaxy, Amazon Fire

Here, we’ve rounded up the best tablet deals available right now, along with a quick and handy buying guide so you can find the perfect device for your needs and budget.
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How to Get a Real Google Search Box in Chrome

You know that Google search bar you see when you open a new tab in Google Chrome? Well, it’s not a “true” search field. It actually just redirects all the activity to your browser’s address bar and doesn’t return any search results within the new tab page. Frankly, it’s little more than a useless decoration—at least…Read more...
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Eye Candy for Today: Francesc Masriera’s Winter 1882

Winter 1882, Francesc Masriera Oil on canvas, roughly 31 x 24″ (79 x 62 cm); link is to zoomable version on Google Art Project; downloadable file on Wikimedia Commons; original is in the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, which also has a zoomable image. Catalan painter Francesc Masriera has give us a tour de force study of soft textures — from the variation in the fur of the muff, the tufts on the hat and tassels on the muff, the fabric of the hat and wrap, and the soft curls of the young wom...
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You can't delete your PayPal history, but you could delete your account to accomplish it — here's what you need to know

You can't delete your PayPal history, so be careful and considerate before you commit to a transaction. Previously, PayPal transactions could be archived on an individual basis, but even then they were not truly deleted. The only surefire way to delete your PayPal history is to delete your PayPal account entirely. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you have ever made a purchase or accepted a payment via PayPal, there is a record of the transaction, and there's really not...
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In the shadow of Amazon and Microsoft, Seattle startups are having a moment

Venture capital investment exploded across a number of geographies in 2019 despite the constant threat of an economic downturn. San Francisco, of course, remains the startup epicenter of the world, shutting out all other geographies when it comes to capital invested. Still, other regions continue to grow, raking in more capital this year than ever. In Utah, a new hotbed for startups, companies like Weave, Divvy and MX Technology raised a collective $370 million from private market investors. In ...
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China's Huawei Gets India Nod To Participate in 5G Trials

The Indian government has allowed Chinese telecom company Huawei Technologies to participate in trials for 5G networks, a company spokesman said on Monday. From a report: India's nod to Huawei comes at a time when the global rollout of 5G technology has been complicated by U.S. sanctions against the company. The United States has been lobbying allies not to use Huawei's network equipment in their 5G networks. Read more of this story at Slashdot.
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How to open a Microsoft Word document in Pages on a Mac computer, and export a Pages file back to Word

It's easy to open a Microsoft Word document in Pages, which is Apple's built-in word processing software for Mac computers.  You may need to open a Microsoft Word document in Pages if you're trying to edit documents between a PC and a Mac, and fortunately, both programs are very similar.   You can also export a Pages document back into Microsoft Word when you're done editing, in order to update all your changes on both systems.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The debate b...
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5 eBook bundles that can raise your earning potential

These eBook bundles cover in-demand skill sets, including cybersecurity, web design, data science, coding and A.I.The five collections include five to 20 books each.Each bundle is discounted up to 95% off their regular price. None With all the knowledge, all the benefits, and none of the bookshelf space, eBooks are a perfect option for those who want to understand a new topic—and preferably one that’s going to put a few extra dollars in their pocket. With a new year bearing down fast, here...
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The Decade Ahead: The future of TV/movies in the 2020s? In post-streaming world, your guess is as good as anyone’s

We’d like to tell you what the big things in entertainment will be in the 2020s. But we’re not falling for that. I mean, look what just happened in the 2010s. Did anybody on New Year’s Eve, 2009, foresee that we’d all be cutting cable cords and streaming most of what we watch over the internet 10 years later? Who on this or any other planet thought that Marvel superheroes would end up more popular than Star Wars characters – or that they’d both wind up being corporate stablemates at Disney (The ...
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Digital Trends Live: Wyze data leak, YouTube limits on young creators, and more

On this episode of Digital Trends Live, we dig into the biggest stories in tech, including a Wyze data leak, YouTube's limits on young creators, an Apple gaming Mac, the Mars 2020 rover, and more.
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Jeanette Nyden’s Three-Step Approach To Contract Negotiations

Having robust processes to identify, document, and manage the risks process is a must.
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Commercial space is going mainstream in 2020

2019 was a packed year for commercial space and space startups, but 2020 isn’t likely to see any kind of slowdown. In fact, it’s going to get a lot busier in a few key ways that could have the effect of driving even more enthusiasm, energy and funding into the emerging space tech industry. The biggest thing happening in space next year is easy to pick out already: NASA’s Commercial Crew program. Both of the partners the agency selected to work with it on returning human launch capabilities to Am...
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How to save a video from Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or Android phone

You can save a video from Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or Android phone in just a few steps.  You cannot save videos that were originally uploaded on Facebook — only videos that were uploaded directly onto Messenger can be saved on your phone.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Photos and videos are shared online every day, and you may want to save some of these moments on your phone.  Maybe your brother sent you a funny video of the family dog, or your mom found a cute...
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Listen to top VCs discuss the next generation of automation startups at TC Sessions: Robotics+AI

Robotics, AI and automation have long been one of the hottest categories for tech investments. After years and decades of talk, however, those big payouts are starting to pay off. Robotics are beginning to dominate nearly every aspect of work, from warehouse fulfillment to agriculture to retail and construction. Our annual TC Sessions: Robotics+AI event on March 3 affords us the ability to bring together some of the top investors in the category to discuss the hottest startups, best bets and...
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How to link your Twitter account to Facebook to cross-post between the social media platforms

You can link your Twitter and Facebook accounts to cross-post between the social media platforms. You can also easily unlink your Twitter and Facebook accounts at any time. Due to updated policies, Facebook no longer allows tweets to be auto-posted to your Facebook profile, but you can make your Facebook status updates auto-post to Twitter.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you share a lot with family, friends, or colleagues on Facebook, it can be a pain to have to man...
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Yes, you can use Microsoft Word on a Chromebook — here's how to install it

You can use Microsoft Word on a Chromebook, but you'll have to download it in the Google Play Store. Once you log into your Microsoft Office account on your Chromebook, you'll have access to all of your previously saved documents. Here's how to set up Microsoft Word on a Chromebook.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. While one of the Chromebook's main features is integrating Google Docs directly into your desktop, you can still download and install Microsoft Word onto your...
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How to make your Google Calendar private and customize your privacy settings

You can easily make your Google Calendar private by changing its sharing settings on a computer.  Usually, if your Google Calendar is linked to your private Gmail account it will be private by default, but you can make it public or share it with specific people. You can also customize the visibility of individual events in shared Google Calendars. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Whether you're already using Google Calendar on the daily or you're new to it, it's helpful to ...
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Apple Pay does work on an iPad — here's how to set up and use it for in-app purchases and quick online checkouts

Apple Pay does work on an iPad, and even though it may not always be convenient for in-store purchases, you can still use it in a few helpful ways.  Once you add your debit or credit card to Apple Pay, you can set up touch ID and quickly checkout online at participating stores or make in-app purchases.   Here's how to set up and use Apple Pay on your iPad.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. While Apple Pay may be most helpful for iPhone users on the go, the feature is als...
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