Notes from Riyadh

So, a few days ago, I was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. And this was my first trip there. And these are some notes observations from the trip, in case anyone is curious. First things first. It is safe. Probably safer than in India. I walked alone for miles and did not get uncomfortable at all. People are VERY friendly, simple and helpful. Most speak some degree of Engish. It is not tough to get around with local taxis, Ubers, and Careems. No, there is no public transport. They are making a metro but...
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One-Quarter of World's Pigs Died In a Year Due To Swine Fever In China

An anonymous reader quotes a report from The New York Times: The [African swine fever disease] was first reported in Shenyang, Liaoning Province, in early August 2018. By the end of August 2019, the entire pig population of China had dropped by about 40 percent. China accounted for more than half of the global pig population in 2018, and the epidemic there alone has killed nearly one-quarter of all the world's pigs. By late September, the disease had cost economic losses of one trillion yuan (ab...
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TurboTax and H&R Block must make free filing services more accessible to taxpayers under new IRS agreement (INTU, HRB)

TurboTax maker Intuit, H&R Block, and other tax prep companies are now barred from hiding their free services from search results as part of a new agreement with the Internal Revenue Service. The agreement also allows the IRS to create its own free filing service that directly competes with commercial products like TurboTax. Previously, the IRS had promised not to compete with tax prep companies in exchange for them offering free filing services to taxpayers who earn less than $69,000 per year...
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Here’s yet another reason to be worried about your smart home camera

Google has cut off Xiaomi security cameras’ Nest and Assistant integration after a user was inadvertently shown feed images from strangers’ homes. Xiaomi says it has identified the problem.
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Apple's former music boss just perfectly laid out the company's approach to marketing — and he wasn't even talking about Apple (AAPL)

Music titan Jimmy Iovine seems to have kept the lessons from his four-year-long employment with Apple to heart. "Make quality the priority, not speed. Speed is marketing, but you have to have something great to market," Iovine told the New York Times in an interview this week. He was talking about how to build a long-lasting career as a musical artist — but he could have been talking about his former employer. Iovine and Dr. Dre sold their company Beats to Apple back in 2014 for a whopping $3 ...
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Xiaomi Mi Watch Color with 1.3-inch circular AMOLED display, 14 days battery life, colorful straps announced

Xiaomi launched its Wear OS-based Mi Watch with AMOLED display, eSIM support recently. Following that, Xiaomi's Mijia or Mi Ecosystem has now announced its new 'Watch Color' with a circular display, various color strap options, and more. It has a 1.39-inch AMOLED circular display, 1540 customizable color combinations, and "long battery life" of up to 14 days. It also has 5 ATM waterproof ratings and can be used when swimming. Xiaomi Watch Color specifications 1.39-inch (454 × 454 pi...
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Glitz Gets Ready to Take Over Golden Globes Red Carpet

With streamers such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video and newcomer Apple TV Plus bringing top talent into the Globes race, this year’s red carpet is looking starrier than ever — and more vibrant. Two years after the Globes fashion “blackout,” contenders are wearing clothes as bold and groundbreaking as the characters they portray. “If […]
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And we now go live to Apple v Corellium, where the iTitan is still lobbing copyright fireballs at the virtual iPhone upstart

Cupertino says its software is being ripped off, virty cloud biz says jailbreaks are under attack Corellium and Apple are once again trading allegations in a legal brouhaha over the former's virtual-iPhones-as-a-service operation.…
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2020 Toyota Tundra TRD Pro Review: Nice But Not The Best Truck Today

In Our Editorial Opinion: The 2020 Toyota Tundra is a solid truck, but it's the oldest now in the segment and in need of a complete redesign. We like the Tundra - we really do - but consumers who are researching trucks may find GM, Ford, and Ram have better options. Toyota fans will likely stick with the Tundra, but this current model will do little to sway a Ford or Chevy buyer. Exterior Styling 75 Interior Layout 85 Driving Dynamics 80 Safety & Tech Feature...
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The best car phone mounts for 2020

We haven't seen a car with a built-in phone cradle yet, so your best bet is to get one from a third-party company. Here, we've selected the best car mounts for 2020, including a simple, basic unit we use every day.
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Kindle eReader Buying/Upgrading Guide

The Kindle Oasis is currently the most expensive eReader Amazon offers. But is it the best? Of that, we’re much less certain. Do you have a Kindle eReader?  If you do, is it time to get a newer one with extra features?  If you don’t, should you get one, or can you get by with the Kindle App on phones and software on computers?  If you are getting a(nother) Kindle, which model should you choose?The quick answer to these questions is that if you already have a Kindle that doesn’t have a screen l...
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Mozilla: All Firefox Users Get California's CCPA Privacy Rights To Delete Personal Data

Mozilla has announced that it's rolling out changes under the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to all Firefox users worldwide. ZDNet reports: The CCPA, known as America's toughest privacy legislation, came into effect on January 1, 2020, offering Californian users data-protection rules better suited to today's world of data collection. Much like Europe's GDPR, the CCPA gives consumers the right to know what personal information is collected about them and to be able to access it. While the...
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This particle accelerator fits on the head of a pin

If you know nothing else about particle accelerators, you probably know that they’re big — sometimes miles long. But a new approach from Stanford researchers has led to an accelerator shorter from end to end than a human hair is wide. The general idea behind particle accelerators is that they’re a long line of radiation emitters that smack the target particle with radiation at the exact right time to propel it forward a little faster than before. The problem is that depending on the radiation yo...
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Could drones deliver blood in UK?

Five cities are running tests to discover how drones could benefit the NHS and the public sector.
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Reading Isaac Asimov at 100

In his recently published book “Astounding,” the author Alec Nevala-Lee brings American science fiction’s Golden Age back into focus by following four key figures: John W. Campbell, Robert A. Heinlein, L. Ron Hubbard — and Isaac Asimov, who officially turned 100 today (his exact birth date was unknown). Nevala-Lee’s warts-and-all portrait paints Asimov — known to his fans as the Good Doctor — far more sympathetically than the genre’s other founding fathers. He’s charming and self-deprecating, ge...
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Dad Takes Son To Mongolia Just To Get Him Off His Phone

An anonymous reader quotes a report from the BBC: Riding through a remote valley in Mongolia on the back of his motorbike, adventurer Jamie Clarke let the hum of the engine and the wind echo in his mind while his thoughts wandered. After several hours, he pulled over to shake off his helmet and take a look at the map. This was what he loved about adventuring -- the solitude, the landscape and the feeling of being in charge of your own destiny. But when his 18-year-old son pulled up right behind ...
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Direct-to-consumer brands came into their own in 2019. Here are the trends that marked their evolution from challengers into viable businesses.

Direct-to-consumer companies matured in 2019, from short-term goals like consumer acquisition to long-term objectives like profitability. In the process, many of them started using traditional advertising like TV and set up their own content studios. They also made inroads into physical retail.  At the same time, legacy brands including Procter & Gamble and Express launched direct-to-consumer brands of their own to fend off the threat. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Dir...
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TikTok Reported Highest Takedown Requests From India and US, Zero From China

hackingbear shares a report from The Verge: TikTok released its first transparency report yesterday, showing which countries have submitted requests for content removal as well as access to user data. China is notably absent from the report -- the video sharing app, owned by Chinese tech giant ByteDance, claims it did not receive a single takedown request from Communist Party of China in the first half of 2019. TikTok's report shows that U.S. law enforcement agencies have been working with Tik...
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A 7-year-old was taken to the hospital after swallowing an AirPod

An Atlanta mom said in a Facebook post that her 7-year-old had to go to the hospital after swallowing an Apple AirPod earbud. The child had been given the AirPods for Christmas and accidentally swallowed one, prompting a visit to the hospital. An X-Ray taken at the hospital showed the AirPod in his stomach. "No more AirPods for this kid," she wrote. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Kiara Stroud had to make an unexpected visit to the emergency room after her 7-year-old son a...
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The 16 Coolest New Gadgets of 2020 Will Make Your Life 10 Times Easier and Happier

In 2020, we're looking to streamline our lives. Whether you need more time in your day or to keep things all in one place, gadgets are being designed to make everyone's day better. From the kitchen to your closet, there's tons of inventions that will leave you sighing with relief. Instead of trying to keep up with the constant stream of new stuff coming to the market, let us be your guide. Up ahead, we rounded up the most mesmerizing, useful gadgets you'll want to get this year. Check them out....
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Former Google exec says he was pushed out after he lobbied for human rights program

Ross LaJeunesse left Google last April after he advocated within the company for years for a human rights program that formalize free speech and privacy principles. New, from me. Based on interviews with @RossforMaine, emails & documents. Execs at Google rarely break ranks but Ross’ experience pushing for real human rights accountability shows how Google can sideline internal critics, even trusted people near the top — Nitasha Tiku (@nitashatiku) January 2, 2020 ...
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Apple’s 2020 iPhone chip may be smaller, more efficient, and 5G capable

Apple's iPhone A Series chipmaker TSMC is reportedly on track to start production of the A-14 processor for the 2020 iPhone rollout, which is expected in the third quarter of 2020.
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Google 'disabling Xiaomi integrations on our devices' after Nest Hub user picked up random pics from strangers' feeds

“Among the eight or so examples initially provided to Reddit are a handful of disturbingly clear images showing a sleeping baby, a security camera's view of an enclosed porch, and a man seemingly asleep in a chair.” On Reddit, a Xiaomi Mijia camera owner reported receiving still images from other random peoples' homes when he tried to stream content from his camera to a Google Nest Hub. In response, Google removed Xiaomi's integration with its smart home products such as Google Home and Nest. ...
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The Decade In Legal Tech: The 10 Most Significant Developments

It may well have been the most tumultuous decade ever in changing how legal services are delivered.
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J74 SliceShuffler lets you chop up and transform audio in Ableton Live, in real time

Take live audio in, slice it up, reshuffle it, manipulate it, all beat-synced – SliceShuffler is a new Live slicer-dicer, for just a few bucks. I’ve covered developer J74’s stuff before. (J74 is the Max-developing alias of Fabrizio Poce.) This one looks really special, though. The basic idea is, you take a live input, toss it in a buffer, and then slice and re-sequence and transform the sound, all as you play, synced to the clock. It’s intended particularly for use with rhythmic materials,...
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This startup wants to plant a billion trees with a swarm of seed-bombing drones

Every year, way more trees are cut down than are planted. Could drones help? Canadian company Flash Forest believes that it can — and you can lend a hand in achieving its goal.
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Imagination and Apple, sitting in a tree, l-i-c-e-n-s-i-n-g GPU tech semi-secretly: Brit chip designer strikes iGiant deal

Meanwhile, Samsung semiconductor fab hit by power cut UK-based graphics chip designer Imagination Technologies has inked a new licensing deal with Apple.…
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Chrome Extension Caught Stealing Crypto-Wallet Private Keys (slashdot)

A Google Chrome extension was caught injecting JavaScript code on web pages to steal passwords and private keys from cryptocurrency wallets and cryptocurrency portals. From a report: The extension is named Shitcoin Wallet (Chrome extension ID: ckkgmccefffnbbalkmbbgebbojjogffn), and was launched last month, on December 9. According to an introductory blog post, Shitcoin Wallet lets users manage Ether (ETH) coins, but also Ethereum ERC20-based tokens -- tokens usually issued for ICOs (initial coin...
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Map anything in Ableton Live’s Browser to MIDI, keyboard with Max for Live

Get push-button access to your favorite stuff in Ableton Live with this clever Max for Live tool. Continuing our new year look at some of the coolest Max for Live stuff, flowstate has come up with a tool that lets you map anything in Live’s Browser. If you find yourself frequently using the same instrument, effect, sample, or whatnot, you can now map those to keyboard or MIDI. The solution is a combination of MIDI Remote Script with Max for Live Device. And it works with almost anything – ...
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Judge Halts California 'Gig Worker' Law From Taking Effect For Truckers

schwit1 shares a report from CBS News: A federal judge has temporarily blocked a new California labor law from impacting more than 70,000 independent truckers. The law, passed late last year, makes it harder for companies to classify workers as independent contractors instead of employees, who are entitled to minimum wage and benefits such as workers compensation. U.S. District Judge Roger Benitez of San Diego on Tuesday granted a temporary restraining order sought by the California Trucking Ass...
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