T-Dubing to the Cerro Colorado Mountains

Warm day today, it got over 70°F (21°C) under sunny skies!I rode Yagi, my Yamaha TW200, using google maps to get close to the Cerro Colorado Mountains to the NW of my camp site.  It was all dirt trails, with no major challenges except for portions of road where mud had blocked the way.I hate mud. Each time though, except for one, I was able to bypass the mud obstacle by going off trail and winding my way through bushes and small trees to the other side of the trail where things were dry once ag...
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The Internet we grew up with is Long Gone — What we lost, and what we can learn from the Experience.

The Internet we grew up with is Long Gone — What we lost, and what we can learn from the Experience. It’s 2020 — do you know where your content is? Quick: Can you think of a picture of yourself on the Internet from before 2010, other than your old Facebook photos? How about something you’ve...
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#climatestrike vs my brain: i am struggling with pessimism and hopelessness

I started writing this post in September, after the global Climate Strike.It was exciting to see that so many people -- millions around the globe -- understand the urgency and are willing to take to the streets. I thought, This is beautiful! This is amazing! ... and This won't change anything. Both at the same time.I hate writing that. I hate feeling this way.Along with Climate Strike, there are other positive developments -- extinction rebellion, for example, and an increasing number of civil ...
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Samsung confirms February 11 event for its next flagship launch

The Saturday night before CES seems like a less than ideal time to drop some big smartphone news — but it appears Samsung’s hand was forced on this one. Granted, the smartphone giant has never been great about keeping big news under wraps, but this morning’s early release of a promo video through its official Vimeo channel was no doubt all the motivation it needed. The company has just made the February 11 date officially official for the launch of its upcoming flagship. As for what the flag...
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Apple Targets Jailbreaking In Lawsuit Against iOS Virtualization Company (slashdot)

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Apple has expanded a lawsuit against an iOS virtualization company, claiming that its actions facilitate jailbreaking and violate the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) prohibition on circumvention of copyright-protection systems. Apple sued Corellium, a company that sells access to virtual machines that run copies of the operating system used in iPhones and iPads, in August 2019. Apple said that Corellium sells "perfect replicas" of iO...
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Slashdot Asks: What's the Worst Review You Ever Saw on Amazon?

Long-time Slashdot reader theodp shared his story about the worst tech book review he found on Amazon in 2019. Stephen Few is a respected author and speaker whose books on data visualization and analysis are well-received. But when it comes to Amazon reviews, you simply can't make everyone happy, a particularly good example of which is a one-star review he received for The Data Loom: Weaving Understanding by Thinking Critically and Scientifically with Data. So, what is it that the reviewer di...
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CES chief defends invite for Ivanka Trump

Tech expo organiser says the US President's daughter has done "great work" on jobs-related issues.
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The World's Internet Registries Demand ICANN's Records on .org Registry Transfer

The world's five regional Internet registry have an unincorporated organization called the Number Resource Organization, and they also all have representatives on a supporting organization affiliated with ICANN called the Address Supporting Organization (ASO). This week the ASO "submitted correspondence" to ICANN about the proposed transfer for the .org registry to Ethos Capital, reports CircleID: This is a historic step as the NRO (Number Resource Organization) representing the 5 Regional I...
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Linux Kernel Developers and Commits Dropped in 2019

Phoronix reports that on New Year's Day, the Linux kernel's Git source tree showed 27,852,148 lines of code, divided among 66,492 files (including docs, Kconfig files, user-space utilities in-tree, etc). Over its lifetime there's been 887,925 commits, and around 21,074 different authors: During 2019, the Linux kernel saw 74,754 commits, which is actually the lowest point since 2013. The 74k commits is compares to 80k commits seen in both 2017 and 2018, 77k commits in 2016, and 75k commits in ...
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The Year Ahead for Small Business: Experts Weigh In on What Small Biz Owners Should Expect

What lies ahead for small business owners and entrepreneurs? Many people I’ve talked to feel like they are living in a Dickens novel. It’s the best of times: “The economy is going strong, driven by consumer spending,” says Sharon Miller, managing director, head of small business for Bank of America. She says according to bank data, “consumer spending is up 5.5% on $3 trillion worth of transactions, which will help drive momentum into 2020.” It’s also the worst of times: Many small businesses are...
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Will Australia's Wildfires Change the Country Forever?

Australia's wildfires have already burned at least 12 million acres, reports NBC News, with more than 100 blazes still active. "And the season has yet to reach its peak." The ability of animals to recover from Australia's wildfires is also a concern. Scientists are estimating that more than half a billion animals have already died in the fires, a figure that Stuart Blanch, a forest and woodland conservation policy manager at the World Wildlife Fund-Australia, called conservative... Blanch said a...
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After Two Years NASA Loses Contact With Its Briefcase-Sized, Exoplanet-Hunting Satellite

"NASA has a lot of high-tech hardware cruising around in space right now, but one of the space agency's pint-sized exoplanet hunters appears to have gone dark," reports BGR: In a post by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the group explains that its ASTERIA satellite has been failing to return attempts to contact it for about a month now. ASTERIA is a tiny satellite capable of observing some very big things. The spacecraft was sent into Earth orbit in late 2017, and it spent several months stu...
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2020 will be a challenging year for challenger banks

Over the past year, startup banks have proven that they have a shot at disrupting retail banking. These challengers have amassed a war chest of funding, announced some ambitious international expansion plans and attracted millions of customers. And yet, building a bank has proven to be even harder than building a startup in general. Retail banks aren’t willing to sit back and watch startups eat their lunch. Here’s a look back at the biggest moves of the year from challenger banks, some trends yo...
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A venture firm that invests ‘from Park City to Kansas City’ just closed its third fund

Sometimes, in venture capital, it pays to specialize. The latest indicator is a Kansas City, Mo.-based venture firm that’s focused on seed-stage startups that are based anywhere from “Park City to Kansas City.” According to an SEC filing, it just closed on $16.4 million in capital commitments. It’s the third fund for the outfit, Royal Street Ventures, which was founded several years ago by two Kansas City natives — Laura Brady and Jeffrey Stowell. It’s an interesting piece of geography to be so ...
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Starbucks Devs Leave API Key in GitHub Public Repo

"One misstep from developers at Starbucks left exposed an API key that could be used by an attacker to access internal systems and manipulate the list of authorized users," reports Bleeping Computer: Vulnerability hunter Vinoth Kumar reported the oversight on October 17 and close to three weeks later Starbucks responded it demonstrated "significant information disclosure" and that it qualified for a bug bounty... Along with identifying the GitHub repository and specifying the file hosting the A...
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'Police Tracked a Terror Suspect on WhatsApp -- Until His Phone Went Dark After a Warning From Facebook'

"A team of European law-enforcement officials was hot on the trail of a potential terror plot in October, fearing an attack during Christmas season, when their keyhole into a suspect's phone went dark," reports the Wall Street Journal: WhatsApp, Facebook Inc.'s popular messaging tool, had just notified about 1,400 users -- among them the suspected terrorist -- that their phones had been hacked by an "advanced cyber actor." An elite surveillance team was using spyware from NSO Group, an Israel...
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Should Coal Miners Learn To Code?

During a campaign event on Monday, U.S. presidential candidate Joe Biden "suggested coal miners could simply learn to code to transition to 'jobs of the future,'" reports Newsweek: "Anybody who can go down 300 to 3,000 feet in a mine, sure in hell can learn to program as well, but we don't think of it that way," he said... "Anybody who can throw coal into a furnace can learn how to program for God's sake..." Many Twitter users criticized Biden's comments as reductive. "Telling people to find ...
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Samsung’s latest flagship and foldable appear set for a Feb 11 announcement

Odds are Samsung didn’t plan to leak news about its upcoming handsets the weekend before CES. But honestly, who knows at this point? A little early publicity never hurt. This one comes courtesy of a teaser video that got teased a little earlier than planned by way of the company’s official Vimeo channel. The leak was spotted by this individual on Twitter and posted to XDA Developers. The video appears to be a promo for Unpacked, where Samsung is set to unveil its latest flagship, be it the G...
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CES 2020: What to expect from the annual tech bonanza

In just a few days, the world's leading manufacturers hit Las Vegas to showcase their latest hardware at CES 2020. Here's what you need to know.
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2019 was a hot mess for cybersecurity, but 2020 shows promise

It’s no secret that I hate predictions — not least because the security field changes rapidly, making it difficult to know what’s next. But given what we know about the past year, we can make some best-guesses at what’s to come. Ransomware will get worse, and local governments will feel the heat File-encrypting malware that demands money for the decryption key, known as ransomware, has plagued local and state governments in the past year. There have been a near-constant stream of attacks in th...
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Injecting the Flu Vaccine Into a Tumor Gets the Immune System To Attack It

"Injecting the flu vaccine into a tumor gets the immune system to attack it," reports Ars Technica. Joe_NoOne (Slashdot reader #48,818) shared their report: This is one of those ideas that seems nuts but had so many earlier results pointing toward it working that it was really just a matter of time before someone tried it. To understand it, you have to overcome the idea that the immune system is always diffuse, composed of cells that wander the blood stream. Instead, immune cells organize at t...
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India’s ruling party accused of running deceptive Twitter campaign to gain support for a controversial law

Bharatiya Janata Party, the ruling party in India, has been accused of running a highly deceptive Twitter campaign to trick citizens into supporting a controversial law. First, some background: The Indian government passed the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) last month that eases the path of non-Muslim minorities from the neighboring Muslim-majority nations of Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to gain Indian citizenship. But, combined with a proposed national register of citizens, critics ...
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The streaming wars to come

After years of speculation and hype, major players in Hollywood and Silicon Valley are getting ready to challenge Netflix . It’s only been a few months since Apple launched TV+, followed quickly by Disney launching Disney+. And there’s more to come this year, with AT&T-owned WarnerMedia preparing to release HBO Max, while NBCUniversal does the same with Peacock. Even before they’re available to subscribers, these new offerings are shaking up the status quo: As part of their preparation, Hollyw...
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The Struggle to Find LGBTQ-Friendly Hotels & Accommodation

Travel blog by Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) – Travels of Adam (Hipster Blog) - We made our way from the train station to our hotel—an easy walk through the old town. I’m the type of traveler that might splurge on a nicer hotel but I’m still going to walk everywhere or take public transportation to get around. The hotel was self-described as a boutique design hotel, but as soon as we walked up to the property entrance, we were a little surprised. A large Christian cross was outside, standi...
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The top 9 shows on Netflix and other streaming services this week

Every week, Parrot Analytics provides Business Insider with a list of the nine most in-demand original TV shows on streaming services in the US. Netflix's "The Witcher" dethroned Disney Plus' "The Mandalorian." This week's new entry is Apple TV Plus' "Truth Be Told." And Netflix's "You" returns to the list. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Disney Plus' "The Mandalorian" wasn't the biggest show in the US for long. Netflix's "The Witcher" quickly dethroned the "Star Wars" ser...
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Boy receives AirPods for Christmas, then accidentally swallows one

A 7-year-old boy from Georgia accidentally swallowed one of the AirPods that he received as a gift for Christmas.
Tags: Apple, Mobile, News, Trends, Georgia, AirPods

Will Iran Launch a Cyberattack Against the U.S.?

"Iranian officials are likely considering a cyber-attack against the U.S. in the wake of an airstrike that killed one of its top military officials," reports Bloomberg: In a tweet after the airstrike on Thursday, Christopher Krebs, director of the U.S. Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, repeated a warning from the summer about Iranian malicious cyber-attacks, and urged the public to brush up on Iranian tactics and to pay attention to critical systems, particularly industrial cont...
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Someone asked if I’d ever date someone who is disabled, and it stopped me in my tracks

Josh Galassi (Photo credit: Jenny Jimenez) “Would you ever date someone who is disabled?” I was 15 minutes into a podcast interview when the question came up. I should have known. I was being interviewed about being gay and disabled after all, something I’m contractually obligated to talk about 587,000 times a year, it seems. I was a pro at this; I should have been armed and at the ready. Nevertheless, the question hit me like a ton of bricks. Fortunately, I’d worked in PR long enough to...
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Man Faces Felony Charges After His Apple Watch Proves That He Lied To the Police

26-year-old Sean Samitt faked his own stabbing, and is now facing a felony charge and up to four years in prison, according to a Michigan police department -- which says it solved the case with help from his own Apple Watch. Samit reported he was attacked and stabbed in the abdomen by an unknown man in the parking lot at the Temple Kol Ami, where he worked as a cantorial soloist, which is a music director. He reported the crime on December 15, telling police that he was confronted about 7 p.m. ...
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ASRock Radeon RX 5600 XT Phantom Gaming OC Graphics Card Pictured

A picture of ASRock's Radeon RX 5600 XT Phantom Gaming OC Graphics Card has been leaked to the web, being one of the first shots we've seen of the card. Looking at the card it looks like it features a shorter PCB, but makes use of a longer triple-fan cooling solution. The post ASRock Radeon RX 5600 XT Phantom Gaming OC Graphics Card Pictured appeared first on
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