Eargo’s latest hearing aid improves bandwidth and noise cancelation

Bay-area based medical device startup Eargo just announced its fourth gen product at CES. The Neo HiFi builds on past learnings from the six-year-old company. The improvements are mostly around sound quality, including increased bandwidth and improved wind noise reduction and feedback cancelation. Eargo says all of the above should combine to offer, “a more natural listening experience with a more full-bodied sound.” Other new features include to the line’s “Flexi Palm design” — those funny ...
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Facebook's First CES Reveal In Years Is a Privacy Tool That Falls Short

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNET: At CES 2020, Facebook plans to show off an innovative new concept for the company: privacy. It will have a booth at the tech show for giving demos on its updated Privacy Checkup tool, which it announced Monday morning. This is the first significant update to Facebook's Privacy Checkup tool since it was created in 2014, four years before its major Cambridge Analytica data privacy scandal broke. Following the scandal, in which an app harvested data fr...
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Samsung hints at AR ambitions, shows off prototype glasses

What a weird Samsung press conference. The company didn’t waste time on the familiar. Things like Galaxy phones and washing machines got little love on stage tonight. Instead the company was focused on a workout exoskeleton and a friendly robotic call assistant. Meet Ballie, Samsung’s rolling personal assistant that does…stuff And then there’s was AR. The technology was more hinted at than outright explained. First it took part in the aforementioned GEMS workout, in which the wearer too...
Tags: Wearables, Hardware, Samsung, Tech, Ar, Augmented Reality, Samsung US Newsroom, CES 2020, Ballie Samsung

SpaceX sets key Crew Dragon in-flight abort test for January 18

SpaceX and NASA have shared an official target launch date for the all-important in-flight abort test of Crew Dragon, their commercial crew spacecraft. The in-flight abort test is a required component before NASA astronauts can climb on board and take their first trip aboard the Crew Dragon. NASA and SpaceX are currently targeting Saturday, January 18 for this milestone system test. The in-flight abort test does just what it sounds like: Provides an opportunity for an actual in-flight test of...
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News from CES on e-ink!

e-ink at CES 2020! Quote: Lenovo debuted a 5G-equipped laptop powered by a Qualcomm chip that promises 24 hours of battery life. It's due out this spring for around $1,500. Also from Lenovo: a ThinkBook model with an e-ink display on its lid and the ThinkPad X1 Fold, a $2,500 Windows 10 laptop with dual screens.
Tags: Books, News, Lenovo, Qualcomm

You Could Replace All Your Home's Wifi Hardware With This Tiny 5G Router

Mobile hotspots are a crucial tool for travelers needing to keep all their gear connected. But with the advent of 5G, Netgear’s new Nighthawk M5 5G WiFi 6 Mobile Router could replace all of your home’s wifi equipment with a pocket-friendly hotspot that will provide fast wifi even when you take it on the road.Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Internet, Tech, Ces, Wifi, Routers, Hotspot, 5g, Netgear, Consumer Tech, CES 2020, CES2020, M5 5g Wifi 6 Mobile Router, Nighthawk M5 Mobile Router

PlayStation 5 announced for holidays 2020

Turns out Sony is still able to pack a surprise or two into its CES press conference. The company just kicked off its event by announcing that the PlayStation 5 will be arriving this holiday season. Not a lot was revealed about the next-gen console, beyond a few basic features, including 3D audio (because Sony), haptic/adaptive triggers, ultra-high speed SSD, hardware based ray tracing and Blu-Ray (so, yeah, physical media). | ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄ ̄| PS5 PS5 PS5 PS5|______________| ...
Tags: Startups, Gaming, Hardware, Microsoft, Sony, Blu Ray, CES 2020

The Biggest Problems With Bluetooth Audio Are About to Be Fixed

Although used for everything from lightbulbs, to video game controllers, to RC toys, audio remains the most popular use for Bluetooth, powering the endless array of wireless headphones flooding the market. So as we move into the next decade the Bluetooth Special Interest Group is introducing some key upgrades to the…Read more...
Tags: Science, Bluetooth, Audio, Tech, Ces, Headphones, Wireless Headphones, Consumer Tech, Bluetooth Special Interest Group, Wireless Headsets, CES 2020, CES2020, Le Audio

SanDisk Crammed a Colossal 8 Terabytes Into This Tiny SSD Drive

Falling somewhere between the extreme portability of a USB flash drive and the capacious affordable storage of a traditional hard drive, portable SSDs provide speed, convenience, and durability, but typically top out at around 2TB of storage at the moment. That’s still a lot of storage, but SanDisk has created a…Read more...
Tags: Gadgets, Science, Storage, Tech, Ces, Sandisk, Ssd, Western Digital, Consumer Tech, CES 2020, CES2020

CES 2020: Sony announces electric car concept

The electronics giant unveiled the "Vision S" vehicle in an unexpected announcement at the tech show.
Tags: Tech, Sony

A masterclass in reverse image-search

Bellingcat's Guide To Using Reverse Image Search For Investigations pits Google's reverse image-search tool against Yandex's and Bing's, and finds that Yandex's is far and away the best 00 albeit within a limited, Eastern European-centric set of contexts.
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Young coders are shaping Singapore’s future

You’re never too young to take up coding—just ask 10-year-old Sephia Rindiani Binte Andi. Sephia only took up coding a year ago, and sharpened her skills so quickly she created an online game shortly after. The game challenges players to navigate their way out of a maze (I admittedly kept getting lost). Today, Sephia continues dabbling in code at home with the help of her mom, Kamzarini.  Sephia is a graduate of Code in the Community, a program that brings coding classes to young Singaporeans fr...
Tags: Google, Education, Southeast Asia, Singapore, Community, Nonprofits, Media Development Authority, Heng Swee Keat, Caesar Sengupta, Infocomm, Google in Asia, CITC, Sephia Rindiani Binte Andi Sephia, Kamzarini Sephia, DPM Singapore, JT John Tan CEO and Co Founder of partner

YouTube starts limiting ad targeting and data collection on kids content

YouTube now officially limits the amount of data it and creators can collect on content intended for children, following promises made in November and a costly $170 million FTC fine in September. Considering how lucrative kids’ content is for the company, this could have serious financial ramifications for both it and its biggest creators. The main change is, as announced in November, that for all content detected or marked as being for kids, viewers will be considered children no matter what...
Tags: Google, Startups, Media, Youtube, Policy, Youtube Kids, Ftc, Coppa, Ryan Kaji

Sony just announced a car

Today at CES 2020, Sony unveiled a car. I’m surprised too. There are very few details about the Sony Vision-S sedan at this time. We’ll get more once we can see it on the show floor. According to the press account, Sony partnered with industry leaders to build this prototype, including Bosch, Continental, Genetex, Nvidia, Magna, and Nvidia. This car is a bit surprising but fits within Sony’s current strategy. Over the last generation, Sony started building and selling key technologies as a...
Tags: Iphone, Startups, TC, Technology, Electronics, Smartphone, Smartphones, Sony, Nvidia, Continental, Consumer Electronics, Bosch, Consumer Electronics Show, Magna, Sony Vision S, Bosch Continental Genetex Nvidia Magna

Meet Ballie, Samsung’s rolling personal assistant that does…stuff

This time last year, we asked the question: is Samsung getting serious about robotics. I’m not sure we’re that much closer to an answer, but tonight’s CES keynote pointed to a company that clearly wants to convince us of as much. Though much like the demos shown off last year, tonight’s devices were concepts — indications of what a Samsung could bring to market if it was determined to do so. Is Samsung getting serious about robotics? The headliner is Ballie (pronounced Ball-E). Still ve...
Tags: Travel, Hardware, Samsung, Kim, Robotics, Sebastian Seung, CES 2020, Ballie, Ballie Samsung

Get a load of these Dell PC concepts that you can’t buy

Concept PCs are a lot like concept cars. The idea comes from a decent enough place, but mostly they exist to make you feel bad an inadequate about your current dumb device. It’s a metaphor for life, really. In that spirit, here are a trio of concept PCs that Dell debuted this week at CES. Honestly, none are too farfetched. One looks an awful lot like an existing product, and the other two are pretty reminiscent of recently announced products from competitors. Any of the three could seemingly ...
Tags: Startups, Hardware, Intel, Dell, Alienware, Lenovo, Cto, Ori, Nintendo Switch, Glen Robson, CES 2020

What the Heck Is Going on With GoPro's Grounded Karma Drones? [Updated]

The new year appears to be off to a bumpy start for some owners of GoPro Karma drones amid user reports that they’re unable to fly their devices due to an issue with compass calibration.Read more...
Tags: Science, Drones, Go Pro

Self-Sovereign ID Tech Is Being Advanced By Security Failures, Privacy Breaches

Lucas123 writes: There is a growing movement among fintech companies, banks, healthcare services, universities and others toward disintermediating the control of online user identities in favor of supporting end-user controlled decentralized digital wallets based on P2P blockchain. Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a term used to describe the digital movement that recognizes an individual should own and control their identity without intervening administrative authorities. The wallets would carry...
Tags: Tech, Gartner, Lucas123, PKI

What the Heck Is Going on With GoPro's Grounded Karma Drones?

The new year appears to be off to a bumpy start for some owners of GoPro Karma drones amid user reports that they’re unable to fly their devices due to an issue with compass calibration.Read more...
Tags: Science, Drones, Go Pro

Trump Admin Plan to Collect DNA From Detained Migrants, Asylum Seekers Will Begin Soon

The Trump administration’s plan to collect DNA evidence from migrants detained in U.S. Customs and Borders Protection (CBP) and Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facilities will commence soon in the form of a 90-day pilot program in Detroit and Southwest Texas, CNN reported on Monday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Privacy, Dna, Immigration, Dhs, Surveillance, Ice, CBP, Donald Trump, Department Of Homeland Security, Detroit, Border Patrol, Immigration And Customs Enforcement, Biometrics, Trump

Watch Intel’s CES press conference live right here

Intel is holding its CES press conference today at 4 PM Pacific, 7 PM Eastern. The company will talk about what to expect when it comes to CPU innovation. We could also get an early look at the company’s first standalone GPUs. We’ll have a team on the ground, so you should also check out our full CES coverage.
Tags: Gadgets, Tech, Intel, Ces, Artificial Intelligence, Watch Intel, CES 2020

The last tracker was just removed from

Can you believe we used to willingly tell Google about every single visitor to by way of Google Analytics? Letting them collect every last byte of information possible through the spying eye of their tracking pixel. Ugh. But 2020 isn’t 2010. Our naiveté around data, who captures it, and what they do with it has collectively been brought to shame. Most people now sit with basic understanding that using the internet leaves behind a data trail, and quite a few people have begun to q...
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The Lenovo ThinkBook Plus has a secondary e-ink display on its back, turning it into a Kindle when closed

Practically an iPhone moment for the laptop, the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus is a laptop, notepad, and e-book reader… all in one single device. Now the idea of two screens on one device has been floating around for long. The MacBook with its touch-bar is literally a dual-screen device, and the Asus ZenBook Pro 15 from 2018 flirted with the idea of turning the touchpad into a secondary screen… but the Lenovo ThinkBook Plus has pushed limits by making its secondary screen a decidedly large 10.8-inch e-i...
Tags: Design, Kindle, Ces, Lenovo, Dolby Vision, Laptops, Alexa, Product Design, E-ink Display, CES2020, ThinkBook Plus

Texas man arrested after cyber stalking agents across 22 states

A 56-year-old Lubbock, Texas, man is accused of sending female agents explicit photos and threatening their children with sexual violence.
Tags: Texas, Technology, Nbc, Lifestyle, Radio, Agent, Lubbock Texas, News Brief, KCBD, Andy Castillo, McLennan County Sheriff's Office

Hidden Cameras in the Workplace: An Employer’s Guide

China now has the largest surveillance system in the world. The government owns and operates 170 million CCTV cameras. They use artificial intelligence and facial recognition to keep track of all the cameras and all the feeds. As camera and sensor technology shrinks, hiding cameras has become much easier. There once was a time when this would have bothered us immensely. Do you remember Google Glass? Now people have the same and better cameras in their phones and in their watches. Nobody cares. W...
Tags: Google, Business, China, Spying, Other, Cctv, Employee Rights, Hidden Cameras, Surveillance Cameras

A chatbot pulled me out of a 'really dark place'

There are many mental health apps on the market, but how much help are they?
Tags: Tech

Study associates frequency, quality of monthly reports with startup success

“Despite a lot of publicity and social media, number of sign-ups were modest,” reads one of the last monthly reports I sent to my VCs before my startup ceased to exist. “After the initial wave, sign-ups have slowed right down to near pre-launch levels. User acquisition is our number-one priority and my biggest headache.” Like, I suspect, many other early-stage founders, I hated the monthly chore of writing a short report for investors. We used the PPP format (progress, problems and plans) for th...
Tags: Startups, TC, Tech, Venture Capital, Talent, PPP, Schweitzer, University of St Gallen, Jan Luca Ernst, The University of St Gallen, Florian Schweitzer, Ernst Fleisch

YouTube Overhauls Advertising, Data Collection On Kids Content

YouTube said Monday it is rolling out new protections for children viewing videos on its site (source may be paywalled; alternative source), an effort to satisfy federal regulators who last year fined the company tens of millions of dollars over alleged privacy violations. The Washington Post reports: The changes, which include limitations on data collection and advertising, are a step toward addressing concerns from advocacy groups who have complained the Google-owned company has run afoul of t...
Tags: Google, Washington Post, Youtube, Tech, Baumel, Eyal Baumel, Yoola

Meet the Alienware Concept UFO, a handheld Windows 10 gaming device modeled on the Switch

Designed literally to be the Switch of PC Gaming, Alienware debuted their Concept UFO at CES this year. They’ve, however, been very quick to point out that this is still a very nascent concept and may look nothing like the prototype they’re showing… but they’re serious about developing a handheld PC that’s dedicated towards Windows-based gaming.For long, Alienware has been considered one of the oldest and most renowned gaming brands, with laptops and CPUs that cater specifically to the PC Gamer....
Tags: Google, Gadgets, Gaming, Games, Design, Ces, Dell, Alienware, Laptops, Switch, Product Design, Nintendo Switch, Alienware Dell, Concept Ufo, Portable Gaming

Intel and Google plot out closer collaboration around Chromebooks and the future of computing

Intel, the chip-making giant, has been on the road of refocusing its strategy in recent months. While it has sold its mobile chip operation to Apple and is reportedly looking for a buyer for its connected home division, it’s also been going through the difficult task of rethinking how best to tackle the longtime bread and butter of its business, the PC. Part of that latter strategy is getting a big boost this week at CES 2020. Here, Intel is today announcing a deeper partnership with Google ...
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