Modular headphones that mix your sound to match your space

Imagine having a sound system so versatile that you can actually play Lego with it! DE-MO, which stands for Detachable and Modular, is exactly that – an ecosystem of replaceable speakers, cables and headband accessories that you can use to create an audio experience based on your needs. It has a minimal aesthetic and a sleek build so you’ll never look like Tarzan with the cords – DE-MO is built for the minimal millennial.DE-MO adapts to your needs so instead of having to keep a track of differen...
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Trends for 2020: Voice Takes Off (Thinks Out Loud Episode 271)

Looking to drive results for your business? Click here to learn more. Trends for 2020: Voice Takes Off (Thinks Out Loud Episode 271) – Headlines and Show Notes We're kicking off 2020 by highlighting a key trend you need to know about. What is that trend? The growth of voice in your customer's journey. Voice has been growing in importance for a few years. But it looks like this year is the year it really takes flight. And, of course, that means you need to think about how you can use v...
Tags: Apple, Google, Amazon, Siri, Seo, Voice, Alexa, Google Search Console, Tim Peter, Alexa Skills, Truth About Voice, Tim Peter Thinks Tim Peter, Google Actions, Path Interactive, Voice Content Trends, Voice Search Statistics

Gaming on Samsung’s Odyssey G9 49-inch Gaming Monitor!

We had the chance to do some gaming on Samsung's Odyssey G9 49-inch Gaming Monitor, which has a 240 hz refresh rate and 1ms response time! We also were shown the 980 Pro Gen4 SSD. It will be Samsung's first Gen4 NVMe drive. Finally we got a look at the new T7 Touch Portable SSD! The post Gaming on Samsung’s Odyssey G9 49-inch Gaming Monitor! appeared first on
Tags: Samsung, Ces, All News, Hardware News, Ssd, Nvme, Gaming monitor, CES 2020, Odyssey G9, Gen4 SSD, 980 Pro, T7 Touch

How Google Researchers Used Neural Networks To Make Weather Forecasts

A research team at Google has developed a deep neural network that can make fast, detailed rainfall forecasts. Google says that its forecasts are more accurate than conventional weather forecasts, at least for time periods under six hours. Ars Technica reports: The researchers say their results are a dramatic improvement over previous techniques in two key ways. One is speed. Google says that leading weather forecasting models today take one to three hours to run, making them useless if you want...
Tags: Google, Tech, Ars Technica, United States

Inside Time magazine's growth plans, Casper's buzzy IPO, and Amazon's $17 billion ad business

Hi! Welcome to the Advertising and Media Insider newsletter. I'm Lauren Johnson, a senior advertising reporter filling in for Lucia this week. If you're new to this email, sign up for your own here. Send me tips or feedback at [email protected] This past week, Lucia looked at Time magazine's plan to expand into verticals like health and business and grow revenue from audio, video and events. Here are the main takeaways: With billionaire owners Marc and Lynne Benioff, the company is...
Tags: Google, Amazon, Facebook, New York, Instagram, Microsoft, Youtube, Time, Samsung, Trends, Time Magazine, Casper, Marc Benioff, Kohl, Lucia, Marc

60 People Treated After Delta Flight Dumps Jet Fuel on Los Angeles County

Around 60 people in Los Angeles County were treated by first responders after a jet returning to Los Angeles International Airport dumped its fuel in mid-air, showering at least five elementary schools and a high school shortly before noon, CNN reported on Tuesday.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Air Travel, Safety, California, Planes, Los Angeles, Cnn, Airplanes, Delta, Aviation, Airlines, Boeing, Jet Fuel, Emergencies, Los Angeles County

Cut Undersea Cable Plunges Yemen Into Days-Long Internet Outage

Last week, the internet went dark for Yemen and its 28 million citizens. It's still not fully back today. In fact, the entire Red Sea region has dealt with slow to nonexistent connectivity since the severing of a single submarine cable on Thursday. Wired reports: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Ethiopia all felt major effects from last week's cut of the so-called Falcon cable, which even impacted countries as far away as Comoros and Tanzania. Most of them weren't totally knocked offline, though...
Tags: Saudi Arabia, Tech, Iran, Oman, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Yemen, Kashmir, Kuwait, Falcon, Comoros, Red Sea, Aden, Kuwait Saudi Arabia Sudan

How to Send Live Photos on Facebook Messenger

L ive Photos on iPhone bring your memorable moments to life by capturing a 3-second short video instead of a still image. A Live Photo is a camera feature that captures both movement and sound to keep the moment alive. You can take Live Photos on iPhone 6s and newer ones. The only downside is that non-iPhone users cannot view them. That’s because a Live Photo is sent as a still image when you share it via email or on social media. WhatsApp for iPhone is an exception though as it lets you send L...
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Apple's upcoming TV show 'Little America' has a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes

"Little America" is Apple TV Plus' best-reviewed TV series since the service launched in November, with a 100% critic score on Rotten Tomatoes. Apple's original shows have received mixed reviews from critics and struggled to stand out compared to the mega-hits of Netflix and Disney Plus, like "The Witcher" and "The Mandalorian." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  "Little America," Apple TV Plus' upcoming episodic anthology series, is the platform's first truly great TV show,...
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2hp have a lunchbox modular synth in a literal lunchbox

One thing Eurorack modular doesn’t normally make you say is, “awwwww… cute!” But here’s a modular synth rig that looks as likely to contain a peanut butter and jelly sandwich as a synth. Meet the 2hp Lunchbox, which is literally an oldschool lunchbox with handle. It’s 42hp – which isn’t itself a new idea, as the Erica Synths Pico System does the same. The new idea is putting that in an actual lunchbox, which is adorable – and practical, since it comes with a handle. In order for this...
Tags: Music, Tech, Gear, Stories, Modular, Eurorack, Erica Synths Pico System, Erica Pico

Trump wants Apple to unlock the Pensacola shooter's iPhones. Here's why it won't

President Donald Trump just slammed Apple for refusing to allow the US government access to the iPhones "used by killers, drug dealers and other violent criminal elements."
Tags: Apple, US, Cnn, Donald Trump, Pensacola, Trump

Fixing your email promo folder

Your promo folder is broken, and our fix for it is a bit stuck. If you use Gmail, you probably have thousands of emails in your promo folder. A quick look will show you that there are dozens of emails moved there by Google that you probably wish you had seen. In the last week, I found several personal notes, several calendar invites (including ones for Google’s own calendar), and newsletters from Tim Ferriss and others. We are finding that 20% of the Slack invites we’re sending to people are end...
Tags: Google, Uncategorized, Branding, Tim Ferriss

Verizon Media Launches OneSearch, a Privacy-Focused Search Engine

An anonymous reader quotes a report from VentureBeat: Verizon Media, the media and digital offshoot of telecommunications giant Verizon, has launched a "privacy-focused" search engine called OneSearch. With OneSearch, Verizon promises there will be no cookie tracking, no ad personalization, no profiling, no data-storing, and no data-sharing with advertisers. With its default dark mode, OneSearch lets you know that Advanced Privacy Mode is activated. You can manually toggle this mode to the "of...
Tags: Verizon, Tech, Verizon Media, Verizon Media Launches

Trump launches fresh attack on Apple over privacy

The firm rejects claims that it is shielding criminals by refusing to co-operate with investigators.
Tags: Apple, News, Trump

How to disable or reassign the Bixby key on your Samsung Galaxy smartphone

While Samsung has made huge improvements to Bixby assistant in the past year, it's still not everyone's cup of tea. Here's how to change or disable the Bixby key.
Tags: Android, Mobile, Samsung, Trends, How-to, Samsung Galaxy, Bixby, Bixby Key, Tier 4

IBM, Microsoft, a medley of others sing support for Google against Oracle in Supremes' Java API copyright case

Legal war could rest on nineteenth century mapping ruling by past court With America's Supreme Court expected to hear arguments in Google v. Oracle over the copyrightability of software application programming interfaces come March, the search biz's ideological allies have rushed to support the company with a flurry of filings.…
Tags: Google, Software, Oracle, IBM Microsoft, With America s Supreme Court

India: Indian Filmmaker Wins Copyright Case Against Google And YouTube - DSK Legal

Filmmaker Suneel Darshan has won a copyright infringement case against Google and its video-streaming platform YouTube, after an eight-year-long court battle
Tags: Google, News, India, Suneel Darshan

Obvious Ventures closes an irrationally-sized third fund

Obvious Ventures, the firm co-founded by Medium CEO and Twitter co-founder Ev Williams, announced today that it has closed its third fund “OV3” at $271,828,182, a number that the graphing calculator-owning among us may recognize as e or Euler’s number. When asked whether the firm had to return any LP money just so it could land at its magic number, Obvious’s Gabe Kleinman threw a “no comment” my way. The firm has a bit of a tradition in being cutesy with its fund sizes. Their first fund was $...
Tags: Tech, Venture Capital, Ev Williams, Obvious Ventures, Euler, Twitter co, Kleinman, Medium CEO, Gabe Kleinman

Sequential’s Pro 3 is a new synth, while the others clone – so how does it stack up?

One person who isn’t just copying Dave Smith is – Dave Smith. Sequential are back with the new Pro-3, a flagship mono/paraphonic synth instrument. Okay, to be fair – a Sequential synth (or Dave Smith Instruments synth) is always going to give you certain predictable elements, if in different combinations. But the Pro-3 at least continues the evolution and refinement of that line. And it offers an extraordinary amount of depth as a result – in the sense that you could really just play with thi...
Tags: Music, US, Tech, Dave, Gear, Stories, Analog, Keys, Namm, Dave-Smith, DSI, Monosynth, NAMM20, Pro-3, Dave Smith Sequential

Paper-rich startup employees look for ‘pre-wealth’ help to lock down stock options

For Silicon Valley’s potential startup millionaires, compensation packages staked on future promises of wealth are where the action is, but what happens when these employees get laid off or have to leave before an exit? When Wouter Witvoet left a startup that he had joined as employee #4, he felt relatively prepared, having set aside $50,000 to exercise his available stock options, only to be informed by HR that he was also liable to pay taxes on said options so he was about $1.8 million short w...
Tags: Startups, TC, New York, Tech, Silicon Valley, Oaktree Capital Management, Troy Capital Group, Wouter Witvoet, Witvoet, TechCrunch Witvoet, Bay Area ESO Fund, Rucker Park Capital Social Leverage, Serengeti Asset Management

Tips For Choosing The Right SEO Agency For Your Small Business

If you are looking to achieve successful results for your business, then you have to take some preliminary steps to ensure the right people are working on your website. It is the best way of ensuring you drive qualified leads and come up with a strategic marketing plan. However, with the growing need for SEO by businesses, many SEO companies are sprouting up. As such, it becomes even harder to find an agency you can trust with something as valuable as your online presence. So how do you choose ...
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Old Man Yells at iCloud

Tags: Iphone, Apple, Ios, Science, Technology, Privacy, Cybersecurity, Encryption, Icloud, Donald Trump, Sure Whatever

Stop What You're Doing and Update Windows Right Now

The National Security Agency disclosed a major vulnerability in the latest version of Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016 to Microsoft, which released a fix for the issue on Tuesday, the MIT Technology Review reported.Read more...
Tags: Science, Technology, Microsoft, Privacy, Nsa, Windows, Cybersecurity, Cryptography, National Security Agency, Exploits, MIT Technology Review

Rapper Akon Created His Own Cryptocurrency City In Senegal Called 'Akon City'

An anonymous reader quotes a report from CNN: It's official, Akon has his own city in Senegal. Known as "Akon City," the rapper and entrepreneur tweeted Monday that he had finalized the agreement for the new city. Akon, who is of Senegalese descent, originally announced plans for the futuristic "Crypto city" in 2018 saying that the city would be built on a 2,000-acre land gifted to him by the President of Senegal, Macky Sall. The new city would also trade exclusively in his own digital cash curr...
Tags: Tech, Senegal, Macky Sall, Akon, Akon City, Senegal Called Akon City, Senegal Known

‘See’ Season 2 Adds Dave Bautista to the Apple TV+ Series

Dave Bautista and Jason Momoa sharing the screen might be too much brawn for one frame. But that’s what we’re going to get with See season 2, which has cast the Guardians of the Galaxy actor in the Apple TV+ sci-fi series. Apple has cast Bautista to star opposite Jason Momoa in the See season 2 cast for Apple’s epic sci-fi drama from Peaky Blinders creator Steven Knight, according to Deadline. There are no specifics yet on what role Bautista will play, but I can imagine the series will have ...
Tags: AppleTV, Casting, Sci-Fi, Television, Dave Bautista, See

President Trump lashes out at Apple for refusing to help the FBI unlock a shooter's iPhones: 'They will have to step up to the plate and help our great Country, NOW!' (AAPL)

President Trump lashed out at Apple in a tweet Tuesday for refusing to help the FBI unlock two iPhones used by a gunman in a deadly shooting last month. The FBI and Apple are still at odds over the issue, which the company has framed as a matter of preserving users' privacy. Trump also said that his administration was "helping Apple all of the time," an apparent reference to the iPhone maker's negotiations with the White House over exemptions from planned tariffs on goods imported from China. ...
Tags: Apple, White House, China, Trends, Nasa, Fbi, Tim Cook, Trump, Donald J Trump, Pensacola Florida, Barr, William Barr, San Bernardino Apple

SwiftKey tips and tricks for Android and iOS

Looking to get the most out of SwiftKey? Our tips and tricks show you how to customize your SwiftKey experience on iOS or Android so that it works best for you.
Tags: Ios, Android, Mobile, Trends, Keyboard, Tips, SwiftKey

Apple Takes a (Cautious) Stand Against Opening a Killer’s iPhones

The Silicon Valley giant is preparing for a legal fight over encryption, even as it works to reduce tensions with the Justice Department.
Tags: Iphone, Apple, Cook, News, Privacy, Corporate Social Responsibility, Software, Silicon Valley, Justice Department, Apple Inc, Computer Security, Barr, Computers and the Internet, United States Politics and Government, Timothy D, William P

Google's announced timeline for new privacy policy

The firm unveiled a timeline for new privacy rules that will limit third-party access to user data.
Tags: Google, Tech

Hipmunk’s co-founders tried to buy it back before the shutdown

  In a little over a week, the travel metasearch engine Hipmunk will shut down. It’s an abrupt and disappointing end for a product acquired by SAP Concur around three and a half years ago. It didn’t have to go this way, though. We’re now hearing that Hipmunk co-founders Adam Goldstein and Reddit CEO Steve Huffman (both of whom left Hipmunk in years prior) made an offer to buy the company back rather than have it shutdown, to no avail. As first reported by Skift and confirmed with our own sour...
Tags: TC, Tech, Reddit, Sap, Hipmunk, Steve Huffman, Concur, Skift, Adam Goldstein, SAP Concur

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