An Algorithm That Learns Through Rewards May Show How Our Brain Does Too

An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: In a paper published in Nature today, DeepMind, Alphabet's AI subsidiary, has once again used lessons from reinforcement learning to propose a new theory about the reward mechanisms within our brains. The hypothesis, supported by initial experimental findings, could not only improve our understanding of mental health and motivation. It could also validate the current direction of AI research toward building more human-like general i...
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Apple shared customer data with US government in a record-high 90% of cases, even as Trump administration complains it's not doing enough

Apple announced in a report Friday that it received a record-high 3,619 requests from the US government for users' account information in the first half of 2019, up 36% from the previous six-month period. Apple said it complied with 90% of those requests, which generally asked for customers' iTunes or iCloud account details and occasionally their iCloud data. Apple's report comes amid its battle with the US government over privacy, which was reignited this week after it refused an FBI request...
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Three Things We Learned About the Future of Driving At CES 2020

Due to the sheer scale of the annual Consumer Electronics Show (a.k.a. CES) , attempting to sniff out what the future will look like via the products on display can often be too murky to decipher. Where future trends are made most clear at this annual tech gathering are arguably in the automotive halls, particularly the cars on display.At CES 2020, editors and companies alike tried to answer questions like: When will we actually see fully autonomous vehicles on our roads? What is the future auto...
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Google Has Evacuation Vests

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Google Parent Company Alphabet Hits $1 Trillion Market Cap

Google parent-company Alphabet has hit $1 trillion in market capitalization, making it the fourth U.S. company to hit the milestone. CNBC reports: Apple was the first to hit the market cap milestone in 2018. Then, Microsoft and Amazon followed. Apple and Microsoft are still valued at more than a trillion dollars while Amazon has since fallen below the mark. Analysts are bullish on the company's newly appointed CEO, Sundar Pichai. In a surprise announcement in December 2019, Alphabet founder Larr...
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Search Buzz Video Recap: Google January 2020 Core Update News, Favicons & Black Ad Icons Take Over Google Search, Froogle Returns & Much More

This week Google released two big things; first was a new and big broad core update and the second was the favicons and black ad label design in the desktop search results. The Google January 2020 core update was big, launched on Monday, it was a global update...
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An Apple Store Concept Video From the 1990s

BoingBoing resurfaced this very colorful concept video for an Apple store designed by Marc Newson and animated by Me Company in the 1990s. It's blurry but we managed to spot a 20th Anniversary Macintosh (1997) that seems to place the video closer to the end of the decade. Though it didn't become a reality, there's some interesting modular designs and a TV Land-inspired soundtrack that (fair warning!) will definitely get stuck in your head.
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PopSockets CEO Calls Out Amazon's 'Bullying With a Smile' Tactics

At a House Judiciary antitrust subcommittee on competition in the digital economy, PopSockets CEO and inventor David Barnett described how Amazon used shady tactics to pressure their smartphone accessory company. Mashable reports: "Multiple times we discovered that Amazon itself had sourced counterfeit product and was selling it alongside our own product," he noted. Barnett, under oath, told the gathered members of the House that Amazon initially played nice only to drop the hammer when it belie...
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Cardo Scala Rider PACKTALK BOLD with Sound by JBL

Introduction With Cardo introducing the 2019 edition of the Scala Rider PACKTALK BOLD, SLIM and FREECOM 4+ systems with Sound by JBL audio – the result of a collaborative Cardo-JBL effort, we wanted to revisit these flagship systems; but getting both systems has and is taking a bit of time. As such, this review covers only the 2019 PACKTALK BOLD with Sound by JBL along with a companion piece on the Cardo (Sound by JBL) 45mm Audio Set kit. The PT SLIM review will be done once the product ...
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Tech Startups: Meet Your Future at SXSW

Tech business in Austin is at an all-time high, and some unlikely companies are jumping in to support the growth.Austin, or Silicon Hills as it’s now colloquially deemed, was named “Best City for Startups” nationwide last year, ahead of Washington, D.C., and Seattle. The city earned the title for having the highest startup density and the fastest growth of small tech businesses. It also ranked third nationwide for tech employment growth. Run a quick Google search of tech growth in Austin and yo...
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Weekend reading: Pre-apocalyptic budgeting blues

What caught my eye this week. U nlike every other personal finance blogger around, I’ve started 2020 wondering whether it’s time I spent more money. Definitely not going bananas – financial independence is too precious a salve for that! But making little effort to further grow my wealth. This is a novel thing for me to consider. Saving comes naturally (genetically?) to me. I’ve mostly left The Accumulator to write posts about mental fortitude and so on, because I’ve no great insights in this a...
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How to upload an iMovie video to YouTube on your Mac, without leaving the iMovie app

To upload an iMovie video to YouTube, open the project in the iMovie app and then use the export menu. You can also customize your YouTube upload settings in iMovie, such as the video's description, tags, and resolution. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you're just learning how to edit videos on your Mac, you might find Apple's iMovie app to be an easy way to piece together video clips, music, and more. And luckily, if you're proud of your finished iMovie product, you do...
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It's Not Just You: Google Added Annoying Icons To Search On Desktop

Kim Lyons, writing for The Verge: Google added tiny favicon icons to its search results this week for some reason, creating more clutter in what used to be a clean interface, and seemingly without actually improving the results or the user experience. The company says it's part of a plan to make clearer where information is coming from, but how? In my Chrome desktop browser, it feels like an aggravating, unnecessary change that doesn't actually help the user determine how good, bad, or reputable...
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DigitalOcean Is Laying Off Staff

Cloud infrastructure provider DigitalOcean announced a round of layoffs, with potentially between 30 and 50 people affected. TechCrunch reports: DigitalOcean has confirmed the news with the following statement: "DigitalOcean recently announced a restructuring to better align its teams to its go-forward growth strategy. As part of this restructuring, some roles were, unfortunately, eliminated. DigitalOcean continues to be a high-growth business with $275M in [annual recurring revenues] and more t...
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Elon Musk: A New Life Awaits You on the Off-World Colonies—for a Price

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who has previously conceded that many of the people whom he desires to send to Mars must be prepared to risk death in the process, has sweetened the deal with the hint of some indentured servitude.Read more...
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Elon Musk: A New Life Awaits You in the Off-World Colonies—for a Price

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk, who has previously conceded that many of the people whom he desires to send to Mars must be prepared to risk death in the process, has sweetened the deal with the hint of some indentured servitude.Read more...
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Researchers Find Serious Flaws In WordPress Plugins Used On 400K Sites

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica: Serious vulnerabilities have recently come to light in three WordPress plugins that have been installed on a combined 400,000 websites, researchers said. InfiniteWP, WP Time Capsule, and WP Database Reset are all affected. The highest-impact flaw is an authentication bypass vulnerability in the InfiniteWP Client, a plugin installed on more than 300,000 websites. It allows administrators to manage multiple websites from a single server. The f...
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Best Buy Opens Probe Into CEO's Personal Conduct

The board of Best Buy is investigating allegations that CEO Corie Barry had an inappropriate romantic relationship with a fellow executive (Warning: source paywalled; alternative source), who has since left the electronics retailer. The Wall Street Journal reports: The allegations were sent to the board in an anonymous letter dated Dec. 7. The letter claims Ms. Barry had a romantic relationship for years with former Best Buy Senior Vice President Karl Sanft before she took over as CEO last June....
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus Lands an Overall Deal with Apple to Develop and Star in New Projects

Apple is continuing to build their roster of talent with exclusive deals, and this time they’ve added a big comedic talent. Seinfeld star Julia Louis-Dreyfus, fresh off her Emmy-winning run as the lead of the HBO comedy series Veep, has signed a multi-year overall deal with Apple to develop, executive produce and star in projects exclusively for Apple TV+. It’s the first time she’s ever signed a deal like this with a streaming service. The Julia Louis-Dreyfus Apple TV+ deal was announced by A...
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Google is Reportedly Working to Bring Steam Support to Chromebooks

It would appear that Google is working to bring official Steam support to its Linux-based Chrome OS operating system for supported Chromebook devices.
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Toyota Invests ¥43 Billion Into Flying Vehicles

Automotive manufacturer Toyota has announced that they will be investing ¥43 billion ($390 million) in the US startup known as Joby Aviation, who has developed a “flying taxi” capable of taking off vertically and without the need of a runway. Flying vehicles are apparently being seen as an attractive form of travel due to the […]
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Top Stories: Dressing for Success Down Through the Ages, Lessons from Trusted Brands

Keeping up with all things business, in this week’s roundup “A History of Suits for the Office” looks at just how the business suit came about. From the more intricate suits of the 19th century to the deconstructed suits rebelling from traditional office wear, this article covers the entire spectrum. And this is what the weekly roundup and Small Business Trend covers when it comes to small business, the entire range. Beyond the suits, you can learn lessons from the most trusted brands in Americ...
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As Alphabet crests the $1T mark, SaaS stocks reach all-time highs of their own

Continuing our irregular surveys of the public markets, two things happened this week that are worth our time. First, a third domestic technology company — Alphabet — passed the $1 trillion market capitalization threshold. And, second, software as a service (SaaS) stocks reached record highs on the public markets after retreating over last summer. The two milestones, only modestly related events, indicate how temperate the public waters are for technology companies today, a fact that should exte...
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How Just Four Satellites Could Provide Worldwide Internet

We've known since the 1980s that you don't need mega-constellations comprising thousands of satellites to provide global internet coverage to the world. Continuous worldwide coverage is possible with a constellation of just four satellites placed at much higher altitudes. So why don't we have that? The big obstacle is cost. Several factors work to degrade a satellite's orbit, and to combat them, you need a huge amount of propellant on the satellite to consistently stabilize its orbit. Manufactur...
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Why using AI to screen job applicants is almost always a bunch of crap

Millions of potential employees are subjected to artificial intelligence screenings during the hiring process every month. While some systems make it easier to weed out candidates who lack necessary educational or work qualifications, many AI hiring solutions are nothing more than snake oil. Thousands of companies around the world rely on outside businesses to provide so-called intelligent hiring solutions. These AI-powered packages are advertised as a way to narrow job applicants down to a ‘cre...
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Apple TV Plus Sets R.J. Cutler’s Docuseries ‘Dear…’ for Spring 2020

Apple TV Plus and Emmy and Peabody Award-winner R.J. Cutler (“Untitled Billie Eilish Documentary”) have partnered on a docuseries entitled “Dear…” Inspired by Apple’s “Dear Apple” spots, “Dear…” takes an “inventive and cinematic approach to biographies of the most iconic figures in society today by using letters written by those whose lives have been changed […]
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SpaceX’s Crew Dragon astronaut spacecraft has a key launch Saturday – here’s what’s going down

SpaceX and NASA are getting ready for a key test of SpaceX’s Crew Dragon commercial crew spacecraft on Saturday, and this should be the last major milestone that SpaceX has to pass in terms of demonstration missions before actual crew climb aboard the spaceship for a trip to the International Space Station. Starting at 8 AM ET (5 AM PT), a launch window opens during which SpaceX will hopefully perform what’s called an “in-flight abort” test of its Crew Dragon spacecraft and Falcon 9 launch ve...
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Perso, an AI-Assisted Makeup Station by L’Oréal

Hyper-personalized lip, skin, and foundation suggestions that reduce packaging The benefits of using L’Oréal’s Perso station are two-fold. First, the seven-inch-tall device can customize lipstick, foundation and skincare treatments for specific wearers. Second, because it relies on three cartridges with seemingly endless final forms, it drastically reduces packaging and product waste. Traditionally, if one were to desire a specific shade of red lipstick, color-matching would …
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A group of small tech firms told Congress that Google, Apple and Amazon used bullying tactics to try to crush them. Here are some of the most astounding stories they shared. (GOOG, FB, AMZN, AAPL)

Sonos, Tile, Basecamp and PopSockets appeared in Boulder, Colorado to testify before Congress today. The four tech companies sell a diverse range of products, like speakers, tracking devices, software and phone accessories. But they all alleged that Big Tech firms had 'bullied' them into abiding by their rules.  "Big Tech is bent on expanding until it does absolutely everything, Basecamp CTO David Heinemeier Hansson said, quipping, "Help us Congress, you're our only hope." Visit Business Insid...
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Disney Drops 'Fox' Name, Will Rebrand As 20th Century Studios

An anonymous reader quotes a report from Variety: In a move at once unsurprising and highly symbolic, the Walt Disney Company is dropping the "Fox" brand from the 21st Century Fox assets it acquired last March, Variety has learned. The 20th Century Fox film studio will become 20th Century Studios, and Fox Searchlight Pictures will become simply Searchlight Pictures. On the TV side, however, no final decisions have been made about adjusting the monikers of production units 20th Century Fox Televi...
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